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5/10 – Feast of The Ascension of Our Lord


5/10 – The Ascension of Our Lord (Proper)

Ascension of the Lord In the Divine Will
(Note, for Ecclesiastical Provinces of Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Omaha & Philadephia it is Seventh Sunday of Easter)

From the Writings of
The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta
The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Book of Heaven – Volume 35 – January 24, 1938

How our Lord left for Heaven remaining on earth in the Tabernacles, to accomplish the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  One who lives in the Divine Will can say with Jesus:  ‘I leave and I stay.’

My flight in the Divine Volition continues.  While I was visiting Jesus in the Sacrament, I wanted to embrace all the Tabernacles and each Sacramental Host in order to live together with my Prisoner Jesus.  And I was thinking to myself:  ‘What a sacrifice.  What a long imprisonment – not of days, but of centuries!  Poor Jesus… could He at least be repaid for this!

And my beloved Jesus, visiting my little soul, all immersed in His flames of Love, said to me:  “My good daughter, my first prison was Love.  It imprisoned Me so much that I had not even have the freedom to breathe, to palpitate or to work if these too were not imprisoned in my Love.  Therefore, my Love imprisoned Me inside the Tabernacle, but with reason and with highest divine Wisdom.  Now, You must know that the chains of my Love made Me depart from Heaven during my Incarnation.  I left to descend upon earth in search of my children and my brothers and sisters, in order to form for them, with my Love, so many prisons of Love as to make it impossible for them to leave.  But while I left, I also remained in Heaven, since my Love – being my prison – bound Me within the celestial regions.

Now, having completed my office down here, I left for Heaven, remaining imprisoned inside each Sacramental Host.  Do you know why?  Because my Love, being my sweet imprisonment, told me:  ‘The purpose for which you descended from Heaven to earth is not accomplished.  Where is the Kingdom of our Will?  It does not exist, neither is it known.  So, remain there as a Prisoner in each Sacramental Host.  In this way, there will not be only one Jesus, as in your Humanity, but a Jesus for each Sacramental Host which will exist.  In a fury of love, your many Lives will make a way to the Divinity, as well as in each heart which will receive You.  These Lives will have a little word to say to make our Will known, because when they descend into each heart, they will not be mute, but speaking, and You will speak about our FIAT in the secret of their hearts.  You will be the Bearer of our Kingdom.’  I recognized the demands of my Love as just, so I remained willingly on earth in order to form the Kingdom of my Will – until the complete fulfillment of the work.

You see, by departing for Heaven while remaining on earth, my Life, spread in many Sacramental Hosts, will not be useless down here.  I will certainly form the Kingdom of my Will.  I would never have stayed if I knew I wasn’t going to obtain the intent; more so, since this is for Me a sacrifice greater than my very mortal Life.  How many secret tears, how many bitter sighs in the midst of many devouring flames of love!  I would like to devour all souls inside my Love to make those who are going to live in my Divine Volition rise again to new Life.  This Kingdom will come from the center of my Love.  It will burn the evils of the earth, relying upon Itself and arming Its Omnipotence; so, victory after victory, It will win our Reign in the midst of the creatures, to give It to them.

But I was not satisfied to remain prisoner by myself.  My Love, flaring up even more, made Me choose you to make you prisoner with chains so strong as to be impossible for you to escape Me.  This, as an outpouring of my Love and for company in my imprisonment; to be able to talk to you extensively about my Will – Its anxiety, Its sighs for desire to reign – and also as a pretext of my Love to be able to say before the Supreme Majesty:  ‘A creature of the human race is already our prisoner.  We speak with her about our Will, to make It known, and extending Its Kingdom.  This prisoner is like a deposit for the whole human family, so that we will have our Kingdom by right.  I can say that each of my Sacramental Lives is also like a deposit that I give You, sufficient to  secure my Kingdom for my children.  But to these many deposits, my Love wanted to add the deposit of a simple creature who carries the marks of my imprisonment, so as to strengthen the bonds between creature and Creator, and therefore accomplish and complete the Kingdom of our Will in the midst of the creatures.’

My prayers from each Tabernacle are incessant, so that the creatures may know my Will and may let It reign; and all I suffer – tears and sighs – I send to Heaven in order to move the Divinity to concede a grace so great.  I send it to every heart, to move them to compassion for my tears and sufferings – to make them surrender to receive such a great good.”

