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Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta,

 The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


May 19, 1899

 Humility is the safeguard of the celestial favors.

 ….Then He showed me many religious people and, among them, priests – even of holy life. But as good as they were, they lacked that spirit of simplicity in believing in the many graces and the many ways the Lord uses with souls. Jesus said to me: “I communicate Myself both to the humble and to the simple, because they immediately believe in my graces and take them into great consideration, though they may be ignorant and poor. But with these others you (Luisa) see, I am very reluctant, because the first step which draws the soul near Me is belief; and it happens that these, with all of their science and doctrine, and even holiness, never come to experience a ray of celestial light – that is, they walk along the natural way, and they never arrive at touching, even slightly, that which is supernatural. This is also the reason for which in the course of my mortal life there was not one learned, one priest, one man of power, among my followers, but all ignorant and of low condition – because these were more humble and simple, and also more disposed to make great sacrifices for Me.”


 August 10, 1899

 About justice. The fruits of justice: truth and simplicity. How Jesus is wounded by simplicity.

 …. He (JESUS) added: “The daughter of justice is truth. Just as I am the eternal Truth, and I do not deceive, nor can I deceive, in the same way, the soul who possesses justice makes truth shine in all of her actions. Therefore, since she knows by experience the true light of truth, if someone wants to deceive her, since that light which she feels within herself is missing, she immediately recognizes the deceit. And so it happens that with this light of truth she deceives neither herself, nor her neighbor, nor can she be deceived. The fruit produced by this justice and by this truth is simplicity, which is another quality of my Being – being simple; so much so, that I penetrate everywhere; there is nothing that can prevent Me from penetrating inside of it. I penetrate into Heaven and into the abysses, into good and into evil; but my Being, which is most simple, by penetrating even into evil, does not get dirty; even more, it does not receive the slightest shadow. In the same way, through justice and truth, gathering this beautiful fruit of simplicity within herself, the soul penetrates into Heaven, she enters into hearts to lead them to Me, she penetrates into everything that is good; and if she finds herself with sinners and sees the evil that they do, she does not get dirty because, being simple, she immediately brushes it off, without receiving any harm. Simplicity is so beautiful, that my Heart is wounded at one gaze alone of a simple soul. She is the admiration of angels and men.”


 November 22, 1901

 ….He (JESUS) made Himself seen for a little while and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), when the soul does the will of someone else in everything, it is said that she has trust in that person, therefore she lives from someone else’s volition, and not from her own. In the same way, when the soul does my Will in everything, I (JESUS) say that she has faith. So, Divine Will and faith are branches produced by the same trunk; and since faith is simple, faith and Divine Will produce a third branch, that of simplicity. And here is how the soul comes to reacquire the characteristics of a dove in everything. Don’t you (Luisa) want, then, to be my dove?”


 April 29, 1902

….This morning my adorable Jesus came for a little, telling me: “My daughter (Luisa) , one who wants everything from God must give all of himself to God.” And He stopped, without telling me anything else for the time being. Seeing Him close to me, I said to Him: ‘Lord, have compassion on me; don’t You (JESUS) see how everything is dry and withered? It seems to me that I have become so dry, as if I had never received a drop of rain.’ And He: “So much the better. Don’t you (Luisa) know that the drier the wood, the more easily the fire devours it and converts it into fire? One spark alone is enough to ignite it. But if it is full of humors and not well dried, it takes a big fire to ignite it, and much time to convert it into fire. The same in the soul: when everything is dry, one spark alone is enough to convert her completely into fire of divine love.” And I: ‘Lord, You are making fun of me. How ugly, then, everything is; and besides, what do You have to burn if everything is dry?’ And He: “I am not making fun of you (Luisa); you (Luisa) yourself cannot comprehend that when not everything is dry in the soul, complacency is a humor, satisfaction is a humor, one’s own taste is a humor, self-esteem is a humor. On the other hand, when everything is dry and the soul operates, these humors have no place from which to arise, and the Divine Fire, finding only the soul naked, as dry as she was created by It, with no other extraneous humors, since it is something that belongs to It, it is extremely easy for It to convert her into Its very Divine Fire. And after this, I (JESUS) infuse in her a garment of peace, and this peace is preserved by interior obedience, and kept by external obedience. This peace gives birth to the whole of God within the soul – that is, to all the works, the virtues and the ways of the Humanate Word – in such a way that one can see in her His simplicity, His humility, the dependency of His infantile life, the perfection of His adult virtues, the mortification and the crucifixion of His dying. But it always begins from this: one who wants the whole of Christ must give everything to Christ.”


 July 31, 1906

Jesus speaks about simplicity.

