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 Vol. 26 – June 27, 1929-  Present for Saint Aloysius. How it was necessary that Jesus intertwine Luisa in the manifestations on the Divine Will. Transmission of human and Divine. Divine rights that the creature acquires. Having received Holy Communion, I was offering It for the glory of Saint Aloysius, ( or any saint )and I offered, as a present for him, everything that Our Lord had done in His Divine Will with His mind, with His words, works and steps, for the accidental glory of Saint Aloysius (or any saint) on his feast day. Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, a more beautiful present you could not give to dear Saint Aloysius (or any saint )on the day of his feast. As you were offering your Communion and all my acts done in my Divine Will, so many suns were formed for as many acts as I did in It while being on earth; and these suns invested Saint Aloysius, (or any saint)in such a way that he received so much accidental glory from the earth, that he could not receive more. Only the offerings of acts done in my Divine Will have the virtue of forming their suns, because, containing the fullness of light, it is no wonder that It converts into suns the human acts done in It.”

Vol. 19 – June 21, 192- This morning, having received Holy Communion, I received It as usual in the Most Holy Will of God, offering It to my dear Saint Aloysius (or any saint) – not only the Communion, but all the goods contained in the Most Holy Will of God, for his accidental glory.  Now, while doing this, I saw that all the goods contained in the Supreme Volition, like many rays of light, rays of beauty and of multiple colors, inundated the dear Saint, giving him an infinite glory.  


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