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From the writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will



August 14, 1912

Now, one day I was working and I thought to myself: ‘How is it possible that Jesus works in me while I work? Does He really want to do this work?’ And Jesus: “Yes I do. My fingers are in yours and they work. My daughter, when I was on earth, didn’t my hands lower themselves to work the wood, hammer the nails, and help my foster Father Joseph in the smithing work? While I was doing that, with those very hands and with those fingers, I created souls and called other souls to the other life; I divinized all human actions; I sanctified them, giving a Divine merit to each one of them. In the movements of my fingers I called in sequence all the movements of your fingers and those of others; and if I saw that they were doing them for Me, or because I wanted to act within them, I continued my life of Nazareth in them, and I felt cheered by them for the sacrifices and the humiliations of my hidden Life, giving them the merit of my own Life.

Daughter, the hidden Life that I conducted in Nazareth is not taken into account by men, when in fact, after the Passion, nothing could benefit them more. By lowering Myself to all those little actions and those acts which men exercise during their daily life, such as eating, sleeping, drinking, working, starting the fire, sweeping, etc. – all acts which no one can do without – I made flow inside their souls a tiny divine coin of incalculable price. Therefore, if my Passion redeemed them, my hidden Life provided each human action, even the most insignificant one, with Divine merit and with infinite value.


December 10, 1918

Now, as I was saying this and other things, my Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, how sweet and pleasing to Me, is the prayer of the souls who are intimate with Me! How I feel my hidden Life of Nazareth being repeated – with no outward appearance, without any circle of people, with no sound of bells; completely neglected and alone, to the extent that I was barely known. I kept rising between Heaven and earth, asking for souls – not even a breath or a heartbeat escaped Me, which did not ask for souls. And as I did this, my blast resounded in Heaven, and drew the Love of the Father to give Me souls. This same sound, reverberating in hearts, cried out in a sonorous voice: ‘Souls!’ How many wonders did I not work during my hidden Life, known only to my Father in Heaven and to my Mother on earth!

The same for the hidden soul, who is intimate with Me: as she prays, though no sound is heard on earth, her prayers, like bells, resound more vibrantly in Heaven, to the extent of calling the whole of Heaven to unite Itself with her, and to let mercy descend upon the earth, which resounding not to the hearing but to the hearts of creatures, may dispose them to convert.”

Volume 12

April 15, 1919

I maintained this order also in Redemption. My birth was without glamour, rather, it was neglected; my childhood was without splendor of great things before men; my life in Nazareth was so hidden that I lived as if ignored by all; I adapted Myself to do the smallest and most common things of human life. During my public life there were a few great things, but still – who knew my Divinity? Nobody, not even all of the Apostles. I passed through the crowds like any other man, so much so, that anyone could approach Me, talk to Me, and if needed, even despise Me.” And I, interrupting Jesus, said: ‘Jesus, my Love, how happy those times were, and even happier those people who, just by wanting it, could come close to You, talk to You, and be with You!’ And Jesus: “Ah, my daughter, only my Will brings true happiness! It alone encloses all goods within the soul, and making Itself crown around the soul, constitutes her queen of true happiness. Only these souls will be the queens of my Throne, because they are a birth from my Will. This is so true, that those people were not happy. Many saw Me but did not know Me, because my Will did not reside within them as center of life. Therefore, even if they saw Me, they remained unhappy. Only those who received the good of receiving the seed of my Will in their hearts disposed themselves to receive the good of seeing Me resurrected.

 Volume 12

January 24, 1921

 Now, my sweet Jesus came back and told me: “My daughter, calm yourself – I choose whomever I please. However, know that I begin all of my works between Myself and one creature; and then they are spread. In fact, who was the first spectator of the FIAT of my Creation? Adam, and then Eve. It surely wasn’t a multitude of people. Only after years and years did crowds and multitudes of people become spectators of It. In the second FIAT my Mama was the only spectator; not even Saint Joseph knew anything, and my Mama found herself more than in your condition: the greatness of the Creative Power of my work which She felt within Herself was such that, confused, She did not feel the strength to mention it to anyone. And if, then, Saint Joseph knew it, it was because I manifested it to him. So, this FIAT germinated like a seed within Her virginal womb; the ear of grain was formed in order to multiply It, and then It came to the light of day. But who were the spectators? Very few. In the room of Nazareth my dear Mama and Saint Joseph were the only spectators. Then, when my Most Holy Humanity grew up, I went out and I made Myself known – but not to all. Afterwards, It spread more, and It will still spread.