 ….Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for a little, and embracing me wholly, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), simplicity is to virtues as condiment to foods. For a simple soul there are neither keys nor doors to enter into Me, nor are there for Me to enter into her, because from all sides she can enter into Me, and I into her. Even more, to better say it, she finds herself in Me without entering because, by her simplicity, she comes to resemble Me, Who am most simple Spirit, and only because I am most simple I am present everywhere and nothing can escape my hand. A simple soul is like the light of the Sun – in spite of any fog, or of the fact that its rays pass through whatever rubbish, it remains always light, it gives light to all, and it never changes. In the same way, a simple soul, no matter what mortification or displeasure she may receive, does not cease to be light for herself and for those who have mortified her. And if she sees evil things, she does not become stained, but remains always light; nor does she change, because simplicity is that virtue which most resembles the Divine Being. Only through this virtue can one participate in the other divine qualities, and only in the soul who is simple are there no impediments or obstacles for Divine Grace to enter and to operate. In fact, since both one and the other are light, one light easily unites and transforms into the other.”


 October 3, 1906

Jesus speaks about simplicity.

 ….As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for just a little, and told me: “My daughter (Luisa) , simplicity fills the soul with Grace to the point of diffusing outside; so, if one wanted to constrain Grace within her, this could not be done. In fact, just as the Spirit of God, because He is most simple, diffuses everywhere without effort or strain, but rather, naturally; in the same way, the soul who possesses the virtue of simplicity diffuses Grace into others without even realizing it.”


 May 19, 1911

….Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all afflicted, and I was around Him, all intent on compassionating Him, loving Him, embracing Him and consoling Him, with all the fullness of confidence; and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa) , you are my contentment. I like it this way – that the soul forgets about herself, about her miseries, and occupies herself only with Me, with My afflictions, with My bitternesses, with My love, and she remains around Me with all confidence. This confidence captures my Heart and inundates Me with so much joy that, just as the soul forgets all of herself for Me, I forget everything for her, and I make her one single thing for Me; and I reach the point of not only giving her, but of letting her take everything she wants. On the other hand, to the soul who does not forget everything for Me, even her miseries, and who, if she wants to be around Me, does so with all respect, with fear and without the confidence that captures my Heart, as though wanting to be with Me with fearful restraint and all circumspect – to this one I give nothing, and she can take nothing, because the key of confidence, of ease, of simplicity is missing. These are all necessary things in order for Me to give, and for her to receive; and so, she comes with miseries, and with miseries she remains.”


 February 24, 1912

The soul who lives in the Divine Will loses her temperament and acquires that of Jesus.

 ….So I added: ‘My Love, tell me, what is your temperament?’ And Jesus: “One who lives in my Will loses her temperament and acquires mine. So, the soul who lives in my Will finds in herself a pleasant, attractive, penetrating, dignified temperament, and altogether simple – a child-like simplicity; in sum, she looks like Me in everything. Even more, she keeps her temperament within her power as she wants and as it’s needed. Since she lives in my Will, she takes part in my Power, so she keeps at her disposal all things, and herself . According to the circumstances and to the people she deals with, she takes my temperament and applies it.”


 August 20, 1913

One who lives in the Divine Will must have trust, simplicity and disinterest in giving to all.

 While I was praying, I saw my always adorable Jesus within me, and many souls around me, who were saying: ‘Lord, You have placed everything in this soul!’ And stretching their hands toward me, they said: ‘Since Jesus is in you , and all His goods are with Him, take them and give them to us.’ I remained confused, and blessed Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), all possible goods are contained in my Will, and it is necessary for the soul who lives in It to be in It with trust, operating as owner together with Me. Creatures expect everything from this soul, and if they don’t receive, they feel defrauded. But how can she give if she does not operate together with Me in complete confidence? Therefore, trust in giving; simplicity in communicating herself to all; disinterest for herself, to be able to live completely for Me and for her neighbor are necessary for the soul who lives in my Will. Such am I.”


 November 19, 1921

The truth is simple.

 ….However, know that simplicity enters into all truths as the first nourishment. If the truths were not simple, they would not be light, and they could not penetrate into human minds to enlighten them; and where there is no light, objects can not be distinguished. Simplicity is not only light, but it is like the air that one breathes which, though it cannot be seen, gives respiration to all; and if it wasn’t for the air, the earth and everyone would remain without motion. Therefore, if the virtues, the truths, do not carry the mark of simplicity, they will be without light and without air.”


 December 16, 1928

….“These nine excesses of My Love, manifested with so much love of tenderness and simplicity, formed the prelude of the many lessons I was to give you about My Divine Fiat, in order to form Its Kingdom.  And now, by their being read, My Love is renewed and redoubled.  Don’t you (Luisa) want, then, that My Love, being redoubled, overflow outside and invest more hearts, so that, as a prelude, they may dispose themselves for the lessons of My Will, to make It known and reign?” 


 November 6, 1929

 ….Then, my poor and little mind kept wandering within the Divine Fiat, and my lovable Jesus added: “My daughter (Luisa), My Divine Will simplifies the creature, It empties her so much of everything that does not belong to It, that nothing else is left of the human being but a complex of simplicity.  Simple the gaze, the word, the manners, the steps; the mark of the Divine simplicity can be seen in her as though in a mirror.  Therefore, when My Divine Will reigns on earth, pretense, lie, that can be called origin of every evil, will no longer exist; while simplicity, as origin of every true good, will be the true characteristic that will point out that here reigns the Divine Will. 

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