Jesus remained silent.  I was thinking to myself:  ‘By making Himself a Prisoner, my dear Jesus did an act of heroism so great, only a God could do it.  By while He is Prisoner, He is also free; more so, since He is free in Heaven, where He enjoys the fullness of His freedom.  Not only this, but even on earth, how many times does He not come to me without His sacramental veils?  But having imprisoned my poor existence…, He’s really done it this time.  He knows in what a narrow prison He has put me, and how hard my chains are; and I cannot be like Him, Who while being a Prisoner, is also free… My prison is continuous.’

But as I was thinking this, He continued saying:  “My daughter, poor daughter of mine, you were given my own destiny!  When my Love wants to do good, It does not hold anything back – neither sacrifices nor pains.  It almost seems as if It doesn’t want to hear about anything else:  Its whole purpose is to make the good It wants arise.  So, certainly I had to do this.  This was not about any random good, but  about a Kingdom of Divine Will to be established on earth.  This good will be so great that no other good can be compared to it; all other goods will be like many little drops before the sea – like little sparks before the Sun.  Therefore, don’t be surprised if I’ve ‘really done it this time’, as you say.  Your continuous imprisonment was necessary to my Love, to keep Me company and to let Me speak about the knowledge of my Will which is so important to me, and which I felt the need to make known.  You must know that as I speak to you about It, my Love repays you and frees you from the shackles of your human will, setting you free in the fields and dominions of the Kingdom of my Will.  All the knowledge is directed to this:  to unchain the creature from her will, from her passions and from her miseries.  Therefore, thank me for what I have made of you.  My Love will know how to repay you, and will take into account every single breath of yours, and every instant of your imprisonment.”

After this, I continued to think about the prodigies of the Divine Volition, and my beloved Jesus added:  “Daughter of my Will, as your Jesus said, in descending from Heaven to earth – ‘I leave and  I stay’; when He ascended into Heaven He said – ‘I  stay and I leave.’  My word repeats upon descending as Sacrament in the creatures – ‘I leave and I remain in the Tabernacles.’  In the same way, the creature who lives in my Will can repeat my word in all her acts.  As soon as she begins her act, her Jesus is formed in that act.  My Life has the virtue of multiplying Itself to infinity as many times I want.  Therefore, in all truth, she can say:  ‘I leave and I stay.  I leave for Heaven to beatify It, to reach my home and to make known to everyone my dear Jesus, Whom I enclosed in my act so that all may enjoy Him and love Him.  I stay on earth, as my life, support and defense for all my brothers and sisters.’  How beautiful one act in my Will!”

Book of Heaven – Volume 34 – May 20,1936

Difference that passes between who calls the Divine Will in her acts, and betweenwho does good works without Him.  The Ascension; how he departed for Heaven and remained upon the earth.

My poor mind continues to turn in the acts of the Divine Will, and I thought to myself:  what is the difference (between) whom calls the Divine Will in her acts, and those that do good works and don’t call him.  And my sweet Jesus making for me his brief little visit said to me:

“My daughter, there is no comparison (between) the one and the other, the first one with calling my Will in her acts, strips herself of that which is human and forms the void in her human volition where to give the place to mine, mine embellishes, sanctifies, forms his light in that void, then he pronounces his Creative Fiat, and calls to life his divine work in the human one and the creature not only participates, but remains proprietor of the Divine act, which possesses the power, the immensity, the sanctity and the Divine value, that never becomes exhausted.  Therefore in whom lives in our Volition, we look and we find ourselves and our acts that honor us and crown us.

“Instead those that do good works, but not animated by our Volition, we don’t find ourselves, but the finite act of the creature, and since we ourselves don’t know where to hold anything of whatever good that they do, we give them the merit as payment, payment is not property that she can always produce, hence they symbolize those that live to the day, that live however difficultly from the payment that they have, but they are never made rich, they always feel the need of being paid (for) their works in order to live, and if they don’t work, they go through perils of dieing of hunger, that is to not feel the satisfaction of the good, the life of the virtues, but the squalid misery of the passions.

“Instead who lives in our Volition everything is abundance, we ourselves tell them take that which you want and how much more you can take, rather we put at your disposition our riches, our light, our sanctity, our love, because that which is ours is yours and that which is yours is ours, there doesn’t remain other than to live and to work together.”

