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THE DIVINE WILL, THE GOSPEL and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

 Gospel Mk 4:26-34

Jesus said to the crowds: “This is how it is with the kingdom of God; it is as if a man were to scatter seed on the land and would sleep and rise night and day and through it all the seed would sprout and grow, he knows not how. Of its own accord the land yields fruit, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear. And when the grain is ripe, he wields the sickle at once, for the harvest has come.” He said, “To what shall we compare the kingdom of God, or what parable can we use for it? It is like a mustard seed that, when it is sown in the ground, is the smallest of all the seeds on the earth. But once it is sown, it springs up and becomes the largest of plants and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the sky can dwell in its shade.” With many such parables he spoke the word to them as they were able to understand it. Without parables he did not speak to them, but to his own disciples he explained everything in private.


851   Missionary motivation. It is from God’s love for all men that the Church in every age receives both the obligation and the vigor of her missionary dynamism, “for the love of Christ urges us on.”343 Indeed, God “desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth”;344 that is, God wills the salvation of everyone through the knowledge of the truth. Salvation is found in the truth. Those who obey the prompting of the Spirit of truth are already on the way of salvation. But the Church, to whom this truth has been entrusted, must go out to meet their desire, so

as to bring them the truth. Because she believes in God’s universal plan of salvation, the Church must be missionary. (221, 429, 74, 217, 2104, 890)

852   Missionary paths. The Holy Spirit is the protagonist, “the principal agent of the whole of the Church’s mission.”345 It is he who leads the Church on her missionary paths. “This mission continues and, in the course of history, unfolds the mission of Christ, who was sent to evangelize the poor; so the Church, urged on by the Spirit of Christ, must walk the road Christ himself walked, a way of poverty and obedience, of service and self-sacrifice even to death, a death from which he emerged victorious by his resurrection.”346 So it is that “the blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians.”347 (2044, 2473)

853   On her pilgrimage, the Church has also experienced the “discrepancy existing between the message she proclaims and the human weakness of those to whom the Gospel has been entrusted.”348 Only by taking the “way of penance and renewal,” the “narrow way of the cross,” can the People of God extend Christ’s reign.349 For “just as Christ carried out the work of redemption in poverty and oppression, so the Church is called to follow the same path if she is to communicate the fruits of salvation to men.”350 (1428, 2443)

854   By her very mission, “the Church… travels the same journey as all humanity and shares the same earthly lot with the world: she is to be a leaven and, as it were, the soul of human society in its renewal by Christ and transformation into the family of God.”351 Missionary endeavor requires patience. It begins with the proclamation of the Gospel to peoples and groups who do not yet believe in Christ,352 continues with the establishment of Christian communities that are “a sign of God’s presence in the world,”353 and leads to the foundation of local churches.354 It must involve a process of inculturation if the Gospel is to take flesh in each people’s culture.355 There will be times of defeat. “With regard to individuals, groups, and peoples it is only by degrees that [the Church] touches and penetrates them, and so receives them into a fullness which is Catholic.”356 (2105, 1204)

546      Jesus’ invitation to enter his kingdom comes in the form of parables, a characteristic feature of his teaching.261 Through his parables he invites people to the feast of the kingdom, but he also asks for a radical choice: to gain the kingdom, one must give everything.262 Words are not enough; deeds are required.263 The parables are like mirrors for man: will he be hard soil or good earth for the word?264 What use has he made of the talents he has received?265 Jesus and the presence of the kingdom in this world are secretly at the heart of the parables. One must enter the kingdom, that is, become a disciple of Christ, in order to “know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven.”266 For those who stay “outside,” everything remains enigmatic.267 (2613, 542)


