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2/14 One who lives in the Divine Will feels the need to go around the Divine Works and how all the Divine Works go around the creature


From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


March 6, 1932

 One who Lives in the Divine Will feels the need to go around the Divine Works; and how all the Divine Works go around the creature. The purpose, seed of light.

 I was continuing my round in the Divine Works. I feel my poor mind as though fixed around the Works of my Creator; and it does its race, almost continuous, around them.  In fact, since they are Works done for Love of me, I feel the duty to recognize them, to use them as stairways in order to ascend to He who so much Loved me, and Loves me, and to give Him my little love because He wants to be loved.  But while I was doing this, I thought to myself:  “And why does my mind have to always run?  It seems to me that a Powerful Force is over me, maintaining my race.” 

And my sweet Jesus, making me His tiny little visit, told me: “My daughter, everything goes around the creature:  the heavens go around, and do not let her escape from under their azure vault; the sun goes around, and with its little rounds of light it gives her light and heat; the water goes around the creature; the fire, the air, the wind—and each element gives her the properties it contains.  My very Life and all My Works are in continuous round around the creatures, to be in continuous Act of giving Myself to them.  Even more, you must know that as soon as a baby is conceived, My Conception goes around the conception of the baby, to form him and keep him defended.  And as he is born, My Birth places itself around the newborn, to go around him and give him the helps of My Birth, of My tears, of My wailings; and even My Breath goes around him to warm him.  The newborn does not love Me, though unconsciously, and I Love him to folly; I Love his innocence, My Image in him, I Love what he must be.  My Steps go around his first vacillating steps in order to strengthen them, and they continue to go around unto the last step of his life, to keep his steps safe within the round of My Steps.  In sum, My Works go around his works, My Words around his, My Pains around his pains; and when he is about to breathe the last breath of his life, My Agony goes around him as support of his own, and My Death, with Unconquerable Strength, goes around to give him unexpected helps, and with Jealousy, all Divine, it presses itself around him so that his death may not be death, but True Life for Heaven.  And I can say that even My Resurrection goes around his sepulcher, waiting for the propitious time in order to call, by the Empire of My Resurrection, his Resurrection of the body to Immortal Life.

“Now, all the Works that have come out of My Will, all of them go round and round—for this purpose were they Created. To stop means to have no Life and not to produce the fruit established by Us—which cannot be, because the Divine Being knows not how to do either dead works or works without fruit.  So, one who enters into My Divine Will takes her place in the Order of Creation and feels the need to go around together with all created things; she feels the necessity to make her rapid rounds around My Conception, My Birth, My tender Age and everything I did upon earth.  And the Beauty of it is that while she goes around all Our Works, Our Works go around her; in sum, they compete in going around each other.  But this is all the effect and fruit of My Divine Will, such that, since It is continuous Motion, one who is in It feels the Life of Its Motion, and therefore the need to run together with It.  Even more, I tell you:  if you do not feel the continuous race of going around Our Works, it is a sign that your life is not permanent in My Will, but you make some exits, some little escapes; and therefore the race ceases, because the One who gives it the Life of running is missing; and as you enter into It, so It puts you in the Order, and you continue the race, because another Will, Divine and Operating, has entered into you.  Therefore, be attentive, because you have to deal with an Omnipotent Will, which always runs and embraces everything.”

After this, I was thinking to myself: “What will be the good, the utility of this race of mine, of this going round and round in the Acts of the Divine Will?” 

And the Celestial King Jesus added: “My daughter, you must know that each act of creature contains the value of the purpose with which she animates her act.  The purpose is like the seed which, buried under the earth, pulverizes with the earth—yet, not in order to die, but to be reborn and form the little plant, loaded with branches, with flowers and fruits that belong to that seed.  The seed cannot be seen, it is hidden in its little plant, but from the fruits one knows the seed—whether it is good or bad.  Such is the purpose—it is seed of Light, and it can be said that it remains as though buried, and it pulverizes in the act of the creature.  And if the purpose is holy, all the acts that come from that purpose will all be holy acts, because there is the First Purpose, the first seed that animates and gives Life to the sequence of the acts of the First Purpose; and these acts form the Life of the Purpose, and in them appear flowers and fruits of True Sanctity.  And as long as the creature, with Full Knowledge of her will, does not destroy the Original Purpose, she can be sure that her acts are enclosed in the First Purpose.  Now, your race in My Divine Will will have the Purpose that you want—that Its Kingdom be Formed—and therefore all its acts are centralized in My Fiat; and converting into seed of Light, they all become Acts of My Will, that eloquently, with Ancient and Divine Voices, ask for this Kingdom so Holy into the midst of the human generations.”



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