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 According to the Gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke , Jesus was tempted in the desert.

In the BOOK Of HEAVEN, Jesus Gives the Meaning of the forty days in the wilderness.

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 September 8, 1927

 Meaning of the forty days in the desert.


… I was following the Holy Divine Volition in the act in which my sweet Jesus separated from the Sovereign Queen to go into the desert; and while compassionating both one and the other, I thought to myself: “How could the Sovereign Queen separate from Her dear Son for as many as forty days?  She who loved Him so much—how could She endure being without Him?  I, who do not have Her love, suffer so much for a few days that He deprives me of Himself; what must it have been for my Mama?” 

Now, while I was thinking of this, my adored Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), We both suffered in separating from each other, but Our sorrow was suffered in a Divine way, not in a human way, and therefore it did not separate either from happiness or from imperturbable peace. 

“Happy, I departed for the desert—happy, the height of My Celestial Mama stayed. In fact, the sorrow suffered in a Divine way has no virtue of shading even slightly the Divine Happiness, that contains endless seas of joys and of peace.  Sorrows suffered in a Divine way are like little drops of water in the immense sea, the power of whose waves has the virtue of changing them into happiness.  The sorrow suffered in a human way has the virtue of breaking true happiness and of disturbing the peace; the Divine way—never. 

“More so, since My Queen Mama possessed the Sun of My Will by grace, and I possessed It by nature. So, the Sun remained in Her and remained in Me, but Its rays did not separate, because light is indivisible; therefore, in that same light She remained in Me and followed My Acts, and I remained in Her as Her center of life.  So, the separation, while true, was apparent; in substance We were fused together and inseparable, because the light of the Divine Will placed Our Acts in common as if they were one alone. 

“And besides, I went to the desert to call back that same Divine Will of Mine that, for forty centuries, creatures had deserted from their midst; and I, for forty days, wanted to remain alone, to repair for the forty centuries of human will during which Mine had not possessed Its Kingdom in the midst of the human family; and with My very Divine Will I wanted to call It back again into their midst, so that It might reign. Upon returning from the desert, I deposited It in My Mama, with all those acts of Divine Will that creatures had rejected and had kept as though in a desert, so that She might be the faithful depository, the Repairer and the Empress of the Kingdom of My Will.  Only the Sovereign Lady could possess this deposit so great, because She possessed within Herself the very Divine Will that could contain the Will deserted by creatures. 

“How could We occupy Ourselves with Our sorrow of being separated for forty days, when it was about reintegrating—about calling back Our Divine Will to reign in the midst of creatures? In Our sorrow We were more than happy, because We wanted to place the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat in safety, and the Celestial Queen was waiting with yearnings for My return, in order to receive the deposit of the new Sun, so as to requite with Her love all of Its acts, that the human ingratitude had rejected.  She acted as true Mama to My Divine Will, acting as true Mother also for creatures, impetrating for all the life, the happiness, the joy of possessing the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.

“My daughter (Luisa), the number of forty days is symbolic and significant in My Life down here. When I was born, for forty days I wanted to remain in the grotto of Bethlehem—symbol of My Divine Will that, while being present in the midst of creatures, was as though hidden and outside of the city of their souls.  And I, in order to repair for the forty centuries of human will, wanted to remain outside of the city for forty days, in a miserable hut, crying, moaning and praying, to call back My Divine Will into the city of souls, so as to give It Its dominion. 

“And after forty days I went out to present Myself to the Temple, and reveal Myself to the holy old Simeon. He was the first city I was calling to the knowledge of My Kingdom; and his joy was so great, that he closed his eyes to the earth to open them to eternity.  Forty days I spent in the desert, and then, immediately, I did My Public Life, to give them the remedies and the means in order to reach the Kingdom of My Will.  For forty days I wanted to remain on earth after My Resurrection, to confirm the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat and Its forty centuries of Kingdom that It was to possess. 

“So, in everything I did down here, the first act was the restoration of the Kingdom; all other things entered into the secondary order, but the first link of connection between Me and creatures was the Kingdom of My Will. Therefore, when it is about My Will, I hold nothing back, neither light, nor sacrifices, nor manifestations, nor happiness—they are seas that I release from Myself so as to make It known, to make It reign, and to make It loved.”

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