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7/4 St. Joseph and Our Lady of America

St. Joseph Novena Picture

From the article by Dr. Mark Miravalle –

The revelation from Joseph, if authentic, could well be the most important associated with this hidden saint and may indicate an era in which he will take a much larger role. It is the first time we know of that he too is described as a “co-redemptor” and seems to place that title in a new context. “My heart suffered with the hearts of Jesus and Mary,” said Joseph in 1956. “Mine was a silent suffering, for it was my special vocation to hide and shield, as long as God willed, the Virgin Mother and Son from the malice and hatred of men. The most painful of my sorrows was that I knew beforehand of their passion, yet would not be there to console them. Their future suffering was ever present to me and became my daily cross. I became, in union with my holy spouse, co-redemptor of the human race. Through compassion for the sufferings of Jesus and Mary I cooperated, as no other, in the salvation of the world.”

Joseph allegedly added that “immediately after my conception, I was, through the future merits of Jesus and because of my exceptional role of future virgin-father, cleansed from the stain of original sin. I was from that moment confirmed in grace and never had the slightest stain on my soul. This is my unique privilege among men.

“Mine was perfect obedience to the Divine Will, as it was shown and made known to me by me by the Jewish law and religion,” Joseph allegedly said. “To be careless in this is most displeasing to God and will be severely punished in the next world. Let fathers also imitate my great purity of life and deep respect I held for my Immaculate spouse. Let them be an example to their children and fellow men, never willfully doing anything that would cause scandal among God’s people.

“I desire souls to come to my heart that they may learn true union with the Divine Will,” said Joseph. 

The saint was said to have also appeared above a globe with clouds swirling about it, his hands similar to those of a priest during Mass, his eyes looking up as if in ecstasy.  “Jesus and Mary desire that my pure heart, so long hidden and unknown, be now honored in a special way,” said Joseph, who told Sister Mildred that he had been appointed the Pope’s special protector and asked for a new devotion. “Let my children honor my most pure heart in a special manner on the First Wednesday of the month by reciting the joyful mysteries of the Rosary in memory of my life with Jesus and Mary and the love I bore them, the sorrow I suffered with them. Let them receive holy Communion in union with the love with which I received the Savior for the first time and each time I held Him in my arms.”

  This Wednesday is the 1st Weds of the month!

Novena of the Precious Blood in Honor of the Nine Choirs of Angels – July 1-9

(From The Association of the Precious Blood

Day 1 – July 1

“My children who are welcome to this great privileged hour, you are blessed. Listen my loving children, I choose this hour to reveal much to you about the coming Chastisement so that you may be ready and help to save souls. The hour is near, the time of the great tribulation is coming soon.
Many will shed their blood. The wicked man will give his armies command to seize my children. They shall be killed, Oh, pray, pray much my loving children! Make your faith strong. Be ready to meet the hour. I will send my angels to earth to carry (to heaven) the bodies of my people who remain in their faith until death. They will eat with me in heaven. My children, many will not withstand this horrible hour. Pray for them. After this great persecution, the red cross will appear in heaven. This cross represents the Precious Blood and the blood of martyrs. At that time, anyone who remains in the faith and calls on my Precious Blood will be saved during the coming darkness. My Precious Blood will protect him. Pray the chaplet of my Precious Blood always, console and adore me. How I wish that all who participate in this first novena will receive these prayers. Your adoration pleases me much. I bless you all.”

Meditation 1:

Today, Our Lord is making clear the fact that the chastisement is imminent. It must come. The instrument of the chastisement will be the wicked enemy of our souls. Many of the faithful will be victims. The Lord says, the “wicked man will give his men command to seize my children.” The children here, refers especially to the devotees of the Precious Blood, some of whom will become witnesses both to the faith and the devotion. The Lord promised that He would send angels to carry to heaven, the bodies of these people who will remain faithful to the end. However, some will survive. Hence He urges us to pray harder for the strength we need in that hour, especially, pray the Chaplet of the Precious Blood.

