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From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


V14 – 10.27.22 –

“…Now, after I have Made Known the Goods of Redemption and how I want everyone to be Saved, giving to All the Means which are needed, I Move on to Make Known that there is Another Generation in Me, which I Must Deliver: My children who shall Live in the Divine Will; and that in My Own Heart I Keep All the Graces Ready – All My Interior Acts Done in the Sphere of Eternal Will for them – Waiting for the kiss of their acts, for their union, in Order to Give them the Inheritance of the Supreme Will. Just as I Received It, I want to Give It to them, so that I may Deliver the Second Generation of the children of Light. If My Humanity did not give this Inheritance which It Possessed – that is, the Divine Will, the Sole and Only Thing I Loved and which gave Me All that is Good – My Descent upon earth would have been incomplete, nor could I Say that I have Given Everything; on the contrary, I would have Reserved for Me the Greatest Thing, the Most Noble and Divine Part. See then, how Necessary it is that My Will be Known in All of Its Relations, Prodigies, Effects and Value, what I Did in this Will for the creatures, and what they Must Do. This Knowledge shall be a Powerful Magnet in Order to Attract the creatures and make them Receive the Inheritance of My Will, and so as to Make the Generation of the children of Light Enter the Field – the Children of My Will. Be Attentive, My daughter; you shall be My Spokesperson – the Trumpet, to Call them and Gather this Generation, So Favored and Longed For by Me.”

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