After this I was accompanying the Ascension of Jesus to Heaven, how beautiful he was, all majesty, vested with the most refulgent light that enraptured and captivated hearts to love him, and my sweet Jesus all goodness and love said to me:

“My blessed daughter, there is not(hing) drawn from my life that doesn’t symbolize the kingdom of my Divine Will, in this day of my Ascension I felt victorious and triumphant, my sufferings were already finished, rather I left my sufferings suffered already, in the midst of my children that I left upon the earth, for help, for strength and for support, and as refuge where to hide in their sufferings, in order to draw from my heroism in their sacrifices, I can say that I left my sufferings, my examples and my Life itself, as seed that growing and maturing itself the kingdom of my Divine Will should arise.  So that I departed and I remained, I remained in virtue of my sufferings, I remained in their hearts in order to be loved, afterwards my Most Holy Humanity went up to Heaven, I felt more pressed (by) the bond of the human family, hence I would not be adapted to receive the love of my children and brothers, that I left upon the earth, I remained in the Most Holy Sacrament in order to give myself continually to them and they to give themselves to me, in order to have them find the rest, the relief and the remedy to all their needs.  Our works don’t suffer mutability, that which we do one time we always do.

“Beyond this in this day of my Ascension I had double crowns, the crown of my children that I brought with me into the Celestial Country, and the crown of my children that I left upon the earth, they symbolized the few that will have beginning of the kingdom of my Divine Will; all those that saw me ascend to Heaven they received so many graces, that everyone put forth (their) life in order to make the kingdom of the Redemption known, and they cast the foundations in order to form my Church, in order to make gathered in her maternal womb all the human generations, thus the first children of the kingdom of my Will, they will be few, but the graces will be such and so many with which they will be invested, that they will put forth (their) life in order to call everyone to live in this Holy kingdom.  A cloud of light invested me, which took my presence away from the sight of my disciples, whom remained as statues in watching my Person, that such was the enchantment of my beauty, that it held their pupils enraptured, so much so that they didn’t know how to abase them in order to look (to) the earth, so much so that there was needed an Angel in order to shake them and to make them return to the Cenacle.

“Also this (is) symbol of the kingdom of my Volition, the light will be such and so much that it will invest his first children that will carry the beauty, the enchantment, the peace of my Divine Fiat, in a way that they will easily surrender themselves to want to know and to love a good so great.  Now in the midst of the disciples there was my Mama, that assisted in my departure for Heaven, this it is the most beautiful symbol.  So that She is the Queen of my Church, assists it, protects it, defends it. Thus she will sit in the midst of the children of my Will, She will be always the engine, the life, the guide, the perfect model, the Majesty of the kingdom of the Divine Fiat that is so much to her heart, they are her anxieties, her ardent desires, her deliriums of Maternal love, that she wants her children in earth in the kingdom where She lived, she is not content that she holds her children in Heaven in the kingdom of the Divine Will, but she also wants them upon the earth, she feels that the assignment given her by God as Mother and Queen she has not completed it, her mission is not finished, up to such that the Divine Will doesn’t reign upon the earth in the midst of creatures.  She wants her children that resemble her and that possesses the inheritance of their Mama.

“Therefore the great Lady is all eye in order to watch, all heart in order to love, in order to help who she sees in some way disposed, that they want to live of Divine Will.  Hence in the difficulties think that She is around you, supports you, strengthens you, takes your volition in her maternal hands in order to make it receive the life of the Supreme Fiat.”

Book of Heaven – Volume 26 – May 12, 1929

How one who lives in the Divine Fiat is the narrator of the divine works.  The Ascension.  The reason why Jesus did not leave the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

Continuing in my usual abandonment in the Divine Fiat, I was following the acts of It in the Creation.  It seemed to me that, by uniting myself to Its acts, I would do now an act of light, now an act of immensity, now an act of power, and so on and so forth.  But while I was doing this, my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Will and follows Its acts is the narrator of all Our works.  So, as you go around in the sun to repeat together with my Will what I did in creating the sun, you act for Us as the narrator of the story of its light; and the Supreme Being, in hearing all the story of the sun – what it encloses, the good it does – being repeated to It by you, feels all the glory of its light being given back to It.  And as the light shines over all things, invests everything, fills the air, It hears your echo near and far, down below and in the height of the heavens; and whispering to Our ear, you act for Us as the narrator of the light, and glorify Us so much as to give Us a sun of glory.