So will the third FIAT be. It will germinate within you; the ear of grain will be formed; only the priest will have knowledge of It. Then, a few souls – and then, It will spread. It will spread, and will follow the same path as Creation and Redemption. The more crushed you feel, the more the ear of the third FIAT grows and is fecundated in you. Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”


Volume 19

June 15, 1926

Each knowledge I have given you about my Will contains a creative power; and everything is in letting these knowledges out, because the power they contain will know how to breach its way into the hearts, to submit them to its dominion.  Did the same perhaps not happen in Redemption?  As long as I remained with my Mama in the hidden life of Nazareth, everything was silent around Me, although this hiddenness of mine, together with the Celestial Queen, served in an admirable way to form the substance of Redemption and so that I might announce Myself as being already present in their midst.  But when did Its fruits communicate themselves in the midst of the peoples?  When I went out in public, made Myself known, and spoke to them with the power of my creative word.  And as all that I did and said spread and keeps spreading still now in the midst of the peoples, then did the fruits of Redemption have their effects, and still do.  Indeed, my daughter, if no one had known that I had come upon earth, Redemption would have been something dead and without effects for creatures.  So, knowledge gave life to Its fruits.

The same will be for my Will:  knowledge will give life to the fruits of my Will.  This is why I wanted to renew what I did in Redemption, choosing another virgin, remaining hidden with her for forty years and more, segregating her from everyone as if in a new Nazareth, to be free with her to tell the whole story, the prodigies and the goods contained in It, so as to be able to form the life of my Will in you.  And just as I chose Saint Joseph to be together with Me and my Mama, as our cooperator, tutor and vigilant sentry for Me and for the Sovereign Queen, in the same way, I have placed near you the vigilant assistance of my ministers, as cooperators, tutors and depositories of the knowledges, goods and prodigies contained in my Will.  And since my Will wants to establish Its Kingdom in the midst of peoples, through you I want to deposit this celestial doctrine in my ministers as my new apostles, so that first I may form with them the link of connection with my Will, and then they may transmit it into the midst of peoples.  If it were not so, or were not to be so, I would not have insisted so much on having you write, nor would I have permitted the daily coming of the priest, but I would have left all my work between Me and you.  Therefore, be attentive and leave Me free to do what I want in you.” 

Now, who can say how confused I remained at this speaking of Jesus?  I remained mute, and from the depth of my heart I repeated:  ‘Fiat, Fiat, Fiat…’

 Volume 20

December 22, 1926

“My daughter, it is My usual way to do My greatest works first one on one with one creature alone.  In fact, My Mama was one, and with Her alone I carried out all the work and the great portent of My Incarnation.  No one entered our secrets, or penetrated into the sacrarium of Our apartments to see what was passing between Me and the Celestial Sovereign; nor did She occupy any position of dignity and of authority in the world.  In fact, when I choose, I never look at dignities and superiorities, but I look at the little individual within whom I can look at My Will in Its face, which is the greatest dignity and authority.  Even though She had neither position, nor dignity, nor superiority in the low world, Heaven and earth hung upon the height of the little young girl of Nazareth, because She possessed My Will.  In Her hands was the destiny of mankind, and the destiny of all My Glory, that I was to receive from the whole Creation. 

“So, it was enough that the mystery of the Incarnation be formed in My Chosen One, the only One, in order for others to be able to receive the good of It. One was My Humanity, and from It came the generation of the redeemed ones.  Therefore, it is enough to form all the good that one
wants within one creature, to be able to have the generation of that good come out, just as one seed is enough in order to multiply, by thousands upon thousands, the generation of that seed.  So, all the power, the virtue, the ability that is needed for a creative virtue, is in forming the first seed; once the first is formed, it is like yeast, in order to form the generation of it.  In the same way, one soul alone is enough for Me, who would give Me absolute freedom to enclose in her the good I want, and to form in her the Sun of the Supreme Fiat, in order for this Sun to beat down Its rays on the surface of the earth, and form the generation of the children of My Will.

