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The Unknown Passion of Jesus From The Book of Heaven




Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


September 17, 1927

The pains are like iron beaten by the hammer, that emits sparks. Differences between the cross of the Humanity of Our Lord and that of the Divine Will, and how the Divine Will has Its incessant Act.  

My Jesus, Life of my poor heart, come to sustain my weakness. I am still a little child, and I feel the extreme need for You to keep me in Your arms, to guide my hand while I write, to feed me the words, to give me Your Thoughts, Your Light, Your Love and Your very Will.  And if You do not do it, I will remain here like a fussy little girl, doing nothing.  If You love so much to make Your Most Holy Will known, You will be the first in the sacrifice; I will be in the secondary order.  Therefore, my Love, transform me into Yourself, take away from me the torpor I feel, for I can bear no more, and I will continue to fulfill Your Holy Will, even at the cost of my life.

So, continuing in my abandonment in the Divine Will, I felt myself in the nightmare of the pains; and my Beloved Jesus, clasping me to Himself to give me strength, told me: “My daughter, the pains are like iron beaten by the hammer, that makes it sparkle with light and become red-hot, to the point of being transformed into fire; and under the blows it receives, it loses its hardness, it softens, in such way that one can give it the shape one wants. 

“Such is the soul under the blows of pain: she loses hardness, she sparkles with light, she is transformed into My Love and becomes fire; and I, Divine Artificer, finding her soft, give her the shape I want.  Oh! how I delight in making her beautiful; I am a jealous Artificer, and I want the boast that no one can and knows how to make My statues, My vases—both in their form and in their beauty, and even more in their fineness and in the light that, sparkling, converts them all into truth. 

“So, for each blow I give her, I prepare a truth to be manifested, because each blow is a spark that the soul emits from herself; and I do not lose them as does the smith in beating the iron, but I use them to invest those sparks of light with surprising truth, such as to serve the soul as the most beautiful clothing, and to administer to her the nourishment of Divine Life.”

After this, I followed my sweet Jesus, but He was so afflicted and in suffering as to arouse pity; and I: “Tell me, my Love, what’s wrong?  Why do You suffer so much?” 

And Jesus added: “My daughter, I suffer because of the great sorrow of My Will.  My Humanity suffered, It had Its cross, but Its Life on earth was short; on the other hand, the Life of My Will in the midst of creatures is long—it has been already six thousand years, and will last even longer; and do you know who Its continuous cross is?  The human will.  Each act of it opposed to My Will, and each act of My Will that It does not receive, is a cross that it forms for My Eternal Volition.  Therefore, Its crosses are innumerable. 

“If you look at all Creation, you will find It all full of crosses formed by the human will. Look at the sun:  My Divine Will brings its light to creatures, and they take its light but do not recognize who He is that brings this light; and My Will receives so many crosses in the sun for as many as are those who do not recognize It, who, while they enjoy the light, use that very light to offend that Divine Will that illumines them.  Oh! how hard and painful it is to do good and not to be recognized. 

“The wind is full of crosses: each of its blows is a good that it brings to creatures, and they take and enjoy that good, but do not recognize who He is that, in the wind, caresses them, refreshes them, purifies the air for them.  And so It feels Itself being thrust with nails of ingratitude and crosses at each blow of the wind. 

“The water, the sea, the earth, are full of crosses formed by the human will. Who does not avail himself of water, of the sea, of the earth?  Everyone does; and yet, My Will, that preserves everything and is primary life of all created things, is not recognized, and is present in them only to receive crosses from the human ingratitude. 

“Therefore, the crosses of My Will are numberless and more painful than those of My Humanity; more so, since My Humanity does not lack some good souls who have comprehended Its sorrow, Its torments, the pains that they made Me suffer, and even My Death, compassionating Me and repairing for what I suffered in My mortal Life. On the other hand, those of My Divine Fiat are crosses that are not known, and therefore without compassion and without reparation.  This is why the sorrow that My Divine Will feels in all Creation is so great as to cause now the earth, now the sea, now the wind to burst with sorrow; and, in Its sorrow, It unloads scourges of destruction.  This is the extreme sorrow of My Will that, unable to endure any more, strikes those who do not recognize It.

“This is why I call you so very often to go around in all Creation, to make known to you what My Will does in It, the sorrow and the crosses It receives from creatures, so that you may recognize It in each created thing, love It, adore It, thank It, and be the first repairer and consoler of a Will so holy. In fact, only one who lives in It can penetrate into Its acts and recognize Its sorrows, and with Its very power, become the defender and the consoler of My Will that, for many centuries, has been living isolated and crucified in the midst of the human family.”

Now, while Jesus was saying this, I looked at the Creation, and I saw It as all full of crosses that could not be counted, so many they were; and as the Divine Will would issue Its acts from Itself to give them to creatures, the human will would issue its cross to crucify those Divine Acts. What sorrow! What pain! 

And my Beloved Jesus added: “My daughter, My Eternal Fiat has had an incessant act toward creatures from the moment It created the whole Creation, but because My reigning Will was missing in creatures, these acts were not received by them, and therefore remained suspended in the whole Creation within My very Divine Will.  Now, when I came upon earth, My first interest was to take into Myself Its incessant act, that had remained suspended within It because it had not been able to take its place in the creature; and My Humanity, united to the Word, first was to give place to this incessant act, giving satisfaction to it—and this was My unknown Passion, the longest and most painful—and then I occupied Myself with the Redemption. 

“The first act in the creature is the will; all other acts, whether bad or good, are in the secondary order. Therefore, I had to have, as first, the concern of placing in safety within Myself all the acts of My Divine Will, descending down below to the human acts, to reunite the two wills together, so that, in seeing Its acts being placed in safety, My Will might reconcile with creatures.  Now, today I invite you to take into yourself these acts rejected by creatures, because My Will continues Its incessant act, and remains with the sorrow of seeing it suspended within Itself, for It finds neither anyone who receives them, nor anyone who wants them, nor anyone who knows them.  Therefore, be attentive in working and suffering together with Me for the triumph of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

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