Oh! how delighted We are on the part of the creature, because a sphere so beneficial for the whole earth was created by Us.  And how not to love one who lives in Our Divine Fiat?  She gathers all Our qualities and happinesses spread in the whole Creation, and now she acts for Us as the narrator of the heavens and tells Us the story of their immensity, and gives Us the glory of the entire heavens; now she tells Us the story of the sea, and she murmurs together with the waters:  ‘Love and glory of all the sea to my Creator’.  Now she narrates to Us the story of the flowery earth, and all the plants and flowers elevate their fragrance, and you give Us the glory of all the earth; and now you act for Us as the narrator of the story of the wind, now of the water, now of the little bird that sings, now of the lamb that bleats.  In sum, she always has things to narrate to Us among the many things which We have done in Creation, in order to give Us the love and the glory which We had in creating It.  Oh! how sweet and pleasant it is to hear you act as the narrator of Our works.  We feel Our love, Our glory, being doubled; more so, since she who does the narration for Us lives in Our Will, which, instructing her, makes her speak the loving secrets which are present in all created things.”

Having said this, He kept silent.  Then, as though unable to contain the love of His Divine Heart, He added:  “My beloved daughter, you are my hope – the hope of the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth; that hope which does not say ‘doubt’, but ‘certainty’, because its Kingdom is already present in you.  Your ways, your prerogatives, your narrations, are all apartments for my Divine Fiat; in you there are Its foundations, Its knowledges, therefore I hope that Its Kingdom will be formed and will spread upon earth.”

After this, I was thinking about when Our Lord ascended into Heaven, glorious and triumphant, with His Humanity no longer humiliated, subject to pains, with the insignia of Adam decayed, but untouchable by any pain, with the insignia of the new innocent Adam, with all the most beautiful prerogatives of Creation, clothed with light and immortal.  But while I was thinking about this, my most sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, my Humanity redid within Itself, and over Itself, all the evils[1] of decayed humanity, to the point of dying, in order to give to it the virtue of rising again from the death to which it was subject.  This is the reason why I did not leave the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth – because the humanity of innocent Adam was missing, glorious and immortal, in order to be able to impetrate It and to receive the great gift of my Fiat.  Therefore, it was necessary that my Humanity first redo decayed humanity and give to it all the remedies in order to raise it again, and then die and rise again with the qualities of innocent Adam, so as to be able to give to man what he lost.  Not only this, but I wanted to ascend into Heaven with my Humanity as beautiful, clothed with light, just as it came out of Our creative hands, so as to say to the Celestial Father:  ‘My Father, look at Me, how my Humanity is redone, how the Kingdom of Our Will is safe in It.  I am the Head of all, and the One who prays You has all the rights to ask and to give what I possess.’

My daughter, an innocent humanity, with all the qualities with which it came out of Our creative hands, was needed in order to impetrate again the Kingdom of Our Will into the midst of creatures.  Up to that time it was missing, and I purchased it with my death, and I ascended into Heaven in order to fulfill, with my first task, my second task of impetrating and giving the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth.  It is about two thousand years that this Humanity of Mine has been praying, and Our Divine Majesty, feeling the love of Creation which We had in creating man overflow from Itself again – or rather, with greater intensity – and feeling Itself being enraptured and charmed by the beauties of my Humanity, has poured Itself out again; and opening the Heavens, It has made the rain of light of the many knowledges about my Fiat rain down in torrents, so that, like rain, It may descend upon souls, and with Its light It may vivify and heal the human will, and transforming it, It may cast the root of my Will into the hearts, and may lay Its Kingdom upon earth.  In order for my Kingdom to come upon earth, first I had to make It known, I had to make known that It wants to come to reign.  And I, and as an elder brother of the human family, am doing all the paperwork in Heaven before the Divinity, in order to give to it a purchase so great.  Therefore, it was necessary that I ascend into Heaven with my Humanity glorified, in order to be able to purchase again the Kingdom of my Fiat for my brothers and children of mine.”

Book of Heaven -Volume 16 – May 29, 1924

The ASCENSION of Jesus was the greatest sorrow of the Apostles. Pain for love of Jesus forms all the good of Jesus. The Throne and the Kingdom of the Divine Will in Luisa could be established only upon a divine pain: the continuous loss of Jesus.

I was thinking of when my sweet Jesus went back to Heaven in His glorious ASCENSION, and therefore of the sorrow of the Apostles in remaining deprived of such a great good; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the greatest sorrow for all of the Apostles, in their entire lives, was to remain deprived of their Master. As they saw Me ascend to Heaven, their hearts were consumed with the pain of my privation; and much more sharp and penetrating was this pain, since it was not a human pain – something material that they were losing – but a divine pain: it was a God that they were losing. And even though I had my Humanity, as It resurrected, It was spiritualized and glorified, therefore all the pain was in their souls; and penetrating them completely, it made them feel consumed with grief, such as to form in them the most harrowing and painful martyrdom. But all this was necessary for them.

