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VOL. 19 – August 22, 1926

This is what it means to be head; it is true that one suffers greatly, works much, and must prepare the good for all, but all that one possesses surpasses everything and everyone.  There is such distance between one (Luisa) who is head of a mission and one (The children of Luisa) who must be a member, that the head can be compared to the sun and the member to a little light.  This is why I have told you many times that your mission is great – because this is not about mere personal sanctity, but about embracing everything and everyone, and preparing the Kingdom of my Will for the human generations.”

Fr. Celso’s prayer for the children of the Divine Will to link themselves to Luisa is : (I LINK MYSELF TO YOU JESUS AND MARY THROUGH LUISA)


Then Jesus says below in VOL. 26 – May 9, 1929 that Luisa burns the devil more than the very fire of hell. So when the children of the Divine Will link themselves to Luisa by praying (I LINK MYSELF TO YOU JESUS AND MARY THROUGH LUISA) the devil flees because Luisa burns the devil more than the very fire of hell.


VOL. 26 – May 9, 1929
How it was necessary that Jesus centralize in Luisa the human sanctity in order to consummate it and give rise to the Sanctity of living in the Divine Will.  How voluntary suffering is something great before God.

I had read in the first volume of my writings how Our Lord had told me that He wanted me to accept going into battle against the infernal enemy, in the hard trials to which I submitted myself.  So I was thinking to myself:  ‘It seems to me that there is contradiction, because Jesus has told me many times that one who lives in His Divine Will is not subject to either temptations or disturbances; nor does the enemy have the power to enter into the Divine Fiat, because It would burn him more than the very fire of hell, and in order not to be burned more, he runs away from (Luisa) the soul who lives in It.’

Then Jesus says below in VOL. 12 – January 29, 1919  that in order to be with Jesus and Mary the children of the Divine Will must be linked to Luisa

VOL. 12 – January 29, 1919

Now, the first link which connected the true living in my Will was my Humanity. My Humanity, identified with my Divinity, swam in the Eternal Volition, and kept tracing all the acts of creatures in order to make them Its own, to give to the Father a divine glory on the part of creatures, and to bring the value, the love, the kiss of the Eternal Volition to all the acts of creatures. In this sphere of the Eternal Volition, I could see all the acts of creatures – those which could be done and were not done, and also the good acts done badly – and I did those which had not been done, and redid those done badly. Now, these acts which were not done, except by Me alone, are all suspended in my Will, and I await the creatures to come to live in my Volition, and repeat in my Will that which I did.

This is why I chose you as the second link of connection with my Humanity, a link which becomes one with mine, as you live in my Volition and repeat my own acts. Otherwise, on this side my Love would remain without Its outpouring, without glory from the creatures for all that my Divinity operated within my Humanity, and without the perfect purpose of Creation, which must be enclosed and perfected in my Will. It would be as if I had shed all my Blood and suffered so much, and nobody had known it. Who would have loved Me? Which heart would have been shaken? No one; and therefore in no one would I have had my fruits – the glory of Redemption.”

Interrupting Jesus’ saying, I said: ‘My Love, if there is so much good in this living in the Divine Will, why didn’t You manifest it before?’ And He: “My daughter, first I had to make known what my Humanity did and suffered externally, to be able to dispose souls to knowing what my Divinity did inside. The creature is incapable of understanding my work all together; therefore I keep manifesting Myself little by little.

Then, from your link of connection with Me, the links of other souls will be connected, and I will have a cohort of souls who, living in my Volition, will redo all the acts of the creatures. I will receive the glory of the many suspended acts done only by Me, also from the creatures – and these, from all classes: virgins, priests, lay people, according to their office. They will no longer operate humanly; but rather, as they penetrate into my Will, their acts will multiply for all in a way which is fully Divine. I will receive from the creatures the divine glory of many Sacraments administered and received in a human way, of others which have been profaned, of others sullied with interest, and of many good works in which I remain more dishonored than honored. I yearn very much for this time… And you, pray and yearn for it together with Me, and do not move your link of connection with Mine, but start – as the first one.”

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