“Now, you must know that all Our greatest works carry within themselves the image of the Divine Unity, and the more good they are destined to do, the more good they enclose of this Supreme Unity. See, also in the Creation there are similes of the Divine Unity—works that, while being single works, do so much good, that the multiplicity of Our other works, all together, do not do as much.  Look under the vault of the heavens—one is the sun, but how many goods does it not contain?  How many does it not do to the earth?  It can be said that the life of the earth depends on the sun.  While the sun is one, with its light it embraces everyone and everything; it carries everything on its lap of light, and it gives a distinct act to each one.  According to the variety of things it invests, it communicates fecundity, development, color, sweetness, beauty; yet, the sun is one, while the stars are many, but do not do the great good that the sun does to the earth, though being one. 

“The power of one single act animated by the creative power is incomprehensible, and there is no good that cannot come from it. It can change the face of the earth—from arid and deserted into a flowery springtime.  The sky is one, and therefore it extends everywhere.  Water is one, and even though it seems to be divided in many different points of the earth, forming seas, lakes and rivers, yet, in descending from heaven, it comes down in one form, and there is not one point of the earth in which water does not reside.  So, the things created by Us that carry within themselves the image of the Divine Unity, are those that do more good; they are the most necessary, and the earth could not have life without them. 

 Volume 22

June 8, 1927

“My daughter, for one who does My Will and lives in It, all times and all places are hers. My Supreme Will loses nothing of what It does, and with Its own unique power, It does the act and It preserves it within Itself, intact and beautiful, just as It did it.  So, one who lives in My Supreme Will finds in It the order of all Its acts, as if It were doing them at that very instant; and the soul, uniting herself with It, does what My Volition is doing.

“This is all the delight, the satisfaction, the glory of My Will—that while Its acts are eternal, the littleness of the creature who lives in It takes eternity in her power, and finding the Acts of her Creator as though in act, she repeats with Him, she loves, she glorifies the endlessness of the Acts of He who created her, and so a contest of works, a contest of love and of glory is formed between them. Therefore, the times of Creation are at her disposal, as well as the place of the terrestrial Eden; she has the times of My Incarnation, of My Passion, and Bethlehem, Nazareth and Calvary are not far from her.  Past, distance, do not exist for her, but everything is present and near. 

“Even more, you must know that My Will gives the unity of everything to the soul, and just as My Will, while being one, does everything, in the same way, the soul who possesses the Divine Unity encloses within herself the thoughts of all, the words, works, steps and heartbeats of all, as if they were one alone, in such a way that My Will finds in her all generations and the single acts of each one, just as It finds them within Itself. Oh! how the steps of this chosen creature can be recognized—how sweet is her treading. 

“She goes before her God, but she never goes alone—she carries the treading of the steps of all within her steps. Her voice contains the notes of all human voices, and—oh! what a beautiful harmony she forms in Our Will.  Her heartbeat unleashes little flames for as many creatures as have come out to the existence of life.  Oh! how she delights Us—we amuse ourselves together, she is Our dear jewel, the reflection of Our works, the image of Our Life.  This is why I want My Will to reign in the creature—to fill her with all of Its acts.  In fact, when It does not reign, the void of Its acts is formed in her, and—oh! how terrible is the void of a Divine Will in the creature.  It is like a dry land, full of rocks, without sun and without water, that is terrifying to look at.  And how many there are of these voids in the creature; and when I find one who lives in My Will, I make feast, for I can fill her with all the acts of My Will.”

 Volume 23

March 11, 1928


After this, I was following my Divine Fiat, doing my round in It; and as I arrived at the home of Nazareth in which my lovable Jesus had conducted His Hidden Life, in order to follow His Acts, I was saying to Him: “My Love, there is no Act You do in which my ‘I love You’ does not follow You, to ask You, by means of Your Acts, for the Kingdom of Your Will.  My ‘I love You’ follows You everywhere—in the steps You take, in the words You speak, in the wood You hammer; and while You hammer the wood, may You hammer the human will, that it may be undone, and Your Divine Will may rise again in the midst of creatures. 