One can say that until that moment, they were nothing but tender babies in virtues and in the knowledge of divine things, and of my own Person. I could say that I was in their midst and they did not really know Me, or love Me. But when they saw Me ascend into Heaven, the pain of losing Me tore the veil, and they recognized Me with so much certainty as the true Son of God, that the intense sorrow of no longer seeing Me in their midst delivered firmness in good and strength to suffer anything for love of the One whom they had lost. It delivered the light of divine science; it removed the swaddling clothes of their childhood, and formed them as intrepid men – no longer fearful, but courageous… The pain transformed them and formed in them the true character of Apostles. What I could not obtain with my presence, I obtained with the pain of my privation.

Now, my daughter, a little lesson for you.

Your life can be called a continuous pain of losing Me and a continuous joy of acquiring Me. But between the pain of the loss and the joy of acquiring Me, how many surprises have I not made you? How many things have I not told you? It was pain and the painful martyrdom of losing Me to prepare you and dispose you to hear the sublime lessons on my Will. In fact, how many times it seemed to you that you had lost Me, and while you were immersed in your harrowing pain, I would come back to you with one of the most beautiful lessons on my Will, and I would make the new joy of gaining Me come back, to dispose you once again to the piercing pain of my absence? I can say that the pain of remaining deprived of Me has delivered within you the effects, the value, the knowledges, the foundation of my Will.

It was necessary that I behave with you in this way – that is, coming to you very often, and leaving you prey to the pain of being deprived of Me. Since I had established that I would manifest to you, in a way all special, many things about my Will, I had to leave you prey to a continuous divine pain, because my Will is Divine, and only upon a divine pain could It establish Its Throne and lay Its dominion; and assuming the attitude of a Master, I communicated the knowledge of my Will, as much as it is possible to a creature. Many will be amazed in hearing of the continuous visits I made to you – which I have not done with others – and of your continuous pain of my privation. If you had not seen Me so many times, you would not have known Me or loved Me so much, because each one of my visits brings an additional knowledge of Me and a new love; and the more the soul knows Me and loves Me, the more her pain is redoubled. And in coming, I kept provoking your pain more intensely, because I want my Will not to lack the noble courting of pain, which makes the soul firm and strong, such that my Will is able to form my stable dwelling in her, and to give her new and continuous lessons on my Will. Therefore, I repeat it to you – let Me do and trust Me.”



Letter 19.  To Mrs. Antonietta Savorani, widow from Faenza

Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Your letter brought me great contentment, especially in hearing that you want to strip yourself of the mourning clothes of the human will; and I briefly answer to your difficulties.  To live in the Divine Will is not so difficult as you and others believe, nor does sweet Jesus want impossible things, nor can He teach difficult things; rather, in all He teaches, His love is so great that not only does He facilitate His teachings, but in order to make all that He wants and teaches easier, He puts Himself at our disposition, doing together with us all that He wants and teaches.  My daughter, everything is in a strong, firm, constant resolution to deliver our will into the hands of Jesus, so that His Will may underlie each one of our acts. Therefore, in all our being, in the most natural acts of life – in food, in sleep, in sufferings, in prayer, and also in legitimate pleasures, the Divine Will must have Its royal place, Its field of action, and our will must be the ground in which to receive these divine acts, and the footstool on which the Divine Will must place these acts; and these acts, united together, will form its Life.  Life cannot be formed with one single act, but with many acts, repeated and incessant.

Moreover, the love of Jesus, His sighs and also His tears for desire that His Will reign in us as life, are such that He never leaves us alone; He Himself descends into the depth of our will; He molds it, strengthens it, purifies it, prepares it, and does all that we do together with us.  So, if we want it, everything is done; however, it is not that we must no longer feel our will:  to operate on a dead will would be neither ours nor Jesus’ victory.  The dead are buried.  Therefore Jesus wants our will alive, so that it may feel all the good, as His operating Will lays Its acts in it.  The human will becomes the residence of the Divine, and gives It all the freedom to dominate and to do whatever It wants.

Do you see, then, how easy it is?  Nor does one have to be a religious to do this.  The Sanctity of living in the Divine Will is for all; or rather, to tell the truth, It is for all those who want It.  Therefore, get down to work; tell Jesus from the heart:  “I firmly want it, I continuously want it; I want it!”, and Jesus will make wonders, and will use everything you do and suffer as raw material so that you may ask for His Will and let It operate with Its creative virtue.