*Today we pray for the grace to persevere in God’s Will in this life.

Prayer:  Almighty Lord and God, accept our willingness ever and always to be penetrated by the glow of Your love, to be burned and transformed anew for Your glory and according to Your Will, wherever, whenever, and however you wish.   Amen.

Holy angel, let love be the cause of our repentance and obtain for us the grace of tears of contrition.  Take these into your bowl, that Mary may receive them and carry them as the pleading omnipotence before the throne of God, that the Lord might graciously have mercy on us!   Amen.


Day 2 – July 2

In this second day of the first novena, Barnabas was led by an angel in a vision to an underground world. There he saw a great number of soldiers all marked with the number 666 and worshipping the Beast. The angel then led him to a strong house which held a great set of computers.

The Angel said, “Son of man, these people you see here, are from every country of the world. They were chosen by demons for the attack in the time of the coming persecution, the hour of the evil government. With the aid of this computer, all men will be marked. Pray now and get ready so as to endure to the end.”

The angel vanished. Then the Sacred Head of Jesus appeared in a cloud. He came closer and said ; “Children pray much now that there is time. Soon this underground government will come out and rule the earth. With their computer, many people will be marked. All who receive the mark will be destroyed. At that time, everything laid outside My Precious Blood will be lost. Anyone who calls on my Precious Blood will be filled with faith. Many will only find mercy in my Precious Blood. I say to you my loving children pray harder now. Teach others how to pray. Let all men consecrate themselves to my Precious Blood. I love you, I bless you all.”

Meditation 2:

This particular message has a lot to do with, and is a further confirmation of the doctrine of the anti-christ in the book of Revelation. While the children of God are adoring the Most Holy Trinity on High, the men of the underworld are busy down below worshipping the Great Beast “with seven heads and ten horns” (Rev.13:11). Many of us know about the number of the beast, 666 (Rev. 13:18), and there are already widespread rumors about plans to put computer chips in everyone. This message brings all this into stark reality. The visionary saw those who have the mark and the great computer used to fashion it. We are moving towards an evil government that is destined specifically for this. We must watch for this and be ready. The Lord tells us the way to victory is to be firm in the faith, pray ceaselessly and be consecrated to His Precious Blood.

*Today we pray for our governments and all civil leaders.

Prayer:  Holy angel, in the words that Mary spoke today, in the Magnificat, you add all God-pleasing answers to the Word of God; help us to understand the Word, that is Jesus Christ and to love Mary, making Her answer our own.   Amen.

Holy angel, you carry Godliness in your bowl.  Is it not already Godliness, to be able to know and love God?  And how much more to be able to belong to Him for all eternity!  Let us never lose this Godliness, that the Magnificat, which Mary began, might never cease until the sounding of the trumpets of Judgment.   Amen.


Day 3 – July 3

“My children pray, pray harder for my Holy Church. Pray and never give up. The time of the wicked man is at hand. The time when he will rule my Church. My children the wicked man is now in my Church. He is planning with his agents to capture the highest throne in my Church. My children, the hour is fast approaching. The great hour of my teaching of sorrow is coming soon. Many of my priests will follow the teaching of the anti-christ and become anti-priests. Many of my priests will be killed because they will not obey the evil man. Only a few good priests will remain. Then my people will suffer greatly. They will find it hard to hear the Holy Mass as worthily as the one heard now. Many tabernacles will be closed. People will run from one place to another to seek my Word and find nothing. Many people will find it hard to pray because the mercy of God will cease.

My children, this is why I call upon you now to pray. Make sacrifices always and offer your life now for me. Let all men join together and call on my Precious Blood which calms the wrath of my Father.

My children, many people will regret because they did not welcome this devotion. Pray your Holy Rosary daily, my Mother’s Immaculate Heart will protect you. Pray this chaplet of my Precious Blood always and make constant reparation for all the sins men commit against me and my Precious Blood. My Precious Blood will save. I love you all. I bless you all.”

