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From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarrreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

VOLUME 31; October 21, 1932

The creature, heaven studded with stars.  The Creation enclosed within her.  How the practice of good forms the life of good in the creature.  The sign that Jesus dwells in the soul.

     I am always prey to the Divine Fiat.  It awaits me in all created things to duplicate the love It had in creating so many things for me.  It seems that the Divine Volition longs for the love of Its beloved creature, to be able to find the little prop of love, upon which to lean Its great love.  So, heavens, suns, winds, are nothing other than insinuating and continuous calls, to tell us:  “I have anticipated you with my love; and you – do not leave Me without yours.”  But while I felt that all were calling me to love my Creator, my beloved Jesus, surprising me, told me:  My daughter, just as I created a heaven that extends above your head, studded with stars, in the same way I created a heaven inside of you, and this heaven is your soul, which extends everywhere – from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet.  There is not one part of you to which this heaven does not extend.  So, you have a heaven on the outside, and a heaven inside, even more beautiful; and everything that this heaven does by means of your naturethat is, if it thinks, if it speaks, if it operates, if it suffers – is nothing other than most refulgent stars with which this heaven of the soul keeps adorning itself.  The sun that shines in it is my Will, the sea that flows is my grace, the wind, my sublime truths that form the flowery fields of the most beautiful virtues – the whole of Creation is enclosed in the creature.  It was not of Our Wisdom, or of Our powerful Love, to create the Creation only outside of the creature, leaving the inside, the vital and substantial part of her, without heaven, stars and suns – no, no.  When We do a work We fill it inside and out with Our works, and with Our very life – but so much, that there must be not one particle of its being that does not feel Our life and the strength of Our creative works.  This is why We love the creature so much – because she is Our work, and We left Our life in her in order to preserve what We Ourselves had done.  And this is why, then, if one does not feel within himself the life of my Divine Will, it means that he knows It theoretically, but not in practice, because when one knows a good and practices it, it has the virtue of forming the substance of the life of the good that one knows; otherwise it would remain without practice, like a painted picture which, having no life, does not possess the virtue of forming its life in the one who admires it.  My Will is life, Our works are living works, not dead; yet, for one who does not know them, or does not try to know them, or does not put them into practice, they can be dead works for her, and without life.  Therefore, it is in the practice that I await the creature, in order to realize, form and grow the life of my Volition, and to render Our works alive for her.”…

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