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 The Queen, Bearer of Jesus, the Great Gift that was
consigned to Her. Task that She had from the Supreme Being.

5/28/37 – Vol. 34

Living in the Divine Volition continues, so much is His Love, that He hides
me in Its Light so that nothing but His Most Holy Will is seen, felt, touched.
Rather, this morning My Celestial Mother made me a sweet and dear surprise.
Having received Holy Communion, She made seen in my interior that She was
as harmonized with Baby Jesus. She held Him so clasped to Her Maternal Heart,
covered with Her arms, that in order to see Him and delight Him with my little
love, I had to abandon myself in Her arms in order that I too was harmonized with
Them so that I could Love as Jesus and the Queen Mama Loved. O! how content
They were that I wanted to Live together with Them.
Now, while I was clasped with Them, the Sovereign Queen, all Goodness and
Tenderness, told me: “My beloved daughter, you must know that I am the Bearer
of Jesus. This was a Gift that the Supreme Being entrusted to Me. And when
He was certain that I had Grace, Love, Power, and the Divine Will Itself, in order
to keep Him guarded, defended, and Loved, then He consigned the Gift to Me,
that is, the Eternal Word, who Incarnated Himself in My Womb, telling Me: ‘Our
daughter, We make You the Great Gift of the Life of the Son-God, such that You
are Mistress of Him. And You, give Him to whomever You want. However, know
Him, keep Him defended, never leave Him alone with whomever You give Him to,
in order to fill in if they do not love Him, in order to make reparation to Him if they
offend Him. You will act in a way that nothing is lacking to the Decency, to the
Sanctity, to the Purity that befits Him. Be attentive, He is the Greatest Gift that
We make You. And We give You the Power of Bilocating Him however many times
You want, so that one who wants Him can receive this Great Gift and posses Him.’
“Now, this Son is Mine, He is My Gift. And as Mine I know His Loving Secrets,
His anxieties, His yearnings, but so much so, that He arrives at crying, and with
repeated sobs He tells Me: ‘My Mama, give Me souls, I want souls.’ I want what
He wants. I can say that I yearn and cry together, because I want that everyone
possess My Son. But I must place His Life, the Great Gift that God entrusted to
Me, in safety. This is why if He descends into hearts Sacramentally, I descend
together in order to guarantee My Gift; I can not leave Him alone. My poor Son,
if He did not have His Mama who descends together, how badly they treat Him for
Me. Some do not tell Him one ‘I love You’ from the heart, and I must Love Him.
Some receive Him distracted, without thinking about the Great Gift that they
receive, and I pour Myself over Him in order to not let Him feel their distractions
and coldnesses. Some arrive at making Him cry for Me, and I must quiet His
rears, and make sweet reproaches to the creature, so that they would not make
Him cry for Me. How many moving scenes occur in the hearts who receive Him
Sacramentally. There are souls who never content themselves with loving Him
enough, and I give them My Love, and also His, in order to make them Love.
These are scenes of Heaven, and the Angels themselves remain enraptured by it,
and We feel Ourselves reinvigorated from the sufferings that the other creatures
have given Us.“But who can tell you everything? I am the Bearer of Jesus, nor does
He want to go anywhere without Me, so much so that when the priest is about
to pronounce the words of the Consecration over the Holy Host, I make wings
with My Maternal Hands so that He descends by means of My hands in order
to consecrate Himself, such that if unworthy hands touch Him, I make Him feel
Mine that defend Him and cover Him with My Love. But this is not enough, I am
always on the lookout to see if they want My Son, so much so, that if some sinner

repents of his grave sins, and the Light of Grace dawns in his heart, I immediately
bring Jesus to him as Confirmation of the pardon, and I think of everything that is
needed in order to make Him remain in that converted heart. I am the Bearer of
Jesus, and I am that because I possess in Myself the Kingdom of His Divine Will;
It reveals to Me who wants Him, and I run, I fly, in order to bring Him—however
without ever leaving Him.
“And not only am I Bearer, but Spectator and Listener of what He does and
says to souls. Do you believe that I was not present to listen to the so many
Lessons that My dear Son made you on His Divine Will? I was present, I listened
Word by Word to what He told you, and in every Word I thanked My Son and I felt
doubly glorified because He spoke about the Kingdom that I already possessed,
that has been all My Fortune, and the cause of the Great Gift of My Son. And in
seeing Him speak I saw the fortune of My children grafted with Mine. O! how I
rejoiced. All the Lessons that He has given you, and also more, are already written
in My Heart, and in seeing them repeated to you, I enjoy one more Paradise in
every Lesson. And however many times you were not attentive and forgot, I
asked pardon for you, and I prayed Him that He would repeat His Lessons. And
He, in order to content Me, because He does not know how to deny anything to
His Mama, repeated His Beautiful Lessons to you.
“My daughter, I am always with Jesus, however at times I hide in Him and
it seems that He does everything as if He were without Me, instead I am within, I
concur there together, and I am aware of what He does. Other times, He hides in
His Mama, and He makes Me act by Myself, but He is always concurrent together
with Me. Other times We both unveil Ourselves together, and the souls see the
Mother and the Son who Love them so much, according to the circumstances and
the good they ask for, and many times it is the Love that We cannot contain that
makes Us give in Excesses towards them. But be certain that if My Son is there, I
am; and that if I am, My Son is. It is a task that was given to Me by the Supreme
Being that I cannot, nor do I want to, get out of. More so, because these are the
Joys of My Maternity, the fruits of My Sorrows, the Glory of the Kingdom that I
possess, the Will and the Accomplishment of the Sacrosanct Trinity.”

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