Barnabas then saw a large number of priests, in a vision, who were tied to pillars. The armies tortured them and then the vision passed.

Meditation 3:

There are two ways to pass through the chastisement; one is for the world and the other is for the Church. While the previous message is about the chastisement for the world at large, today the Lord speaks about that of His Church. The Evil one is planning, from within the Church, to take over the Throne of St. Peter. This will be accomplished to test our faith. We must wait and watch for this trial. The Lord laments for the many priests who will follow the anti-christ and his teachings, and also over those priests who will lose their lives for refusing to obey the false teachings. As a result, the grace of God will cease because the true Mass will be nowhere to be found. In this situation, devotion to the Precious Blood will be the best way to communicate with the Lord. Thus He insists that we pray and make more sacrifices to strengthen our souls.

*Today we pray for all our Church Leaders; the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Deacons.

Prayer:  Great angel of Mary, help us to be vigilant and generous in the courage of Mary, strong and kind, clear and faithful, that glory may be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.   Amen.

Day 4 – July 4

Today, Barnabas saw in a cloud a vision of Our Lord hanging on the cross with Blood flowing from the many wounds on His Sacred Body. In the cloud there were also many little children who were praying to the Agonizing Jesus Christ to save them. They said, “Oh merciful Father may you save us by your Precious Blood. May the time come soon when you will reward the world.” As Barnabas continued praying, the Precious Blood and water poured out from the Sacred Side of Our Lord Jesus Christ and covered the little children. They rejoiced and praised God. Immediately the vision ended and the Holy Face of Jesus appeared and said: “My children the wrath of the Eternal Father is increasing. His anger increases because of the sins of the world. The world is full of sin; adultery and fornication rule the world. Men love the creature and neglect the Creator. They sin and blaspheme against the Living God. My death on the Cross is of no value to them. My son, you see how numerous the unborn children are who are aborted in the world. My children they are many, they are many; their cries disturb Heaven and increase the anger of my Father.

My children, their blood wounds my Sacred Heart; their cries hurt the mystical wound in my Sacred Heart. Warn my people, Oh My loving children, stop sinning! My people, love me and stop sinning. Stop sinning! May you stop sinning!! Stop fornication. I say to you stop fornication in my youth. How I love you. How do you know that I love you? Console me by means of holy lives. My children, the hour is very short to save souls. Inform my people to reconcile with their God. Tell them to come back to me and to seek the Kingdom of their God. The hour of the coming Chastisement is coming soon. Many souls will be lost forever. Many faithful souls will grow weak at that time. Men will find it hard to change their lives. There will be confusion in many souls. My children, I have told you this before and now I am reminding you that the coming destruction will start in every family that has shed the blood of innocent souls. Let all men call upon my Precious Blood and be saved. Baptize the unborn babies with power of my Precious Blood. My children, the Immaculate Heart of my Mother will protect you and my Precious Blood will save you. I bless you all. I bless you all. ”The vision ended and Barnabas saw the little children praising God in the cloud for awhile, then all vanished.

Meditation 4:

The sins of the flesh are the greatest weapons employed by the evil one to arouse the anger of the Eternal Father. Not only do they turn men and women away from God and unto each other, these sins also turn their love for God unto themselves. It also results in the slaughter of so many unborn babies. Their voiceless cries for retribution arouse the justice of God. The power of the Precious Blood devotion is made manifest. Through the Precious Blood, these unborn souls are baptized and can enter the Beatific Vision.

We must therefore pray fervently for them, especially the prayer for the Baptism of Aborted Babies, so that their cries will cease and God’s wrath will be calmed. We must pray very much for sincere repentance for all those involved in the lifestyle of fornication, adultery and abortion.

*Today we pray for the conversion of sinners.

Prayer:  Great holy angel of all priests and consecrated, to whom you give your angels as companions, bind me too as a harvest gift and not as a bundle of weeds.  Cause my heart to glow and bind itself forever to my Lord and God, Whom I can never again leave, to Whom I want to belong for all eternity.   Amen.


