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2/29 Second Day : “Week of Obedience”

“Week of Obedience”

from February 28 to March 4,2016

Published 2/19/16 by the Official Website of Luisa Piccarreta

 As every year, also this year from February 28 to March 4, the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of The Divine Will  will live the “Week of Obedience” with “days of light”, filled with morning and afternoon appointments to recall some of the highlights of the life of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and to deepen her intimate bond with Jesus. On February 28 in fact we will remember the 117th Anniversary of obedience, the day when Luisa, in obedience to her official confessor Don Gennaro De Gennaro, began writing her diary and uttered her FIAT.  It is an important recurrence for all of us who, thanks to Luisa’s FIAT are able to deeply know the love that Jesus has for each of us by giving us the gift of His Will.

 Monday, February 29, 2016

Church Santa Maria Greca

10:00 to 11:00 a.m.: Moment of prayer at the tomb.

Sanctuary Madonna delle Grazie (Oasis of Narareth)

5:00 p.m.: Pilgrimage to pass through the Holy Door. Mass follows.


Mama Luisa

On Obedience From The Letters of Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


  1. To Mother Superior, Sister Maddalena del Moro, from Saint Claire, Ravello.


May the Holy Will of God bind you so tightly as to not give you time to think of yourself.

My sister in Jesus Christ,

I answer to your letter with a few lines. The cause, I believe, of everything you tell me, is lack of union with Jesus in all your things. The enemy finds you alone, without Jesus, and does his own crafting in you, disturbs you, and takes peace away from your heart, which is so necessary in order to let afflicted Jesus rest. If the enemy found you always with Jesus, he would flee, not bearing His adorable presence. Here is the remedy to all troubles: remain always with Jesus, both in spiritual and in material things, and Jesus will take care of giving you peace and carrying out your office; even more, Jesus Himself will do it in you. Everything you suffer, and even your coldness, give it to Him in order to relieve Him and repair Him; in this way you will have more field to keep company to pierced Jesus. If you remain with Jesus, you will forget about yourself; you will remember Jesus alone, and He will take care of all your troubles… Ah, yes, love Him very much. But only union with Jesus will make the new fount spring with growing love; therefore, if you remain with Jesus, you will love Him; if not, you will love yourself and your own troubles. What a bad impression you would make in front of Jesus, wouldn’t you?

Tell good Mother Superior to remain obedient in everything, because one who obeys does not fail, and blessed Jesus will compensate for all that she may seem to lack. Moreover, when Jesus feels loved, He forgets our sins – and would we want to lose our minds in remembering them? Jesus wants harmony and concord among you, and He will be in your midst. I commend myself to your prayers.

The little daughter of the Divine Will


  1. To a religious

(…) Not wanting to obey means not wanting to do the Will of God! And do you think it is trivial? Far worse than doubting – this is the sin of sins. The very Saints, the Angels and the Heavenly Court would say: “Who is this crazy one, this girl, who wants to act against the Will of God; who wants to bring disorder?” Because wanting to disobey means opposing the Will of God, by saying: “I don’t want to recognize you.” On the other hand, by obeying, if you practice this virtue in order to make Father(*) content, it is a good and holy thing, but if you do it because you recognize in him the authority, the Will of God, it is the most precious thing. This is the Will of God, and that’s enough. It is better to go to hell with the Will of God (as it would turn into Paradise, because wanting to do His Will is a sign that we love Him), than going to Heaven with our own will, as it would turn then into hell.

As far as wanting to go over the past again – no, because the past is passed in God, and it would be as though stealing His rights, His own things. If there is something wrong in it, the Lord can let us know with calm. As far as the future, don’t worry about it either, because it is not ours, but belongs to God. We must obey and make ourselves saints, not for our interest, but for the glory of God. So, banish every doubt, since doubt, fear and agitation do not come from God, but from the devil; rather, think of loving and doing the Will of God, because with doubts we displease the Lord much more than if we sinned.

My daughter, have you ever experienced a reproach from Our Lord Jesus Christ? If you had, you would have seen with how much bitterness He reproaches – He, Who is all goodness. And you should see it. Therefore, swear, or make a solemn promise that you will never think about doubts again, so as to not disobey, and consequently, not displease Jesus Christ. Do you think that being destined to write is something happened like this, by chance? No. Rather, it is something established by God from eternity, as He had His own purposes. So, know how to appreciate and take advantage of so much dedication…

(*)A Priest.


  1. To Federico Abresch

Most esteemed son in the Divine Volition,

I answer to your dear letter. To hear that you speak of the Divine Will and that you want to know more about It is a great joy for me, knowing how content is Jesus to find a soul who wants to live of Divine Will. This creature is His triumph and His victory. And even if in the past He was wounded by this creature, He looks at these wounds, smiles and says: “I have conquered her; she is my victory”, and He shows her around to all of Heaven to make feast. And as fulfillment of His victory, He centralizes all His goods in her: the goods of Creation and of Redemption, and gives her the right over everything. And then, wanting to know a good means wanting to possess it; it is like the appetite for food.

I am sorry for Padre Pio, if he makes a dark face. We do not speak of what the Church has prohibited, but of what the Church Herself does not yet know. And the day will come when the Church will know and appreciate, with triumph and victory. Nor can there be true peace or true triumph if the Divine Will is not known. Our Lord will make the greatest miracles, to make His Will reign upon earth. Therefore, let us pray that the time will be shortened and that everything will be changed into Will of God.

I commend myself to your prayers. Kiss the hands of Padre Pio for me. And leaving you all in the sea of the Divine Will, that you may all live from Its Sanctity, Love and Light, to be able to embrace everything and everyone, and to do good to all, with the Love of Its Fiat, I send my regards to all,

The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, November 27, 1944




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