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The Immaculate Conception

In the Divine Will

Immaculate Conception 2

From the Writings of
The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta
The Little Daughter of the Divine Will



 Excerpt from Day One

 The First Step of the Divine Will in the Immaculate Conception of the Celestial Mama.

 …My child, listen to me: it is my maternal heart that loves you very much, and wants to pour itself out upon you.  Know that I have you here, inscribed in my heart, and that I love you truly, as my child.  But I feel a sorrow, because I do not see you as similar to your Mama.  Do you know what renders us dissimilar?  It is your will, that takes away from you the freshness of grace, the beauty that enamors your Creator, the strength that conquers and bears everything, the love that consumes everything.  In sum, it is not that Will which animates your celestial Mama.

You must know that I knew my human will only to keep it sacrificed in homage to my Creator; my life was all of Divine Will. From the first instant of my Conception, I was molded, warmed and placed into Its light, which purified my human seed with Its power, in such a way that I was conceived without original sin.  Therefore, if my Conception was spotless, and so glorious as to form the honor of the Divine Family, it was only because the Omnipotent Fiat poured Itself upon my seed, and pure and holy I was conceived.  If the Divine Will had not, more than a tender mother, poured Itself upon my seed in order to prevent the effects of original sin, I would have encountered the sad destiny of the other creatures – that of being conceived with original sin.  Therefore, the primary cause was, wholly, the Divine Will; to It be honor, glory, thanksgiving, for having been conceived without original sin.

Now, child of my heart, listen to your Mama: banish your human will; content yourself with dying rather than concede one act of life to it.  Your celestial Mama would have been content with dying thousands and thousands of times, rather than do one single act of my will.  Do you not want to imitate me?  Ah, if you will keep it sacrificed in honor of your Creator, the Divine Will will take the first step in your soul, and you will feel molded with a celestial aura, purified and warmed, in such a way as to feel the seeds of your passions being annihilated.  You will feel placed in the first steps of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  Therefore, be attentive; if you are faithful in listening to me, I will guide you, I will lead you by the hand along the interminable ways of the Divine Fiat; I will keep you sheltered under my blue mantel, and you will be my heart, my glory, my victory as well as yours. 

Excerpt from Day Two 

The Second Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven. The First Smile of the Most Holy Trinity over Her Immaculate Conception.

 … listen to me, my beloved child.

As soon as the Divine Fiat poured Itself over my human seed in order to prevent the sad effects of sin, the Divinity smiled, and put Itself in feast in seeing in my seed that human seed, pure and holy, just as it came out of their creative hands in the creation of man. So the Divine Fiat took the second step in me, by carrying my human seed, purified and sanctified by It, before the Divinity, that It might pour out in torrents upon my littleness in the act of being conceived.  Recognizing in me Its creative work, beautiful and pure, the Divinity smiled with satisfaction, and wanting to celebrate me, the celestial Father poured upon me seas of power; the Son, seas of wisdom; the Holy Spirit, seas of love.  So I was conceived in the never ending light of the Divine Will.  In the midst of these divine seas, which my littleness could not contain, I formed highest waves in order to send them back as homage of love and glory to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. 

The Divinity was all eyes over me, and not to be won over by me in love, smiling and caressing me, sent me more seas, which so much embellished me that as soon as my little humanity was formed, I acquired the enrapturing virtue of enrapturing my Creator. And He really let Himself be enraptured; so much so, that between me and God, it was always feast.  We denied nothing to each other.  I never denied Him anything, nor did He.  But do you know who animated me with this enrapturing power?  The Divine Will, reigning in me as life.  This is why the power of the Supreme Being was mine, and this is why we had equal power to enrapture each other. 

Now, my child, listen to your Mama: know that I love you very much, and would like to see your soul filled with my own seas.  These seas of mine are swollen, and want to pour themselves out; but in order to do this, you must empty yourself of your will, so that the Divine Will may take the second step over you, and becoming the principle of life in your soul, It may call the attention of the celestial Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to pour themselves upon you with their overflowing seas.  But in order to do this, they want to entrust to your human will their seas of power, of wisdom and of unspeakable beauty.

