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2/28 On this day in 1899 under obedience to her Confessor, the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta begins to write


2/28 On this day in 1899 under obedience to her Confessor, the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta begins to write

Book of Heaven
Volume 17- April 26, 1925

[Luisa:] I was thinking to myself about certain things regarding the Will of God, which good Jesus had told me, and which have been published, and therefore go around in the hands of those who want to read them. I felt so ashamed within me, that this caused me an indescribable pain; and I said: ‘My beloved Good, how could you allow this? Our secrets, which I (Luisa) wrote out of obedience, and only for love of You, are now before the eyes of others. And if they continue to publish more things, I will die of shame and of pain. And after all this, as recompense for my hard sacrifice, You have left me, so painfully! Ah, had You been with me, You would have had pity on my pain, and You would have given me the strength to bear so much shame and pain!’

But while I was saying this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing one hand on my forehead and the other on my mouth, as though wanting to stop the many afflicting thoughts that came to me, told me: “Be quiet, be quiet, do not want to continue any further – these are not your things, but Mine. It is my Will that wants to follow Its course to make Itself known, and my Will is more than sun. It takes too much to hide the light of the sun; even more, it is completely impossible. And if they stop it from one side, it surpasses the obstacle which they placed in front of it, and escaping from the other sides, it follows its way with majesty, leaving those who wanted to prevent its course confused, because they have seen it escape from all sides without being able to catch it. A lamp can be hidden, but the sun – never. Such is my Will, more than Sun; and if you want to hide It, it will be impossible for you. Therefore be quiet, my daughter, and let the Eternal Sun of my Will follow Its course, both through the writings, and through publications, through your words and through your manners. Let It surpass every obstacle, escape all impediments and, as refulgent light, cover the whole world. I long for it – I want it.

But then, how much of the truths of my Will was really put out? One could say it was just the atoms of Its Light. And although just atoms – if you knew the good they do! What will happen when, after all the truths which I revealed about my Will will be gathered – the fecundity of Its Light, the goods It contains, the infinite extension of the merits It multiplies, and all the rest – everything will be reunited as a whole and will form, not just the atoms or a rising sun, but its full day? What will happen? What good will this Eternal Sun not produce in the midst of creatures? And you and I will be – oh, how happy, in seeing my Will known, loved and done! Therefore, let Me do.”…

2/28 Feast of Shrove Tuesday


Most Holy Face of Jesus
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In Tours, France during the 1840’s a young Carmelite nun received a series of revelations from Our Lord about a powerful devotion He wished to be established worldwide—–the devotion to His Holy Face and Name.


MAY the Most Holy, Most Sacred, Most Adorable, Most Incomprehensible and Unutterable Name of God be always praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified, in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth, by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.  

Short Novena in preparation for His Feast: 

– O Lord Jesus Christ, in presenting ourselves before Thy adorable Face, to ask of Thee the graces of which we stand in most need, we beseech Thee above all, to grant us that interior disposition of never refusing at any time what Thou requires of us by Thy holy commandments and divine inspirations. Amen.
– O Good Jesus, who has said, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you,” grant us O Lord, that faith which obtains all, or supply in us what may be deficient. Grant us, by the pure effect of Thy charity, and for Thy eternal glory, the graces that we need and that we seek from Thy infinite mercy. Amen.
Be merciful to us, O my God, and reject not our prayers, when amid our afflictions, we call upon Thy Holy Name and seek with love and confidence Thy adorable Face. Amen.
– O Almighty and Eternal God, look upon the Face of Thy Son Jesus. We present It to Thee with confidence to implore Thy pardon. The All-Merciful Advocate opens His Lips to plead our cause. Hearken to His cries, behold His tears, O God, and through His infinite merits, hear Him when He intercedes for us poor miserable sinners. Amen.
– Adorable Face of Jesus, my only love, my light and my life, grant that I may know Thee, love Thee and serve Thee alone, that I may live with Thee, by Thee and for Thee. Amen.
– Eternal Father, I offer Thee the adorable Face of Thy Beloved Son for the honor and glory of Thy Name, for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of the dying. O Divine Jesus, through Thy Face and Name, save us. Our Hope is in the virtue of Thy Holy Name! Amen. 

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