“My ‘I love You’ flows in the water You drink, in the food You take, in the air You breathe, in the rivers of love that pass between You and Your Mama and Saint Joseph, in the prayers You do, in Your ardent heartbeat, in the sleep You take.  Oh! how I wish to be near You, to whisper to Your ear:  ‘I love You, I love You…. O please! let Your Kingdom come.’”

Now, while I would have wanted my “I love You” to form a circle around all the Acts of Jesus, He moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, all of My Hidden Life, and such a long one, was nothing other than the recall of the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth.  I wanted to redo within Myself all the acts that creatures were to do in It, to then hold them out to them; and I wanted to do this together with My Mama, I wanted Her always together with Me in My Hidden Life, in order to form this Kingdom.  Two people had destroyed this Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, Adam and Eve; and two more, Myself and the height of the Sovereign Queen, were to redo It. 

“So, first I took care of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, because the human will had been the first to offend Mine by withdrawing from It; all other offenses came in the second degree, as the consequence of the first act. It is the human will that is the life or the death of the creature, her happiness or her tyranny and misfortune into which she hurls herself; her good angel that leads her to Heaven, or the one who, transforming into a demon, hurls her into hell.  All evil is in the will, as well as all good, because the will is like the fount of life placed in the creature, that can spring joys, happiness, sanctity, peace, virtue, or spurts from itself little fountains of troubles, of miseries, of sins, of wars, that destroy all goods.

“Therefore, first I took care of the Kingdom of My Will in this Hidden Life, for as long as thirty years; and then, with My short Public Life, just three years, I took care of Redemption. And while in forming the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, I had the Celestial Mama always near Me, in My Public Life I did without Her presence, at least corporally, because for the Kingdom of My Fiat I constituted Myself King, and the Virgin, Queen, in order to be, I first, and then She, the foundation of the Kingdom that had been destroyed by the human will. 

“See, then, how the Kingdom of My Divine Will, by necessity, by reason, and as a result, was formed with My coming upon earth in the first order; nor could I have formed the Redemption had I not satisfied My Celestial Father for the first offensive act that the creature had done against Him. Therefore, the Kingdom of My Will is formed, there is nothing left but to make It known; and this is why I do nothing but follow with you, and hold out to you, My Acts that I did in order to form It, accompanying your acts so that the foundation of Mine may flow in them.  I am on guard so that your will may have no life, and so that Mine may be free.  In sum, I am acting as with a second mother of Mine, recalling all the acts done together with the Virgin, in order to deposit them in you.  Therefore, be attentive to follow My Will in everything.”May everything be for the glory of God and for the fulfillment of His Most Holy Will.

 Volume 24

 July 7, 1928

 Then, while I was accompanying my sweet Jesus in the little room of Nazareth in order to follow His Acts, I thought to myself: “Certainly my Beloved Jesus had the Kingdom of His Will during His Hidden Life.  In fact, the Sovereign Lady possessed His Fiat, He was the Divine Will Itself, and Saint Joseph, in the midst of these Seas of endless light—how could he not let himself be dominated by this Most Holy Will?” 

But while I was thinking of this, my highest Good, Jesus, sighing with sorrow in my interior, told me: “My daughter, indeed My Divine Will reigned in this house of Nazareth on earth as It does in Heaven.  My Celestial Mama and I knew no other will, and Saint Joseph lived in the reflections of Our Will.  But I was like a king without a people, isolated, without cortege, without army, and My Mama was like a queen without children, because She was not surrounded by other children worthy of Her to whom She could entrust Her crown of Queen, so as to have the offspring of Her noble children, all kings and queens. 

“And I had the sorrow of being a King without a people; and if those who surrounded Me could be called a people, it was a sick people—some were blind, some mute, some deaf, some crippled, some covered with wounds. It was a people that gave Me dishonor—not honor; even more, it did not even know Me, nor did it want to know Me.  So, I was King only for Myself, and My Mama was Queen without the long generation of Her offspring of Her royal children.

“But in order to be able to say that I had My Kingdom, and to rule, I had to have ministers; and even though I had Saint Joseph as prime minister, one minister only does not constitute a ministry. I had to have a great army, all intent on fighting to defend the rights of the Kingdom of My Divine Will; and a faithful people that would have, as law, only the law of My Will.  This was not so, My daughter; therefore I cannot say that, on coming upon earth, I had the Kingdom of My Fiat at that time. 

