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12/24 The Feast That the Little Daughter ( Luisa) Prepares for Baby Jesus

Volume 25

December 25, 1928
The feast that the little daughter (Luisa) prepares for Baby Jesus; how she renders Him happy. 

I was thinking about the birth of Baby Jesus, and I prayed Him to come to be born in my poor soul. And in order to sing His praises and form a cortege for Him in the act of His birth, I fused myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and flowing in all created things, I wanted to animate the heavens, the sun, the stars, the sea, the earth and everything with my “I love You.”

I wanted to place all created things as though in waiting, in the act of Jesus’ birth, so that all would say to Him, “I love You,” and “We want the Kingdom of Your Will upon earth.” 

Now, while I was doing this, it seemed to me that all created things would come to attention in the act of Jesus’ birth, and as the dear Baby came out of the womb of His Celestial Mama, the heavens, the sun, and even the tiny little bird, as though all in chorus, were saying, “I love You,” and “We want the Kingdom of Your Will upon earth.”

My “I love You” in the Divine Will flowed within all things in which the Divine Will had Its life, and therefore all sang praises to the birth of their Creator; and I saw the newborn Baby who, flinging Himself into my arms, all shivering, told me:  “What a beautiful feast has the little daughter of My Will prepared for Me; how beautiful is the chorus of all created things saying to Me, ‘I love You,’ and wanting My Will to reign.  One who lives in It can give Me anything, and can use all stratagems in order to render Me happy and make Me smile, even in the midst of tears.  Therefore, I was waiting for you, to have a surprise of love of yours by virtue of My Divine Volition. 

“In fact, you must know that My Life on earth was nothing but suffering, operating and preparing everything that was to serve the Kingdom of My Divine Will, that must be Kingdom of happiness and of possession; therefore, it is then that My works will have their full fruits and will change for Me and for creatures into sweetnesses, into joys and into possession.”

Now, while He was saying this, He disappeared from me; but after a little while He came back, inside a little cradle of gold, clothed with a tiny little garment of light.

And He added: “My daughter (Luisa) , today is My birthday, and I have come to render you happy with My presence.  It would be too hard for Me, on this day, not to render one who lives in My Divine Will happy, not to give you My first kiss and tell you, ‘I love you’ as a requital of yours, and, clasping you tightly to My little Heart, make you feel My heartbeats that unleash fire, and would want to burn everything that does not belong to My Will, while your heartbeat, echoing within Mine, repeats for Me your pleasant refrain: ‘May Your Will reign on earth as It does in Heaven.’  Repeat it always, if you want to render Me happy and calm My baby crying.  Look—your love has prepared for Me the gold cradle, and the acts in My Divine Will have prepared for Me the little garment of light.  Aren’t you happy?”

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