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From the Writings of

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


Immaculate Maternal Heart of Mary

In the Divine Will

Volume 14 – March 16, 1922

To live in the Divine Will has nothing great externally; everything passes between the soul and God. 

… “My daughter, it shows how without your Jesus you can think and say nothing but nonsense.  My dear Mama also did nothing extraordinary in Her exterior life; even more, apparently She did less than others.  She lowered Herself to the most ordinary actions of life:  She would spin, sew, sweep, light the fire.… Who would ever have thought that She was the Mother of a God?  Her external actions indicated nothing of this.  And when She carried Me in Her womb, containing the Eternal Word within Herself, every motion of Hers, every human action, won the adoration of the whole of Creation.  From Her came the life and the preservation of all creatures:  the sun hung upon Her, expecting the preservation of its light and heat; the earth, the development of the life of the plants; everything hovered round Her – Heaven and earth hung upon Her every motion.  Yet, who saw anything?  No one.  All Her greatness, power and sanctity, and the immense seas of goods which came out of Her, were in Her interior.  Each one of Her heartbeats, breaths, thoughts, words, were an outpouring into Her Creator; there were continuous currents between God and Her, which She would receive and give.  Nothing would come out which would not wound Her Creator, and by which She would not be wounded by Him.  These currents expanded Her, raised Her, and made Her surpass everything – but no one saw anything.  I alone, Her God and Son, was aware of everything.  Such current ran between my Mama and I, that Her heartbeat would run within mine, and mine within hers.  So, She lived from my eternal heartbeat, and I from Her maternal heartbeat; therefore our lives were blended together.  And this was exactly what, in my eyes, distinguished Her as my Mama.  External actions do not satisfy Me, nor do they please Me, if they do not start from an interior whose life is formed by Me.

Volume 17 – April 15, 1925

The mission of the Divine Will is eternal, and it is precisely the mission of Our Celestial Father. I write only to obey, and to my great repugnance.  After a holy priest had read my writings, he had let me know that in certain chapters blessed Jesus was exalting me too much, to the point of telling me that He placed me near His Celestial Mama, that She be me my model.  On hearing this, I felt confused and troubled; I remembered that I had written this only to obey, and to my great repugnance, and that I was connected to the mission of making the Divine Will known.  And I lamented to my Jesus for having told me this, while I am so bad, and He alone knows all my miseries.  This confused me and humiliated me so much, as to give me no peace.  I felt such distance between me and the Celestial Mother, as if there was an abyss of distance between me and Her.  Then, while I was so troubled, my lovable Jesus came out from within my interior, and clasping me tightly in His arms to infuse peace in me, told me:  “My daughter, why do you trouble yourself so much?  Don’t you know that peace is the smile of the soul, is the azure and serene sky in which the Divine Sun makes Its light blaze more vividly, in such a way as to let no cloud arise above the horizon, which might occupy the light?  Peace is the beneficial dew which vivifies everything and bejewels the soul with an enrapturing beauty, and attracts the continuous kiss of my Will upon her.  And besides, what is it that opposes the truth?  Where is this exalting you too much?  Only because I told you that I placed you near my Divine Mother; because, She having been the depository of all the goods of my Redemption, as my Mother, as Virgin, as Queen, I placed Her at the head of all the redeemed ones, giving Her a distinct, unique and special mission, which no one else will be given.  The very Apostles and the whole Church depend upon Her and receive from Her; there is no good which She does not possess – all goods come from Her; it was right that, as my Mother, I was to entrust everything and everyone to Her maternal Heart.  Embracing everything, and being able to give everything to everyone, was only of my Mother.

 Volume 19 – June 15, 1926

“My daughter, do not fear, I am here, watching over you and keeping your soul in custody, so that not even the slightest sin may enter into your soul.  And where you or others see defects and badnesses, I find none; rather, I see that your ‘nothing’ feels the weight of the ‘All’.  In fact, the more I elevate you intimately to Me and I make known to you what the ‘All’ wants to do with your ‘nothing’, the more you feel your nothingness and, almost frightened and crushed under the All, you would want escape from manifesting and, even more, from writing on paper that which the ‘All’ wants to make of this ‘nothing’ of yours.  More so since, as much reluctance as you feel, I always win and make you do what I want.

This happened also to my Celestial Mama, when She was told:  ‘I hail You, Mary, full of grace; You will conceive the Son of God.’  On hearing this, She was frightened, She trembled, and said:  ‘How can this happen?’  But She ended up saying:  ‘Fiat Mihi secundum verbum tuum.’  She felt all the weight of the All over Her nothing and, naturally, She was frightened.  So, when I manifest to you what I want to do with you, and your nothing is frightened, I see the fright of the Sovereign Queen being repeated; and compassionating you, I lift your nothing, I strengthen it, that it may endure sustaining the All.  Therefore, do not be concerned about this, but rather, think of letting the All operate in you.”

Then, after this, I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Volition, embracing everything and everyone to be able to bring to my Creator the acts of all as one single act.  Now, while I was doing this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and embracing everything together with me, He united Himself with me, doing what I was doing.  Then, all love, He told me:  “My daughter, I love so much the acts done in my Will, that I Myself take on the commitment to keep them in custody in the unity of my supreme light, in such a way as to render them inseparable from Me and from my own acts.  If you knew how jealous I am of these acts, how they glorify Me in a wholly divine way….  It can be said that each of these acts is a new feast that starts in the whole Creation and in the whole Celestial Fatherland.  Flowing in my Will like ray of light, these acts bring new joys, feasts and happinesses wherever my Will is.  These acts are the joys, the feast and the happiness that the creature forms in the Will of her Creator.  And do you think it is trivial that the creature can form and bring feast, joy and happiness to her Creator and wherever Our Will reigns?

The same happened with my Queen Mama.  As She always operated in the unity of the light of the Supreme Will, all of Her acts, Her office of Mother, Her rights of Queen remained inseparable from Her Creator; so much so, that when the Divinity unleashes the acts of beatitude to make the whole Celestial Fatherland happy, It unleashes with them all the acts of the Celestial Mama.  So, all the Saints feel invested, not only with Our joys and beatitudes, but also with the maternal love of their Mother, with the glory of their Queen, and with all of Her acts converted into joys for the whole Celestial Jerusalem.  Every fiber of Her maternal Heart loves all the children of the Celestial Fatherland with love of Mother, and She shares Her joys of Mother and Her glory of Queen with everyone.  So, on earth She was Mother of love and of sorrow for Her children, who cost Her so much, as much as the Life of Her Son God, and by virtue of the unity of the light of the Supreme Will which She possessed, Her acts remained inseparable from Ours; while in Heaven She is Mother of love, of joys and of glory for all of Her celestial children; so, all the Saints have greater love, more glory and more joys, by virtue of their Mother and Sovereign Queen.  Therefore, I love so much one who lives in my Will, that I lower Myself to her, to do what she does together with her, to raise her up to the bosom of the Eternal One, to render her act one with her Creator.”

 Volume 19 – June 26, 1926

“My daughter, the little daughter of my Will must not only think about and occupy herself with defending the universal rights of her Creator, giving Him the return of love and of glory that everyone owes Him as if all were one, in such a way that He may find everything in her – because Our Will involves everything and everyone, and one who lives in It possesses universal ways, therefore she can give Us everything and We can recover everything – but, as Our daughter, she must also defend the rights of the Sovereign Queen.  She operated in a universal way, and therefore She had a love, a glory, a prayer, a reparation, a sorrow, for Her Creator, for all and for each creature.  She let not one act escape Her which creatures owed their Creator; and enclosing all in Her maternal Heart, She loved all and each one in a universal way.  So, in Her We found all Our glory – She denied nothing to Us; She gave Us not only that which She was supposed to give Us directly, but also that which the other creatures denied to Us.  And to act as a magnanimous and most loving Mother, who pours Her own self out for Her children, She generated everyone in Her sorrowful Heart.  Each fiber of It was a piercing sorrow in which She gave life to each of Her children, up to the fatal blow of the death of Her Son God.  The sorrow of this death placed the seal of the regeneration of life upon the new children of this sorrowful Mother.

Now, a Virgin Queen who loved Us so much, who defended all of Our rights, a Mother so tender who had love and sorrows for all, deserves that Our little newborn of Our Supreme Will love Her for all, requite Her for all, and embracing all of Her acts in Our Will, place her act united to Hers; because She is inseparable from Us – Her glory is Ours, and Ours is Hers; more so, since Our Will places everything in common.”

On hearing this, I remained a little confused, and as though unable to do what Jesus was saying; and I prayed Him to give me the ability to do it.  And Jesus, resuming His speaking, told me:  “My daughter, my Will contains everything, and as though jealous, It preserves all of Its acts as if they were one alone; so It preserves all the acts of the Sovereign Queen as if they were all Its own, because She did everything in It.  Therefore, my Will Itself will make them present to you.

Now, you must know that one who has done good to all, who has loved all, and has operated in a universal way for God and for all, has rights over everything and over everyone – and with justice.  Operating in a universal way is the divine way, and my Celestial Mama was able to operate with the ways of Her Creator because She possessed the Kingdom of Our Will.  Now, having operated in Our Supreme Will, She has the rights of the possessions which She formed in Our Kingdom; and who else can requite Her if not one who lives in the same Kingdom?  In fact, only in this Kingdom is there universal operation – the love that loves everyone, that embraces everything, and from which nothing escapes.  But you must know that one who possesses the Kingdom of my Will on earth, has the right to universal glory in Heaven; and this, in a natural and simple way.  My Will embraces everything and involves everyone; so, from one who possesses It come all goods along with the glory that these goods contain; and while universal glory comes from her, she also receives it.  And do you think it is trivial to possess universal glory in the Celestial Fatherland?  Therefore, be attentive, the Kingdom of the Supreme Will is immensely rich; there are coins that spring forth; so, everyone expects something from you, and also my Mama wants the return for the universal love She had for all generations.  And you, in return, are due universal glory in the Celestial Fatherland – the exclusive inheritance of one who has possessed the Kingdom of my Will on earth.”

Volume 19 – July 11, 1926

“My daughter, I want to cheer Myself up – let Me speak of the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.”  And I:  ‘My Love and my Life, Jesus, if You do not tell me all the secrets that are in It, not knowing everything, I will not enjoy the fullness of the goods that this Kingdom possesses, nor will I be able to give You the return of love for the goods that You hide; and I would feel unhappy in the midst of so much happiness, because my “I Love You” would not be flowing in everything that You possess in It.  It may be small, but it is the “I love You” of your little daughter, whom You love so much.’

And Jesus, taking my own words, told me:  “My little daughter, you yourself are saying how necessary knowledge is.  If it is necessary for you, much more so for others.  Now, you must know that in order to form the Kingdom of Redemption, those who distinguished themselves the most in suffering were my Mama and I.  And even though apparently She suffered none of the pains that the other creatures knew, except for my death which was known by all, and which was the fatal and harrowing blow for Her maternal Heart, more than any most sorrowful death, however, since She possessed the unity of the light of my Will, this light brought to Her pierced Heart, not only the seven swords told by the Church, but all swords, spears and pricks of all sins and pains of creatures, which martyred Her maternal Heart in a harrowing way.  But this is nothing.  This light brought Her all my pains, my humiliations, my torments, my thorns, my nails, the most intimate pains of my Heart.  The Heart of my Mama was the true Sun:  though one can see nothing but light, this light contains all the goods and effects that the earth receives and possesses; so, one can say that the earth is enclosed in the Sun.  The same for the Sovereign Queen:  one could only see Her person, but the light of my Supreme Will enclosed in Her all possible imaginable pains; and the more intimate and unknown these pains were, the more valuable and powerful they were over the Divine Heart, to impetrate the longed for Redeemer; and more than solar light, they descended into the hearts of creatures, to conquer them and bind them in the Kingdom of Redemption.

So, the Church knows so very little of the pains of the Celestial Sovereign Queen, that one can say that She knows only the visible pains, and this is why She gives the number of the seven swords.  But if She knew that Her maternal Heart was the refuge, the deposit of all pains, and that the light of my Will brought everything to Her, sparing Her nothing, the Church would not speak of seven swords, but of millions of swords.  More so, since they were intimate pains, and therefore God alone knows the intensity of the sorrow.  This is why, by right, She was constituted Queen of martyrs and of all sorrows.  Creatures can give a weight, a value to exterior pains, but they do not know enough of the interior ones to be able to attribute to them the right price.  Now, in order to form in my Mama, first the Kingdom of my Will, and then that of Redemption, so many pains were not necessary because, since She had no sin, the inheritance of pains was not for Her – Her inheritance was the Kingdom of my Will.  But in order to give the Kingdom of Redemption to creatures, She had to submit Herself to so many pains.  So, the fruits of Redemption were matured in the Kingdom of my Will possessed by Me and by my Mama.  There is nothing beautiful, good or useful, which does not come from my Will.

