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  1.  LUISA’S LETTER  # 38  



Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

Reverend Mother,

……. This is the most beautiful wish I can send you; I think you will like it.

In this night of Holy Christmas, let us say, from the heart, a big and repeated “Fiat”. In this way we will prepare a feast for the Divine Little One and He will bring us His own, so we will celebrate together His adorable birth… Now, I braid all and I send my wishes to all, by praying to the Divine Infant that He will bring His Fiat to all, giving  the kiss of the Fiat …)


  1. To Sister Remigia

Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Thank you for your wishes, and from the heart I return them to you, just on this Christmas evening as I am writing you. The Celestial Baby is born; even more, since He is born in every instant. In every good act we do, every time we abandon ourselves in His arms, and every time we cry out from the depths of our heart: “Lord, I want to do Your Will”, the dear Little One repeats His birth. So, I won’t wish you His birth, since He is born; but rather, to make Him grow, to love Him and then to warm Him, because He is shivering with cold, and His little lips are livid, so freezing is the air. He wants your ardent kisses, the air of your love to warm Him; His limbs are numb, and He wants your works, your movements done for love of Him, as clothes to be covered with; and as food He wants His Will reigning in you.




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