Mama Luisa

 From the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


June 18, 1925
How all things contain the seed of regeneration. How the Divine Will must regenerate in the human will in order to turn it into Divine  
I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will according to my usual way, and as that immense void of the Most Holy Supreme Volition came before my mind, I thought to myself: ‘How can it ever be that this void will be filled by the return of the human acts done in this adorable Divine Will? In order to do this, all the bars of the human will must be removed, which prevent the step in order to enter this eternal and celestial sphere of the Supreme Will, in which it seems that God is waiting for man to let him return to his origin in the order of Creation, and to the first steps and upon that path on which he had his beginning. Yet, nothing new, which is good, can be seen in the world. Sins have remained as they were; or rather, they are worse. And if one hears of some awakening of religion, of works of Catholic Actions – some of them seem to be masquerades; others seem to have only the mark of good, but deep inside, in the substance, there are some with vices and passions such as to be wept over, more than before. And if they are looked at in God – oh, how unseemly they are for the Divine, most pure, eternal Will! Therefore, how can it ever be that, all of a sudden, man would give death to all vices, in order to give life to all virtues, as it is required in order to live in this sphere of the Supreme Will? In fact, in order to live in It, there are no compromises, or lives split between virtues and vices; rather, it is necessary to sacrifice everything, so as to convert all things into Will of God. The human will and the human things must have life no longer, but must exist in order to let the Will of God be fulfilled in them, so that God may carry out His Life within us.’
Now, while I thinking about these and other similar things, my sweet Jesus, interrupting my thought, told me: “My daughter LUISA, yet, it will be so – this immense void of my Will will be filled with the human acts done by the creatures in my Will.
The Divine Will came out from the eternal Womb of the Supreme Being for the good of man. While doing one single Act in coming out from Ourselves in order to overwhelm man, in such a way that he would not find a way out, this Will of Ours, then, multiplied into many innumerable acts, in order to surround him, and say to him: ‘See, this Will of Mine not only enwraps you LUISA , but is in continuous attitude of doing immediate acts, in order to be known and to receive your act in return, in my Will.
All things have their return, and if they don’t, they can be called useless works and without value. The seed which is sowed under the earth by the sower wants its return, and so the seed generates more seeds – ten, twenty, thirty, out of one. The tree which is planted by the farmer wants the return of the generation and multiplication of the fruits. The water which is drawn from the fount gives the return of quenching one’s thirst, of washing and cleaning the one who drew it. The fire which is lit gives the return of the heat and the service it renders to Humanity. In the same way, all the other things created by God, Who has the power to generate, contain the virtue of regeneration; they multiply and give their return. Now, is only this Will of Ours, which came out from Ourselves with so much Love, with so many manifestations and with so many continuous acts, to remain without Its return of regeneration of other human wills into Divine?
A seed gives more seeds, a fruit generates another fruit, man generates another man, a master forms another master. Is Our Will alone, as powerful as It is, to remain isolated, without return and without generating and multiplying Itself in the human will? Ah, no! This is impossible. Our Will will have Its return; It will have Its divine generations in the human will; more so, since this was Our Prime Act, through which all things were created – that Our Will would transform and regenerate the human will into Divine. Will is what came out from Ourselves – will is what we want. All other things were done in the secondary order, while this was done, established, in the primary order of Creation. At the most, it may take time; but the centuries will not end, until my Will does not obtain Its purpose. If It has obtained the purpose of regeneration in secondary things, more so must It obtain it in the primary purpose. Our Will would never have departed from Our Womb, if It had known that It would not have obtained Its complete effects – that is, that the human will would be regenerated in the Divine Will.
Do you LUISA think that things will always be as they are today? Ah, no! My Will will overwhelm everything; It will cause confusion everywhere – all things will be turned upside down. Many new phenomena will occur, such as to confuse the pride of man; wars, revolutions, mortalities of every kind will not be spared, in order to floor man, and to dispose him to receive the regeneration of the Divine Will in the human will. And everything I manifest to you about my Will, as well as everything you do in It, is nothing but preparing the way, the means, the teachings, the light, the graces, so that my Will may be regenerated in the human will.