Now, united to the Sovereign Queen came my Humanity.  She remained hidden in Me, in my sorrows, in my pains, therefore little was known about Her; but as for my Humanity, it was necessary that what I did, how much I suffered and how much I loved be known.  If nothing were known, I could not form the Kingdom of Redemption.  The knowledge of my pains and of my love is magnet and spur, incitement and light to draw souls to taking the remedies, the goods contained in It.  Knowing how much their sins and their salvation cost Me is chain that binds them to Me and prevents new sins.  If, on the other hand, they had known nothing of my pains and of my death, not knowing how much their salvation cost Me, no one would have given a thought to loving Me and saving his soul.  See then, how necessary it is to make known how much he or she who has formed within him or herself a universal good to give it to others, has done and suffered.

Now, my daughter, just as it was necessary to make known to creatures who He and She were, and how much it cost Them to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she whom my paternal goodness has chosen, first, to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat within her, and then, to give rise to Its transmission to others.  Just as it was for Redemption, which was formed between Me and my Celestial Mama first, and then became known to creatures, so it will be for the Supreme Fiat.  Therefore, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom of my Will costs Me; that – so that man might enter once again into the Kingdom he had lost – I had to sacrifice the littlest of all creatures, keeping her nailed to a bed for forty years and more, without air, without the fullness of the light of the sun that everyone enjoys; how her little heart has been the refuge of my pains and of those of creatures; how she has loved all, prayed for all, defended all; how many times she has exposed herself to the blows of Divine Justice to defend all of her brothers; and then, her intimate pains, and the very privations of Me that martyred her little heart, giving her continuous death.  In fact, since she has known no other life but mine, no other Will but mine, all of these pains laid the foundations of the Kingdom of my Will, and, like solar rays, matured the fruits of the Supreme Fiat.  So, it is necessary to make known how much this Kingdom cost you and Me, so that, from Its cost, they may know how much I yearn for them to acquire It; and from Its cost they may appreciate It, love It and aspire to enter, to live in the Kingdom of my Supreme Will.”

I wrote this to obey, but the effort has been so great, that I could just barely mention my poor existence, since, because of the great reluctance, I feel my blood freeze in my veins.  However, I can but repeat always:  ‘Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!…’

Volume 20 – September 17, 1926

My Jesus, I invoke your Holy Will, that It Itself may come to write on paper the most penetrating and eloquent words, the most appropriate terms to make Itself comprehended, so as to portray the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat with the most beautiful colors, with the most refulgent light, with the most attracting character, in order to infuse a magnetic force and a powerful magnet in the words You will make me write; so that no one may be able to resist letting himself be dominated by your Most Holy Will. And You, my Mama, true Sovereign Queen of the Supreme Fiat, do not leave me alone; come to guide my hand, give me the flame of your Maternal Heart.  And while I write, keep me under your blue mantle, that I may do all that my beloved Jesus wants from me.

Volume 21 – April 8, 1927

“My daughter, the greatest figures of the Old Testament, while being images concealing the future Messiah, enclosed also the gifts and the images symbolizing all the gifts that the Children of the Supreme Fiat would possess. When he was created, Adam was the true and perfect image of the Children of my Kingdom.  Abraham was the symbol of the privileges and the heroism of the Children of my Will.  Calling Abraham to a promised land in which milk and honey would flow; making him the owner of that land, a land so fecund as to be enviable and yearned for by all the other nations – everything was a symbol of what I would do for the Children of my Will.  Jacob was another symbol of Them, because from him the twelve tribes of Israel were to descend, and from their midst the future Redeemer was to arise, who was to bind once again the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to my children.  Joseph was the symbol of the dominion which the Children of my Will would have; and just as he did not let many peoples die of starvation, as well as his ungrateful brothers, so will the Children of my Divine Fiat have dominion and be the ones who will not let perish the peoples which will ask for the bread of my Will from them.  Moses was the image of the power; Samson, the symbol of the strength of the Children of my Will.  David symbolized the reigning of Them; all the prophets symbolized the graces, the communications and the intimacies with God which, more than within themselves, would dwell in the Children of my Divine Fiat.

See, all these were nothing but symbols – images of Them; what will happen when the lives of these symbols will arise? After all of these, came the Celestial Lady, the Sovereign Empress, the Immaculate, the Spotless – my Mother.  She was not a symbol or an image, but a reality – the true life, the first privileged daughter of my Will; and in the Queen of Heaven, I looked at the generations of the Children of my Kingdom.  She was the first unmatchable creature, who possessed, as whole, the life of the Supreme Volition, and therefore She deserved to conceive the Eternal Word, and to mature within Her maternal heart the generation of the Children of the Eternal Fiat.  Then came my own Life, in which the Kingdom that these fortunate Children were to possess, was established.

Volume 21 – April 16, 1927

“My daughter, when I do an act, first I look to see whether there is at least one creature in whom to place the deposit of my act, so that she may take the good I do, and keep it safe and well defended. Now, when I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament, I looked for the creature, and my Queen Mama offered Herself to receive my act and the deposit of this great gift, telling Me:  ‘My Son, just as I offered You my womb and all of my being in your conception, to keep You safe and sheltered, now I offered You my maternal Heart, to receive this great deposit.  I line up, around your Sacramental Life, my affections, my heartbeats, my love, my thoughts – all of myself, to keep You sheltered, courted, loved, protected.  I myself take on the commitment to repay You for the gift You are giving.  Trust your Mama, and I will take care of the defense of your Sacramental Life.  And since You Yourself constituted me Queen of all creation, I have the right to line up around You all the light of the sun as homage and adoration, the stars, the heavens, the sea, all the inhabitants of the air – I place everything around You, to give You love and glory.’

Now, being assured of a place in which to put this great deposit of my Sacramental Life, and trusting my Mama, who had given Me all the proofs of Her faithfulness, I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament. She was the only creature worthy to keep, defend and protect my act.  See, then, when the creatures receive Me, I descend into them together with the acts of my inseparable Mama; and only because of this can I perpetuate my Sacramental Life.  Therefore, whenever I want to do a great work worthy of Me, it is necessary that I first choose one creature – first, in order to have a place in which to put my gift; second, to be repaid of it.

…“My daughter, do you want to know how my Mama had the strength to leave Me? All the secret of Her strength was in my Will reigning in Her.  She lived of a Will which was Divine – not human, and therefore She contained an immeasurable strength.  Even more, you must know that when my pierced Mama left Me in the sepulcher, my Will kept Her immersed within two immense seas – one of sorrow, and another, more extensive, of joys and beatitudes; and while that of sorrow gave Her all the martyrdoms, that of joys gave Her all the contentments.  Her beautiful soul alone followed Me into Limbo, and was present at the feast that all the Patriarchs, the Prophets, Her father, Her mother and our dear Saint Joseph made for Me.  Through my presence, Limbo became Paradise; and I could not do without letting the One who had been inseparable from Me in my pains, participate in this first feast of the creatures.  Her joy was so great, that She had the strength to depart from my body, withdrawing and waiting for the fulfillment of my Resurrection, as the fulfillment of Redemption.  Joy sustained Her in sorrow, and sorrow sustained Her in joy.

To one who possesses my Will, neither strength, nor power, nor joy may be lacking; rather, she has everything at her disposal. Do you not experience this within yourself?  When you are deprived of Me and you feel consumed, the light of the Divine Fiat forms Its sea of happiness and gives you life.”

Volume 23 – December 14, 1927

The same happened in Redemption. Evils had not been banished from the earth – on the contrary, they abounded more than ever; but since the Sovereign Queen came upon earth – the creature who possessed a Divine Will within Herself, who enclosed the whole value of the good of Redemption – looking not at others, nor at their evils, I looked at the value of this celestial creature, which was sufficient to impetrate my descent upon earth; and in view of Her alone, who possessed Our prerogatives and the value of a divine and infinite Will, I gave and formed the Kingdom of Redemption in the midst of creatures.  So, in disposing the good of Redemption, I wanted to find the whole value of It within my Mama; I wanted to place in safety, inside Her maternal Heart, all the goods which my coming upon earth into the midst of creature was to enclose; and then I conceded the good which the Sovereign Queen of Heaven was asking of Me.  I acted like a prince when he must leave for a destination of more conquests:  he chooses the most faithful one, he entrusts his secrets to him, he places in his hands the whole value of the expenditures needed for the conquests wanted; and trusting this one alone, who knows he possesses the whole value of the conquests desired, he takes leave triumphantly, knowing that the victory is certain.  So I do.  When I want to give a good to creatures, first I trust one of them alone, I place in her the whole value of that good; and then, as though assured, I give the good which she asks of Me for the other creatures.  Therefore, think of enclosing within yourself the whole value that the Kingdom of my Will must contain, and I will think of disposing all the rest that is needed for a good so great.”

Volume 24 – April 26, 1928

“My daughter, indeed nothing escaped my Mama, because everything I did and suffered resounded like a deep echo in the depth of Her soul. And She was so attentive in waiting for the echo of my acts that the echo, together with everything I did and suffered, would remain imprinted in Her.  And the Sovereign Queen emitted Her echo within Mine, and made it resound in the depth of my interior, in such a way that torrents would run between Me and Her – seas of light and of love which unloaded themselves into each other; and I made the deposit of all my acts in Her maternal Heart.  I would not have been content, had I not had Her always with Me – had I not felt Her continuous echo which, resounding in Mine, drew even my heartbeats and breaths to be deposited in Her.  Likewise, I would not be content if, from that time, I did not have you, who were to follow all of my acts in my Divine Will.  In fact, from that time I made their deposit in you, moving the echo of my Mama into the depth of your soul.  And through the length of the centuries I looked at the echo of my Mama in you in order to realize the Kingdom of my Divine Will.  This is why you feel as though drawn to follow all of my acts – it is Her maternal echo that resounds in you; and I take the occasion to make its deposit in the depth of your interior, to give you the grace of making my eternal Fiat reign in you.”

Volume 24 – August 15, 1928

“My daughter, the glory of the Mama of Heaven is insuperable. No one else in the celestial regions possesses seas of graces, of light, seas of beauty and of sanctity, seas of power, of science and of love; and what is more, She possesses these seas within the endless sea of Her Creator.  The other inhabitants of the blessed fatherland possess, at most, some little rivulets, some little drops, some little fountains.  She is the only one, because She alone lived life in the Divine Fiat.  The human volition never took place in Her – Her life was all of Divine Will; and by virtue of It, She centralized all creatures within Herself, conceiving them in Her maternal Heart, and bilocating Her Son Jesus as many times, to give Him to each creature whom She had conceived within Her virginal Heart.  This is why Her Maternity is extended to all, and all can boast and say:  ‘The Mother of Jesus is my Mother, and this Mother so sweet, lovable and loving, gives Her beloved Son to each of us as a pledge of Her maternal love.’  Only my Will could give Her this virtue of conceiving all creatures as Her children, and of multiplying Her Jesus for as many children as She had.

Now, in Heaven, the height of the Sovereign Mother, possessing Her seas, does nothing but raise highest waves of light, of sanctity, of love, etc., unloading them over the throne of the Supreme Being who, so as not to be surpassed by Her love, having His own sea, more extensive and deeper, forms His own waves, higher, from beneath the seas of the Virgin Queen, and pours them over Her. And She prepares more waves, and God prepares yet more, in such a way that the whole of Heaven remains flooded by these waves of light, of beauties, of love and the like – so much so, that all take part in them and enjoy.  And the Blessed, in seeing that they cannot form these waves because they possess no seas, comprehend that if their Mother and Queen possesses all of this, it is because She formed Her life and sanctity in the Divine Will.  So, through the Virgin, the Saints know what sanctity of Divine Will means in the creature, and therefore they long for more creatures to bring these seas into the celestial fatherland, so as to see more waves being formed – enchanting and of greater enjoyment for them.  The earth does not yet know the sanctity in my Will, and this is why I so much yearn to make it known; but it is well known to Heaven because the Sovereign Queen is there, whom, by merely seeing Her, becomes the revealer of the sanctity of my Fiat.  So, by virtue of It, She was a portent of graces on earth for Herself and for the whole human family, and She is a portent of glory in the celestial fatherland, nor can any other creature be said to be similar to Her.”

