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8/10 The Smile of Heaven and of the Earth



Luisa 7

From the Writings of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will,

Luisa Piccarreta


8/10/31 – Vol. 29

 Ugliness of the human nature without the Divine Will; beauty of one who lives in It. The Smile of Heaven upon the earth.

Now, what good can the creature hope for, if she does not Live United with Our Divine Will, in Which the beginning of her creation was established? Oh! if all would comprehend this, how attentive they would be to let themselves be Dominated, Nourished, Raised by My Will, that, being the beginning of their existence, would Form in them all that is Beautiful, Good and Holy, and the great fortune of life down here, and then the great Glory of their life up there.”

After this, I continued my Acts in the Divine Will, and it seemed to me that These Acts done in It had the Virtue of Uniting Heaven and earth, and of Drawing all the celestial inhabitants to look at the creature that was letting herself be Invested by the Divine Volition to Give It the field of action in her acts. And my Sweet Jesus added: “My daughter (Luisa), there is nothing more beautiful, holier, more gracious, and that possesses an enrapturing force and virtue, than a soul who lets herself Be Dominated by My Divine Will. She is the smile of Heaven and of the earth; each Act of hers Forms a Rapture for her Creator, Who Feels the Sweet Force of His Will in the creature, and sweetly Lets Himself Be Enraptured. And all the Blessed Feel that, from the earth, there is someone who enraptures the Will of Heaven, to make it her own and to live in common with them. Oh! how they feel twice as happy in seeing that also on earth Reigns That Fiat that, while It Beatifies them and Forms their supreme happiness, Reigns at one point of the earth, Operating and Triumphant. Therefore, at that point of the earth appears a Nimbus of Heaven, a Divine Will Operating, a smile of the Celestial Fatherland, that draws the attention of the whole of Heaven on that point, to keep it defended and to enjoy that Smile that the Divine Will Forms in that creature. In fact, the Saints are inseparable from all the Acts of It and they enjoy and take part In Them according to their merits. More so, since the Acts done in My Divine Will are as many Chains of Love that Flow between Heaven and earth, and They Love all, without putting anyone aside; and because she loves all, she is well-liked by all.


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