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Luisa 7

From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


March, 18 1917

Effects of fusing oneself in Jesus.

I was praying, fusing all of myself in Jesus, and I wanted each thought of Jesus in my power in order to have life in each thought of creature, and to repair with the same thought of Jesus; and so with all the rest. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), my Humanity on earth did nothing but connect each thought of creature with my own. So, each thought of creature was reflected in my mind, each word in my voice, each heartbeat in my heart, each action in my hands, each step in my feet, and so with all the rest. With this, I offered divine reparations to the Father. Now, all that I did upon earth, I continue in Heaven, and as the creatures think, their thoughts pour into my mind; as they look, I feel their glances in mine. Therefore, a continuous electricity flows between Me and them, just as the members are in continuous communication with the head. And I say to the Father: ‘My Father, I am not the only one who is praying, repairing, satisfying, appeasing You, but there are other creatures who do within Me whatever I do. Even more, with their suffering, they make up for my Humanity, which is glorious and incapable of suffering.’

By fusing herself in Me, the soul repeats all that I did, and continue to do. What will be the contentment of these souls who lived their lives in Me, embracing together with Me all creatures and all reparations, when they will be with Me in Heaven? They will continue their lives in Me; and as the creatures will think or will offend Me with their thoughts, these will be reflected in their minds, and they will continue the reparations which they did on earth. They will be, together with Me, the sentries of honor before the Divine Throne; and as creatures on earth will offend Me, they will do opposite acts in Heaven. They will guard my Throne; they will have the place of honor; they will be the ones who will comprehend Me the most – the most glorious. Their glory will be completely fused in Mine, and Mine in theirs.

Therefore, may your life on earth be completely fused in Mine. Do not do any act without making it pass into Me; and every time you (Luisa) will fuse yourself in Me, I will pour new graces and new light in you (Luisa), and I will become the vigilant sentry of your heart in order to keep any shadow of sin far away from you (Luisa). I will guard you(Luisa) as my own Humanity, and I will command the Angels to surround you (Luisa) like a crown, that you (Luisa) may be sheltered from everything and everyone.”

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