“Our Kingdom was for Us only, because the order of Creation, the royalty of man, was not restored. However, by the Celestial Mother and I living wholly of Divine Will, the seed was sown, the yeast was formed, so as to make Our Kingdom arise and grow upon earth.  Therefore, all the preparations were made, all the graces impetrated, all the pains suffered, so that the Kingdom of My Fiat might come to reign upon earth.  This is why Nazareth can be called the point of recall of the Kingdom of Our Will.”

Volume 24

October 3, 1928

And my Beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, if Rome has the primacy of My Church, she owes it to Jerusalem, because the beginning of Redemption was precisely in Jerusalem.  Within that homeland, from the little town of Nazareth I chose My Virgin Mother; I Myself was born in the little town of Bethlehem, and all of My Apostles were from that homeland.  And even though, ungrateful, she did not want to recognize Me and rejected the goods of My Redemption, it cannot be denied that the origin, the beginning, the first people who received the good of It, were from this city.  The first criers of the Gospel, those who established Catholicism in Rome, were My Apostles, all from Jerusalem—that is, from this homeland.

“Now there will be an exchange: if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and therefore of Redemption, Rome will give to Jerusalem the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  And this is so true, that just as I chose a Virgin from the little town of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I have chosen another virgin in a little town of Italy belonging to Rome, to whom the mission of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat has been entrusted.  And since It must be known in Rome, just as My coming upon earth was known in Jerusalem, Rome will have the great honor of requiting Jerusalem for the great Gift received from her, which is Redemption, by making known to her the Kingdom of My Will. 

“Then will Jerusalem repent of her ingratitude, and will embrace the life of the religion that she gave to Rome; and, grateful, she will receive from Rome the life and the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Divine Will. And not only Jerusalem, but all the other nations will receive from Rome the great Gift of the Kingdom of My Fiat, the first criers of It, Its Gospel—all full of peace, of happiness and of restoration of the creation of man. 

 Volume 27

December 29, 1929

“Therefore, as I would go around and stop, My Humanity did nothing other than form new Edens, because in Me there were all the acts of the beginning of the creation of man, and wherever I stopped I could form new Edens with My innocence and holiness. So, Eden was Egypt, Eden was Nazareth, Eden was the desert, Eden was Jerusalem, Eden was Mount Calvary; and these Edens that I formed called the Kingdom of My Divine Will to reign, and are sure proofs that, just as I fulfilled the Kingdom of Redemption and It is making Its round to be established in the whole world, so will these Edens, in which all acts were done by Me as if man had not fallen, follow the acts of Redemption, and will make their round to establish the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  Therefore, I want you always together with Me, that you may follow Me in all My Acts and offer everything so that My Divine Will may reign and dominate, because this is what interests your Jesus the most.”

 Volume 27

 January 30, 1930

 “My daughter, there is much analogy between the way in which Redemption unfolded and the way in which the Kingdom of My Divine Will will unfold. See, in My Redemption I chose a Virgin; in appearance She had no importance according to the world, either of riches, or of height of dignity or positions that would indicate Her; the very city of Nazareth was not important—a tiny little house was Her whole abode.  But even though I chose Her from Nazareth, I wanted for it to belong to the capital city, Jerusalem, in which there was the body of the Pontiffs and Priests who then represented Me and announced My laws.  For the Kingdom of My Divine Will I have chosen another virgin who, in appearance, has no importance, either of great riches or of height of dignity; the very city of Corato is not an important city, but it belongs to Rome, in which resides My representative on earth, the Roman Pontiff, from whom come My Divine laws; and just as he makes it his duty to make My Redemption known to the peoples, so will he make it his duty to make known the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  It can be said that one and the other will proceed in the same way and manner, as the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat must unfold.”

