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The greatest miracle that God Can Perform is for a soul to Live in His Fiat

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From the Writings of

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

 Volume 13

June 6, 1921 

 The greatest miracle that God can perform is for a soul to live in His Fiat. 

I was dissolving myself in the Holy Will of blessed Jesus, and I thought to myself:  ‘Which one is greater, more varied, more complex – the work of Creation or the Redeeming work?’  And my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, the Redeeming work is greater, more varied and complex than the work of Creation.  Even more, It is so much greater, that each act of the Redeeming work is immense seas that surround the work of Creation; and the work of Creation, surrounded by the Redeeming work, remains as nothing other than little rivulets surrounded by the immensely vast seas of the Redeeming work.  Now, one who lives in my Will, who takes my Fiat Voluntas Tua as life, flows within these immense seas of the Redeeming work, she diffuses and expands together with them, in such a way as to surpass the very work of Creation.  Therefore, only the Life of my Fiat can give true honor and glory to the work of Creation, because my GoFiat multiplies, extends everywhere – It has no limits.  On the other hand, the work of Creation has its limits, nor can it become larger than it is.

My daughter, the greatest miracle that my Omnipotence can perform is for a soul to live in my Fiat.  Do you think it is trivial that my Will, Holy, Immense, Eternal, would descend into a creature, and putting my Will and hers together, I dissolve her in Me, and make Myself life of the whole operating of the creature, even of the littlest things?  So, her heartbeat, the word, the thought, the motion, the breath, are of the God living in the creature.  She conceals Heaven and earth within herself, and, in appearance, one sees a creature.  Greater grace, a prodigy more portentous, a sanctity more heroic than my Fiat, I could not give.

See, the work of Creation is great; the work of Redemption is even greater; my Fiat – making the creature live in my Will – surpasses both one and the other.  In fact, in Creation my Fiat created and put out my works, but did not remain as center of life in the created things.  In Redemption, my Fiat remained as center of life in my Humanity, but did not remain as center of life in the creatures; rather, if their will does not adhere to Mine, they render vain the fruits of my Redemption.  But with my Fiat – making the creature live in my Will – I remain as center of life of the creature; and therefore I repeat to you, as other times, that my Fiat Voluntas Tua will be the true glory of the work of Creation and the fulfillment of the abundant fruits of the work of Redemption.  Here is the reason why I want nothing else from you but that my Fiat be your life, and that you look at nothing other than my Will:  because I want to be as center of your life.”


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