Child most dear to me, listen to your Mama; place your hand upon your heart and tell me your secrets: how many times have you been unhappy, tortured, embittered, because you did your will?  Know that you have cast out a Divine Will, and fell into the abyss of evils.  It wanted to render you pure and holy, happy and beautiful – of an enchanting beauty; and you, by doing your own will, waged war against It, and, in sorrow, you cast It out of Its dear dwelling – your soul.

Listen, child of my heart, it is a sorrow for your Mama not to see the sun of the Divine Fiat in you, but the darkness of the night of your human will.

But, get up – courage! If you promise to place your will into my hands, I, your celestial Mama, will take you in my arms.  I will place you upon my knees, and reorder the life of the Divine Will in you; so you too, after so many tears, will make my smile, my feast, and the smile and the feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

 Excerpt from Day Five 

The Fifth Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven.

The Triumph over the Test. 

… Child most dear to me, oh!, how I long to confide my secrets to my child, secrets which will give me much glory, and which will glorify that Divine Fiat that was the primary cause of my Immaculate Conception, of my sanctity, sovereignty and maternity. I owe everything to the Fiat – I know nothing else; all of my sublime qualities for which the holy Church so much honors me, are nothing other than the effects of that Divine Will which dominated me, reigned and lived in me.  This is why I yearn so much that That which produced in me so many qualities and admirable effects as to astonish Heaven and earth, be known.

Now listen to me, dear child: as soon as the Supreme Being asked for my human will, I understood the great evil that the human will can do in the creature, and how it puts everything in danger, even the most beautiful works of her Creator.  The creature, with her human will, is all vacillations; she is weak, inconstant, disordered.  And this, because God, in creating her, had created her, as though by nature, united with His Divine Will, in such a way that It was to be the strength, the prime motion, the support, the food and the life of the human will.  Therefore, by not giving life to the Divine Will in our own, we reject the goods we received from God in the creation, and the rights we received, by nature, in the act in which we were created.

Oh, how well I understood the grave offense that is given to God, and the evils that pour upon the creature! I had such great horror and fear of doing my will – and I feared with reason, because Adam too was created innocent by God, yet, by doing his own will, into how many evils did he not plunge himself, and all the generations?

Therefore, I, your Mama, taken by terror, and even more, by love for my Creator, swore never to do my will. And to be more sure and to better attest my sacrifice to the One Who had given me so many seas of graces and privileges, I took my human will and bound it to the foot of the Divine Throne, in continuous homage of love and sacrifice, promising never to use my will, not even for one instant of my life, but always that of God.

The Immaculate Conception

In the Divine Will

Immaculate Conception 2

From the Writings of

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

 Volume 34

  December 8, 1936

 “My child, I want to honor my Celestial Mother. I want to narrate to you the story of her Immaculate Conception.  Only I Who am the Author can worthily speak of this great, prodigious Act.  Her acts, her words, her steps—before having life in her person—were first conceived in Me, Son of the Living God.  Her love, incarnate in Mine, enclosed everything and everyone and loved as God loves, with the same madness toward Us—and toward all creatures.  Even her prayer was conceived in Mine.

“…“My child, really no one is qualified to speak of the Immaculate Conception of my Divine Mother. Even Holy Church, up till now, did not reveal but tiny bits of knowledge of her sanctity, of her greatness, and of the gifts with which She was enriched.  Only I, having conceived Her in Me, can narrate the true story of her life, and reveal the marvels that were accomplished in Her by our Divine Fiat.”



Luisa wrote this novena as a little example of how to thank and requite God for the Most Holy Virgin (e.g. Dec.18, 1920 Volume 12); of how to thank and requite our Celestial Mother Herself (e.g. June 26, 1926 Volume 19), and of how to put into practice the teachings contained in the chapters about the Immaculate Conception (e.g. Dec.8, 1922 Volume 15). More than simply reciting it with words, we should follow it with the will, truly uniting ourselves to the acts that Luisa did. (J.L. Acuña)

“Day”, in God, means the time in which one operates and acts… And when it is a Divine Will that operates and acts, then a “day” becomes an eternity, and the acts or works done in that “day” are infinite and inexhaustible goods placed at everyone’s disposal.  The six “days” of Creation are not yet ended, because God continues to operate, in every instant, by preserving all things and maintaining them in existence.  The “day” of the creation of man, in which God says, “Let us make man in our Image and Likeness” and infuses His life-giving breath in him, is certainly not ended, because this act of God is eternal and continuously in act, and from this act we receive life and preservation at this very moment!  The seventh “day”, then, is the eternal day in which God, far from ceasing to operate, actively enjoys and delights in His works, resting in them because they fulfill the purpose for which He made them.  The longed-for seventh day is the Kingdom of His Will reigning on earth as it does in Heaven – the eternal perennial sunny day in which man possesses the Will of God as his own life, and does all that God does together with Him, in perfect Unity and mutual Rest.

