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11/4 The Power of the Victim Souls



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Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

The Little Daughterof the Divine Will



May 17, 1900

Power of the victim souls.

I continue in the same state of privation and of abandonment.  As I was outside of myself, I saw a flood of water mixed with hail, such that it seemed that several cities were flooded with considerable damage.  While seeing this, I was in great consternation because I wanted to prevent that flood, but since I was alone – more so, since I did not have Jesus with me – I felt my poor arms too weak to be able to do it.  Then, to my surprise, I saw a virgin coming (it seemed to me that she was from America) and, she from one point, I from another, managed to prevent in great part the scourge that threatened us.  After this, as we reunited, I saw that virgin with the insignia of the passion, and crowned with the crown of thorns, just as I was, and a person who seemed to be an Angel, saying:  “Oh, power of the victim souls!  That which is not given to us Angels to do, they can do with their sufferings.  Oh, if men knew the good that comes from them – because they are there for the public and the individual good – they would do nothing but implore God to multiply these souls upon earth.”  After this, having said to each other that each of us should commend the other to the Lord, we separated.


July 1, 1902

 True victims must expose themselves to the pains of Jesus. Machinations against the Church and against the Pope.

As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, kneeling on an altar together with two more people. In the meantime Jesus Christ appeared over this altar, and He said: “True victims must have communication with my very life; they must avail themselves of my very self, and expose themselves to my very pains.” While saying this, He took a pyx in His hand and gave Communion to all three of us. After this, behind that altar there seemed to be a door which led into a street filled with people and jam-packed with demons, in such a way that one could not walk without being squeezed by them; and since it was full of thorns, extremely sharp, one could not make a movement without feeling one’s flesh being pricked deep inside. At any cost I would have wanted to escape those diabolical furies, and I almost tried to do it, but someone, I don’t know who, prevented me by saying to me: “Everything you see are machinations against the Church and against the Pope. They would want the Pope to get out of Rome by invading the Vatican and seizing it, and if you want to avoid these bothers, men and demons will acquire strength and will make these thorns come out which will prick the Church bitterly. But if you content yourself with suffering them, both the one and the other will be weakened.” On hearing this I stopped, but who can say what I went through and suffered. I thought I would never again get out from the midst of those diabolical spirits; however, after staying there almost one whole night, divine protection freed me.

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