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1/30 Photographs Pertaining to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta


Photographs Pertaining to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

Hair of Luisa
Hair of Luisa

Cloths of Luisa
Clothes of Luisa

Work of the Tombolo
Work of the Tombolo

Works of Luisa
Tombolo works by Luisa

Work of the tombolo of Luisa
More Tombolo works by Luisa
The White Piece with two red lines at the bottom center is the section
finished by Luisa’s Angel

Glasses used by Luisa and its case
Glasses used by Luisa, and their case

Warmer used to warm herself_Luisa
Warmer used by Luisa

Scapular and Dominican tertiary booklet of Luisa
Scapular and Dominican Tirtiary Booklet of Luisa’s

Box containing personal items of Luisa
Box containing personal Religious Items of Luisa

Wheelchair of Luisa
Luisa’s wheelchair

tools to work tombolo
Tools to work Tombolo

Cup used by Luisa
Luisa’s cup

Tombolo work by Luisa_Gift of Ms Luisa Ardito
Tombolo work done by Luisa, gift of Ms. Luisa Ardito

Candles used for MostHolyMass etc Luisa
Candles used in Luisa’s Room, some for the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Bands to cover the stigmata Luisa
Bands used to cover Luisa’s Stigmata


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