Day 5 – July 5

Today during his prayer, Barnabas saw a vision of many people inside a lake of fire. As the fire burned them, they cried out in deep sorrow. After a brief moment, a cloud came down and covered the whole place. The Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging on the Cross appeared in the cloud. His Precious Blood poured out from His holy wounds; especially the five most prominent ones. Upon seeing Our Lord on the Cross, the people in the lake of fire all stood up and cried in a loud voice, saying, “Lord, have mercy on us! Be merciful to us! May your Precious Blood save us!” While they were praying, I saw an Angel of God come down from Heaven. He drew them out from the pit and they flew with the Angel into the cloud. In the cloud, they sat with all the Host of Angels, and ate and drank the Body and Blood of the Spotless Lamb.

Then the Holy Face of Jesus appeared and said: “My loving children, follow the desert way to the new Jerusalem. Accept all sufferings as the cross. Love your cross. Accept it with joy. Carry your own cross and follow me. Wake up when you fall. Be strong and endure until the end. My children people are lost forever because of the sins of the flesh. Many souls suffer terrible purification because of the passions of the flesh. My people love the perishable wealth of the world. They worship money and lose their souls forever. My children, many souls are heading towards perdition; they are heading towards perdition because of the temporary wealth of this world. I beg you all with love, O my loving children, to follow the desert way. Teach others how to accept their crosses. I say live monastic lives. Pray for the souls in Purgatory who are under the heat of purification. Pray for them through the power of my Precious Blood. I promise to save them. My children run for your lives that you will not suffer purification after death.

My children, pray that you will understand the coming revelations. I love you all. I bless you all.”

Meditation 5:

The reality of the place of cleansing is depicted in today’s message. The mercy of our Lord can be powerfully obtained through His Precious Blood.

We have the opportunity to make satisfaction for our sins of attachment to material things and the flesh while here on earth. We must turn our sufferings into sacrifices and do more penance for our sins to avoid the cleansing fires of purgatory.

*Today we pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Prayer:  Holy angel of love, of transformation to God, protect all children who come into the world today.  Bear all souls home, whom God calls from the earth today—home to the Father’s House in Heaven.   Amen.


Day 6 – July 6

My children, hear this word of mine and keep it in your hearts. I am the Agonizing Jesus Christ, I love you all. My children, the coming tribulation is terrible and fearful. Pray much, I say pray much, pray harder. Pray that the hour will not begin during the rainy season because there will not be any natural heat if it comes during the rainy season. My children pray always now. Offer all your prayers for the salvation of men. How terribly she will suffer, the woman in labor! This coming hour is so terrible and fearful, who will survive it?

My loving children, pray that this hour will be short, prepare yourselves with holy love. Show mercy to people and preach my words to them. Live a completely holy life and inform others to change their lives. Clothe yourselves with humility, for your humility will help you in this great battle.

My children, many will be lost forever, many will be lost forever, where are the few? I am still looking for them. If men will hear, let them hear these words and pray. Pray and make constant Adoration. Attend Holy Mass, my loving children. Attend Holy Mass now! The time is coming when men will look for the Holy Mass as worthy as the one you hear now and find none.

Never let a day pass without receiving Holy Communion. Drink my Precious Blood and be filled with power. Tomorrow I will teach you a prayer through my Angel; a prayer of love and mercy.

My children, you will hear many speak and your faith will grow weak. Happy are all who abide in my Most Precious Blood, the coming chastisement will not affect them. Pray that you will be able to complete this novena fully.

Your enemy will fight you and try to stop you so you will not fulfill it. Remember my warnings and keep them. I am happy with your zeal and love. I bless you all.”

Meditation 6:

This message is in direct reference to our Lord’s warnings in Matthew 24:19, “And woe to them that are with child and that give suck in those days.” And in Matthew 24:20, “But pray that your flight be not in the winter or on the sabbath.” Again in Matthew 24:21 “For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be.”

