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1/31 This night, at 3 am, died Luisa Bucci, sister of Father Bernardino Bucci

JANUARY 31, 2016

The Divine Will

This night, at 3 am, died Luisa Bucci, sister of Father Bernardino Bucci.

Luisa Bucci was born in 1926 and she is the older sister of Father Bucci.

She had the good fortune to meet and attend for many years the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

She has dressed the body of the Servant of God when she died.

Father Bernardino asks you to pray for her dear sister.

Luisa Bucci


I think it is opportune to bring back part of the long testimony of Mrs. Luisa Bucci, who everyone calls Lisetta. Of all the members of the Bucci family, other than Aunt Rosaria, she was the person,

more than the others, who visited the house of the Servant of God and established a great close relationship with Luisa and her sister Angelina. Lisetta was perhaps the only one that did not feel uneasiness when in contact with the Servant of God, contrary to others who saw Luisa like a creature who was out of the ordinary.

Her testimony was very much appreciated by the Diocesan Court for the cause of the beatification of the Servant of God. When she was interrogated, she spoke with much simplicity and reverence. It was like a river flooding with the many details she knew about Luisa Piccarreta.

…”When Luisa died, all of creation was silent in wonder and astonishment.

Everyone had the impression that a great saint had left this world.

Nobody dared to touch her; Luisa remained in the position she was accustomed

  1. Her confessor did not dare to touch her, and only made the sign of the cross

to awaken her, but Luisa remained serene as if asleep….They did not know

what to do; then taking the initiative calling her name, as it was done to dress

the dead, I said to her: Aunt Luisa, let me remove the sweaty shirt that you hold and I will clean you up. Thus I dressed her with a clean dress and moved the body of Luisa easily… I took her in my arms and placed her on the portable bed that had been prepared in the other room for the viewing of her body. It was then that I had the impression that Luisa did not weigh anything: the body of Luisa weighed less than a newspaper. It was how Aunt Rosaria was easily able to move her when cleaning had to be done… The funeral was a triumph, all of

Corato participated and stopped to honor Luisa their Saint. The Headmaster of

the School, Lagrasta, convened the pupils of the Grammar school in order for

them to pay homage to Luisa and remember the words said into the microphone:

“In front of us is the body of Luisa Piccarreta, a creature totally of God, who has raised people by her virtues, and grandiose example of an authentic Christian life.

Hail this creature, Heaven and earth, hail this privileged creature who has illuminated Corato and the world with a life of faith.

Hail, Luisa the Saint, you have not died because you will always remain alive in our memory and one day the world will speak of you”.

By Father Bernardino Bucci



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