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11/22 Feast Day of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe


11/22 Feast Day of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe!

The Eucharistic Reign of Jesus
In the Kingdom of the Divine Will

By the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

This is why I love so much one who lives in my Will: I recognize my portrait in her, my noble features; I feel my own breath, my voice; and if I did not love her I would defraud Myself. I would be like a father without offspring, without the noble cortege of his court, and
without the crown of his children. And if I did not have the offspring, the court and the crown, how could I call Myself a King? My Kingdom is formed by those who live in my Will, and from this Kingdom, I choose the Mother, the Queen, the children, the ministers, the army, the people. I am everything for them, and they are all for Me. (November 19, 1921)


To the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Letter of Luisa Piccarreta  to Federico Abresch from Bologna

Don’t you know that Redemption is preparation for the Kingdom of the Divine Will? And the Sacred Heart of Jesus is nothing other than the immense Reign of His Will. It is not the Heart that dominates; it is the Divine Will that dominates His Divine Heart. Poor Heart, if it did not have a Will to dominate it, it would be good at nothing. If the will is good, the heart is good; if the will is holy, the heart is holy. If our will gives place to the Divine, letting It raise Its throne in our will, the heart acquires the divine qualities by grace. Therefore, both in the Divine and in the human order, it is always the will that has the first place, the prime act, it’s rule. The heart and all the rest are in the secondary order…

Therefore, to say that the Heart reigns, if the Divine Will does not reign, is absurd. They can be called devotions, pious practices…; if the Divine Will does not reign, the Kingdom does not exist. It exists in Heaven, but has no place on earth. However, the Holy Church, organ and messenger of the Supreme Fiat, through the Sacred Heart, through the Celestial Mama, beseeches the Kingdom of the Divine Will. She does not say it with words, but says it with facts. The Divine Volition is the King – His Heart, His wounds, His precious Blood, the sweet Queen, form the ministers that surround the King, and through them beseech the Kingdom of the Divine Will in souls.

Now, how can one know It? All the necessary things, the different circumstances in which we may find ourselves, are Will of God for us. If we are really determined to live in It, God is so pleased that, if miracles are needed, He will make them in order not to let us use our will. It is up to us to truly decide, and be willing even to give our lives in order to live in It; and dear Jesus and the Sovereign Queen will take on the commitment, will be our sentries, and will surround us with such graces as to not let us be betrayed by our own wills. More so, since our Lord does not teach difficult things, nor does He impose them or want them, but He facilitates all that He wants from us in an admirable way; even more, He puts Himself in our place to make it easy for us, and does together with us all that He wants us to do.

 Extending the Rays of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Volume   24 – March 25, 1928

After this, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen with His Divine Heart unleashing many rays of light; each knowledge about the Divine Will was impressed at the point from which the rays started, in such a way as to form the most beautiful crown of light around that Divine Heart.  And my beloved Jesus added:

 “My daughter, look what a beautiful crown of glory and of light my Divine Heart possesses!  A more beautiful and refulgent crown It could not possess.  These rays are all the knowledges about my Will;

however, these rays are hampered – they cannot extend, because their knowledges are not known; this is why they cannot extend and expand so as to fill the whole earth with light.  It happens as it would to the Sun if its rays, which start from the center of its sphere, were forced to remain in the air, without being able to extend so as to touch the earth and invest it with light and heat.  Unable to extend its rays, the Sun would not be able to give the effects that its light contains, nor could the earth receive them.  There would be a certain distance between the earth and the light of the Sun, and this distance would prevent the Sun from doing good to the earth, and the earth would be sterile and infertile.  Such are the knowledges about my Fiat:


 if they are not made known, their rays cannot extend and take souls as though  in their hands to warm them, to remove from them the torpor of the human will, to mold them anew, to transform them again in the life which my Fiat wants to  infuse into them; because these knowledges are, and contain, the new creation  of transforming the creature as he came out of Our creative hands.”             Fiat!