If this were not to occur, I would not have manifested so much to you LUISA, nor would I have kept you LUISA sacrificed in a bed for such a long time, in order to place in you the foundations of the regeneration of my Will in yours, and therefore keep you LUISA in continuous exercise within my Will. Do you LUISA  think that my continuous being within you LUISA, feeding you LUISA my prayer, and making you LUISA feel my pains which, together with Me, acquire another value, other effects, another power – is nothing? I could say that I am making the first statue, the first soul of the regeneration of my Will in her. Then, it will be easier to form copies. This is why I always say to you LUISA: ‘Be attentive, for this about something too great, and about the most important thing which exists in Heaven and on earth. It about rescuing the rights of Our Will; about giving back to Us the purpose of Creation; about returning to Us all the glory for which all things were made, and about making Us pour out all the graces which Our Will had established to give to the creatures, had they fulfilled Our Will in everything’.”  
February 24, 1933 
The Truth, seed; Celestial Farmer and human sower.  Immutability of Divine Ways.  What purpose pains and contradictions serve. 
            My little mind was all occupied by the so many Truths that Blessed Jesus had manifested about the Divine Will, and each one of them presented itself as a portent one distinct from the other, but a Divine Portent, not human; not of earth, but of Heaven, and they remained as all in act of wanting to assail the creature in order to communicate to her, and Transform her into their Portentous Virtue, all Celestial and Divine.
            But while my mind was so occupied, I thought to myself:  “And yet, before a Truth so Celestial and Divine, in which the shadow of the human does not exist, so Lovable, so Penetrating, Holy, Full of Lights are they, each one of them encloses the Life, the Love, the Sanctity of He who has Manifested them, yet there are those who reading something about these Truths are doubtful, they make difficulties, and You know it, O Jesus, everything is known by You.”  And I felt all oppressed and yearned for my sweet Jesus in order to tell Him my pain. 
And He, surprising me, told me:  “My good daughter LUISA, do not afflict yourself LUISA for this.  You LUISA must know that in order to know one Truth, one needs to love it.  Love makes the appetite arise, the appetite gives the taste, the taste makes arise the hunger of eating to fullness and chewing very well the substance of a food, that is, My Truths.  Chewing them produces easy digestion in a way that one feels the possession of the Great Good that My Truth possesses and produces, and then the doubts cease, the difficulties melt like snow before the rays of a burning sun.  Now, if they have hardly touched them without eating them with a profound study, with a love that generates the appetite, what wonder is it that they make doubts and difficulties?  O! how it would have been better to say:  ‘It is not food for us, nor do we have the will to eat it,’ rather then give judgments.  But one knows that My Truths find a place more in simple hearts then learned.  This happened in My Redemption.  To My Sorrow, not one learned one followed Me, but all the poor, ignorant, simple ones. 
“You LUISA  must know that My Truths are seeds that I, Celestial Farmer, continue to sow in souls.  And if I make My Sowing, with certainty I must gather the fruit.  Many times it happens to Me as to a poor sower who casts his seed into the earth, but for lack of moisture, the earth does not have the strength to eat the seed in order to digest it and convert it into earth, and give the substance that has been absorbed from the seed to give to the poor farmer ten, twenty, a hundred of the seed that the earth has eaten. Other times, he casts his seed, but for lack of rain the earth becomes hard over the seed, and the substance of the seed that it encloses does not find a way to make life go forth, and the poor farmer must have patience to receive the harvest of his seeds.  But still, by having sown the seed he has already done something, and can hope—who knows, a rain can give moisture to the earth that, possessing the substance of his seed, will put forth what he has sown.  Or else cutting the hardness, tilling it, forms the ways in order to let his seed reproduce so that—in spite of the fact that the earth does not immediately produce the multiplicity of the seed that it received—with time, circumstances, rain, it can produce a most abundant harvest that the sower did not expect.
            “Now, if the farmer, despite all the difficulties of the earth, can hope to receive an abundant harvest, more so I, Celestial Farmer, having put forth from My Divine Bosom the so many Seeds of Celestial Truths in order to sow them in the depth of your soul, and the whole world will be filled by the Harvest.  Do you want to believe, therefore, that because of the doubts and difficulties of a few—some like earth without moisture, some like hard and calloused earth—I would not make My Superabundant Harvest?  My daughter, you are mistaken! 
