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Queen of the Divine Will


The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

 From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta

Meditations for the Month of May 

Prayer to the Celestial Queen for each day of the month of May

Immaculate Queen, my Celestial Mother, I come onto your maternal knees to abandon myself in your arms as your dear child, and to ask of You, with the most ardent sighs – in this month consecrated to You – the greatest of graces: that You admit me to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Holy Mama, You who are the Queen of this Kingdom, admit me to live in It as your child, that It may no longer be deserted, but populated by your children. Therefore, Sovereign Queen, I entrust myself to You, that You may lead my steps into the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and clinging to your maternal hand, You will lead all of my being to live perennial life in the Divine Will. You will be my Mama, and to You, my Mama, do I give my will, that You may exchange it with the Divine Will, and so I may be sure I will not go out of Its Kingdom. Therefore I beg You to illumine me in order to make me comprehend what ‘Will of God’ means.

Hail Mary…

Little Sacrifice of the Month:

Each morning, midday and night – three times a day – let us go onto the knees of our Celestial Mama, and say to Her: “My Mama, I love You; and You – love me, and give a sip of Divine Will to my soul. Give me your blessing, that I may do all of my actions under your maternal gaze.

 Day Twenty-one

 The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Rising Sun. Full Midday: the Eternal Word in our Midst.

 The soul to her Queen Mama:

 Most sweet Mama, my poor heart feels the extreme need to come onto your maternal knees to confide to You my little secrets and to entrust them to your maternal Heart. Listen, O my Mama, in looking at the great prodigies which the Divine Fiat operated in You, I feel it is not given to me to imitate You because I am little and weak, and because of the tremendous struggles of my existence, which crush me and leave me but a breath of life.

My Mama, oh, how I would want to pour my heart into yours, to let You feel the pains that embitter me and the fear that tortures me – that I may fail to do the Divine Will. Have pity, O Celestial Mother, have pity! Hide me in your Heart and I will lose the memory of my evils, to remember only to live of Divine Will.

 Lesson of the Queen of Heaven, Mother of Jesus:

 Dearest child, do not fear; trust your Mama, pour everything into my Heart, and I will take everything into account. I will be your Mama; I will change your pains into light, and will use them to expand the boundaries of the Kingdom of the Divine Will within your soul.

So, put everything aside for now, and listen to Me. I want to tell you what little King Jesus worked in my maternal womb, and how your Mama did not lose even one breath of little Jesus.

My child, the little Humanity of Jesus continued to grow, united hypostatically with the Divinity. My maternal womb was very narrow – dark; there was not a glimmer of light, and I saw Him in my maternal womb, immobile, enwrapped in a deep night. But do you know what formed this darkness, so intense, for the infant Jesus? The human will, in which man had voluntarily enwrapped himself, and for as many sins as he committed, so many abysses of darkness did he form around and within himself, in such a way as to be rendered immobile to doing good. And so my dear Jesus, in order to put to flight the darkness of such a deep night, in which man had made himself the prisoner of his own tenebrous will – to the point of losing the motion of doing good – chose the sweet prison of His Mama and, voluntarily, exposed Himself to immobility for nine months.

My child, if you knew how martyred was my maternal Heart in seeing little Jesus immobile, crying and sighing in my little womb! His ardent heartbeat palpitated so very strongly; fidgeting with love, He made His heartbeat heard in every heart, to ask – for pity’s sake – for their souls, to enclose them in the light of His Divinity, because for love of them He had voluntarily exchanged the light for darkness so that all might obtain true light in order to reach safety.

My dearest child, who can tell you what my little Jesus suffered in my womb? Unheard-of and indescribable pains! He was endowed with full reason – He was God and man – and His love was so great that it was as if He put aside the infinite seas of joys, of happiness, of light, and plunged His tiny Humanity into the seas of darkness, of bitternesses, of unhappiness and of miseries, which the creatures had prepared for Him. And little Jesus took them all upon His shoulders, as if they were His own. My child, true love never says ‘enough’. It does not look at pains, and by dint of pains it searches for the loved one; and when it gives its own life to give life back to the beloved, only then is it content.

My child, listen to your Mama; do you see what a great evil it is to do your will? Not only do you prepare a night for your Jesus and for yourself, but you form seas of bitterness, of unhappiness and of miseries, in which you remain so engulfed as to be unable to escape. Therefore, be attentive; make Me happy by saying to Me: “I want always to do the Divine Will.”

Now listen, my child; little Jesus, in spasms of love, was in the act of taking the step to come out to the light of the day. His anxiousness, His ardent sighs and desires to embrace the creature, to make Himself seen, and to look at her in order to enrapture her to Himself, gave Him no more respite. And just as one day He had put Himself on the lookout at the doors of Heaven in order to enclose Himself in my womb, so was He now in the act of putting Himself on the lookout at the doors of my womb, which was more than heaven. And so the Sun of the Eternal Word rises in the world and forms in it the full midday. There will be night no longer for poor creatures, nor dawn, nor daybreak – but always sunshine, more than at the fullness of the day.

Your Mama felt She could no longer contain Him within Herself. Seas of light and love inundated Me, and just as I conceived Him within a sea of light, within a sea of light He came out of my maternal womb. Dear child, for one who lives of Divine Will everything is light, and everything converts into light.

Enraptured in this light, I awaited to hug my little Jesus in my arms, and as He came out of my womb, I heard His first loving wailings. The Angel of the Lord placed Him in my arms and I squeezed Him so very tightly to my Heart; I gave Him my first kiss and little Jesus gave Me His.

Enough for now; tomorrow I will wait for you again, to continue the narration of the birth of Jesus.

 The soul:

 Holy Mama, oh, how fortunate you are! You are the true blessed one among all women! O please! For the sake of the joys You felt when You pressed Jesus to your breast and when You gave Him your first kiss, I pray You to let me hold little Jesus in my arms for a few instants, that I may give Him contentment by saying to Him that I swear always – always to love Him, and that I want to know nothing but His Divine Will.

 Little Sacrifice:

 Today, to honor Me, you will come to kiss the little feet of Baby Jesus, and you will place your will into His little hands to let Him play with it and smile.

 Ejaculatory Prayer:

My Mama, enclose little Jesus in my heart, that He may transform it completely into Will of God.






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