Volume 25 – January 13, 1929

“My daughter, this was the purpose for which I permitted the necessity of the coming of the priest – that you might deposit in them, as a sacred deposit, all the truths which I have spoken to you about my Divine Fiat, and that they be attentive and the faithful executors of what I want – that is, that they make the Kingdom of my Divine Will known. Be certain that I would not have permitted their coming if not for the purpose of fulfilling my great designs over the destiny of the human family.  And just as in the Kingdom of Redemption I left my Queen Mama in the midst of the Apostles, so that, together with Her, helped and guided by Her, they might give start to the Kingdom of Redemption – because the Sovereign Queen of Heaven knew more than all of the Apostles, She was the most interested; it can be said that She kept It formed within Her maternal Heart, therefore She could very well instruct the Apostles in the doubts, in the way, in the circumstances; She was the true sun in their midst, and one word of Hers was enough for my Apostles to feel strong, illuminated and fortified – in the same way, for the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat, having placed in you the deposit of It, I keep you in the exile still, so that the priests might draw from you, as from a new mother, what can serve as light, as guidance, as help, to give start to making known the Kingdom of my Divine Will.  And as I see their little interest – if you knew how much I suffer….  Therefore, pray, pray.”

 Volume 26 – September 8, 1929

“My daughter, I too, together with you and with all Creation, want to sing the praises of the birth of the Height of my Mama.

You must know that this birth enclosed within itself the rebirth of the whole human family, and all Creation felt reborn in the birth of the Queen of Heaven. Everything exulted with gladness – they felt happy to have their Queen.  Up to that moment, they had felt like a people without its Queen, and in their muteness they were waiting for that happy day in order to break their silence, and say:  ‘Glory, love, honor to She who comes into our midst as our Queen.  We shall no longer be without defense, without anyone who dominates us, without feast, because She has arisen, who forms our everlasting glory.’  This Celestial Baby Girl, by keeping Our Divine Will intact within Her soul, without ever doing Her own, reacquired all the rights of Adam innocent before Her Creator, and the sovereignty over all Creation.  Therefore, all felt themselves being reborn in Her, and We saw in this Holy Virgin, in Her little Heart, all the seeds of the human generations.  So, through Her, humanity reacquired the rights lost, and this is why Her birth was the most beautiful, the most glorious birth.  From Her very birth, She enclosed within Her maternal little Heart, as though in-between two wings, all generations, as children reborn in Her virginal Heart, so as to warm them, keep them sheltered, and raise them and nourish them with the blood of Her maternal Heart.  This is the reason why this tender Celestial Mother loves creatures so much – because all are reborn in Her, and She feels the life of Her children within Her Heart.  What can Our Divine Will not do wherever It reigns and has Its Life?  It encloses everything and everyone, and makes one the provider of good to all.  So, all feel, under Her blue mantle, the maternal wing of their Celestial Mother, and they find in Her maternal Heart their little place in which to take cover.

Volume 27 – December 22, 1929

My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, and my tender Jesus, making Himself seen as a tiny little Baby, either in my heart or in the womb of the Celestial Mama, but so very tiny, with an enrapturing beauty, all love, with His face wet with tears – and He cries because He wants to be loved – sighing, tells Me: “Ah! ah! why am I not loved?  I want to renew in souls all the love I had in incarnating Myself, but I find no one to whom to give it.  In incarnating Myself I found my Queen Mama who gave Me the field to pour out my love and to receive in Her maternal Heart all the love that creatures rejected from Me.  Ah! She was the depository of my rejected love, the sweet company of my pains, Her ardent love that dried my tears.  The greatest works cannot be done on one’s own, but two or three at least are needed, as depositories and nourishment of the work itself.  Without nourishment works cannot have life – there is the danger that they might die at birth.  This is so true that, in Creation, there were the Three of Us, Divine Persons, in creating It; and then We made man as the depository of Our work.  Not content, because works alone do not bring happiness, We gave him the company of the woman.  In the Incarnation, the Three Divine Persons were concurring, and in my company – or rather, They were inseparable from Me, with the addition of the Celestial Queen; and She Herself was the divine depository of all the goods of the Incarnation.  See, then, how the company of the creature is necessary to Me in order to form my works – a creature who would place herself at my disposal in order to receive the great good I want to give her.  So, do you want to be my second mama?  Do you want to receive the great good of the renewing of my Incarnation, as the endowment of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat?  In this way I will have two mamas – the first, who let Me form the Kingdom of Redemption; the second, who will let Me form the Kingdom of my Divine Will.”  And placing His tiny little hands on my face, caressing me, told me:  “My mama! my mama!  Maternal love surpasses all loves; so, you will love Me with insuperable love of mother.”

Volume 30 – January 12, 1932           

“My daughter, my Will is the gatherer of all his works. In his light he hides everything, with his light he defends them and puts in safety all his works.  How much doesn’t this light do in order to put the creature in safety, the most beautiful work of our creative hands, and in order to make her return beautiful, specious as we brought her forth?  He gathers you in his womb of light and casts there so much light above in order to make all the evil disappear.  If she is blind, by way of light he gives her sight; if she is mute, by way of light he wants to give her the word. The light takes her from all sides, and gives her hearing if she is deaf; if lame, he straightens her; if ugly, by way of light he makes her beautiful. A mother doesn’t do as much as my Divine Will does in order to make his creature beautiful and restored; his weapons are of light, because there is no power that the light doesn’t hide and good that it doesn’t possess.  What wouldn’t a mother do that having given to the light a beautiful child that enraptured her with his beauty, and the mother felt happy in the beauty of the child.  But a misfortune strikes him and he becomes blind, mute, deaf, lame; poor mother, she looks at her child and doesn’t recognize him anymore.  The dulled eye that looks no more, his silver voice that made her start with joy in feeling herself called mama, she listens to it no more; his little feet that raced in order to put themselves in her womb, with difficultly are dragged along.  This child is the most transfixing sorrow for a poor mother; and what wouldn’t she do if she might know that her child might be able to return anew to his first features?  She would turn the whole world if she might be able to obtain this and it would be sweet for her to put forth her own life, provided that she might be able see her child beautiful as she gave him forth to the light.  But poor mother, it isn’t in her power to be able to restitute the first beauty to her dear child.  And it will always be her sorrow and the thorn most transfixing for her maternal heart.

“Such has become the creature with doing her will: blind, mute, lame; our Will laments with tears of ardent light of our love, but that which the mother can not do for her crippled child, my Divine Will does not lack the power (to do). He more than mother will put at (her) disposition his capitals of light, which possess the virtue to restitute all the goods and beauty of the creature.  He, tender Mother, lover and vigilant of the work of his hands, that more than dearest child he brought forth to the light, he will turn not all the world, but all the centuries, in order to prepare and give the powerful remedies of light, that revive, transform, straighten and embellish; and then he will stop when he will see (her) in his maternal womb, beautiful as she went forth, the work of his creative hands, in order to remake her from the so many sorrows and to enjoy himself with her forever.

Volume 33 – February 4, 1934

My abandonment continues in the Divine Volition and finding all that which had been done in Him, the little atom of my soul turns and returns in order to also give my little I love you, for all that which in the turn of Eternity he had done for love of all creatures, and my beloved Jesus stopped me, in the waves of the interminable love of the Conception of my Celestial Mama and all goodness he said to me:

“Little daughter of my Volition, your I love you, for how very little wounds our love and from those wounds that it makes us, it gives us the occasion to make our hidden love go forth and to make himself revealing of our intimate secrets and how we have loved creatures.  Now you should know that We loved all mankind, but we were constrained to hold hidden in our Divine Being all the immense enthusiasm of our love, because we didn’t find in him neither beauty that enraptured our love, nor love that wounding us might make our love emerge in order to flood them in order to make himself known, to love them, and to make himself loved.  Rather they were immersed in the lethargy of the faults as to make us horrified only to look at them.  But our love burned, we loved him and we wanted to make our love arrive to everyone. How to do it?  We had to use a great contrivance of our love in order to arrive to this and behold how.  We called to life the Little Tiny Virgin Maria, and creating her all pure, all holy, all beautiful, all love, without stain of original sin, and making our own Divine Will conceived together with Her so that between Her and Us there might be free access, perennial union and inseparability.  Now the Celestial Queen with her beauty enraptured us and our love raced, raced, with her love she wounded us and our love overflowing hid itself in Her, and looking through her beauty, and with her love (of) all creatures our love vented itself, and I loved all creatures with hidden love in this Celestial Queen.  So that we loved everyone in Her, through her beauty they don’t seem ugly to us anymore, our love was not restrained in Us anymore, but diffused in the heart of a creature so holy, that communicating our Divine Paternity to her, and loving everyone in Her, she acquired the Divine Maternity in order to be able to love everyone as her children, generated by her Celestial Father, as she felt that we loved all creatures in Her, thus she felt that our love, formed the new generation of mankind in her Maternal heart. Can one say greater contrivance of love, stratagems more loving, than our Paternal goodness in order to love creatures, and even those that offended us, to elect from this same stock a creature, to form her how much more beautiful we were able to, so that our love might not be able to find obstacles in order to be able to love everyone in Her and to make her love everyone?  In this Celestial Queen everyone can find our hidden love in Her, much more so that possessing our Divine Will she dominated us, to make us love everyone and We with our sweet empire we dominated Her to be the most affectionate Mother of everyone.  True love doesn’t know how to be without loving, and uses all the arts, takes (the) occasion from the littlest things, as (well as) from the greatest in order to love, our love now is hidden, now it is made clear, now direct, and now in an indirect way, in order to make itself known that we love with incessant love She whom we brought forth from the depth of our love. Greater gift we could not give to all the generations, (than) in giving this inimitable creature as Mother of everyone, and as bearer of our hidden love in Her, in order to take it to all her children.”

After this I continued to think of the Divine Will, the thought that my Celestial Mama possessed in her Maternal Heart the hidden love with which my Creator loved me, it filled me with joy, and to think that I was looked at by God, from inside my dear Celestial Mother, through her Sanctity and with her enrapturing beauty, oh! How happy I felt with all trust that I no more had to be loved and looked at alone, but loved and looked at together with my Mama.  Oh!  She in order to make me loved more by my Jesus, will cover me with her virtues, will dress me with her beauty and will hide my miseries and my weaknesses, but a thought wanted to devastate my joy, that Our Lord might do this as long as the Queen of Heaven lived upon the earth, but when she was carried into Heaven, this contrivance of Divine love ended, and my sweet Jesus returning added:

“My blessed daughter, our works always continue and they are inseparable from Us, so that our hidden love continues in the Queen of Heaven and will always continue, it would not be (a) work from God, if all that which we do might be able to separate from Us, and not have perennial life.  Therefore We love, we flow over creatures, it seems that our love departs from Us, but no, it departs and remains with Us and the love that flows over creatures is inseparable from Us, and renders inseparable She who has received our love.  So that all our works, Heaven and earth, creatures that went forth to the light of day, it seems that they depart from Us, but no, they are all inseparable from Us, and this in virtue of our immensity, that involving everything, there is no point where he doesn’t find himself and he renders inseparable all that which We do, hence neither our works can be separated from Us, nor We from them, one can say that they form one single body for Us, and our immensity and power it is as circulation of blood that maintains everyone and all life, at the most there can be distinct works the one from the other, but separable not ever.”

Whence I in hearing this was amazed I said: “And yet my Love there are the reprobates already separated from you, they are also works gone forth from you, how is it therefore that they don’t belong to you anymore?”  And Jesus:

“You are wrong my daughter, they don’t belong to me by way of love, but by way of justice, my immensity that involves them holds his power over them, and if they might not belong to my punitive justice it would not have to punish (them), because if things might not belong to me at the instant they lose life, but if this life exists there is one who conserves it and who justly punishes it.  Therefore our hidden love toward every single creature in Heaven, the Sovereign Lady possesses it still, rather it is her greatest triumph and contentment that she feels all creatures loved by her Creator in her Maternal Heart, and doing as true Mother how many times she hides them (from) me in her love, in order to make them loved, in her sorrows in order to make them forgiven, in her prayers in order to make given to them the greatest graces. Oh!  She is the copier who knows how to cover and to excuse her children near the throne of our Majesty, therefore let your Celestial Mama cover (you) who will think to the needs of her daughter.”

