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‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was created by God’


  Mama Luisa

Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


 March 8, 1921

 “My daughter (Luisa) , with Her love, with Her prayers, with Her annihilation, my Mama called Me from Heaven to earth, to incarnate Myself in Her womb. You (Luisa), with your love, and with your continuous dissolving of yourself in my Volition, will call my Will to have life on earth within you (Luisa); and then you (Luisa) will give Me life in other creatures.

However, know that as my Mama called Me from Heaven to earth inside Her womb, since the act She did was a unique act, which will never be repeated again, I enriched Her with all graces.  I endowed Her with so much love as to make Her surpass the love of all creatures united together. I gave Her primacy in the privileges, in the glory – in everything.  I could say that the whole of the Eternal One reduced Himself to one single point, and poured Himself upon Her in torrents, in immense seas; so much so, that all remain below Her.

As you (Luisa) call my Will into yourself, this too is a unique act, therefore, for the decorum of my Will which must dwell in you (Luisa), I must pour in you (Luisa) so much grace, so much love, as to make you surpass all other creatures.  And since my Will has supremacy over all, and is eternal, immense, infinite, I must communicate this to the one in whom the Life of my Will must have Its beginning and completion, endowing and enriching her with the same qualities of my Will, giving her supremacy over all.  My Eternal Volition will take the past, the present and the future; It will reduce them to one single point, and will pour them into you (Luisa). My Will is eternal, and wants to have life there where It finds eternity; It is immense, and wants life in the immensity; It is infinite, and wants to find infinity.  How can I find all this, if I do not pour it in you (Luisa) before?”


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