This message should be seen as a reminder or re-confirmation that the prophesy of the Lord to the Apostles is yet to come. The Lord in His goodness gives us a remedy to prepare for the time – attend Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion regularly now that we are free to do so. The opportunity will not be there during the tribulation. Devotion to the Precious Blood will be the way to safety.

*Today we pray for the grace of endurance in time of trials.

Prayer:  Great angel of the faithful Tradition of God’s Word, implore for us the strength of courage and fidelity, that we might pass on that which we have received alive as a precious pledge, that Christ the King might reign in eternity.   Amen.


Day 7 – July 7

Today Barnabas saw a vision of the Agonizing Jesus Christ hanging alive on the Cross on a mountain top. Our Lord wept bitterly as His Precious Blood poured out from all his wounds. An Angel appeared and knelt reverently in front of the Crucifix. He sang a song to honor the Most Precious Blood: “Adoration!, Adoration!!, Adoration!! To Thee, O most powerful weapon. Adoration! Adoration!! Adoration!!! To Thy Most Precious Blood.

“Merciful Agonizing Jesus Christ, pour your Precious Blood on our souls.

Satisfy my thirst and defeat our enemies. Amen.”

“Powerful Blood of salvation, fight the enemy.

Powerful Blood of salvation, fight the enemy.

Powerful Blood of salvation, fight the enemy.”

After this, the Angel said; “Son of man say these prayers always. Pray them for protection. Our Lord will save through His Precious Blood. Adore the Precious Blood and let others join you. Pray and never give up. I love you.”

The angel left and the Holy Face appeared and said; “My children, listen and understand these words. Children, the spiritual battle is increasing. There is a great war in the spirit now. The enemy has captured many nations and is ruling them. Your country is among the nations. My children, there are many agents of the evil spirit that exist now in the world. They came out from the ocean a few years ago. Many of them built factories and produced many goods. Many opened Churches and many live among men in schools and in great cities. They deceive my people. Children, now the hour is at hand. They are not sleeping because they know their hour is very short. Pray harder now, the evil man has not started his work. The anti-christ is in the Church. He will rule my Church. Pray that you will not be deceived.

My children, know this now that when the wicked man bans the Holy Mass, know that that hour is the last fight. This hour is the greatest, most horrible period. This hour is followed by the three days of darkness. On the second night of the three days of darkness my Angels will defeat the enemy through the power of my Precious Blood. Let all men call on the Precious Blood and be saved. Make constant reparation for all the sins men commit against me. Be careful, children, war in spirit increases. Join in the battle and win. Love me and save your souls. I bless you all.”

Barnabas saw in a vision the Red Dragon in a pit which opened in front of the Crucifix. Blood from His Sacred Head dripped on and tormented the Dragon.


Meditation 7:

The vision Barnabas had before the message revisits the Agony of Christ’s crucifixion on Calvary. The message that follows is a very critical one. The presence of the agents of evil in the world and of the anti-christ in the Church, is emphasized. While the former are using government, business and churches to ensnare the faithful, the latter is seeking his opportunity to rule the Church, which will happen. The anti-christ will forbid the celebration of the Holy Mass, thus bringing about the Three Days of Darkness. The Angels of the Lord will defeat the enemy on the 2nd day of the darkness. This is a call to prepare for intense spiritual warfare.

*Today we pray for endurance through the coming chastisement.

Prayer:  Oh great, kind and yet so powerful angel, you who hold the heart of man so tightly with both hands, that it begins to glow through the force of the Fiat; take me and hold me and fill me with your glow, that I might never cease to glow in all eternity.   Amen.