Volume 33 – July 8, 1935

“My daughter, how beautiful is my Mama, her empire extends itself everywhere, her beauty enraptures and enchains everyone, there is no being that doesn’t fall on its knees in order to venerate her.  My Divine Will made her such for Me, he made her inseparable from Me, in a way that there was no act that I did that the Sovereign Queen didn’t do it together with Me.  The power of that Divine Fiat pronounced by Me and by Her, that made Me conceived in her Virginal Bosom, giving me life to my Humanity, that Fiat always , and every time that I worked, the Divine Fiat of my Mother hold the right in my Divine Fiat to do that which I did.  Now you should know that when I instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist, her Divine Fiat was together with mine, and together we pronounced the Fiat that the bread and wine might be transubstantiated into my Body, Blood, soul and Divinity. Ah!  As in the conception I wanted her Fiat, thus I wanted it in this solemn act that gave beginning to my Sacramental Life; who would have had the heart to put my Mama aside, in an act in which my love showed off with excesses so exuberant that it gives of the incredible! Rather, not only was she together with Me, (but) I constituted Her Queen of love of my Sacramental Life, and She with (the) love of my true Mother, offered her bosom again to Me, her beautiful soul in order to hold me defended and repaired from the horrendous ingratitudes and enormous sacrileges that I unfortunately would have received in this Sacrament of love.  My daughter, this is my purpose, I want that my Will be life of the creature, in order to hold her together with me, in order to make her love with my love, work in my works, in short the company that I want in my acts, I don’t want to be alone, and if this might not be to what advantage to call the creature in my Will if I should remain as (the) isolated God and she alone, without taking part in our Divine works?  And not only in instituting the Most Holy Sacrament, but in all the acts that I did the whole course of my Life, in virtue of the unique Volition with which we were animated, that which I did, my Mama did, if I did miracles, she was together with Me to work the prodigy, I felt in the power of my Will the Sovereign Lady of Heaven, that together with me, we called to life the corpses, if I suffered she was together with Me to suffer, there was no thing in which I didn’t have the company of Her, and her and my work fused together.  This was the greatest honor that my Fiat gave Her, the inseparability with her Son, the unity with his works.  And the Virgin, the greatest glory that attested to Me, so much so that I deposited it and She received the deposit of the completed works, in her Maternal heart, jealous of guarding even the breath. This unity of Will and of works, ignited such love between the one and the other than it was enough to set afire the whole entire world and to consume it with pure love.”

Jesus became silent and I remained in the seas of the Celestial Sovereign Lady, but who can say that which I understood? And my Highest Good Jesus resumed his speech:

“My daughter, how beautiful is my Mama, her Majesty is enchanting, before her Sanctity the Heavens abased themselves, her riches are interminable and incalculable, no one can say themselves (to be) similar to Her, therefore She is Lady, Mother and Queen; but do you know what are her riches? Souls.  Every soul is worth more than an entire world, no one enters in Heaven if not through her means and in virtue of her Maternity and of her sorrows, so that every soul is a property of hers, therefore one can give (Her) with fact the name of true Lady.  You see therefore how rich she is, her riches are special, they are full of speaking lives, lovers that extol the Celestial Lady.  As Mother she holds her innumerable children, as Queen she will hold her people of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  These children and this people will form her most radiant crown, some as sun and some as stars they will crown her august Head with such beauty as to enrapture all Heaven.  So that the children of the Kingdom of my Divine Will will be those that will render Her the honors of Queen and transforming themselves into suns they will form for Her the most beautiful crown.  Therefore yearn so much that this Kingdom comes, because to her radiant crown with which the Most Holy Trinity crowned Her, she awaits the crown of her people, that extolling her as Queen, they offer Her their lives transformed into Suns as testament of love and of glory.  Oh!  If one might understand what it means to live in my Volition, how many Divine secrets would be revealed, how many discoveries they would make of their Creator.  Therefore be content to die rather than to not live of my Will.”

Volume 34 – December 8, 1935        

I was doing my round in the acts of the Divine Will and arrived in the act that the omnipotent Fiat created the Immaculate Virgin I stopped, and oh what surprise of prodigies never heard of united together, the enchantment of the Sky, of the Sun and of all the Creation, they can not compare, oh how they remain behind before the Sovereign Queen and my sweet Jesus in seeing me so surprised said to me:

“My blessed daughter, you should know that there is no beauty, nor value, nor prodigies that can compare to the Immaculate Conception of this Celestial Creature, my omnipotent Fiat made of Her a new Creation, oh how much more beautiful, more prodigious than the first, my Divine Volition in himself doesn’t have neither beginning, nor end, and the greatest prodigy was as if in this creature she might be reborn, not once, but in every instant, act, prayers that she might grow, and (in) this growth my Will multiplied his prodigies in (an) infinite way.  The Creation of the universe was created by us in admirable way, and is maintained by us under the empire of our creative and conservative act, without adding on other, instead in this Virgin we maintain the creative, conservative and growing act, this is the prodigy of prodigies, the life of our Volition reborn in Her, her growth continuous in every act that she did, and our Fiat in order to be reborn in Her pronounced himself in the act of her conception, and when this was pronounced our act has such sumptuousness, sublimity, height, immensity, power that she took everyone in the net of her love, not putting anyone aside, everyone can take the good that our working Fiat possesses, except someone that might not want it. Our Divinity in seeing in this Holy creature our Will as reborn, participated his divine rights to her, in a way that she was mistress of our love, power, wisdom and goodness, and Queen of our Fiat.  She with her growing act of our Volition enraptured us, loved us so much so that she arrived to love us for everyone, and covered all creatures, hid them in her love and made us feel the echo of the love of everyone and of each one.

“Oh! how we feel tied and as made imprisoned by the love of this Most Holy Virgin, more so that as she loved us, adored, prayed, worked, with the growing act of our Fiat that she possessed, she enclosed in herself her Creator, as she loved us thus we felt absorbed in Her without being able to resist her, such was her power that she dominated us and enclosed in herself our Most Holy Trinity, and we loved her so much that we let her do that which she wanted, who had (the) heart to deny her anything? rather we felt more happy to content her because a soul that loves us is our happiness, because we feel the echo, the joy of our happiness in her, and who possesses our Will as life, is everything for us.  This is the great prodigy of one who possesses our Will as life to feel herself participate in his same divine right, with this she feels that her love never finishes and she holds so much of it that she can love for everyone, and give love to everyone, with her growing act it never says enough to her sanctity. More so that the Sovereign Queen with possessing our Will as Life holds always to give us, always to say, she holds us always occupied and we always hold to give, and to communicate to her always our loving secrets, so much so that we do nothing without Her, first we sense it with Her, then we deposit it in her Maternal Heart and from her Heart it descends in the fortunate one who should receive that good.

“So that there is no grace that descends upon the earth, there is no sanctity that is formed, nor sinner that converts, there is no love that departs from our throne, that first is not deposited in her Heart of Mother, which forms the maturation of that good, fecundates it with her love, she enriches it with graces and if needed with the virtue of her sorrows and then she deposits it in who should receive it, in a way that who receives it, feels (the) Divine Paternity and the Maternity of her Celestial Mother. We can do it without Her, but we don’t want to, who will have (the) heart to put her aside? our love, our infinite Wisdom, our Fiat himself imposes himself on us and doesn’t let us do anything, that doesn’t descend through means of her.

“You see therefore where our love arrives for the one who lives of the Divine Will even to not want to do anything without Her, she is the harmony of our infinite Wisdom, that always turns around us like the Creation of the universe always turns around us and as they turn they fecundate the earth and maintain the natural life to all creatures, thus this new Creation of the conception of the Immaculate Lady always turns around God, and God always turns around Her, and they maintain the fecundity of the good, they form the sanctity of souls and the re-call of creatures to God.”

Volume 34 – April 21, 1936

“Blessed daughter of my Volition, you have reason, the waves of my Volition inundate you, drown you and your little capacity remains lost and needs your Jesus in order to better explain that which you see, but don’t know how to say.  Now know my daughter, our love is such and so much for one who wants to live and lives in our Divine Volition that we want to make them participant with all our works, for as much as (a) creature it is possible, also giving her the merit of our divine works.  As the creature enters in our Will, He calls in act his Divine work as if in that instant the same (was) operating, and uniting her in his act, he makes her see the prodigies of his work, and receives and confirms her in the good, making her feel the new life of his act; you have seen the conception of the Sovereign Queen, and how you being in my Will, you have found yourself conceived in her Maternal Heart, you see the great difference for who lives in my Volition, the prodigies of the Immaculate Conception were unheard of.  My Will that animated this conception, which no one can escape from Him, called present all creatures, so that they might remain conceived in her virgin Heart, and might receive her maternity, her help, her defense, they might find the refuge, the support in this Celestial Mother.

Volume 34 – December 28, 1936

I follow the same theme. I thought of that which is written above, and said to myself:  is all this excessive chain of love possible, that it seems that it never finishes?  I know that Our Lord can do everything, but to arrive to so much even to make descend from the Heights of his sanctity, this Celestial Mother into the depth of our souls and raise us as one of her most tender daughters, not only, but to generate her Son Jesus and raise us together, it gives of the incredible; and although I felt my heart burst for love and for joy, more so that I felt her in me, shadowed in his light, that with an indescribable love she raised me as her daughter and together with me raised her dear Son, yet I felt I didn’t know how to say and write it also in order not to arouse difficulty and doubts. But my dear Jesus, taking an imposing aspect, as to not be able to resist said to me.

“My daughter, I want written that which I have said to you, in that which I have said to you there are seas of love, with which creatures will be invested, and I don’t want to be suffocated, therefore if you don’t write I retire; have you forgotten that I must conquer man by way of love, but love that will prove difficult to her to resist us?”

I immediately said Fiat, and my beloved Jesus taking his usual sweet and amiable aspect, with a love that I felt my heart break he added:

“My blessed daughter, there is nothing to be doubted, my Being is all love, and when it seems that I have given in such excesses of love as to not be able to demonstrate anymore other excesses of love, as their descendants. But (these) goods were not destroyed, they exist and will exist, and when a good is not destroyed there is always the certainty that they will come to whom will have the good of possessing them.  Now the Great Queen gave beginning to her life in the inheritance of this Divine Will, indeed with such abundance that she felt drowned in the goods of her Creator, but so much so that can render Fiat she inherited the fecundity, the human and Divine maternity, she inherited the Word of the Celestial Father, she inherited all the human generations, and these inherited all the goods of this Celestial Mother.

“Hence as her heirs and as Mother, she holds the right to generate in her Maternal heart her children, but to ours and to her love it was not enough, she wanted to generate in every creature and since she was heiress of the Divine Word, she holds the power to generate him in every one of them. How (is it), if they can inherit the evils, the passions, the weaknesses, why can’t they inherit the goods? Behold therefore the Celestial heiress wants to make known the inheritance that she wants to give to her children, she wants to give her Maternity to creatures, so that while she generates him, they do as Mamas and love him as She loved him, she wants to form so many Mamas to her Jesus in order to make him secure, and so that no one might offend him anymore.  Because the love of Mother is well different from other loves, it is a love that always burns, it is a love that puts forth life for her Dear Son. You see, she wants to endow creatures with her Maternal love, and make them heirs of her own Son.  Oh! how she will feel honored in seeing that creatures love her Jesus, with her love of Mother.

“You should know that so much is her love toward me and toward creatures, that she feels drowned and not being able to contain it anymore she has prayed to me that I might manifest that which I have said to you, her great inheritance, that she awaits her inheritors, and that which she can do for them saying to me: ‘My Son, do not wait anymore, do it soon, manifest my great inheritance and that which I can do for them, I feel more honored, more glorified, that You say that which your Mama can do, than if I might say it myself.’  However all this will have its full effect, her palpating life of this Sovereign Lady, when my Will will be known and creatures in the inheritance of their Mother will take the possession.”