With this novena of nine “days”, Luisa is calling us to enter the Divine Will and participate actively – with our acts – in the eternal Day of the Will of God. Every single act of love, of reparation, of thanksgiving that we do in the Divine Will fills Heaven and earth, and all eternity.  Therefore, each “day” of this novena can be an eternity of love and glory that we give to God, and of good that we do for all, if we call His very Will to animate and vivify all of our acts.  But eternity never ends…! In the same, this novena must never end within us!   Indeed Luisa wrote it for us in order to help us to acquire and to exercise, for “ninety times nine days”, the continuous attitude of going around in the Divine Will, to trace all of Its acts and repeat them within us, so as to let Divine Life grow in us, increasing our Likeness to our Creator and Father, and therefore fulfilling the purpose for which we were created!

How infinitely greater and more profound than a simple devotion or pious practice! Thank you Luisa.  Guide us in this eternal Day!

Day One

Let us honor Mary with nine acts of love. Let us do these acts in the Divine Will, linked with Luisa, so as to be able to place a most refulgent Sun over the august head of our Queen, with all the fullness of grace, of light and all the good which the Divine Will contains.

  • In the first act we will give to Mary all the love of the Father.

  • In the second, the love of the Son.

  • In the third, the love of the Holy Spirit.

  • In the fourth, the very love of Her Heart of Mother.

  • In the fifth, the love of the Angels.

  • In the sixth, the love of the Saints,

  • In the seventh, the love of all present creatures.

  • In the eighth, the love of all the creatures who will come.

  • In the ninth, the love of all of Purgatory.

  • Ejaculatory prayer:  

     O Sacrosanct Trinity, send a flow of your love into my heart, that it may be enflamed completely with love, so as to form, with your own love, a most refulgent Sun over the august head of our Queen.

     Day Two 

    In creating the world, God lavished so many beauties as to leave the mark of His beauty everywhere. He did this first, in order to prepare a sweet dwelling for the Humanity of Jesus who was to come upon earth, and also for the Virgin, the purest, holiest and most beautiful creature after Jesus. 

    Let us enter into the Divine Will, linked with Luisa; let us make all this love our own – the love which God transfused into Creation: in the Sun, in the moon, in the stars, in the flowers…, and let us give it to the Virgin, so that She may receive, not a love from nature, but the love of all Three Divine Persons, loving Her within this nature. 

    Ejaculatory prayer:  

     My God, infuse in my heart all the love which is spread in Creation, so that, as I go to the Virgin, I may give Her all the love and glory that You placed in the Creation.

  • Day Three 

    As soon as She was conceived, Mary offered Her first adorations. All Three Divine Persons concurred in the conception of Mary.  The Father inundated Her with a sea of Wisdom; the Son, with a sea of Sanctity; the Holy Spirit, with a sea of Love.  From the union of these three seas came Mary, the most perfect of all creatures; and, newly conceived, She did Her first act of adoration.

    Together with the sweet Mama, let us do a round in the Will of God, linked with Luisa: let us take all the adorations of all creatures, animate and inanimate, and in the flight of each thought, of each gaze, of each word, of each ray of the Sun, in the twinkling of the stars and in the murmuring of the waters, let us give to the Father a continuous and complete act of adoration.

     Ejaculatory prayer: 

      My Mama, for the sake of that first act of adoration which You did for God, let it be that my mind, my heart, my affections, my desires and all of my being, may, from now on, be but one continuous act of adoration.

  • Day Four 

    After the act of adoration, on seeing Herself enriched with all the gifts of the Sacrosanct Trinity which competed with Itself in filling Her with graces – confused, the Virgin prostrated Herself before the Supreme Majesty and offered all of Herself as an act of sacrifice, keeping nothing for Herself – not even one thought, one gaze, one word, one affection or one heartbeat. Then She looked at the world, and on seeing the ruin of so many souls, She offered all of Herself for the salvation of these souls.

