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Day Nine: The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Prayer to the Celestial Queen for each day of the month of May

 Immaculate Queen, my Celestial Mother, I come onto your maternal knees to abandon myself in your arms as your dear child, and to ask of You, with the most ardent sighs – in this month consecrated to You – the greatest of graces: that You admit me to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Holy Mama, You who are the Queen of this Kingdom, admit me to live in It as your child, that It may no longer be deserted, but populated by your children. Therefore, Sovereign Queen, I entrust myself to You, that You may lead my steps into the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and clinging to your maternal hand, You will lead all of my being to live perennial life in the Divine Will. You will be my Mama, and to You, my Mama, do I give my will, that You may exchange it with the Divine Will, and so I may be sure I will not go out of Its Kingdom. Therefore I beg You to illumine me in order to make me comprehend what ‘Will of God’ means.

Hail Mary…

Little Sacrifice of the Month:

Each morning, midday and night – three times a day – let us go onto the knees of our Celestial Mama, and say to Her: “My Mama, I love You; and You – love me, and give a sip of Divine Will to my soul. Give me your blessing, that I may do all of my actions under your maternal gaze.

 Day Nine

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

is constituted by God Celestial Peacemaker and Bond of Peace between Creator and Creature.

The soul to her Celestial Queen:

Sovereign Lady and my dearest Mama, I see that You call me as You feel the ardor of love that burns in your Heart, because You want to narrate to me what You did for your child in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. How beautiful it is to see You direct your steps toward your Creator; and as He hears the treading of your feet, He looks at You and feels wounded by the purity of your gazes; and He awaits You in order to be spectators of your innocent smile, to smile at You, and to amuse Himself with You. O holy Mama, in your joys, in your chaste smiles with your Creator, do not forget your child who lives in exile, and is so much in need, and whose own will, peeping out, would often want to overwhelm me, to snatch me from the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

Child of my maternal Heart, do not fear, I will never forget you. On the contrary, if you always do the Divine Will and live in Its Kingdom, we will be inseparable, and I will carry you always, holding you tightly with my hand to lead you, be your guide, and to teach you how to live in the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, banish fear; in It, everything is peace and safety.

The human will is what disturbs souls, and puts in danger the most beautiful works, the most holy things. Everything is unsafe in it: sanctity, virtues, and even the salvation of the soul are in danger; and the characteristic of one who lives of human will is volubility. Who could ever trust one who lets herself be dominated by the human will? No one – neither God, nor man. She looks like those empty reeds that turn at every blow of wind. Therefore, dearest child of mine, if a blow of wind wants to render you inconstant, dive into the sea of the Divine Will, and come to hide yourself on the lap of your Mama, that I may defend you from the wind of the human will; and holding you tightly in my arms, I may render you firm and confident along the path of Its Divine Kingdom.

Now, my child, follow Me before the Supreme Majesty, and listen to Me. With my rapid flights, I would reach the arms of the Divine Persons, and as arrived, I would feel Their overflowing love which, like impetuous waves, would cover Me with Their love. Oh, how beautiful it is to be loved by God! In this love the creature feels happiness, sanctity, infinite joys, and she feels so embellished, that God Himself feels enraptured by the striking beauty He infuses in the creature in loving her!

I wanted to imitate Them, and although little, I did not want to remain behind Their love. So, from the waves of love They had given Me, I would form my own waves, in order to cover my Creator with my love. In doing this, I would smile, because I knew that my love could never cover the immensity of Their love. But in spite of this, I would try, and my innocent smile would arise on my lips. The Supreme Being would smile at my smile, making feast, and amusing Himself with my littleness.

Now, at the peak of our loving stratagems, I remembered the painful state of my human family upon earth, for I too was of their offspring, and – oh, how I grieved! I prayed that the Eternal Word would descend and put a remedy to it; and I said this with such tenderness that I arrived at changing smile and feast into crying. The Most High was so moved by my tears – more so, since they were the tears of a little one – and pressing Me to His Divine bosom, He dried my tears and said: “Daughter, do not cry, pluck up courage. Into your hands We have placed the destiny of mankind; We gave You the mandate, and now, to console You more, We make of You the Peacemaker between Us and the human family. To you it is given to reconcile us. The power of Our Will that reigns in You compels Us to give the kiss of peace to poor humanity, decayed and vacillating.”

Who can tell you, my child, what my Heart felt at this divine condescension? My love was so great that I felt I was fainting, and I fidgeted in delirium, looking for more love as relief for my love.

Now a word to you, my child. If you listen to Me by banishing your will and giving the royal place to the Divine Fiat, you too will be loved with a unique love by your Creator. You will be His smile; you will put Him in feast, and will be bond of peace between the world and God.

The soul:

Beautiful Mama, help your child. You Yourself, place me into the sea of the Divine Will, and cover me with the waves of the eternal love, that I may see and hear nothing but Divine Will and love.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will ask Me for all of my acts, and will enclose them in your heart, so that you may feel the strength of the Divine Will that reigned in Me. Then, you will offer them to the Most High, to thank Him for all the offices He gave Me in order to save the creatures.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

Queen of Peace, let the Divine Will give me Its kiss of peace.


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