Hours of the Passion – Prayer to Disarm the Divine Justice

…. This is the generous Heart with which I have longed to suffer, to give You complete satisfaction for all the sins of men….Oh my Father, was there, perhaps, one single beat of my Heart that did not seek your Glory and the salvation of my brothers at the cost of pains and of Blood? Did there not come forth from this always oppressed Heart of mine the ardent supplications, the groanings, the sighs and the strong cries with which for thirty-four years I have wept and cried out for Mercy in your Presence?

The Kingdom of the Divine Will – from Luisa’s Appeal

“And now a word to all of you who read these writings… I beg you, I implore you to receive with love what Jesus wants to gives us, that is, His Will.

But to give you His Will, He wants yours, otherwise His own cannot reign. If you only knew… With this love my Jesus wants to give you the greatest gift that exists in both heaven and earth: His Will!

Oh, what bitter tears He sheds, for He sees that in following your own will you wander all over the wretched earth! You are no good at keeping a good resolution, and do you know why? Because His Will does not reign in you.

Oh, how Jesus weeps and sighs over your destiny! And sobbing, He begs you to make His will reign in you. He wants to make you change your lot: from sick to healthy, from poor to rich, from weak to strong, from hesitant to steadfast, from slaves to kings. He wants no great penances, no lengthy prayers nor anything else; except that His Will reign in you and that yours live no more.

Ah, listen to Him, and I am ready to give my life for each one of you, to suffer any hardship so that you open the doors of your soul and the Will of my Jesus can reign and triumph over the human generations!

Now will you all deign to accept my invitation? Come with me to Eden, the place of your origins where the Supreme One created man, made him king and gave him a kingdom to rule over; this kingdom was the whole universe; but his scepter, his crown and his orders came from the depths of his soul in which the divine Fiat dwells as a ruling King and constitutes man’s true kingship. His robes were royal, brighter than the sun, his acts noble, his beauty entrancing. God so loved him, entertained himself with him, called him my little king and son. All was happiness, order and harmony

This man, our first father, betrayed himself, betrayed his kingdom and in doing his own will, saddened his Creator who had so exalted and loved him; and he lost his kingdom, the Kingdom of the Divine Will, in which all things had been given to him. The gates of the kingdom were closed to him and God reclaimed the kingdom he had given man. Meanwhile, listen to my secret.

In reclaiming the Kingdom of the Divine Will, God did not say He would never return it to man, but kept it in reserve, awaiting future generations to assail them with amazing graces, with blinding light, thus eclipsing the human will that had caused man to lose such a holy kingdom; and through the appeal of miraculous and prodigious knowledge of the Divine Will, to make them feel the need, the desire to ban our own will which makes us unhappy, and to embrace the Divine Will. Therefore the kingdom is ours; so, courage!

The Supreme Fiat awaits us, calls us, urges us to take possession. Will anyone have the heart to refuse, be so devious as to not hear the call and not to accept such happiness?

Let us leave the miserable rags and tatters of our own will, the mourning clothes in which our slavery has decked us, let us dress ourselves in royal robes and adorn ourselves with divine ornaments!

I therefore appeal to everyone: listen to me! May you know that I am a Piccina (Little One), the smallest of all creatures.… I will bi-locate to be in the Divine Will together with Jesus, I will come like a tiny child to your womb, and with groans and cries I will knock at the doors of your hearts, to ask you, like a little beggar girl, for your donations, your rags and tatters, your mourning clothes, your unhappy will, to give it to Jesus; so that He will burn it all and in restoring His Will to you, will give you His kingdom, His happiness, the brightness of His royal robes. If you but knew what God’s Will means! It contains Heaven and earth; if we are with it, everything is ours and everything derives from us; if we are not with it, everything is against us; and if we have anything at all, we are true thieves of our Creator and live by fraud and stealing.

Therefore if you would like to become acquainted with it, read these pages: you will find in them the balm for the cruelty inflicted upon us by the human will, together with new, entirely divine air, a new, entirely heavenly life; you will feel Heaven within your soul, you will see new horizons, new suns and will often find Jesus, His face bathed in tears, who is longing to give you His Will. He weeps because He wants to see you happy, and seeing you unhappy He sobs, sighs and prays for His children’s happiness; and, in asking you for your will, to tear you away from your misery, He offers you His own Will, as He confirms with the gift of His Kingdom.

