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3/10 “Here is your Mother!”

3/10 “Here is your Mother!”

J_Foot of Cross Mary John

He said to his Disciple, “Here is your Mother!”
He said to his Mother, “Woman, here is your son!”

From the Hours of the Passion, Our Lord Jesus Christ is suffering on the Cross:

O my Jesus, I intend to repair for the offenses given to the Most Holy Virgin, for the blasphemies and the ingratitudes of many who do not want to recognize the benefits You have granted to everyone by giving Her to us as Mother.

How can we thank You for such a great benefit? O Jesus, we turn to Your own source and we offer You Your Blood, Your Wounds, the Infinite Love of Your Heart! O Most Holy Virgin, how moved You are, in hearing the Voice of Good Jesus, leaving You to us as Mother!

We thank You, O Blessed Virgin, and in order to thank You as You deserve, we offer You the very thanksgivings of Your Jesus. O Sweet Mama, be our Mother, take care of us, and do not allow us to offend You even slightly. Keep us always clasped to Jesus; with Your hands bind us—all of us, to Him, that we may not escape Him, ever again. With Your own intentions, I intend to repair for all, for the offenses given to Your Jesus and to You, my Sweet Mama!…

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