“The time, the people, the circumstances, change, and what today can be seen black, tomorrow will be seen white, because many times one sees according to the predispositions they have, and according to the sight, either long or short, that the intellect possesses.  Poor little ones, one needs compassion for them; but everything is in that I have already made the sowing in her, the thing most necessary, most substantial, most interesting, that is, Manifested My Truths. If I have done My Labor, the main part has been put forth in Work; I have found your earth in order to cast My Seed, the rest will come by itself.  And the doubts, the difficulties, the pains, serve just like the wood, the fire, the poor farmer would make use of in order to cook the harvested seed, and make of it his food—they serve for Me and you as suns in order to make My Truths mature in hearts; as wood and fire in order to give them not with Words alone, but with practice; and by the sacrifice of the fire of their own life, to cook them in order to convert it into the sweetest food, and to feed it to the creatures. 
            “My daughter LUISA, if I had wanted to listen to what was said about Me, and to the contradictions that they made to Me about the Truths that I Manifested when I came on earth, I would not have formed the Redemption, nor Manifested My Gospel.  And yet they were the most learned, the noblest part—some who had studied Scriptures, and some who taught religion to the people.  I let them talk, and with Love and Invincible Patience I endured their continuous contradictions, and they served Me as wood for the pains that they gave Me, in order to burn and consume Myself on the Cross for the Love of them and of everyone. 
“The same today, if I would want to listen to what they say about the Truths of My Divine Will, I would have put an end to the Manifestations about It, and to the designs that I want to fulfill by Manifesting them.  But no, We are not subject to changeability.  The human work has this weakness, and acts according to the appreciation that others make them, but Us, no—the Divine Work is Immutable.  When We decide, there is no one who changes Us, neither all creatures, nor all hell.  Nevertheless, with Our Inextinguishable Love We wait for times, circumstances, and people who would serve Us for what We have established.  Therefore, I do not want you LUISA to worry.  And, making Our Divine Ways yours, if necessary place the sacrifice of your life, in order to obtain that My Divine Will be known and Reign in the whole world.”
            My sweet Jesus became silent, and I continued to think about the impossibility that the Divine Will can Reign on earth as in Heaven, and Jesus, sighing, added:  “Blessed daughter LUISA, what is impossible for men, is completely possible for God.  And if it were impossible that My Will could Reign on earth as in Heaven, My all Paternal Goodness would not have taught the Prayer of the Our Father, because to make impossible things prayed for, I would not have done; nor would I have recited it with so much Love as first, placing Myself at the Head of all; nor would I have taught it to the Apostles so that they could teach it to the whole world as the most Beautiful and most Substantial Prayer of My Church. 
“I do not want impossible things, nor do I demand from the creature, nor do I Myself do, impossible things.  Therefore, if it would have been impossible that My Divine Will come to Reign on earth as It does in Heaven, I would have taught a prayer useless and without effect, and I do not know how to do useless things.  At the most I wait even centuries, but I must make the fruit of My taught Prayer arise, even more because Gratuitously, without anyone having told Me, I gave this Great Good that My Will would be done on earth as It is in Heaven. 
“The same for Creation, I Myself, without anyone having prayed Me, extended the heavens, I Created the sun, and everything else.  The same for My Will, completely spontaneous I told them:  ‘Pray that My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’  And when spontaneously ‘Pray this will happen’ is said, without anyone having importuned Me, it means that first I looked at everything in My All-Seeingness, I pondered things very well, and when I saw that this was possible, then I decided to teach the Our Father, wanting the human will united to Ours so that it might yearn that It would come to Reign on earth as It does in Heaven.  Therefore, everything I have manifested about My Will, is enclosed in these words alone:  ‘May Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’  In these few words are contained abysses of Graces, of Sanctity, of Light, and abysses of communication and Divine Transformations between the Creator and creature. 
“My daughter LUISA, it was the Regal Gift that your Jesus made to the human generations, as Fulfillment of My Redemption.  My Love was not yet content, My sufferings had not brought Me Full Satisfaction; I wanted, I wanted to still give, I wanted to see My Heaven on earth in the midst of My children.  Therefore, a few days before departing for Heaven, first I decided to give My Will on earth as It is in Heaven, and afterwards I taught the Our Father, in which I remained committed to giving this Great Gift.  And your Jesus, when He commits Himself, never fails to keep His Word.  Therefore, do not place doubts, and if the others doubt, let them, because they do not know how I would develop things; I have Power and Will in My Hands, and that is enough for Me.  And you LUISA, remain in Peace, and always follow My Volition.  Trust your Jesus, and you LUISA will see.”
September 30, 1930
Eden, field of light.  Difference between one who operates in the Divine Will and one who operates in the human will.  The little ground of the creature; the Celestial Sower.
 I was continuing my usual acts in the Divine Volition, and my poor mind paused in Eden, where God created man to give orgin to the life of the creature. 
