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1/2 The Blessed Virgin Mary Bearer of Jesus




From the Writings of The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


Volume 34 – May 28, 1937                                                

The Queen, bearer of Jesus; the great gift that was given to Her. The task She received from the Supreme Being.

My living in the Divine Volition continues. Its Love is so great that It hides me within Its light, that I may see, hear or touch nothing but Its Most Holy Will.  Even more, this morning my Celestial Mother gave me a sweet and dear surprise:  after I received Holy Communion, She made Herself seen in my interior as though fused with baby Jesus; She was holding Him so tightly to Her maternal Heart, covering Him with Her arms, that in order to look at Him and cheer Him with my little love, I had to abandon myself in Her arms, so that I too might be fused with Them, to be able to love as Jesus and the Queen Mama loved each other.  Oh! how happy They were that I wanted to live life together with Them.

Now, while I was clinging to Them, the Sovereign Queen, all goodness and tenderness, told me: “My beloved daughter, you must know that I am the bearer of Jesus.  This was a gift that the Supreme Being entrusted to Me; and when He was certain that I had grace, love, power and the very Divine Will to keep Him safe, defended and loved, then He delivered the gift to Me – the Eternal Word incarnating Himself in my womb – telling Me:  ‘Our daughter, We are giving You the great gift of the Life of the Son of God, that You may be the owner, and may give Him to whomever You want.  However, know how to keep Him defended; never leave Him alone with the ones to whom You give Him, so that You may make up for them if they do not love Him, and repair if they offend Him.  You will act in such a way that nothing may be lacking to the decency, the sanctity and the purity that befit Him.  Be attentive, this is the greatest gift We give You; and We give You the power to bilocate Him as many times as You want, so that whoever wants it, may receive this great gift and possess it.’

Now, this Son is mine – He is my gift; and since He is mine, I know His loving secrets, His yearnings, His sighs, which are such that He reaches the point of crying, and with repeated sobs He tells Me: ‘My Mama, give Me to souls – I want souls.’  And I want what He wants; I can say that I sigh and cry together with Him, because I want everyone to possess my Son.  But I must keep His Life safe – the great gift that God entrusted to Me; this is why, when He descends into hearts sacramentally, I descend together with Him to secure my gift – I cannot leave Him alone.  Poor Son, if He did not have His Mama who descends together with Him…!  How badly they treat Him!  Some tell Him not even one ‘I love you’ from the heart, and I must love Him; some receive Him distracted, without thinking of the great gift they are receiving, and I pour Myself over Him so as not to let Him feel their distractions and coldness.  Some reach the point of making Him cry, and I calm His crying, and give sweet reproaches to the creatures, that they should not make Him cry.  How many moving scenes take place in the hearts that receive Him in the Sacrament!  There are souls who never content themselves with loving Him, and I give them my love, and even His own, so that they may love Him.  These are scenes of Heaven – the very Angels remain enraptured, and We feel cheered from the pains that the other creatures have given Us.  But who can tell you everything?  I am the bearer of Jesus, nor does He want to go without Me; so much so, that when the priest is about to pronounce the words of Consecration over the Holy Host, I make wings of my maternal hands, that He may descend in between my hands to be consecrated, so that, if unworthy hands touch Him, I make Him feel mine that defend Him and cover Him with my love.

But this is not enough. I am always on the lookout, to see whether they want my Son; so much so, that if some sinner repents of his grave sins and the light of grace dawns in his heart, I immediately bring him Jesus as confirmation of the forgiveness, and I Myself take care of everything that is needed so that He may remain in that converted heart.  I am the bearer of Jesus, and I am because I possess the Kingdom of His Divine Will in Me.  The Divine Will reveals to Me who wants Him, and I run – I fly to bring Him, but without ever leaving Him.  And I am not only bearer, but spectator and listener of what He does and says to souls.  Do you think that I was not present, listening to the many lessons that my dear Son has given you about His Divine Will?  Indeed I was present; I would listen, word by word, to what He would say to you; and in each word I would thank my Son and I would feel glorified twice as much, because He would speak of the Kingdom which I already possessed, which had been all my fortune and the cause of the great gift of my Son.  And in seeing Him speak, I would see the fortune of my children being grafted with mine.  Oh, how my Heart would rejoice!  All the lessons He has given you, and still more, are already written in my Heart; and in seeing Him repeat them to you, I would enjoy one more Paradise in each lesson.  And all the times you were not attentive and would forget, I would ask forgiveness on your behalf, and would pray Him to repeat His lessons.  And He, to make Me content – because He does not know how to deny anything to His Mama – would repeat His beautiful lessons to you.

My daughter, I am always with Jesus. However, sometimes I hide in Him, and it seems as if He did everything without His Mama; but I am within Him, I concur with Him, and I am aware of what He does.  Other times, He hides in His Mama and lets Me do things, but He always concurs with Me.  Other times, We reveal Ourselves, the two of Us together, and the souls see Mother and Son that love them very much, according to what the circumstances and their good requires; and many times it is the love which We cannot contain that takes Us to excesses for them.  But be certain that if my Son is present, I am also there; and if I am present, my Son is there too.  This is a task that was given to Me by the Supreme Being, from which I cannot withdraw, nor to I want to.  More so, since these are the joys of my Maternity, the fruits of my sorrows, the glory of the Kingdom which I possess, and the Will and the completion of the Sacrosanct Trinity.”




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