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Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will



 December 2, 1928

The Eucharistic tabernacle and the Tabernacle of the Divine Will.

The privations of Jesus become longer, and as I see myself without Him, I do nothing but long for Heaven. Oh! Heaven, when will You open your doors to me?  When will You have pity on me?  When will you retrieve the little exiled one into her Fatherland?  Ah! yes! only there I will no longer miss my Jesus!  Here, if He makes Himself seen, while one thinks one possesses Him, He escapes like lightning, and one has to go a long way without Him; and without Jesus all things convert into sorrow—even the very holy things, the prayers, the Sacraments, are martyrdoms without Him.

So I thought to myself: “What is the use of Jesus’ permitting my coming near His tabernacle of love, for us to remain in mute silence?  Rather, it seems to me that He has hidden more, that He no longer gives me His lessons on the Divine Fiat.  It seemed to me that He had His pulpit in the depth of my interior, and had always something to say.  And now, I hear nothing but a profound silence; only, I hear within me the continuous murmuring of the Sea of light of the Eternal Volition that always murmurs love, adoration, glory, and embraces everything and everyone.”

But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior for just a little, and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), courage, it is I in the depth of your soul who move the waves of the Sea of light of My Divine Will, and I always—always murmur, to snatch from My Celestial Father the Kingdom of My Will upon earth; and you do nothing other than follow Me; and if you did not follow Me, I would do it on My own.  But you will not do this—leaving Me alone, because My Fiat Itself keeps you sunken within It.

“Ah! don’t you (Luisa) know that you (Luisa) are the Tabernacle of My Divine Will? How many works have I not done in you; how many graces have I not poured into you (Luisa) in order to form this Tabernacle for Myself?  A Tabernacle—I could call it—unique in the world.  In fact, as for Eucharistic tabernacles, I have a good number of them, but in this Tabernacle of My Divine Fiat I do not feel like a prisoner, I possess the endless expanses of My Will, I do not feel alone, I have one who keeps Me perennial company; and now I act as a teacher and I give you My celestial lessons; now I do My outpourings of love and of sorrow; now I celebrate, to the point of amusing Myself with you (Luisa).

“So, if I pray, if I suffer, if I cry and if I celebrate, I am never alone, I have the little daughter of My Divine Will (Luisa) together with Me. And then, I have the great honor and the most beautiful conquest, that I like the most, which is a human will all sacrificed for Me, and as the footstool of My Divine Will.  I could call it My favorite Tabernacle, in which I so much delight, that I would not exchange it for the Eucharistic tabernacles; because in them I am alone, nor does the host give Me a Divine Will as I find It in you (Luisa), such that, as It bilocates Itself, while I have It within Me, I also find It in you (Luisa).

“On the other hand, the host is not capable of possessing It, nor does it accompany Me in My Acts; I am always alone, everything is cold around Me; the tabernacle, the pyx, the host, are without life, and therefore without company. This is why I felt such delight in keeping, near My Eucharistic tabernacle, that of My Divine Will, formed in you (Luisa), that by merely looking at you (Luisa) I feel My loneliness broken, and I experience the pure joys that the creature who lets My Divine Will reign within herself can give Me.

“And so, this is why all My aims, My cares and My interests are in making My Divine Will known, and in making It reign in the midst of creatures; then will each creature be a living Tabernacle of Mine—not mute, but speaking; and I will no longer be alone, but I will have My perennial company. And with My Divine Will bilocated in them, I will have My Divine company in the creature.  So, I will have My Heaven in each one of them, because the Tabernacle of My Divine Will possesses My Heaven on earth.”


 April 12, 1899

 Jesus says: “Being in the Sacrament for Me is the same as being in your heart”. Hypocrisy, a profound pain for Jesus.

Today, without having me wait too long, Jesus came quickly and told me: “You (Luisa)  are my tabernacle. Being in the Sacrament for Me is the same as being in your heart; or rather, in you (Luisa) I find something more: I am be able to share my pains with you (Luisa) and to have you (Luisa) with Me, a living victim before divine justice, which I do not find in the Sacrament.” And while saying these words, He enclosed Himself within me.

While within me, Jesus would make me feel, now the pricks of the thorns, now the pains of the cross, the labors and the sufferings of His Heart. Around His Heart I could see a braid of iron spikes, which made Jesus suffer very much. Ah, how much pity I felt in seeing Him suffer so much! I would have wanted to suffer everything myself, rather than let my sweet Jesus suffer, and from the heart I prayed Him to give the pains and the suffering to me.

Jesus told me: “Daughter (Luisa), the offenses which most pierce my Heart are the masses said sacrilegiously, and the hypocrisies.” Who can say what I understood in these two words? It seemed to me that externally one shows that he loves and praises the Lord, but internally he has poison ready to kill Him; externally, one shows that he wants the glory and the honor of God, while internally he seeks his own honor and esteem. All works done with hypocrisy, even the holiest ones, are works completely poisoned, which embitter the Heart of Jesus.


 January 27, 1909

Luisa of the Passion of the Tabernacle’.

Continuing in my usual state, I said to myself: ‘What a useless life mine is – what good do I do? Everything is over; there is no more sharing in thorns, crosses, nails – it seems that everything is exhausted. I do feel suffering, to the point that I cannot move – it is a general rheumatism of pain; but it is something all natural. I am only left with the continuous thought of the Passion, and the union of my will with that of Jesus, offering what He suffered and all of myself as He wants, for whomever He wants; but apart from this, there is nothing but squalid misery. So, what is the purpose of my life?’