Day 8 – July 8

Our Lord appeared this evening holding in His right hand His Sacred Heart surrounded by the Crown of Thorns. Beside His Heart was a wound from which Blood and water constantly dripped and divine rays shone forth. A cloud came down and covered the whole place. Immediately He said: “My children, the wound in my Sacred Heart pains me much because of the sins of the world, for the souls that will be lost forever and for my children who will suffer the Great Chastisement. Many of my children do not heed my warnings and revelations. They continue sinning and blaspheming my Holy Name day and night. Only very few people hear my messages and prepare for it. My children, pray for the unrepentant sinners, offer your daily sacrifices for them through the power of my Precious Blood. I promise to allow a drop of my Precious Blood to fall on any heart that needs conversion through my Precious Blood. The hardened heart will break and be converted. My children pray for them. Have faith in me, let your faith grow. Build your faith in me. Great temptation is coming. Children the temptation is great. Who will survive it? Many will shed their blood.

My children make your faith strong. The time is coming when numerous children will be killed. I have told you this before, now I am reminding you that the enemy has produced destructive tablets. Any person who takes this tablet will die on a specified date. They do this in order to reduce the population of the world so that the beast will rule them. Children they will give it free to all men. My Spirit will let you know when you hear about it or when you see it. I say to you, pray much my children. Be faithful. Imprint my Seal with my Precious Blood on the hearts of the faithful ones. They will grow in faith and be victorious over the Red Dragon. Love me and be faithful to me. Tomorrow, I will bless you truly with the power of the Trinity and reveal to you the last revelation of this Novena. Come with faith, don’t sleep.I bless you all.”

Meditation 8:

One of the most important lessons of this devotion is to make us realize that Our Lord is still suffering the pains of His Passion. One of the reasons is given in this message – because so many souls have refused to heed the Lord’s warnings and will thus they will be lost. We must pray for the Unrepentant and hardened souls in the world through the power of the Precious Blood, that they may be saved. The Lord already told us that our governments are evil and have evil plans. We need only to be watchful and persist in our love for Him.

*Today we pray for fallen sheep and against fall in faith.

Prayer:  Lord, let us be children, so much children that we gladly and naturally grasp the hand of this angel with the lamb, and let ourselves be led by him, for he works assiduously to put together the broken pieces in our hands, until Your image appears.   Amen.


Day 9 – July 9

On this, the last day of the nine day Novena, Barnabas saw in a vision the Crown of Thorns in the cloud. The crown moved around in the cloud until the Sacred Head crowned with Thorns appeared. Blood was pouring out from all the wounds in His Sacred Head. Our Lord raised his face and gently said; “My children, today is the last day of the first Novena and the great month which Heaven dedicated to my Precious Blood. Today I will remind you of all the past revelations. Be careful, watch and pray. Children, I told you that many of my Cardinals have gotten married. I have told you that one of them married an evil queen. The queen with her demonic power has won the Cardinal. My children, the possessed Cardinal will fight to rule my Church. Children, during that time the Holy Mass will be banned. If the Holy Mass is not banned, the great darkness will not come, because the Holy Mass has all powers to stop the great Chastisement. But heaven has signed it, prepare for the coming tribulation. Children, the underground government is ready to rule with their authority. There will be one world government, one currency and the whole world will be computerized. There will be a computer number on every good, company, and school. The world will be numbered with the mark of the Beast 666 who is in the underground world now. My children, never receive the mark. Anyone who receives the mark will be lost forever. Listen, listen, be ready to offer your lives. Children I shed my Blood and the blood of martyrs shall be shed before I defeat the enemy. Children rejoice in your faith. My Angel will take your body and your soul up to heaven; all those who offer their lives for my sake. After this great persecution, there will be a red cross in the sky and the moon will be dark. The sign in the sky will represent my Precious Blood and the blood of martyrs. The Blood of innocent children will darken the moon. My children I told you that there will be a massive death of children who will be killed.

Pray and never give up. Children this coming persecution is terrible and fearful. I promise to save you. Even in the great wrath of the Eternal Father My Precious Blood will save you. Children, rejoice for the brightest star has come out in the cloud. The star is the brightest among all stars. The Ark of the Covenant and pillar of cloud which will lead my people to the New Era. The star is the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. Look you will see it every evening in the cloud. She gives joy to her children who are consecrated to her. Prepare, consecrate your lives to her. My Mother will protect her children. Say your Rosary and live a holy life. My children, give this chaplet to my two visionaries. Teach this prayer to them. I say to them to pray it always. The enemy will first attack my visionaries in the whole world. They will suffer, fear not my children I promise to save them through the power of my Precious Blood. All who call upon my Blood will be saved. Let families pray the chaplet of my Precious Blood. I will save them in this horrible hour.

