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“Christmas Greetings”

Lessons from the Letters of the  Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta,



Luisa Letter 91.

To Mother Cecilia


My good and reverend Mother…

Here I am to give you my wishes for Holy Christmas. And what better wish to give you than to send you little Jesus, so that He may make you be born together with Him? Oh, how He longs for it, and comes to the point of crying, because He does not want to be alone, but wants the creature to be born and live together with Him.

The dear Baby will say to you, to the ear of your heart: “My daughter, let me live in you; do everything together with Me, and I will give you my Sanctity to make you a saint, my Beauty to embellish you, my Wisdom so that everything may be order within you. Then I will give you the great gift of my Will to let you breathe, palpitate, love, together with Me.”… He will tell you: “Only then will I be content, when I see that you look like Me in everything.”

My dearest Mother, let us make Jesus content; let us be reborn with Him and live together with Him. He is newly born, and does not want to be alone; He feels the need of the company of someone to kiss Him and to dry His tears. My Mother, this is my wish; I believe that your Maternity will be content… More so, since every additional act we do in the Divine Will is a new birth for us. We are reborn in Jesus, and He in us. In this way we will make little Jesus happy. Leaving you to be reborn together with Jesus, I kiss your right hand.

The little daughter of the Divine Will

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