And my beloved Good, Jesus, making Himself seen all tenderness and goodness, told me:  “My daughter LUISA, Eden is field of light in which Our Supreme Being created man.  It can be said that he was created in the light of Our Fiat; his first act of life was light, such that, as an interminable field of light would extend behind and before him, to the right and to the left, he was to follow his way in order to form his life, drawing into his acts as much light for as many acts as he would do, so as to form a light all his own, as his property by virtue of his acts, though drawn from My Divine Will. 
“Now, here is the difference of one who operates in It as his origin and end, in which all of his acts are bound to the origin of the light where his life was formed and had its first act of life.  The light keeps this life in custody, defends it, and lets nothing extraneous enter into its light, so as to form one of the portents that only the light knows how to form.  On the other hand, one who goes down from this light enters into the dark prison of his will, and in doing his act, he draws darkness; and he draws as much darkness for as many acts as he forms, to form for himself a property all of darkness, all his own. 
“Darkness does not know how to keep or defend one who lives in it; and if one does any good act in it, it is always tenebrous, because they are bound by darkness; and since darkness does not have the virtue of being able to defend, things enter that are extraneous to darkness itself; the bothers of weaknesses enter, the enemies of passions, the fierce thieves that hurl the creature into sin and reach the point of hurling her into eternal darkness, where there is no hope of light.  What difference between one who lives in the light of My Divine Will and one who lives as though imprisoned in his human will.”
Afterwards, I continued to follow the order of the Divine Will, that It had in Creation, and my little and poor intelligence paused at the point when God created the Immaculate Virgin.  And my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter LUISA, all the good and holy acts of the prophets, the patriarchs, and of the ancient people, formed the ground in which the Supreme Being sowed the seed in order to make germinate the life of the Celestial Baby Mary, because Her seed was taken from the human stock.  The Virgin, having within Herself the operating life of the Divine Will, expanded this ground with Her acts, fecundated it and divinized it.  She made flow in it, more than beneficial and refreshing rain, the sanctity of Her virtues, the heat of Her love; and darting through it with the light of the Sun of the Divine Will that She possessed as Her own, She prepared the ground to germinate the Celestial Savior; and Our Divinity opened Heaven and made the Just One, the Holy One, the Word, rain down into this shoot.  And so My Life was formed, human and Divine, to form the Redemption of mankind. 
“See, then, in all Our works, directed for the good of creatures, We want to find a shelf, a place, a little ground in which to lay Our work and the good We want to give to creatures.  Otherwise, where do We put it?  In the air?—without one at least who would know it and would draw Us with her acts, forming her little ground; and We, as the Celestial Sower, sowing the good We want to give?  If this were not so—that on both sides, Creator and creature, they feel drawn together:  she, preparing herself to receive with her little acts; and God, by giving—it would be as if We did, or wanted to give, nothing to the creature.  So, the acts of the creature prepare the ground for the Divine Sower.  If there is no soil, there is no sowing to hope for; no one goes to sow if he does not have a little ground; much less does God, Celestial Sower, cast the seed of His Truths, the fruit of His works, if He does not find the little ground of the creature.  The Divinity, in order to operate, first wants to place Itself in agreement with the soul; after We have agreed together and We see that she wants to receive that good, to the point of praying Us and forming for Us the ground in which to lay it—then, with all love, We give it.  Otherwise, it would be like exposing Our works to uselessness.”
He said, “To what shall we compare the kingdom of God, or what parable can we use for it?  It is like a mustard seed that, when it is sown in the ground, is the smallest seed of the earth.  But once it is sown, it springs up and becomes the largest of plants and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the sky can dwell in its shade.  With many such parables He spoke the word to them as they were able to understand it. Without parables, He did not speak to them, but to His own disciples He explained everything in private.”
August 30, 1928
Difference between Humanity and Divinity of Jesus.  How the Kingdom of the Fiat has all been prepared by Him; nothing else is needed but those who would inhabit It.  The language that Jesus used in Redemption and what He uses for the Kingdom of the Divine Will—one different from the other.
 My lovable Jesus made Himself seen as a little child who, all clinging to me, made me many loving cuddles.  Oh! how beautiful it is to see Him in His baby Humanity, all love, all trust.  The soul feels so much trust with Jesus, because she sees in Him His Humanity, which is so much like her that they join together like brothers, they identify themselves with each other, and one is transformed into the other.  So, the veil of the Humanity of Jesus, in which He encloses His adorable Divinity, serves as means of trust, by which the poor creature loses all fear, and remains all love with Jesus—more than a son in the arms of his Celestial Father. 