 Volume 29

May 19, 1931

“Here, then, the necessity of the preparations, of the graces, of My visits and communications. This sounded bad to those who have read; therefore doubts and difficulties—that it cannot be possible that among so many other great Saints, no one has lived in the Kingdom of My Will.  So, it is She[1] alone that is preferred to all; and when they have read that I was placing you near the Sovereign Queen, so that, She having lived in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, you might imitate Her, wanting to make of you a copy that resembles Her; and I placed you in Her hands, that She might guide you, assist you, protect you, so that you might imitate Her in everything—this seemed so absurd to them; and sinisterly misinterpreting the sense, they spoke as if I had told you that you were as though another Queen.  How much nonsense—I did not say that you are like the Celestial Queen, but that I want you similar to Her, just as I have said to many other souls dear to Me that I wanted them similar to Me; but with this they would not become God like Me.  And then, since the Celestial Lady is the true Queen of the Kingdom of My Will, it is Her task to help and teach the fortunate creatures who want to enter, to live in It.  By this, they show as if I did not have the power to elect whom I want, and when I want.  But, after all, time will say everything, and just as they cannot deny that the Virgin of Nazareth is My Mama, so will they not be able to deny that I have elected you for the sole purpose of making My Will known, and that, through you, I will obtain that the ‘Thy Kingdom come’ may have Its fulfillment.  It is certain that creatures are an instrument in My hands, and I do not look at who it is, but I look at whether My Divine Will has decided to operate by means of this instrument.  And this is enough for Me to fulfill My highest designs; and of the doubts and difficulties of creatures I make use, in due time, to confound them and humiliate them.  But I do not stop, and I move forward in the work that I want to do by means of the creature.  Therefore, you too—follow Me and do not draw back.  Besides, it shows from their way of thinking that they have calculated only your person, but have not calculated what My Divine Will can do, and what It knows how to do, and when It decides to operate in one creature in order to fulfill Its greatest designs in the midst of the human generations, It lets nothemselves in the Divine and supernatural order, or to bow their forehead to the incomprehensible works of their Creator; and while they want to reason with their own human reason, they lose the Divine Reason, and remain confounded and incredulous.”

 Volume 29

 May 31, 1931

  My sweet Jesus remained silent, and, withdrawing, He left me in the Light of His Will; and—oh! how many things I comprehended. But who can say them all?  More so, since in It one speaks with celestial terms, and in finding myself inside myself I must adapt the celestial terms to the human; and fearing I might make a mess, I content myself with moving forward, hoping that, if Jesus wants it, He will adapt Himself to speaking with the terms of the low world. 

After this, I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat, and my poor mind paused in the little house of Nazareth, where the Queen of Heaven, the Celestial King Jesus, and Saint Joseph, were in possession of and lived in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. So, this Kingdom is not foreign to the earth; the house of Nazareth, the little family that lived in It, belonged to this Kingdom and kept It in full force.  But while I was thinking about this, my great King Jesus told me:  “My daughter, indeed the Kingdom of My Divine Will has existed upon earth, and therefore there is the sure hope that It will return again to Its full force.  Our house of Nazareth was Its true Kingdom; however, We were without peoples. 

“Now, you must know that each creature is a Kingdom; therefore, one who lets the Divine Will reign within herself can be called a little Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. So, she is a tiny little house of Nazareth that We have upon earth; and, though little, since Our Will is in her, reigning, Heaven is not closed for her; she observes the same laws of the Celestial Fatherland, she loves with the same love, feeds herself with the foods from up there, and is incorporated into the Kingdom of Our interminable regions.  Now, in order to form the great Kingdom of Our Will upon earth, first We will make the many tiny little houses of Nazareth—that is, the souls who will want to know It in order to let It reign within themselves.  I, Myself, and the Sovereign Queen, will be at the head of these tiny little houses, because, We having been the first to possess this Kingdom on earth, it is Our right, that We will not surrender to anyone, to be the directors of them.  Then, with these tiny little houses, repeaters of Our house of Nazareth, We will form many little states of Ours, many provinces, that, after they have been formed well, and ordered like many little Kingdoms of Our Will, will fuse together and will form one single Kingdom and one great people.  Therefore, in order to have Our greatest works, Our way of acting is to begin, first alone, one on one with one single creature; when We have formed this one, We make her a channel in order to enclose in Our Work two or three more creatures; then We expand, forming a little group, and then We expand it so much as to take the whole entire world.  Our works begin in the isolation of God and the soul, and end by continuing their life in the midst of entire peoples.  And when there is the beginning of a work of Ours, it is the sure sign that it will not die at birth; at the most, it may live hidden for some time, but then it will go out and will have its perennial life.  Therefore, always forward do I want you in My Divine Will.”