Volume 34 – February 10, 1937

I felt all immersed in the Divine Volition, it seemed to me that Heavens and earth, they long, they pray that his kingdom comes upon the earth, so that one be the Will of everyone and he reign there as in Heaven so in earth, to this is united the Queen of Heaven, that with her ardent sighs, she moved, united everything to herself, Angels, Saints and all the Creation, in order to ask with her same sighs and with the Divine Will itself that She possess, that Fiat that descends in hearts and forms there his Life. But while I thought this my amiable Jesus, making himself all love sighed strongly, (his) heart beat so much, as if it might want to burst, he said to me:

“Daughter of my Volition, listen to me, my love is about to submerge me, I can not contain it anymore, at whatever cost, although it might have to overwhelm Heaven and earth, I want that my Will comes to reign upon the earth. To this is united my Celestial Mama, whom without ever ceasing says to me, repeats to me: Son do it soon, do not delay anymore, use your stratagems of love, do it as that powerful God that you are, make that your Volition invests everyone and with his power and Majesty, united to a love that no one can resist, take possession of everyone and reign there as in Heaven so in earth; and she says this to me with such ardent sighs, with fiery heartbeats, with her stratagems of love of Mother, that I can not resist, even to add on to me: My Son, Son of my Heart, you have made me Queen and Mother and my people and my children where are they? if I were capable of unhappiness I would be the most unhappy Queen and Mother, because I possess my kingdom and do not have my people whom live with the same Will of their Queen, and if I don’t have my children to whom I can entrust the great inheritance of their Mother, where will I find the joy, the happiness of my Maternity?  Therefore make that the Divine Fiat reigns and then your Mama will be happy, and she will have my people and children that will live together with me, with the same Will of the their Mother.

“Do you believe that to this speech of my Mother that she makes resound continuously to the ear and that sweetly invests my Heart, that are arrows and wounds of continuous love, I can remain indifferent?  I can not, and I don’t even want to.  More so that She has never denied me anything, hence there lacks the strength to deny myself to Her, my Divine Heart presses me to content her; unite yourself with us and long and pray that my Will be known and comes to reign upon the earth, and in order to more greatly confirm you to this, I want to make you hear my sweet Mama.”

In this while I felt her near, that hiding me under her azure mantle and taking me up in her maternal womb, with a love that I don’t know how to say, she said to me:

“Daughter of my Maternal Heart, the kingdom of the Divine Will will be my kingdom, the Sacrosanct Trinity has entrusted it to me, as he entrusted the Eternal Word to me when he descended from Heaven in earth, thus he entrusted to me his and my kingdom, therefore my sighs are ardent, my prayers incessant, I don’t do other than assault the Most Holy Trinity with my love, with the rights of Queen and of Mother that he gave me, so that that which he entrusted to me comes to the light, forms his life, so that my kingdom triumphs upon the face of the earth; you must know that my desire is so much that it burns me, that I feel as if I might not have glory, while I have so much of it that Heavens and earth are filled, if I don’t see it fully formed, the kingdom of the Divine Will in the midst of my children, because, each one of these children that will live in it, will give me so much glory, as to double my glory that I possess, therefore seeing myself deprived, I feel as if I might not have (the) glory of Queen and (the) love of Mother from my children, therefore in my Heart I always call and go repeating, ‘my children, my children, come to your Mama, love me as Mother as I love you as children, if you won’t live with that same Will that I lived, you can not give me the love of true children, nor can it be known where my love arrives for you.’

“You must know that so much is my love and my ardent anxieties that I want that this kingdom exists upon the earth, that I descend from Heaven, turn through souls in order to see who remains more disposed to live of Divine Volition, I do for them (as a) spy, and when I see them disposed I enter in their hearts and I form my life in them, as preparation, honor and decorum of that Fiat that will take possession and will form his life in them.  Therefore I will be inseparable from them, I will put my Life, my love, my virtues, my sorrows, at their disposition, as (a) wall of insurmountable fortitude, so that they can find in their Mother that which is needed in order to live in this kingdom so holy.

“And then my feast will be complete, my love will rest in my children, my Maternity will find one who loves me as child, and I will give surprising graces and I will put all Heaven and earth in feast, I will do as (a) Queen lavishing unheard of graces.  Therefore my daughter, you will remain united with your Mama, so that you pray and yearn with me the kingdom of the Divine Will.”

Volume 34 – May 28, 1937

The living in the Divine Volition continues, so much is his love that he hides me in his light, so that I don’t see, don’t feel, don’t touch but his Most Holy Will.  Rather this morning my Celestial Mother, has made for me a sweet and dear surprise, having made Holy Communion, she made herself seen in my interior that she was as in harmony with the baby Jesus, she held him so tightly to her Maternal Heart, covered with her arms, that in order to look at him and recreate with my little love, I had to abandon myself between her arms in order to also be in harmony with them, so that I might be able to love, as Jesus and the Queen Mama loved.  Oh! how content they were that I wanted to have life together with them.  Now while I was pressed with them, the Sovereign Queen all goodness and tenderness said to me:

“My dear daughter, you should know that I am the bearer of Jesus, this was a gift that the Supreme Being entrusted to me, and when he was certain that I held grace, love, power and the Divine Will himself, in order to keep him guarded, defended, loved, then he made for me the consignment of the gift, that is the Eternal Word, that incarnated himself in my bosom saying to me: ‘Our daughter, we make for you the great gift of the Life of the Son God, so that you are proprietress of him and you give him to whom you want, however know him(,) keep him defended, do not leave him ever alone to whomever you give him to, in order to make up for if they don’t love him, in order to (make) reparation to him if they offend him, you will do in a way that he lacks nothing for the decency, for the sanctity, for the purity that is appropriate to him, be attentive, it is the greatest gift that we make you, and we give you the power of bilocating him how many times you want, so that who wants him, can receive this great gift and possess him.’ Now this Son is mine, he is my gift, and as mine I know his loving secret, his anxieties, his longings but so much so, that he arrives to cry and with repeated hiccups he says to me:  ‘My Mama give me to souls, I want souls;’ I want that which He wants, I can say that I sigh and cry together, because I want that everyone possesses my Son, but I must put his Life in security, the great gift that God entrusted me (with).

“Behold therefore if he descends in hearts Sacramentally, I descend together with him for guarantee of my gift, I can not leave him alone, my poor Son, if he might not have his Mama that descended together with him, how badly they deal with him, some don’t tell him an I love you (from the) heart, and I must love him, some receive him distracted, without thinking of the great gift that they receive, and I pour myself over Him in order not to let him feel their distractions and coldness, some arrive to make him cry, and I must quiet his weeping, and make sweet reproaches to the creature that, they might not make him cry for me.  How many moving scenes happen in the hearts that receive him Sacramentally, there are souls that do not ever content themselves with loving him, and I give them my love, and also his, in order to make one love, these are scenes of Heaven, and the Angels themselves remain enraptured by it, and we encourage ourselves from the sufferings that the other creatures have given us.

“But who can tell you everything? I am the Bearer of Jesus, nor does He want to go without me, so much so that when the Priest is about to pronounce the words of the Consecration over the Holy host, I make wings with my Maternal hands, so that he descends by means (of) my hands, in order to consecrate him, so that if unworthy hands touch him, I make (him) feel mine that defend him and cover him with my love.

“But this is not enough, I always remain to watch in order to see if they want my Son, so much so that if some sinner repents of his grave sins and the light of grace dawns in his heart, I immediately bring Jesus to them, as he confirms with pardon, and I think to everything of that which is needed in order to make him remain in that converted heart. I am the Bearer of Jesus, and I am because I possess in myself the kingdom of his Divine Will.  He reveals to me who wants him, and I race, I fly in order to bring him, however without ever leaving him, and not only am I Bearer, but spectator, listener of that which he does and says to souls.

“Do you believe, that I was not present to listen to the so many lessons that my Dear Son made you on his Divine Will?  I was present, I listened word by word that which he said to you, and in every word I thanked my Son and I felt myself doubly glorified, that he spoke of the reign that I already possessed, that has been all my fortune and the cause of the great gift of my Son, and in seeing him speaking I saw grafted the fortune of my children with mine, oh! how I rejoiced, all the lessons that he has given you and also more, they are already written [in] my Heart and in seeing them repeated to you, I enjoyed in every lesson one Paradise more, and how many times you were not attentive and you forgot, I asked pardon for you, and prayed that he might repeat his lessons, and He in order to content me because he doesn’t know how to deny anything to his Mama, repeated his beautiful lessons to you. My daughter I am always with Jesus, however at times I hide in Him and it seems that He does everything as if he might be without me, instead I am within, I (am) concurrent together and I am to light of that which he does.  Other times he is hidden in his Mama and has (things) done by me, but He is always concurrent together.  Other times we reveal both of us together, and the souls see, the Mother and the Son who love them so much, according to the circumstances and the good they require and many times it is the love that we can not contain that makes us give into excesses toward them, but be certain that if my Son is (there), (so) am I, and that if I am (there), my Son is (there), it is an assignment that was given me from the Supreme Being, which I am not able, nor do I want to retract. More so that these are the joys of my Maternity, the fruits of my sorrows, the glory of the kingdom that I possess, the Will and the completion of the Sacrosanct Trinity.”


Volume 35

My sweet Life, my Highest Good – Jesus, come to my help.  My littleness and misery are such that I feel the extreme need to feel you within me, as palpitating, operating and loving Life.  Otherwise I feel incapable of saying to you even a little I love You.  So I pray You, I beg You – don’t leave me alone, since the task of writing on the Divine Will is all yours.  I will do nothing other than let my hand be carried by You, and be attentive to listen to your holy words.  You will do all the rest.  So, think about it, O Jesus… And then I call my Celestial Mother to help me, so that, while I write, she may keep me on her lap and synchronize me with her Maternal Heart to let me feel her sweet harmonies of the Divine Fiat, so that I may write all that Jesus wants me to write on His Adorable Will.

 Volume 35 – August 9, 1937

I was thinking to myself: ‘My God, who could ever repay You for your great love?  Ah, maybe only the Queen of Heaven can claim the merit of having repaid her Creator in love… And I?  And I…?’  I felt oppressed.  And my always adorable Jesus, making His short little visit, all goodness said:  “Daughter of my Will, don’t worry.  For the soul who lives in my Will there is perfect harmony in love.  By possessing Its Life in the creature, my Will redoubles Its Love; so when It wants to love, It loves within Itself and within the soul, since It possesses her Life.  In  my Will, love is in perfect harmony – joys and happiness of pure Love are always in full force.

Our Paternal Goodness for the soul who lives in our Will is so great that we count her breaths, heartbeats, thoughts, words and movements, to return them with our own and fill them up with love. In our emphasis of love we say to this creature:  ‘She loves Us and We must love her.’  And while we love her we show off such gifts and graces as to astonish Heaven and earth.

We did the same with our Queen; we displayed so much… but do you know what this showing means? We are looking at Ourselves, and We want to give all that We are and all that We possess.

Dissimilarity would cause Us pain. The creature, seeing herself dissimilar from Us, would not be with Us with the trust of a daughter, and with that confidence that comes from sharing the same goods and the same gifts.  This disparity would be an obstacle to forming one single Life and loving each other with one single Love.  On the other hand, to live in our Divine Will is exactly this:  one single Will, one single Love – common goods.  In all that may be lacking within the creature we give of Ourselves to compensate her in everything, and to say:  ‘What We want, she wants too.  Our Love and her Love are one single Love – and as We love her, she loves Us.’

My daughter, is it that We lack the strength to elevate the creature to the level of our image – to make her possess our goods so that she may live in our Will? My Celestial Mother, from the moment she existed, possessed the Life of my Divine Fiat.  We love each other with one love, and we love the creature with a twin love.

Our love for Her is such that, just as We have our Hierarchy of Angels in Heaven as well as the various orders of Saints, the Great Lady – Celestial Empress and owner of the great inheritance of our Will – will call her own children to possess her inheritance when our Kingdom will be established on earth. We will give Her the great glory of having Her form the new Hierarchy which will be similar to the nine choirs of Angels.  So, she will have the choir of Seraphim, of Cherubim and so forth, as well as the new order of the Saints who lived in her inheritance.   After she will have formed them on earth she will take them to Heaven, surrounding herself with the new Hierarchy, the newborn in the Divine Fiat, reborn in her own love – those who lived in her inheritance.

This will be the fulfillment of the work of Creation – our ‘consumatum est’. We will have the Kingdom of our Will among creatures, thanks to the Celestial Heir who wanted to give her life for each of them, to make It reign.  How glorified and happy we will be, because the Sovereign Queen will have her own Hierarchy just as We keep ours; even more so, since our own Hierarchy will be hers too, while hers will be ours, because all that is done in our Will is inseparable.

