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2/26 The new and continuous way to meditate the Hours of the Passion


2/26 The new and continuous way to meditate the Hours of the Passion.

11/4/14 – Vol. 11

I was doing the Hours of the Passion and Jesus, all pleased, told me: “My daughter, if you knew what great satisfaction I feel in seeing you repeating these Hours of my Passion – always repeating them, over and over again – you would be happy. It is true that my Saints have meditated my Passion and understood how much I suffered, melting in tears of compassion, to the extent of feeling consumed for love of my pains; however, not in this continuous manner, always repeated and in this order. Therefore, I can say that you are the first one to give Me this taste, so great and special, as you keep fragmenting within you – hour by hour – my Life and all that I suffered. I feel so attracted that, hour after hour, I give you this food and I eat the same food with you, doing what you do together with you. Know that I will reward you abundantly with new Light and new graces even after your death. Each time the souls on earth will do these Hours of my Passion, in Heaven I will clothe you with ever new Light and glory.”


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