While I was thinking of this, blessed Jesus came, just a flash, and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do you (Luisa) know who you (Luisa) are? ‘Luisa of the Passion of the Tabernacle’. When I share my pains with you (Luisa), you (Luisa) are still ‘of Calvary’; when I don’t, you (Luisa) are ‘of the Tabernacle’. See how true this is: in the Tabernacle, I show nothing on the outside – neither crosses, nor thorns; yet, my immolation is the same as on Calvary, the prayers are the same, the offering of my life still continues, my Will has not changed in anything, I burn with thirst for the salvation of souls… I can say that the things of my sacramental life, united with those of my mortal life, are always at one point – they have decreased in nothing; however, everything is interior. So, if your will is the same as when I used to share my pains with you (Luisa), if your offerings are similar, if your interior is united with Me, with my Will – am I not right in saying that that you are Luisa of the Passion of the Tabernacle? With this difference alone: that when I share my pains with you (Luisa), you (Luisa) take part in my mortal life, and I spare the world the gravest scourges; when I do not share them with you (Luisa), I scourge the world, and you (Luisa) take part in my sacramental life – but the life is always one.”


 July 8, 1910

For Jesus, the body is like the Tabernacle, the soul is like the pyx.

Being very afflicted because of the privation of my highest Good, and having received Communion, in receiving the holy host, it stopped in my throat, and as I suckled it in order to push it down, I suckled a sweet and delicious humor. Then, after suckling very much, it went down, and I could see the host changed into a baby, who said: “Your body is my Tabernacle, your soul is the pyx that contains Me; the beating of your heart is like the host that serves Me in order to transform Myself into you, as if within a host; with this difference: that in the host, as it is consumed, I am subject to continuous deaths; while the beating of your heart, symbolizing your love, is not subject to be consumed, and so my Life is continuous. Therefore, why so much affliction about my privations? If you don’t see Me, you feel Me; if you don’t feel Me, you touch Me… and now with the fragrance of my perfumes which diffuse around you; now with the light with which you feel invested; now by making a liquor that cannot be found on earth descend into you; now by just touching you; and the many other ways which are invisible to you.”

Now, in order to obey, I will write these things that Jesus says happen to me often, and also while being fully awake. These fragrances – I myself am unable to tell what kind they are – I call ‘the fragrance of love’; and I feel it at Communion, if I pray, if I work, especially if I have not seen Him, and I say to myself: ‘Today He has not come. Don’t You know, O Jesus, that without You I cannot be, nor do I want to be?’ And immediately, and almost suddenly, I feel as though invested by that fragrance. Other times, as I move, or if I move the bed sheets, I feel that fragrance coming out, and in my interior I hear Him say: “I am here”. Other times, while I am all afflicted, as I go about raising my eyes, a ray of light comes before my sight. However, these things I take into no account, nor do they satisfy me. That which, alone, makes me happy is Jesus; all the rest I receive with certain indifference.I wrote this only to obey.




 Good-bye in the Evening to Jesus in the Sacrament:

 “O my Jesus, Celestial Prisoner, the sun is now setting, the darkness invades the earth, and You remain alone in the Tabernacle of Love. I seem to see You with an air of sadness because of the loneliness of the night, not having around You the crown of Your sons and of Your tender spouses, who may at least keep You company in Your voluntary imprisonment.

“O my Divine Prisoner, I too feel my heart catch for having to leave You, and I am forced to say good-bye to You. But, what am I saying? O Jesus – never again good-bye. I don’t have the courage to leave You alone. Good-bye with my lips, but not with my heart; rather, I leave my heart with You in the Tabernacle. I will count Your Heartbeats and I will correspond to them with my heartbeat of love; I will number Your panting Sighs and, to cheer You, I will make You rest in my arms. I will be Your vigilant sentry; I will be attentive to see if anything comes to trouble You or to sadden You, not only so as to never leave You alone, but also to take part in all Your Pains.

“O Heart of my heart! O Love of my love! Leave this air of sadness and be consoled; I don’t have the heart to see You afflicted. While with my lips I say good-bye, I leave with You my breaths, my affections, my thoughts, my desires and all my movements, which, forming a chain of continuous acts of love, united to Yours, will surround You like a crown, and will love You for all. Aren’t You happy, O Jesus? It seems You say Yes, don’t You?

“Good-bye, O Loving Prisoner – but, I have not finished yet. Before I depart, I also want to leave my body before You; I intend to make of my flesh and of my bones many tiny little pieces in order to form as many lamps for as many Tabernacles as exist in the world; and of my blood, many little flames to light those lamps. And in every Tabernacle I intend to put my lamp which, uniting with the lamp of the Tabernacle that gives You light at night, will say to You: ‘I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I repair You and I thank You for me and for all.’

“Good-bye, O Jesus – but, listen to one more word: let us make a pact, and the pact be that we will love each other more. You will give me more Love, will enclose me in Your Love, will make me live of Love, and will bury me in Your Love. Let us tighten our bond of Love more strongly; I will be content only if You give me Your Love to be able to really Love You.

“Good-bye, O Jesus, bless me – bless all. Clasp me to Your Heart, imprison me in Your Love; and I leave You, placing a kiss upon Your Heart. Good-bye, good-bye….”


 Fourth Hour

 And I, Heart of my heart, want to be always with You in each Tabernacle, in all the pyxes and in each consecrated Host which will ever be until the end of the world, to emit my acts of reparation, according to the offenses You receive.






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