As far as the vow, do it on the day of ASCENSION, so that sweet Jesus may bring your will to Heaven as the most beautiful victory He has achieved over you…

I finish here, as I cannot continue further.  Pray for me and make yourself a saint, for Jesus wants it.  I leave you in the place of honor of the Divine Will, with a thousand regards,

the little daughter of the Divine Will

 Letter 29. To Mother General of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal


Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

My good reverend Mother general,

Today is the sacred day of ASCENSION, the name of which you carry, and I feel the duty, although I am the least among all, to send you my sincere and affectionate wishes.  But what wishes can I give you?  I wouldn’t know what else to wish you other than that dear Jesus may make facts correspond to the name He gave you – that is to say, that He may take each one of your acts within Himself and bring it to Heaven, so making of all your life a continuous ASCENSION, like many conquests that sweet Jesus takes from earth to Heaven, and like the triumph of His Love in which your life must be consumed.  To live in order to be consumed in love is the most beautiful act, which, putting us on the stake of love, consumes us with Jesus and makes His Life rise within us.

But this is not enough, most dear Mother, if I don’t let my Divine Fiat act.  Therefore I send it to you with all my heart, and I pray that It may pronounce Its Omnipotent Fiat in the center of your soul, and create Its Life within it, nourish it, and carry you always in Its arms of light; and that It may pronounce Its Fiat in every action you do and form in it Its Heaven, the most beautiful stars, the brightest sun, in order to make the most adorned room in which to reign and form Its first Kingdom.

My Mother, He always gives something to do to those who live in His Divine Volition.  He lets not one of our acts escape Him without animating it, molding it, investing it, caressing it with His Creative Virtue.  These are the best wishes I can send you, and I want you to accept them, so that the Divine Will may fulfill the wishes I am sending you with all my heart.  I commend myself very much to your prayers…

Luisa Piccarreta

Thursday, May 10, 2018



Prayer of offering of self as victim together with Luisa on Ascension Thursday

“As far as the vow, do it on the day of Ascension,  so that sweet Jesus may bring your human will to Heaven as

the most beautiful victory He has achieved over you…” Letter of Luisa #19

My lovable Jesus, I come to You, under the blue mantle of Our Blessed Mother Mary, linked with Luisa, and offer myself as victim of Your hidden Life.  As Your hidden Life was Victim for the whole interior life of man, which repaired for all the bad thoughts, desires, tendencies and affections of man, so I again link myself to Luisa, offer myself as victim for the purpose of also Living Your hidden Life.

With Luisa, I consecrate and offer all my interior to You Lord Jesus to satisfy You for the evil interiors of other creatures.  In this way I will better know how much Your state of Victim cost You.  Please accept my humble offering of victim, which is equivalent to receiving a second Baptism with effects that are even greater than Baptism itself.

With Luisa, I want to rise again in Your own Life as victim to live in You and of You.  O Jesus, wash me from every stain of sin and give me that New Baptism which You spoke gave to Luisa.  Strengthen me in Grace to be able to be admitted to live with You.  With Luisa I beg You to consider anything I do as Yours rather than my own, so that whatever I pray, speak or work, I can say that these are Your things.

With Luisa I promise to be more humble, trusting, brave and more intimate with You, with no thought for myself, knowing that I am no longer owner of myself, otherwise I would cancel this state of victim.

This Baptism of Victim shall be a Baptism of Fire that will not only purify, but also consume any passions and evil tendencies.  You Yourself shall baptize my soul, O Jesus, so that Your Thought baptizes my thought, Your Heartbeat shall baptize my heartbeat, Your Desire shall baptize my desire.  Always linked with Luisa, I promise to never take back what I give You – my human will – confident that Luisa shall fulfill this promise in me.

As You told Luisa, “This is the Mission of missions – the Apostolate of apostolates,” and always one with Luisa I promise to be always with You, and all intent within You.  Fiat!                                     (From the offering of self as victim of  Fr. G. – Volume 11 – March 8 & 13, 1912)


Day Twenty-nine

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

The Hour of the Triumph.  Apparitions of Jesus.  The Fugitives cling to the Virgin as the Ark of Salvation and Forgiveness. Jesus departs for Heaven.