 Volume 29

September 12, 1931

  You must know that My whole Life, spent down here, I enclose within one day.  My day begins by being conceived and being born; the veils of the sacramental accidents serve Me as swaddling clothes for My tender age.  And when, because of human ingratitude, they leave Me alone and try to offend Me, I do My exile, left with only the company of some loving soul who, like a second mother, cannot detach herself from Me and keeps Me faithful company. 

“From the exile I move on to Nazareth, doing My Hidden Life in the company of those few good who surround Me. And continuing My day, as creatures draw near to receive Me, I do My Public Life, repeating My evangelical scenes, offering to each one My teachings, the helps, the comforts that are necessary for them; I act as Father, as Teacher, as Doctor, and, if needed, also as Judge.  So, I spend My day waiting for all and doing good to all.  And—oh! how many times I have to remain alone, without a heart that would palpitate near Me.  I feel a desert around Me, and I remain alone—alone praying.  I feel the loneliness of My days that I spent in the desert down here, and oh! how painful it is for Me—I, who am heartbeat for all in each heart; jealous, I guard everyone—feeling isolated and abandoned. 

“But My day does not end with the sole abandonment; there is not one day that ungrateful souls do not offend Me and receive Me sacrilegiously, and make Me complete My day with My Passion and with My Death on the Cross. Ah! it is sacrilege the most ruthless death that I receive in this Sacrament of Love.  So, in this Tabernacle I do My day by carrying out everything I carried out in the thirty-three years of My mortal Life.  And just as in everything I did and do, the prime purpose, the prime act of life, is the Will of My Father—that It be done on earth as It is in Heaven—so in this little Host I do nothing other than implore that one be My Will with My children.  And I call you in this Divine Will, in which you find My whole Life in act; and you, by following it, ruminating it and offering it, unite yourself with Me in My Eucharistic day, to obtain that My Will be known and reign upon earth.  And so you too will be able to say:  ‘I do my day together with Jesus.’”

 Volume 34

 May 31, 1936

“As I was Born, so I Recalled My Volition to be Born Again in all human works.  In all My infantile tears, crying, prayers, and sighs, I Recalled with My tears and sighs My Will in the tears, sufferings, and sighs of creatures, such that I did nothing in which they would not feel the Strength, the Empire of My Will so that It would Reign in them, that, moved to pity by My and their tears, It would give them the Grace of the return of Its Kingdom.  Even My Exile symbolized how creatures were exiled from My Volition, and I wanted to be exiled in order to Recall My Will into the midst of the poor exiled ones, so that It would Recall them and would convert the exile into Fatherland where they would no longer be tyrannized by enemies, by foreign people, by vile passions, but have the Fullness of the Goods of My Will.

“And My return to Nazareth, how well it symbolized My Divine Will. I Lived in It hidden; Its Reigning was in full vigor in the Holy Family.  I was the Word, the Divine Will in person, veiled by My Humanity.  That same Will that Reigned in Me Diffused Itself to everyone, It embraced them, It was the Motion and Life of each one, I felt in Me the motion and the life of each one, of which My Fiat was the Actor.  What suffering, what Sorrow, in not being recognized, nor receiving one thank You, one ‘I love You,’ one act of gratitude, neither from the entire world, nor from Nazareth itself, because not only My Will, but also My Holy Humanity Lived in their midst, that did not cease to give Light to the one who could see Me and come near Me in order to make Myself known.  But yet, in My Sorrow I always remained the hidden God. 

“Such is the lot of My Divine Volition. Man was Created with the Creative Strength of the Fiat; he was born, was kneaded, soaked in It.  It administers to him the continuous Motion, the heat, the Life; he will end his life in the Fiat, and yet, who knows It?  Who has recognized this Divine Act so continuous, without ever tiring, that with so much Love envelopes the life of the creature in order to give her Life?  Almost no one, My daughter.  To do Good, to be the Primary Cause of Conservation, and to give Perennial Life to the creature, to maintain the Order of all created things around her and only for her, and to not be recognized, is the Sorrow of sorrows.  And the Patience of My Will gives of the incredible.  But do you know why this Patience is so Invincible and Constant?  Because it knows that Its Kingdom will come, Its Palpitating Life will be recognized in the midst of creatures, and in view of the Great Glory that It will receive in being known that It is the Life of every life—and while It is Life, It will receive every life in order to Reign in them—It will no longer be hidden, but unveiled and recognized.  In view of this, It supports so much ingratitude, and that only a Divine Patience could support the prolixity of so many centuries of so much human ingratitude. 