If you knew how much this Celestial Queen loves the souls. She, faithful copy of her Creator, looks inside Herself and finds her seas of Love, Grace, Sanctity, Beauty and Light; then She looks at the creatures and wants to give all of herself with all her seas, so that creatures may have their Mama with all her riches.  Having to see her children poor, while their Mother is so rich – and only because they do not live in the inheritance of their Mother… it is such a pain… She would like to see them inside her seas of Love, loving their Creator as She does, hidden inside her Sanctity, embellished by her Beauty, filled with her Grace.  But not seeing them there – if She wasn’t in the state of Glory, in which pains cannot have place – She would die of pure pain for each creature who does not live in the Divine Will.  Therefore, She prays unceasingly.  She places all her seas in prayer, to beseech that the Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.

Our Love is such that, by the virtue of our Will, She bilocates herself within each creature, to prepare the interior of her soul, synchronizing her with Her Maternal Heart, squeezing her in Her arms, to dispose her to receive the Life of the Divine Fiat. Oh, how much She prays, in every single heart, to our adorable Majesty, saying:  ‘Hurry up.  My Love can no longer be contained.  I want to see my children living together with Me in that same Divine Will which forms all of my Glory, my richness, my great inheritance.  Trust me, and I will know how to defend my children and your own Will, which is also mine.’

The Love of this Celestial Queen and Mother is insuperable. Only in Heaven will creatures know how much She loves them and how much She has done for them.  Her most exuberant, magnanimous and greatest act is in wanting them to possess the Kingdom of my Will as She possesses It.  Oh, what wouldn’t the Celestial Lady do to obtain this purpose!  You too, unite with Her, and pray for a purpose so holy.”


Volume 35 – November 7, 1937

I was following the acts of the Divine Will, which contained all the works, love, prayers, sufferings, palpitating life, breaths, and all that the Queen of heaven has done, as if she was just doing them. And I hugged them, I kissed them, I adored them and offered them in order to obtain the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  Then, my sweet Jesus, continuing His say, added:  “My blessed daughter, one who lives in my Will can enter everywhere, and can give Me everything, even my Celestial Mother – as if she were her own; the way She in which loved Me, and everything that I did.  This creature can even duplicate my Life – as if It were her own, and give It to me to love me.

You must know that, as I formed the day of the creature by manifesting many truths on my Divine Will to you, so the Sovereign of Heaven, with her Love, sufferings, prayers and acts – which, done in my Divine Will, filled heaven and earth, forming the appropriate endowment for those who will live in It – with great anxiety longs and sighs to be able to equip her children! She sees herself immersed in many riches of Grace, Love and Sanctity, but she can’t find her children to equip them, since they don’t live in that same Will in which she lived.  Look, my daughter, how it is written in everything she did and suffered: ‘for my children.’  Therefore, if she loves, she calls her children to receive the endowment of her love in order to make Us recognize them as her children and as Our children too, and to love them as We love Her; if she prays, she wants to give the endowment of her prayer…. In sum, she wants to provide them with all her Sanctity, with her pains, and with the very Life of her Son.

How touching it is to hear her and to look at her keeping her children within her Maternal Heart, as if inside a sacrarium.  In all her acts and breaths she calls her children, and says to our Supreme Being:  ‘All that I am and possess, is all for my children. Please, listen to me!  I feel my Heart bursting for love!  Have mercy on a Mother, who loves and wants to provide for her children, to make them happy!  My happiness is not full.  I feel it halved because I don’t have my children delighting together with Me.  Therefore, hurry – may the Divine Will be known, so that they may also know the restlessness of their Mother, and how I want to provide for them, and make them happy  and holy!’

Do you think that We remain indifferent before this touching scene; before she, who is in spasms of love – so much that, with her maternal tenderness and with her rights as a Mother, she prays to Us, and begs Us? Ah, no!  How many times, because of her concerns, I manifest more surprising truths on my FIAT, to give her free rein to pour out to her children a more extensive provision, since she will be allowed to do it only in accordance with their knowledge.  Therefore, you too, enter my Divine Will and, together with this Celestial Mother, pray and supplicate that our Will may be known and reign in all the creatures.”


 Volume 35 – February 14, 1938

“My blessed daughter, the Love of my Will operating in the creature is such as to appear unbelievable. When It works, my Will wants all to receive that act and make it their own.  With Its omnipotent breath, It puts wings on that act so as to impose it on the Sun, the Heaven, the stars, the wind, the sea, and even the air which all breathe.  Then it flies higher, up to the Celestial regions, and everyone – the Angels, the Saints, the Mother and Queen, and even our Divinity –  goes through that act, in such a way that they all must be able to say:  ‘This act is mine.’  But do you know why?  The Love of my Will is such that It wants everyone to possess Its act, giving Life to each one of them.  It wants to decorate, ornament and invest everything and everyone with Its Creative virtue in order to receive the Glory, the love and the honor of my Will from everything and from each one.

My Volition never stops. It is satisfied only when It sees that Its act has filled everything; then, It carries along with Itself – as a triumph –  the creature who gave It the freedom to operate in her act, to make it known and be loved by all.  These are our feasts – our pure joys of Creation:  to be able to place Ourselves in the creature, as if We wanted to duplicate our Power, Immensity, Love and Glory to the infinite, within the human act of the creature.  And there’s no wonder about it – our Divine Will is everywhere, therefore our acts which animate the acts of the creatures fly, taking shelter inside our Volition, even in the most tiny hiding places in which my Will is present.  These acts serve Us as a return of Love for the whole of Creation, as the sweetest of company – as narrators of our Supreme Being.  Therefore, our Love is exuberant for the one who wants to live in our FIAT.  We are all eyes over her – almost spying – to see when she gives Us her act; to let our Creative virtue operate in it.  This creature is for Us the show of our love – the activity of our Power; and she becomes the repeater of our own Life.”

After this, I continued my round in the Divine Volition, while my sweet Jesus transported my little will inside the Creative Act of His Will. My God, how many surprises!  My poor intelligence gets lost and is unable to say anything.  Then, my always adorable Jesus, repeating his short little visit, all goodness told me:  “My good daughter, our FIAT displayed our Operating, Powerful and Wise Love in the Creation, in such a way that all created things are filled with our Love, Power, Wisdom and unspeakable Beauty.  We can call them ‘the administrators of our Supreme Being.’  But We did even more in the creation of the Sovereign Queen.  Our Love was not satisfied by the mere display, rather, It wanted to assume the attitude of piety, tenderness and compassion, so profound and intimate, as to be turned into tears for love of the creatures.  This is why, as We pronounced our FIAT to create her and call her to life,  We created forgiveness, mercy and reconciliation between Us and humankind, and We deposited it in this celestial Creature, as the Administrator between our children and hers.  Therefore, the Sovereign Lady possesses seas of forgiveness, mercy and piety, as well as seas of tears of our Love, in which she can cover all human generations, regenerated in these seas created by Us within Her – seas of forgiveness, of mercy, and of a piety so tender as to soften the hardest hearts.

My daughter, it was just that everything was deposited in this Celestial Mother so that, having to possess the Reign of our Will, she might be entrusted with everything. She is the only one who has sufficient space to be able to possess those seas created by Us.  With Its creative and preserving Power, our Will maintains whatever It creates intact, without ever lessening, in spite of our continuous giving.  Therefore, where our Will is not present We cannot give, or entrust, or deposit – We just do not find the space.  Our Love remains hampered, to perform the many beautiful works We want to do in the creatures.  Only in the this Sovereign Lady did our Love not find any obstruction, and It displayed so much and did so many wonders, that It gave her Divine Fecundity and made of her the Mother of her Creator.”

So, my beloved Jesus showed me all the acts that He did together with His Celestial Mother, and while they were operating, the seas of Love from both of them became one and, raising their waves up to Heaven, invested everything, “even our Divinity [shift to direct speech from Jesus]; forming a thick rain of love upon our Divine Being, they carried the love of everyone – the refreshment and balm by which our Divine Being remained soothed – turning Justice into motion of love for the creatures. One can say that our Love regenerated the human family with new love, and God loved it with doubled love – but where?  In the Queen and in His dear Son.

Now, listen to another surprise. When I, as a little Baby, was suckling the milk from my mama, I suckled the souls, because she kept them in deposit, and in giving me her milk she deposited all souls within Me; she wanted Me to love them, kiss them all, and make of them my victory and her own.  Not only this – in giving me milk she also made Me suckle her Maternity and tenderness, imposing herself on Me so that I loved the souls with Maternal and Paternal Love.  I received her Maternity and her unspeakable tenderness within Me, so I loved the souls with Divine, Maternal and Paternal Love.

After she deposited all the souls within Me, with one of my stratagems of love – with a breath, with a sweet gaze – I redeposited them again in her maternal Heart, and to repay her I gave her my Paternal Love – my Divine Love which is unceasing, firm, unshakable and never moves.  Human love changes easily, so I wanted my inseparable Mother to have the same attributes of my Love, and to love souls the way only a God can love.  Therefore, every single act we did, from the tiniest to the greatest, was an exchange of deposit of souls – I in Her, She in Me.  Even more, I can say that we duplicated this deposit of souls, because I kept inside my Divine Heart, with highest jealousy, all that I received form my dear Mama, as the greatest gift She could give to Me.  And She received my gift so jealously that She used all her Maternity to keep that gift which her Son was giving to her.  Now, in these exchanges of deposit, our Love grew and loved all creatures with new love.   We formed projects on how to love them more and how to win them all, through love, exposing our Life to rescue them.”

 Volume 36 – April 20, 1938

How Jesus on the cross still cries to every heart “I thirst”. How the true Resurrection consists in rising in the Divine Will.  How nothing is denied to one who lives in It.

My flight in the Divine Will continues and I feel the need to make all that It has done my own, placing  there  my little love, my loving kisses, my deep adoration, and my ‘thank you’ for everything It did – everything It suffered, for me and for all.  As I reached the point at which my dear Jesus was crucified and lifted on the cross in atrocious agonies and unspeakable pains, with heartbreaking tenderness and compassion He told me: “My good daughter! The pain that most transfixed me on the cross was my ardent thirst.  I felt I was burning alive since all the vital humors had gone out through my wounds, which were burning and wanted to quench, like many mouths, their terrible thirst.  I just  couldn’t contain myself anymore, so I shouted: ‘I thirst!’.  This, ‘I thirst’, remained and is always in the act of saying: ‘I thirst!’  I never stop saying it.  With my open wounds, with my burnt lips, I am always repeating: ‘I am burning – I thirst! Please, Give me a little drop of your love to soothe my ardent thirst.’

In everything the creature does I keep repeating with my mouth, opened and burned: ‘Let me drink. I’m burning of thirst.’ My dislocated and wounded Humanity had only one cry: ‘I thirst!’   Therefore, as the creature walks, I shout to her steps with my dry mouth, ‘give me your steps – done for love of me, to quench my thirst.’  If she works, I ask for her works – made only for love of me, to cool my burning thirst; if she speaks, I ask for her words; if she thinks, I ask for her thoughts – as many little drops to refresh my ardent thirst.  It wasn’t just my mouth that was burning, but all my Most Holy Humanity felt the urgent need of a refreshing bath for the ardent fire of love that burned within me; and since it was for the creatures that I was burning in excruciating pains, only creatures, with their love, could quench my ardent thirst and give to my Humanity a refreshing bath.  Now, I left this cry: ‘I thirst!’ inside my Will and I made the commitment to make the creatures hear it over and over again – to move them to compassion for my burning thirst; to give them my bath of love and receive theirs – though being just little drops – to quench my devouring thirst.  But who is listening to me?  Who has compassion for me?  Only the one who lives in my Will.  All the others play deaf and even increase my thirst with their ingratitude – making me restless and with no hope of refreshment.

And not only my ‘I thirst’, but all that I did and said in my Will, is always in the act of saying to my sorrowful Mother: ‘Mother, here are your children.’ I place her at their side as help and guide, to be loved by her children; every instant She feels Her own Son close to all the children.  Oh! how much She loves them giving them her Maternity, to make Myself loved as She loves me.  Not only this, but by offering her Maternity she offers perfection also among creatures, so that they love each other with maternal love, which is a constant, sacrificing, unselfish love.  But who receives all this good?  Only the one who lives in our Fiat feels the Maternity of the Queen.  She feeds her children with her Maternal Heart, to let them suck and receive the maternity of her love, her sweetness, and all the riches of her Maternal Heart.