The soul to her Mother Queen:

Admirable Mother, here I am again on your maternal knees, to unite myself with you in the feast and triumph of the Resurrection of our dear Jesus.  How beautiful is your appearance today – all loveliness, all sweetness, all joy.  I seem to see you risen together with Jesus.  O holy Mama, in so much joy and triumph, do not forget your child.  Enclose the seed of the Resurrection of Jesus in my soul, so that, by virtue of It, I may fully rise again in the Divine Will, and always live united with you and with my sweet Jesus.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

Blessed child of my maternal heart, great was my joy and my triumph in the Resurrection of my Son; I felt reborn and risen in Him.  All of my sorrows changed into joys and into seas of grace, of light, of love, of forgiveness for the creatures – and laid my maternity, with the seal of my sorrows, over all my children, given to me by Jesus.

Now, listen to me, dear child.  You must know that after the death of my Son I withdrew in the cenacle, together with beloved John and Magdalene.  But my heart was pierced because only John was near me, and in my sorrow I said:  “And the other apostles…where are they?”

But as they heard that Jesus had died, touched by special graces, all moved and weeping, the fugitives drew around me, one by one, surrounding me like a crown; and with tears and sighs, they asked for my forgiveness for having so cravenly abandoned their Master, and having run away.  I welcomed them maternally in the ark of refuge and salvation of my heart; I assured them of the forgiveness of my Son, and I encouraged them not to fear.  I said to them that their destiny was in my hands, because He had given them all to me as my children, and I recognized them as such.

Blessed child, you know that I was present at the Resurrection of my Son.  But I did not say a word to anyone, waiting for Jesus Himself, to manifest Himself as risen, gloriously and triumphantly.  The first one to see him risen was the fortunate Magdalene; then the pious women.  And all came to me telling me that they had seen Jesus risen, and that the sepulcher was empty; and I listened to all; and with an air of triumph I confirmed all in the faith of the Resurrection.  By the evening, almost all of the apostles had seen Him, and all felt triumphant at having been the apostles of Jesus.  What change of scene, dear child! – symbol of those who have first let themselves be dominated by the human will, represented by the apostles who run away, abandoning their Master; and their fear and fright is such that they hide, and Peter reaches the point of denying Him.  Oh, if they had been dominated by the Divine Will, they would never have fled from their Master, but, courageous and triumphant, would never have departed from His side, and would have felt honored to give their life to defend Him.

Now, dear child, my beloved Son Jesus spent forty days, risen, on the earth.  Very often He appeared to His apostles and disciples to confirm them in the faith and certainty of His Resurrection; and when He was not with the apostles, He was with His Mama in the cenacle, surrounded by the souls who had come out of Limbo.  But at the end of the forty days, Jesus instructed the apostles, and leaving His Mama as their guide and Teacher, He promised us the descent of the Holy Spirit.  Then, blessing us all, He departed, taking flight for the vault of the heavens, together with that great crowd of people who had left Limbo.  All those who were there, and they were a great number, saw Him ascend; but as He got up high, a cloud of light removed Him from their sight.

Now, my child, your Mama followed Him into Heaven, and was present at the great feast of the ASCENSION.  More so, since the celestial Fatherland was not foreign to me; and then, the feast of my Son, Ascended into Heaven, would not have been complete without me.

Now a little word to you, dearest child.  All that you have heard and admired has been nothing other than the power of the Divine Will operating in me and in my Son.  This is why I so much love to enclose in you the life of the Divine Will; It is an operative life, because everyone has it – but the majority of them keep It suffocated and to their service..  And while It could operate prodigies of sanctity, of grace, and works worthy of Its power, It is forced by the creatures to remain with folded arms, without being able to display its power.  Therefore, be attentive, and let the Heaven of the Divine Will extend within you, and with Its power, work whatever It wants, and however It wants.

The soul:

Most holy Mama, your beautiful lessons enrapture me, and – oh, how I wish and sigh for the operating life of the Divine Will in my soul!  I too want to be inseparable from my Jesus and from you, my Mama.  But to be sure of this, you must take on the commitment to keep my will enclosed in your maternal heart; and even if I should see that it costs me much, you must never give it to me.  Only then will I be certain; otherwise, they will always be words, but I will never do facts.  Therefore, your child commends herself to you, and hopes for everything from you.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor me, you will make three genuflections in the act in which my Son ascended into Heaven, and pray to Him that He might let you ascend in the Divine Will.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

My Mama, with your power, triumph in my soul, and let me stay in the Will of God.

Rounds of the Soul: The Twenty-fourth Hour

The soul is present at the ASCENSION of Jesus, and asks to be able sing, always, her loving refrain:  “May the Kingdom of your Divine Will come upon earth”.