“From Nazareth, I passed on to the desert where there was maximum solitude, and the greater part ferocious animals that deafened the desert with their roars, that surrounded Me—symbol of My Divine Will that, since It is not known, forms the desert around the creature, and a solitude that is horrifying and frightful. The good is laid waste, and the soul feels herself surrounded by more then fierce animals, that is, her brutal passions that send roars of rage, of bestial furies, of cruelty, of every sort of evil.  My Holy Humanity went step-by-step retracing all the Sorrows that My Divine Will had suffered in order to repair It and Recall It to Reign again in the midst of creatures.  I can say that My every Heartbeat, Breath, Word, Step, and suffering, was the continuous Recall of My Will to make Itself known to the creatures in order to let It

Reign. And It called them into It in order to let them know the Great Good, the Sanctity, the Happiness of Living in the Fiat. 

“From the desert, I passed to the Public Life, in which few were those who believed that I was the Messiah—of the scholarly types, almost no one. And I wanted to use My Power to sow Miracles in order to form for Myself the people, so that if they would not believe My Words, they would believe the Power of My Miracles.  They were My Divine and Loving Industries that, at whatever cost, I wanted to make Myself known, that I was their Savior, because if they did not know Me, they would not be able to receive the Good of the Redemption.  Therefore it was necessary to make Myself known in order that My Coming on earth would not be useless for them. 

“O! how My Public Life symbolizes the Triumph of the Kingdom of My Fiat in the midst of creatures that, with surprising Truths, I will make known. And in order to have the intent, I will make Miracles and Prodigies.  With the Power of My Volition I will Recall to Life those dead to grace.  I will repeat the Miracle of the Resurrection of Lazarus, that, even though they have putrefied in evil, rendering stinking cadavers like Lazarus, My Fiat will Recall them to Life, It will stop the stench of sin, It will make them Rise Again in Good.  In sum, I will use all My Divine Industries in order to let My Volition Dominate in the midst of the people.  See, therefore, in My every Word that I said and in every Miracle that I did, I Called My Will to Reign in their midst, and I Called the people to Live in It. 

“From the Public Life I passed to the Passion, symbol of the Passion of My Will that, for so many centuries, had Suffered so many rebellious wills of the creature, that by not wanting to submit themselves to It, they had closed Heaven, broken the communications with their Creator, and they were rendered unhappy slaves of the infernal enemy. My lacerated Humanity sought death.  Crucified, It represented before the Divine Justice the unhappy humanity without My Volition.  And in every suffering I Called My Fiat to give the kiss of Peace with creatures in order to render them Happy.  And I Called them into It in order to make the Sorrowful Passion of My Will cease.

“Finally, Death, that matured My Resurrection, that called everyone to Rise Again in My Divine Fiat. And O! how My Resurrection vividly symbolized the Kingdom of My Will.  My Humanity wounded, deformed, unrecognizable, Rose Again healthy, with an Enchanting Beauty, Glorious and Triumphant.  It prepared the Triumph, the Glory to My Will, Calling everyone into It, and impetrating that everyone would Rise Again in My Volition, from the dead to the Living, from ugly to Beautiful, from unhappy to Happy.  My Arisen Humanity assures the Kingdom of My Will on earth.  It was My Unique Act full of Triumph and Victory, and this was befitting to Me because I did not want to depart for Heaven if first I had not given all the helps to the creatures, in order to let them reenter into the Kingdom of My Volition, and all the Glory, the Honor, the Triumph, to My Supreme Fiat, in order to let It Dominate and Reign.  Therefore unite yourself with Me and let it be that there is no act that you do, and suffering that you suffer, that you do not call My Will to take Its Royal and Dominating place, and as Victor, Conquer everything in order to make It known, loved and wanted by everyone.”


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