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Volume 34 – July 12, 1937 

How human reflections take away the place
of the Divine, and are the little pebbles that render the
fount of the soul turbid. How the Divine Will converts Its
Love into her nature, and whatever It does at the moment
of death It anticipates in the one who Lives in It.

I am in the arms of the Divine Volition which, more than
vigilant sentry, not only wants to be Life of each of my acts,
but penetrating into each hiding place of my heart and of my mind, scolds me if anything enters into me which is not a
Birth from the Fiat. And my always lovable Jesus, visiting
my little soul, and assuming the attitude of Teacher who wants
to instruct His daughter in everything, told me: “Blessed
daughter of My Will, You Must Know that self-reflections,
impressions, oppressions, melancholies, doubts, little fears,
impede the Divine reflections, the Holy impressions, the
rapid flight toward Heaven, the Joys of True Good, the
Celestial Peace. They are like many little pebbles cast into a
lake while a person is reflecting himself in those clear waters
as in a mirror, and he sees his whole entire person beautiful
and orderly as it is. And now what happens? While he is
reflecting himself in those crystal clear waters, a little pebble
is cast into that lake: the water ripples, becomes cloudy, and
forms circles upon circles, such as to make the whole water
turbid. And the poor person who was reflecting himself—
what happened to him? As the circles were forming in the
water, so were they taking away, one a foot, another an
arm, another a hand, another the head, in such a way that
the person appeared as though ripped apart by the ripples of
those waters. What was the cause that made those waters
lose their clearness, in a way that his image no longer appears
as whole, but in such a state as to arouse pity? What was it?
A little pebble.
“Such is the soul created by God—more than crystal
clear fount, in which, more than crystal clear fount, God was
to reflect Himself. Now, the reflections, the oppressions, the
doubts, the fears, etc., are like many little pebbles cast into
the depth of her soul; and as God reflects Himself in her, she
does not feel Him as whole, but as though divided into many
parts. Hence, the Strength is divided, the Divine Joy, the
Sanctity, the Unity of Peace, are divided. This will prevent
her from knowing Who God is, how much He Loves her, and
what He wants from her; and if she wants to reflect herself
in God, these little pebbles will hinder her step, making her limp on the way, preventing her flight in order to reflect
herself in the One who created her. They appear as things
of no importance, yet in this is formed the Knowledge of
God in the creature, the Union, the Sanctity, God reflecting
Himself in the creature, and she in God—if the soul is not
disturbed by these little pebbles. These pebbles can be called
the trifles of the soul, and because the firmness and substance
of True Love is missing, she is always turbid, and God cannot
reflect Himself in her in order to form His beautiful Image.
Therefore, be attentive, and always seek My Will.”
Jesus became silent, and I remained there, thinking of
the great evil caused by self-reflections; and my sweet Jesus
added: “My daughter, only in My Will can the soul reach the
top of the highest Sanctity and enclose within herself, as much
as it is possible for a creature, a Complete Act that fills her so
much as to leave no void in her; so much so, that the good that
she does converts into her own nature. If she Loves in My
Fiat, the wave of Love pours upon her whole being, invests
her inmost fibers; and while pouring upon her, overwhelming
her completely in Love, it constitutes itself queen and converts
its Love in the creature into her very nature; but so much, that
she will feel her breath, heartbeat, motion, step, and the whole
of her being as incapable of doing nothing other than Love.
This wave of Love rises up to Heaven, without ceasing to
rain down on her, and storms her Creator, loving Him always,
because when a Good converts into one’s nature, one feels the
need to repeat the Good received, as an act that constitutes
her Life. If she Adores, she will feel her nature changed
into Adoration; hence, in everything will she feel Profound
Adoration to her Creator burst out from within her. If she
Repairs, she will feel a surge to track down all the offenses
in order to place her Reparation. In sum, My Will, with Its
Creative Strength, does not leave a single void, and knows how
to convert into her nature everything that the creature does in
It. See what difference between the one who Lives in My Will and possesses It as operating Life, and one who recognizes It
as virtue, and maybe in the most sorrowful circumstances of
life, but in everything else it is as if It did not exist for her.
“Now I want to tell you another consoling surprise:
when the creature decides, with unmovable firmness, to Live
in Our Volition, Our satisfaction is so great, that what We
must do at the moment of death—to confirm the creature in
the good in which she dwells… Indeed, You Must Know
that everything she has done in life—prayers, virtues, pains
suffered, good works—serve to form Our little Divine Life
in her soul. Not a Blessed enters into Heaven if he does not
possess this Divine Life, according to the good he has done.
Insofar as they have Loved Me and Fulfilled My Will, so will
they possess It—some smaller, some greater; because True
Happiness, True Joys, must be possessed from within. So,
each of them will possess their God, inside and outside of
themselves, giving them ever new Joys; so much so, that if,
upon dying, souls are not filled up to the brim with Love and
Will of Mine, I confirm them, yes, but they do not enter into
Heaven; I send them to Purgatory, to fill these voids of My
Love and of My Will by dint of pains, of longing, of sighs.
And when they have filled themselves completely, in such a
way that they now appear as fully transformed into My Love
and into My Will—then do they take flight toward Heaven.
“Now, for the one who no longer wants to do her will,
but only Mine, We do not want to wait until that moment;
Our Love leads Us with an irresistible force to anticipate the
Confirmation of the Good and the converting of Our Love and
of Our Will into her own nature. Therefore she will feel that
My Love and My Will are hers; she will feel My Life more
than her own, but with what difference from those who are
Confirmed at the moment of death! These will no longer grow
in good, their merits are finite; while in the others My Will
shall grow always, the merits do not end; rather, they will have Divine Merits. As they continue to Love Me and to Live in My
Will, so will they know Me more; and I Love them more and
increase their Glory. I can say that I run in each of their acts, to
give it My Kiss, My Love, to recognize it as My own, and give
it the Value, the Merit, as if I Myself had done it.
“Ah! you cannot comprehend what We feel toward the
one who Lives in Our Will; how We Love her and want to
make her content in everything. Because in her We find the
purpose of Creation realized; all the Glory that all things
should give Us, centralized in her; and, what’s more, Our
Fulfilled Will is everything for Us.”


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