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12/18 – O HOLY LORD


of the House of Israel, who appeared to Moses in the flame of the burning bush, and gave him the law on Sinai– COME! and redeem us with outstretched arm.

9/3/10 – Vol. 9

As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus came as a child; …and Jesus, with a light that came out from Him, made me comprehend that when He comes it is always a great good – not only for me, but for the whole world, because by loving one soul and pouring Himself out with her, He comes to regard the whole of humanity. In fact, in that soul there are many bonds that unite everyone: bonds of likeness, bonds of paternity and sonship, bonds of brotherhood, bonds of having all come out and been created by His hands, bonds of having all been redeemed by Him…


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