    And we – in obsequy, beginning from the morning, let us do a round in the Divine Will together with our Mama, linked with Luisa, offering all of our thoughts, our gazes, our words, etc. in a spirit of sacrifice and for the salvation of souls.

     Ejaculatory prayer: 

     My Mama, I come to your feet, I throw myself into your arms; and You, pour all of your love into my heart, so as to infuse in me the love of sacrifice of the mind, of the heart, of the will and of all my being.

  • Day Five 

    After the act of sacrifice, the Virgin turned Her gaze to the world, and upon seeing the immense number of souls that were lost and all the evil committed, from the first father Adam up to the last creature, having before Her all generations, past, present and future, She did Her first act of reparation – the most complete act, because it embraced all, and each thought, gaze, word, step and affection of all creatures!

    And we – together with our Mama, linked with Luisa, always fused in the Divine Will, we will do our acts of reparation for all creatures, for each gaze, for each word etc.

     Ejaculatory prayer:  

     My Mama, take my heart in your hands, and hold it very tightly, so as to infuse in me the true spirit of reparation.

  • Day six 

    Upon seeing the many offenses that are given, the Virgin felt Her Heart catch with sorrow, and from that moment She began Her continuous, uninterrupted prayer for the good of all.

    And we – let us unite with our Mama to do what She did together with Her, linked with Luisa, so as to bind Heaven and earth once again, which sin had disunited.


    Ejaculatory prayer:  

     My Mama, press me to your maternal Heart, and with your heartbeats infuse in me the spirit of true prayer, so as to impetrate from God that His Will reign in all hearts. 

    Day Seven 

    From the very first instant of Her conception, the Virgin, the greatest of all Saints, never let one thought, one gaze, one word, one sigh escape Her – She did everything in the Divine Will.

    And we – today let us unite our thought to the Divine thought, our gaze, our word, our actions to the Divine, linked with Luisa; in this way we will form another Sun ray which will shine over the august head of our Queen. 

    Ejaculatory prayer:  

     My Mama, I unite myself with You; let all of my being live always in the Divine Will.

    Day Eight 

    In order to fill the void which was produced, before the Divine Majesty, by the lack of thanksgiving for having given us a Mother so great, preserving Her from original sin, we will do nine acts of thanksgiving in the Supreme Volition in the name of all creatures, from Adam up to the last creature which will exist on earth. And then, nine acts of thanksgiving to the Virgin,  linked to Luisa, for having accepted us as Her children, though ungrateful and inconsiderate of such a great favor.  

    Ejaculatory prayer:  

     My Mama, You who are the fullness of grace, reserve it in my heart, that I may thank God for having preserved You from original sin.

    Day Nine 

    We will honor the first tears that Our Lady shed before the Divinity.

    It was then that God, on seeing in Her the littleness crying – She, who is little and great, little and strong, little and bright, on whom everything depends – touched and softened, was moved to let His Son descend upon earth.

    And we – today we will do a round in the Divine Will, linked to Luisa,  and, for nine times, we will gather all the human tears that have been shed, are shed and will be shed on earth until the end of the world, and we will bring them all onto lap of our Mama, that She may take them before the Divine Majesty and change them all into tears of conversion and of love. 

    Ejaculatory prayer: 

      My Mama, let your tears descend into my heart, that it may be softened, and if it is bad it may be converted, if it is good it may be sanctified.  And then, let them descend into the hearts of creatures, so that all may be converted.

     Feast Day

     Today, linked with Luisa, for nine times, let us honor Mary by thanking the Divine Will for having given Her to us as our Queen, as our Mother and as our Intercessor. Then we will recite nine ‘Glory Be’s’ for the nine choirs of Angels, praying them to unite with us in giving to Mary all that ever increasing glory which the Divine Will contains.  And submerging all Angels and all Saints in this Divine Will, we will give Mary all the glory which befits Her, and which is due to Her. 

    Ejaculatory prayer:  

     My Mama, Queen of all, reign and take dominion over all, and let all recognize You for who You are.


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