My risen Jesus, my “I love You” follows You in all the acts You did as risen, in the midst of your disciples.  I call Heaven and earth to accompany You in your ascending into Heaven when, triumphant, You opened Its doors, which had been closed for many centuries to poor humanity.  I place my “I love You” upon those eternal doors, and I ask You, for the sake of that blessing which You gave to all your disciples who were present at the feast of your ASCENSION into Heaven, to bless all human wills, that they may know the great good of living in your Will; and for the sake of that love with which You opened for us the doors of Heaven, let your Divine Will descend from those very doors to reign upon earth as It reigns in Heaven.

“My blessed daughter, there is no part of my life which does not symbolize the Kingdom of my Divine Will.  On this day of my ASCENSION, I felt victorious and triumphant.  My pains had already ended; or rather, I was leaving my pains, already suffered, in the midst of my children whom I was leaving on earth, as help, as strength and support… So I was leaving and yet staying.  I was staying by virtue of my pains; I was staying in their hearts in order to be loved, after my Most Holy Humanity would ascend into Heaven…” (Vol.34 – May 20, 1936)

 May 20 A.D. 1936

 The Ascension; how Jesus departed for Heaven, still remaining on earth.

…After this, I was accompanying the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. How beautiful He was – all majesty, clothed with most refulgent light that enraptured and chained the hearts to loving Him. And my sweet Jesus, all goodness and love, told me: “My blessed daughter, there is not one trait of my life that does not symbolize the Kingdom of my Divine Will. On this day of my Ascension, I felt victorious and triumphant;

my pains were now ended, or rather, I was leaving my pains, already suffered, in the midst of my children, leaving them on earth as help, as strength and support, and as the refuge for them in which to hide in their pains, in order to draw from my pains the heroism in their sacrifices. I can say that I left my pains, my examples and my very Life as seeds which, maturing and growing, would sprout the Kingdom of my Divine Will. So, I left and I stayed: I stayed by virtue of my pains, I stayed in their hearts in order to be loved; after my Most Holy Humanity would ascend into Heaven, I felt, more closely, the bond of the human family, therefore I would not have adapted Myself to not receiving the love of my children and brothers, whom I was leaving on earth; I stayed in the Most Holy Sacrament in order to give Myself continuously to them, and for them to give themselves to Me, that they might find rest, refreshment and the remedy to all their needs. Our works do not suffer any mutability – whatever We do once, We repeat always Moreover, on this day of my Ascension I received the double crown: the crown of my children whom I was taking with Me to the Celestial Fatherland, and the crown of my children whom I was leaving on earth – these too, symbol of the few who would form the beginning of the Kingdom of my Divine Will. All those who saw Me ascended into Heaven received many graces, such that all of them laid down their lives in order to make known the Kingdom of Redemption, and laid the foundations on which to form my Church, so as to gather in Her maternal bosom all of the human generations. In the same way, the first children of the Kingdom of my Will will be few, but the graces with which they will be invested will be   such and so great, that they will lay down their lives in order call everyone to live into this Holy Kingdom. A cloud of light invested Me, removing my presence from the sight of my disciples, who remained as though ecstatic in contemplating my Person, for the enchantment of my beauty was such as to keep their pupils enraptured, so much so, that they were unable to lower them in order to look at the earth. In fact, it took an Angel to stir them and have them return to the Cenacle. This too is a symbol of the Kingdom of my Will: the light that will invest Its first children will be such and so great, that they will bring the beauty, the enchantment, the peace of my Divine Fiat, in such a way that creatures will easily surrender to wanting to know and love so great a good. Now, in the midst of the disciples there was my Mama, who was present at my departure to Heaven; and

this is the most beautiful symbol. Indeed, She is the Queen of my Church; She attends to Her1, protects Her, defends Her. She will then sit in the midst of the children of my Will; She will be the engine, the life, the guide, the perfect model, the Teacher of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, which She so greatly cherishes. Hers are the longing, the ardent desires, the delirium of maternal love, for She wants Her children on earth in the same Kingdom where She lived. She is not content with having only Her children in Heaven, in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, but She wants them also on earth; She feels that the task given to Her by God – as Mother and Queen – She has not yet fulfilled, that Her mission is not ended until the Divine Will reigns on earth in the midst of creatures. She wants Her children to be like Her and to possess the inheritance of their Mama. Therefore the great Lady is all eyes to look, all Heart

to love, to help whomever She sees somehow disposed to wanting to live of Divine Will. So then, in the difficulties, think that She is all around you, sustaining you, fortifying you, taking your will into Her maternal hands, to let it receive the Life of the Supreme Fiat.”

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