My daughter, one who wants to find me – who wants to receive all our goods and my very Mother, must enter our Will and remain there. Our Will is not only our life, but It forms around us – with Its immensity – our house, in which It keeps all our acts, words and being, always in action.  Our things never get out of our Will; one who wants It can only live together with It, and then she possesses everything – nothing is denied.  If we give our things to one who is not living in our Will, she will neither appreciate them, nor love them; she won’t feel the right to make them his own, and when things are not possessed, love does not arise –  it dies.”

After this, I continued my round in all that Our Lord did on earth and I stopped in the act of Resurrection. What triumph, what glory.  Heaven poured Itself on earth to be spectator of such a great glory.  My beloved Jesus said: “My daughter, in my Resurrection, the right was given to creatures to rise again in me to new life.  It was the confirmation, the seal of my whole life, my works and my words.  If I came on earth it was to give to each and every one my Resurrection, as their own – to give them life and make them rise again in my own Resurrection.  But do you want to know where is the real resurrection of the creature?  Not in the end of her days, but while she is still living on earth.  One who lives in my Will rises again to light and says: ‘my night is over.’  She rises again in the love of her Creator, so that there is no more cold or snow for her, but the smile of the Heavenly Spring; she rises again to sanctity, which puts in rushed flight all weaknesses, miseries and passions; she rises again to all that is Heaven, and if she looks at the earth, Heaven and Sun, she does it to find the works of her Creator – to take the opportunity to narrate to Him His glory and His long love story.

Therefore, one who lives in my Will can say, as the Angel said to the holy women on the way to the sepulcher, ‘He is risen. He is not here any more.’   One who lives in my Will can also say, ‘my will is not with me any longer – it is risen again in the Fiat.’  And if the circumstances of life, opportunities and sufferings surround the creature, as if they were looking for her will, she can answer: ‘my will is risen again, it is not in my power anymore.  I possess, in exchange, the Divine Will, and I want to cover with Its light all things around me – circumstances and sufferings, to make them like many divine conquests.’  The soul who lives in our Will finds life in the acts of  her Jesus, and as always, in this Life, she finds our operating, conquering, triumphant Will.  She gives us so much glory that Heaven cannot contain it.  Therefore, live always in our Will – never leave it, if you want to be our triumph and our glory.”


Volume 36 – December 28, 1938

Now, my daughter, listen to me and pay attention. I want to tell you a great surprise of our love, and nothing must escape you.  I want you to know the extent of the Maternity of my Celestial Mother –  what she did, how much it cost to her, and what she is still doing.  You must know that the Great Queen was not my Mother only in conceiving me, delivering me to the light, feeding me with her milk, and offering me all the possible cares that I needed during my infancy; this was not enough, either to her Maternal love, or to my love as her Son.  Her Maternal love was always running through my mind, and if sorrowful thoughts were troubling  me, she laid her Maternity in each one of them, hiding them inside her love and kissing them.  I could always feel my mind as if it was hidden under her maternal wings, which never left me alone; each one of my thoughts was kept by my loving Mother, who gave me all her Maternal attentions.  Her Maternity was placed in each one of my breaths and heartbeats; and if my breath and heartbeats felt smothered by my love and suffering, she would run with her maternity to free me from my suffocating love and put balm on my pierced Heart.  If she looked, spoke, worked and walked – she ran, as a Mother, to receive in her maternal love my glances, words, works and steps, investing them with her love and hiding them in her Heart.  She would also make her maternal love flow in the food she prepared for me, so that while eating it, I could feel her loving maternity.  How much more could I tell you of the expression of her maternity in my sufferings?  There was not a pain, not a drop of the blood I shed that was not felt by my Mother.  But after doing these things as my Mother, she would then take all my pains and my blood, and hide them inside her Maternal Heart to love them and continue her Maternity.

Who could say how much she loved me and how much I loved her? My love was such that in everything, I could not be without feeling her Maternity within me. I can say that She would run, never to leave me alone, not even in my breathing.  And I called her.  Her Maternity was for me a need, a relief, a support for my Life down here.

Now, my daughter, listen to another love surprise of your Jesus and of our Heavenly Mother. In all we did, love was never obstructed between us; the love of one ran into the love of the other to form one single life.  But in wanting to do the same with creatures, how many obstructions, rejections, ingratitudes do we find.  You must know that as my inseparable Mother laid her Maternity inside and outside of my Humanity, so she was made and confirmed as Mother of every thought, every breath, every heartbeat and word of creatures, placing her Maternity in their works, in their steps and in all their sufferings.  Her Maternity runs everywhere.  If creatures are in danger of falling into sin, she covers them with her Maternity to prevent them from falling; and if they do, she leaves her Maternity as help and defense, to make them stand up again.  Her Maternity runs and lays also on the souls who want to be good and holy, as if she found her Jesus in them.  She becomes Mother of their intelligence, and guide of their words, covering and hiding them in her maternal love, in order to grow as many other Jesuses.  Her Maternity shows on the beds of the dying.  Using the rights of authority as Mother given to her by me, in such a tender tone that I cannot refuse her anything, she says:  ‘My Son, I am the Mother, and they are my children; I must save them.  If you don’t grant me this, my Maternity would be compromised.’  And as she says this, she covers them with her love, hiding them with their Maternity to rescue them.

My love was such that I told her: ‘Mother, I want you to be the Mother of all, and I want you to do for all creatures all that you have done for me,  laying your Maternity in all their acts so that I will see them covered and hidden in your Maternal love.’  My Mother accepted and remained confirmed, not only as the Mother of all, but also as the One who would invest each of their acts with her maternal love.  This was one of the greatest graces I have given to the whole of human generations.  But what pains does my Mother not receive?  Creatures even reach the point of not wanting to recognize her Maternity – of denying it.  Therefore the whole of Heaven prays and anxiously waits for the Divine Will to be known and to reign.  Then, the Great Queen will do to the children of my Will what she did for her Jesus, and her Maternity will have life in her children.

I will give my own place in her Maternal Heart to those who live in my Will.  She will raise them for me, guiding their steps and hiding them in her Maternity and sanctity.  Her Maternal love and her sanctity will be impressed in all their acts; they will be her true children, being like me in everything.  Oh!  how I would love everyone to know that if they want to live in my Will, they have a Queen and a powerful Mother who will compensate for all they lack.  She will raise them on her maternal lap, being with them in everything they do, molding their acts as her own; to the extent that they will be known as the children grown, kept and educated by the loving Maternity of my Mama.  These will be the ones who will make Her happy, the ones who will be Her glory and honor.”



 Sweetest Mother, here I am prostrate before Your throne. I am Your little child who wants to give you all my filial love; and, as Your child, I want to interlace all the little flowers, the exclamations, my promises that I have made so many times in this month of graces of no longer doing my will; and forming a crown, I want to put it in Your lap as proof of love and thanksgiving to my Mother.

But that is not enough; I want You to take it in Your hands as a sign that You accept my gift; and at the touch of Your maternal fingers convert it for me into so many suns, at least for as many times as I have sought to do the Divine Will in my little acts.

Ah, yes, Queen Mother, Your child wants to give You the homages of light and of most refulgent suns. I know that You have so many of these suns, but they are not the suns of Your child. Indeed, I want to give You mine in order to tell You that I love You and to engage You to love me. Holy Mother, You smile at me and in all goodness You accept my gift; and I thank You heartily. But I want to say so many things to You; I want to enclose my pains, my fears, my weaknesses and all my being in Your maternal Heart as in a place of refuge for me. I want to consecrate my will to You. Ah, O my Mother, accept it; make it a triumph of grace and a field where the Divine Will may extend Its Kingdom! Thus my will consecrated to You will make us inseparable and will keep us in continual rapport. The doors of Heaven will not be closed to me because, having consecrated my will to You, You will give me Yours in exchange. So, O my Mother, come to be with Your child on earth; and the child will go to live with its Mother in Heaven. Oh, how happy I will be!

Listen, dearest Mother, to make the consecration of my will to You more solemn, I call the Most Holy Trinity, all the angels, all the saints; and, before all, I profess and I swear of making a solemn consecration of my will to my Heavenly Mother.

And now, Sovereign Queen, in conclusion I ask You for Your holy blessing for me and for everyone. May Your blessing be the celestial dew which descends upon sinners and converts them, covers the afflicted and consoles them, descends upon the entire world and transforms it into good, descends over the purging souls and smothers the fire which burns them. May Your blessing be the pledge of salvation for all souls. Amen.

Biographical notes

 The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta was born in Corato in the Province of Bari, on April 23,1865 and died there in the odor of sanctity on March 4, 1947.

Luisa had the good fortune to be born into one of those patriarchal families that still survive in our realm of Puglia and like to live deep in the country, peopling our farmhouses. Her parents, Vito Nicola and Rosa Tarantino, had five children: Maria, Rachele, Filomena, Luisa and Angela. Maria, Rachele and Filomena married. Angela, commonly called Angelina, remained single and looked after her sister until she died.

Luisa was born on the Sunday after Easter and was baptized that same day. Her father – a few hours after her birth – wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to the parish church where holy Baptism was administered to her.

Nicola Piccarreta was a worker on a farm belonging to the Mastrorilli family, located at the middle of Via delle Murge in a neighborhood called Torre Disperata, 27 kilometers from Corato. Those who know these places, set among the sunny, bare and stony hills, can appreciate the solemnity of the silence that envelops them. Luisa spent many years of her childhood and adolescence on this farm. In front of the old house, the impressive, centuries-old mulberry tree still stands, with the great hollow in its trunk where Luisa used to hide when she was little in order to pray, far from prying eyes. It was in this lonely, sunny spot place that Luisa’s divine adventure began which was to lead her down the paths of suffering and holiness. Indeed, it was in this very place that she came to suffer unspeakably from the attacks of the devil who at times even tormented her physically. Luisa, to be rid of this suffering, turned ceaselessly to prayer, addressing in particular the Virgin Most Holy, who comforted her by her presence.

Divine Providence led the little girl down paths so mysterious that she knew no joys other than God and his grace. One day, in fact, the Lord said to her: “I have gone round and round the world again and again, and I looked one by one at all my creatures to find the smallest one of all. Among so many I found you. Your littleness pleased me and I chose you; I entrusted you to my angels so that they would care for you, not to make you great, but to preserve your littleness, and now I want to begin the great work of fulfilling my will. Nor will you feel any greater through this, indeed it is my will to make you even smaller, and you will continue to be the little daughter of the Divine Will” (cf. Volume XII, March 23, 1921).

When she was nine, Luisa received Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time and Holy Confirmation, and from that moment learned to remain for hours praying before the Blessed Sacrament. When she was eleven she wanted to enroll in the Association of the Daughters of Mary – flourishing at the time – in the Church of San Giuseppe. At the age of eighteen, Luisa became a Dominican Tertiary taking the name of Sr. Maddalena. She was one of the first to enroll in the Third Order, which her parish priest was promoting. Luisa’s devotion to the Mother of God was to develop into a profound Marian spirituality, a prelude to what she would one day write about Our Lady.

Jesus’ voice led Luisa to detachment from herself and from everyone. At about eighteen, from the balcony of her house in Via Nazario Sauro, she had a vision of Jesus suffering under the weight of the Cross, who raised his eyes to her saying: “O soul, help me!“. From that moment an insatiable longing to suffer for Jesus and for the salvation of souls was enkindled in Luisa. So began those physical sufferings which, in addition to her spiritual and moral sufferings, reached the point of heroism.

The family mistook these phenomena for sickness and sought medical help. But all the doctors consulted were perplexed at such an unusual clinical case. Luisa was subject to a state of corpse-like rigidity – although she showed signs of life – and no treatment could relieve her of this unspeakable torment. When all the resources of science had been exhausted, her family turned to their last hope: priests. An Augustinian priest, Fr. Cosma Loiodice, at home because of the Siccardian* laws, was summoned to her bedside: to the wonder of all present, the sign of the Cross which this priest made over the poor body, sufficed to restore her normal faculties instantly to the sick girl. After Fr. Loiodice had left for his friary, certain secular priests were called in who restored Luisa to normality with the sign of the Cross. She was convinced that all priests were holy, but one day the Lord told her: “Not because they are all holy – indeed, if they only were! – but simply because they are the continuation of my priesthood in the world you must always submit to their priestly authority; never oppose them, whether they are good or bad” (cf. Volume I). Throughout her life, Luisa was to be submissive to priestly authority. This was to be one of the greatest sources of her suffering. Her daily need for the priestly authority in order to return to her usual tasks was her deepest mortification. In the beginning, she suffered the most humiliating misunderstandings on the part of the priests themselves who considered her a lunatic filled with exalted ideas, who simply wanted to attract attention. Once they left her in that state for more than twenty days. Luisa, having accepted the role of victim, came to experience a most peculiar condition: every morning she found herself rigid, immobile, huddled up in bed, and no one was able to stretch her out, to raise her arms or move her head or legs. As we know, it required the presence of a priest who, by blessing her with the sign of the Cross, dispelled that corpse-like rigidity and enabled her to return to her usual tasks (lace-making). She was a unique case in that her confessors were never spiritual directors, a task that Our Lord wanted to keep for himself. Jesus made her hear his voice directly, training her, correcting her, reprimanding her if necessary and gradually leading her to the loftiest peaks of perfection. Luisa was wisely instructed and prepared during many years to receive the gift of the Divine Will.