The Love of Jesus is so great, that He says to the creature:  “Do not fear, I am yours—similar to you, clothed like you; and My Love is so great, that I hide the endless light of My Majesty within My Humanity so as to have you be with Me like a little child in my arms.” 
On the other hand, when my Beloved Jesus makes His Divinity shine through Himself, His very Humanity remains eclipsed within that endless light, and I feel the great distance between me and my Creator.  His blazing Divine Majesty annihilates me, I plunge myself into my dust; and not knowing where to go to escape His Light, because there is not one point in which it is not present, I am the little atom that remains submerged within His very Light.  It seems to me that I am speaking nonsense, therefore I move on.
So, my highest Good, Jesus, told me:  “My daughter LUISA, the Kingdom of My Will is all prepared within My Humanity, and I am ready to put It out to give It to creatures.  It can be said that I formed the foundations, I raised the factories; the rooms are innumerable and all adorned and illuminated—not with little lights, but with as many suns for as many truths as I have manifested about the Divine Fiat.  Nothing else is needed but those who would inhabit It; there will be a place and room for everyone, because It is vast, more than the whole world. 
“With the Kingdom of My Will everything will be renewed in Creation; things will return to their original state.  This is why many scourges are necessary, and will take place—so that Divine Justice may place Itself in balance with all of My Attributes, in such a way that, by balancing Itself, It may leave the Kingdom of My Will in Its peace and happiness.  Therefore, do not be surprised if such a great good, that I am preparing and that I want to give, is preceded by many scourges.  It is My Justice that claims Its rights, so that, once balanced, It may place Itself in peace with creatures, giving them no more bother; more so, since the children of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat will no longer offend It, and My Divine Justice will change all of Itself into love and mercy for them.”
Then, after this, I was following all the Acts that Jesus had done in Redemption; and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter LUISA, My language in Redemption was very different from what I have had for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  In fact, in Redemption, My language was to adapt to people who were incapable, weak, ill, deaf, mute and blind—and many were on the verge of the tomb.  Therefore, in order to speak to them, I made use of parables and similes of the low world, that they themselves could touch with their own hands.  So, I spoke to them now as Doctor, offering them the medicines to heal them; now as Father, who awaited their return even if they were unruly children; now as Shepherd, who went in search of the lost sheep; now as Judge who, unable to attract them by means of love, tried to attract them at least by threats and by fear; and many other similes. 
“This language of Mine says that those to whom I was speaking did not know Me, did not love Me, and even less did they do My Will—on the contrary, they were far away from Me; and that I, with My parables, made the searches and laid the net in order to catch them and give to each one the remedy to heal them.  But how many escaped Me.  And I intensified the searches and the teachings to give light to many blind, that they might get out of their obstinate blindness.
“Now, see how different is My language that I have had in manifesting the truths on My Divine Will, that must serve the children of Its Kingdom.  My language on the Fiat has been like a father in the midst of his dear and loving children, all healthy; and since each of them possesses My very life within them, by virtue of My Will they will be capable of understanding My highest lessons. 
“This is why I have moved beyond, placing before them the beautiful similes of the sun, of the spheres, of the heavens, of the very Divine way of operating, that extends up to the infinite; because, having My Divine Fiat in them, they will have within them He who created the heavens, the spheres, the sun, who will give them the virtue of copying within themselves everything He created and His very ways that He has in His Divine operating.  These will be the copiers of their Creator.  And this is why I have been so lengthy in manifesting the truths about My Fiat, that I did not do in Redemption; because those were parables that contained human and finite manners, therefore I did not have much material with which to be able to talk at length. 
“On the other hand, the similes that regard My Will are of Divine manners, and therefore there is so much material to talk about that they become inexhaustible.  Who can measure the vastness of the light of the sun and the intensity of its heat?  No one.  Who can ever put a boundary to the heavens and to the multiplicity of My Divine works?  Oh! if you knew how much wisdom, love, grace, light I have placed in manifesting My Truths about My Divine Fiat, you would be so drowned with joy as to no longer be able to live; and you would yearn for the work of your Jesus to be known, so that a work so exuberant, of incalculable price, may have its glory and may communicate its beneficial effects to the other creatures.”

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