My children, pray this chaplet for sinners. Pray it for unrepentant sinners. I will allow my Blood to fall on their hearts before the great day comes. They will obtain true contrition for their sins. Pray, pray for sinners, pray for the non-Catholic churches. Pray that they all will be one. My Father will answer your prayers through my Precious Blood. I will send a great sign in heaven and all men will see it and turn to My Flock. They will worship me and adore me and my Precious Blood. My children, I will not perform great miracles now because the Church has not approved it. But I will answer your petitions according to the Divine Will. Prepare for the three day Novena. Be ready to welcome your Mother.”

The Holy Trinity appeared in the cloud. The Holy Spirit flashed Divine Light on Barnabas and all gathered with him. The Father and the Son blessed us and said, “I bless you all.”

Meditation 9:

The message of this ninth day is a summary of the last eight days. The Lord makes it clear that Heaven has signed the plans allowing the antichrist to rule the Church, to ban the Mass, to allow the 3 days of darkness, and allow the evil one-world government and religion. These are the instruments of the chastisement. Repetition is a way of emphasis in divine messages. Here the Lord requests us to pray for sinners and non-Catholics that we may be united with them in the tribulation. The power of the Precious Blood for these times is re-emphasized, and cannot be emphasized enough.

*Today we pray for non-Christians and non-Catholics.
Prayer:  You dear and radiant angel of gratitude, make my heart wide and thankful, that I might rejoice and sing as do you!   Amen.


+The First Novena ends here +

For the next three days, consecrated devotees can either return to the minimum Daily Devotion (Rosary, Chaplet of the Precious Blood, Litany of the Precious Blood and Consecration Prayer to the Precious Blood) OR they may continue to offer the Great Month of July Novena prayers daily as an additional offering to Our Lord or for a special intention. If you are not consecrated to the Precious Blood, you may take the three days off, but do not forget to return and join us for the next Novena! Our Lord said “Come with zeal to the next novena.”

An additional gift of encouragement 10 July 1997, 9:15pm During the normal devotional prayer gathering of Barnabas and his friends, he saw in a vision the Holy Face appearing in a cloud and saying:

“My children, Heaven rejoices. Heaven was happy with your adoration on the first novena. Your adoration pleased Me. Peace be with you all. Children, prepare well for further devotion. Do not be afraid to give these prayers to anyone who participates fully in these novenas. Teach them all the ejaculatory prayers* and let their faith grow through your efforts. Children, I overlooked your past weaknesses. I will be happy if you finish this devotion with zeal. Remember my order, welcome my children who are willing to show me love. I say welcome only those who are willing to watch and pray. Please my children, don’t choose Judases. Don’t welcome wolves into the peaceful flock. I want your loving sacrifices. I bless you all.”

Immediately, the vision ended and Barnabas heard the songs of angels.

*The Ejaculatory Prayers:

“Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ – Save us and the whole world.”(8 February 1997)

“Precious Blood and water from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ – We adore you. Save us and cleanse us. Amen” (28 April 1997)

“Powerful Blood of salvation, fight the enemy.

Powerful Blood of salvation, fight the enemy.

Powerful Blood of salvation, fight the enemy.” (7 July 1997)

“Precious Blood and water from the Sacred Side of Jesus Christ – Refine the Church and wash us clean. Amen” (28 July 1997)

“Adoration! Adoration!! Adoration!!! To Thee, O Most Powerful weapon.

Adoration! Adoration!! Adoration!!! To Thy Most Precious Blood.

Merciful, Agonizing Jesus Christ – pour your Precious Blood on Souls.

Satisfy my thirst and defeat our enemies. Amen.”(7 July 1997)


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