The archbishop at that time, Giuseppe Bianchi Dottula (December 22, 1848-September 22,1892), came to know of what was happening in Corato; having heard the opinion of several priests, he wished to exercise his authority and assume responsibility for this case. After mature reflection he thought it right to delegate to Luisa a special confessor, Fr. Michele De Benedictis, a splendid figure of a priest, to whom she opened every nook and cranny of her soul. Fr. Michele, a prudent priest with holy ways, imposed limits on her suffering and instructed her to do nothing without his permission. Indeed, it was Fr. Michele who ordered her to eat at least once a day, even if she immediately threw up everything she had swallowed. Luisa was to live on the Divine Will alone. It was under this priest that she received permission to stay in bed all the time as a victim of expiation. This was in 1888. Luisa remained nailed to her bed of pain, sitting there for another 59 years, until her death. It should be noted that until that time, although she had accepted her state as a victim, she had only occasionally stayed in bed, since obedience had never permitted her to stay in bed all the time. However, from New Year 1889 she was to remain there permanently.

In 1898 the new prelate, Archbishop Tommaso de Stefano (March 24, 1898 – 13 May 1906) delegated as her new confessor Fr. Gennaro Di Gennaro, who carried out this task for twenty-four years. The new confessor, glimpsing the marvels that the Lord was working in this soul, categorically ordered Luisa to put down in writing all that God’s grace was working within her. None of the excuses made by the Servant of God to avoid obeying her confessor in this were to any avail. Not even her scant literary education could excuse her from obedience to her confessor. Fr. Gennaro Di Gennaro remained cold and implacable, although he knew that the poor woman had only been to elementary school. Thus on February 28, 1899, she began to write her diary, of which there are thirty-six large volumes! The last chapter was written on December 28, 1939, the day on which she was ordered to stop writing.

Her confessor, who died on September 10,1922, was succeeded by the canon, Fr. Francesco De Benedictis, who only assisted her for four years, because he died on January 30, 1926. Archbishop Giuseppe Leo (January 17, 1920-January 20,1939) delegated a young priest, Fr. Benedetto Calvi, as her ordinary confessor. He stayed with Luisa until she died, sharing all those sufferings and misunderstandings that beset the Servant of God in the last years of her life.

At the beginning of the century, our people were lucky enough to have Blessed Annibale Maria Di Francia present in Puglia. He wanted to open in Trani male and female branches of his newly founded congregation. When he heard about Luisa Piccarreta, he paid her a visit and from that time these two souls were inseparably linked by their common aims. Other famous priests also visited Luisa, such as, for example, Fr. Gennaro Braccali, the Jesuit, Fr. Eustachio Montemurro, who died in the odor of sanctity, and Fr. Ferdinando Cento, Apostolic Nuncio and Cardinal of Holy Mother Church. Blessed Annibale became her extraordinary confessor and edited her writings, which were little by little properly examined and approved by the ecclesiastical authorities. In about 1926, Blessed Annibale ordered Luisa to write a book of memoirs of her childhood and adolescence. He published various writings of Luisa’s, including the book L’orologio della Passione, which acquired widespread fame and was reprinted four times. On October 7,1928, when the house of the sisters of the Congregation of Divine Zeal in Corato was ready, Luisa was taken to the convent in accordance with the wishes of Blessed Annibale. Blessed Annibale had already died in the odor of sanctity in Messina.

In 1938, a tremendous storm was unleashed upon Luisa Piccarreta: she was publicly disowned by Rome and her books were put on the Index. At the publication of the condemnation by the Holy Office, she immediately submitted to the authority of the Church.

A priest was sent from Rome by the ecclesiastical authorities, who asked her for all her manuscripts, which Luisa handed over promptly and without a fuss. Thus all her writings were hidden away in the secrecy of the Holy Office.

On October 7, 1938, because of orders from above, Luisa was obliged to leave the convent and find a new place to live. She spent the last nine years of her life in a house in Via Maddalena, a place which the elderly of Corato know well and from where, on March 8, 1947, they saw her body carried out.

Luisa’s life was very modest; she possessed little or nothing. She lived in a rented house, cared for lovingly by her sister Angela and a few devout women. The little she had was not even enough to pay the rent. To support herself she worked diligently at making lace, earning from this the pittance she needed to keep her sister, since she herself needed neither clothes nor shoes. Her sustenance consisted of a few grams of food, which were prepared for her by her assistant, Rosaria Bucci. Luisa ordered nothing, desired nothing, and instantly vomited the food she swallowed. She did not look like a person near death’s door, but nor did she appear perfectly healthy. Yet she was never idle, she spent her energy either in her daily suffering or her work, and her life, for those who knew her well, was considered a continuous miracle.

Her detachment from any payments that did not come from her daily work was marvelous! She firmly refused money and the various presents offered to her on any pretext. She never accepted money for the publication of her books. Thus one day she told Blessed Annibale that she wanted to give him the money from her author’s royalties: “I have no right to it, because what is written there is not mine” (cf. Preface of the L’orologio della Passione, Messina, 1926). She scornfully refused and returned the money that pious people sometimes sent her.

Luisa’s house was like a monastery, not to be entered by any curious person. She was always surrounded by a few women who lived according to her own spirituality, and by several girls who came to her house to learn lace-making. Many religious vocations emerged from this “upper room”. However, her work of formation was not limited to girls alone, many young men were also sent by her to various religious institutes and to the priesthood.

Her day began at about 5.00 a.m., when the priest came to the house to bless it and to celebrate Holy Mass. Either her confessor officiated, or some delegate of his: a privileged granted by Leo XIII and confirmed by St. Pius X in 1907. After Holy Mass, Luisa would remain in prayer and thanksgiving for about two hours. At about 8.00 a.m. she would begin her work which she continued until midday; after her frugal lunch she would stay alone in her room in meditation. In the afternoon – after several hours of work – she would recite the holy Rosary. In the evening, towards 8.00 p.m., Luisa would begin to write her diary; at about midnight she would fall asleep. In the morning she would be found immobile, rigid, huddled up on her bed, her head turned to the right, and the intervention of priestly authority would be necessary to recall her to her daily tasks and allow her to sit up in bed.

Luisa died at the age of eighty-one years, ten months and nine days, on March 4, 1947, after a fortnight of illness, the only one diagnosed in her life, a bad attack of pneumonia. She died at the end of the night, at the same hour when every day the priest’s blessing had freed her from her state of rigidity. Archbishop Francesco Petronelli (May 25, 1939-June 16, 1947) archbishop at the time. Luisa remained sitting up in bed. It was impossible to lay her out and – an extraordinary phenomenon – her body never suffered rigor mortis and remained in the position in which it had always been.

Hardly had the news of Luisa’s death spread, like a river in full spate, all the people streamed into her house and police intervention was necessary to control the crowds that flocked there day and night to visit Luisa, a woman very dear to them. A voice rang out: “Luisa the Saint has died“. To contain all the people who were going to see her, with the permission of the civil authorities and health officials, her body was exposed for four days with no sign of corruption. Luisa did not seem dead, she was sitting up in bed, dressed in white; it was as though she were asleep, because as has already been said, her body did not suffer rigor mortis. Indeed, without any effort her head could be moved in all directions, her arms raised, her hands and all her fingers bent. It was even possible to lift her eyelids and see her shining eyes that had not grown dim. Everyone believed that she was still alive, immersed in a deep sleep. A council of doctors, summoned for this purpose, declared, after attentively examining the corpse, that Luisa was truly dead and that her death should be accepted as real and not merely apparent, as everyone had imagined.

Luisa had said that she was born “upside down”, and that therefore it was right that her death should be “upside down” in comparison with that of other creatures. She remained in a sitting position as she had always lived, and had to be carried to the cemetery in this position, in a coffin specially made for her with a glass front and sides, so that she could be seen by everyone, like a queen upon her throne, dressed in white with the Fiat on her breast. More than forty priests, the chapter and the local clergy took part in the funeral procession; the sisters took turns to carry her on their shoulders, and an immense crowd of citizens surrounded her: the streets were incredibly full; even the balconies and rooftops of the houses were swarming with people, so that the procession wound slowly onwards with great difficulty. The funeral rite of the little daughter of the Divine Will was celebrated in the main church by the entire chapter. All the people of Corato followed the body to the cemetery. Everyone tried to take home a keepsake or a flower, after having touched her body with it; a few years later, her remains were translated to the parish of Santa Maria Greca.

On November 20, 1994, on the Feast of Christ the King, in the main church, Archbishop Carmelo Cassati, in the presence of a large crowd including foreign representatives, officially opened the Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta.

Important dates

1865 – Luisa Piccarreta was born on April 23, the Sunday after Easter, in Corato, Bari, to Nicola Vito and Rosa Tarantino, who had five daughters: Maria, Rachele, Filomena, Luisa and Angela.  A few hours after Luisa’s birth, her father wrapped her in a blanket and took her to the main church for baptism. Her mother had not suffered the pangs of labor: her birth was painless.

1872 – She received Jesus in the Eucharist on the Sunday after Easter, and the sacrament of Confirmation was administered to her on that same day by Archbishop Giuseppe Bianchi Dottula of Trani.

1883 – At the age of eighteen, from the balcony of her house, she saw Jesus, bent beneath the weight of the Cross, who said to her: “O soul! Help me!“. From that moment, solitary soul that she was, she lived in continuous union with the ineffable sufferings of her Divine Bridegroom.

1888 – She became a Daughter of Mary and a Dominican Tertiary with the name of Sr. Maddalena

1885-1947 – A chosen soul, a seraphic bride of Christ, humble and devout, whom God had endowed with extraordinary gifts, an innocent victim, a lightening conductor of Divine Justice, bedridden for sixty-two years without interruption, she was a herald of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

March 4 – Full of merits, in the eternal light of the Divine Will she ended her days as she had lived them, to triumph with the angels and saints in the eternal splendor of the Divine Will.

March 7 – For four days her mortal remains were exposed for the veneration of an immense throng of the faithful who went to her house to have a last look at Luisa the Saint, so dear to their hearts. The funeral was a realm triumph; Luisa passed like a queen, borne aloft on shoulders among the lines of people. All the clergy, secular and religious, accompanied Luisa’s body. The funeral liturgy took place in the main church with the participation of the entire chapter. In the afternoon, Luisa was buried in the family Chapel of the Calvi family.

July 3,1963 – Her mortal remains were definitively laid to rest in Santa Maria Greca.

November 20, 1994 – Feast of Christ the King: Archbishop Carmelo Cassati officially opened the Beatification Cause of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta in the principal church of Corato, in the presence of a huge crowd of people, locals and foreigners.

2005 – Archbishop Giovanni Battista Picchierri, current Archbishop of Trani. It is he who requested that the Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta be continued.


Trani – Barletta – Bisceglie – Nazareth

70059 TRANI – VIA BELTRANI, 9 – TEL.0883-583498

 Trani, June 4, 2005


The “Divine Will” has guided the Archdiocese, in this last decade, for the completion of the works regarding the process of the Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. The Diocesan Postulation announces having completed this journey.  It communicates that on the days of the 27th, 28th, and 29th of October 2005 it will celebrate the 2nd International Congress with the conclusion of the diocesan process.

The Pious Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will*, in Corato, has been charged with performing the job of Secretary for the celebration and welcome of guests. Later the program of the celebration will be published in a definitive way.

May Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist guide us as He has guided His Servant Luisa.

The Vicar General

(His Grace Mons. Savino Giannotti)

* Pious Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will

Referent: Sister Assunta Marigliano

70033 Corato (BA) – Via Nazario Sauro, 27 – Tel. +39.080.8982221 – e-mail :

Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!

 Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!

 Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!




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