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From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Volume 23 – March 8, 1928
…Love of Jesus for the Writings of the Divine Will, and the Good that They shall do. 

…After this, I was feeling worried about these Writings on the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, holding all the Volumes Written on It, taking Them in His hands, one by one, looking at Them with such Loving Tenderness, as if His Sacred Heart were about to Burst.  And as He took Them, He placed Them, all ordered, in His Most Holy Heart.  I was amazed in seeing with how Much Love He Loved these Writings, and with how much Jealousy He enclosed them in His Sacred Heart in order to keep Them. 

And Jesus, in seeing my amazement, told me: 

“My daughter, if you knew how much I Love these Writings….  They cost Me More than the very Creation and Redemption.  How Much Love and Work I have put into these Writings—they cost Me Very, Very Much; in them there is all the Value of My Divine Will.  They are the Manifestation of My Kingdom and the Confirmation that I Want the Kingdom of My Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  The Good that they do shall be Great; they shall be like Suns that shall Rise in the midst of the thick darkness of the human will; like lives that shall put to flight death for the poor creatures.  They shall be the Triumph of All My Works, the Most Tender, the Most Convincing Narration of how I Loved and do Love man.  Therefore, I Love them with Such Jealousy, that I shall keep them in My Divine Heart, nor shall I permit even a single word to be lost. 

“What have I, God, not put into these Writings?  Everything—Superabundant Grace, Light that Illuminates, Warms, Fecundates; Love that Wounds, Truths that Conquer, Attractions that Enrapture, Lives that shall bring about the Resurrection of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Therefore, you too, Appreciate Them, and hold Them in that Esteem that They Deserve, and Delight in the Good that They shall do.”…

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