I therefore appeal to everyone. And I am making this appeal with Jesus, with His own tears, His ardent sighs, His burning Heart which longs to give His Fiat. From within the Fiat we emerged, we had life; it is right, it is our duty to return to it, our dear and never-ending heritage.

First of all I appeal to the Supreme Pontiff, to His Holiness, the Representative of Holy Church and consequently the Representative of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. At his holy feet this tiny Piccina places this kingdom, so that he will make it known; and so that with his authoritative fatherly voice he may summon his children to dwell in this most holy Kingdom. May the Supreme Fiat invest him and form the first Sun of the Divine Will in His Representative on earth; and, in forming His primary life in him who is the Head of the whole Church, may He spread His never ending rays throughout the world; and eclipsing everyone with His light, may He form one fold and one Shepherd!

I make my second appeal to all Priests. Prostrate at the feet of each one, I pray, I implore them to be concerned with knowing the Divine Will. And I say to them: let it inspire your first movement, your first act, indeed, enclose yourselves in the Fiat, and you will feel how sweet and dear your life is; you will draw from it all your activity; you will feel a divine power within you, a voice that speaks continuously that will tell you wonderful things that have never been heard, you will feel a light that will eclipse all evils, and in stirring peoples, will give you dominion over them.

How many fruitless efforts, because the life of the Divine Will is lacking! You have broken bread for the people which did not contain the leaven of the Fiat, so that in eating it they found it hard, almost indigestible; and feeling no life within them, they were not receptive to your teachings. May you therefore partake of this bread of the Divine Fiat, thus you will form them with its full life and one will.

I make the third appeal to the whole world, to all my brothers and sisters and children. Do you know why I am calling you all? Because I want to give the life of the Divine Will to you all! It is more than air that we can all breathe; it is like a sun, from which we can all receive the good of light; it is like the beating of a heart that wants to beat in everyone; and like a little child, I would like, I long for everyone to draw life from the Fiat! Oh, if you but knew the good you would receive, you would give your life to make it reign within all of you!

This little Piccina wants to tell you another secret which Jesus has entrusted to her; and I am telling it to you so that you give me your will and in exchange receive God’s, which will make you happy in body and soul.

Do you want to know why the earth is unproductive? Why it is that at various points in the world there are earthquakes and the earth’s crust often gapes open and buries cities and people in its depths? Why the wind and the waters whip up storms that destroy everything? Why there are so many evils, as you all know?

Because created things possess a Divine Will which dominates them, and therefore they are powerful and imperious; they are nobler than us because we are dominated by a human will and so we are degraded, weak and helpless. If, through our good fortune, we ban our human will and take the life of the Divine Will, we too will be strong and imperious; we will be brothers and sisters of all created things, which will not only trouble us no longer, but will give us dominion over them and we will be happy for ever and ever!

Are you glad? So make haste: listen to this poor Piccina who loves you so. Then how happy I will be when I can say that all my brothers and sisters are Kings and Queens because they all posses the life of the Divine Will.

So courage, respond to my appeal!

Yes, I hope that you will all respond to me unanimously, and far more, for it is not only I who am calling you, imploring you. With me, my sweet Jesus calls you in a tender, touching voice, telling us over and over again, even in tears: “take my Will for your life; and come into its Kingdom“.

Know that Our Lord was the first to pray to the heavenly Father that His Kingdom might come and His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, when He said the Pater Noster, and passing His prayer on to us, He appealed to us, begging us all to ask: “Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in coelo et in terra“.

Therefore, every time you recite the Pater Jesus is overcome by such a longing to give you His Kingdom, His Fiat, that He hastens to say, with us, “My Father, it is I who ask this for my children, do it quickly“. Thus the first to pray is Jesus himself, and then you too ask this in the Pater. So don’t you want all this goodness?

One last word.

Know that in seeing the longings, raptures and tears of Jesus, who yearns to give you his Kingdom, his Fiat, this little Child so longs, sighs and yearns to see you all in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, all happy at making Jesus smile, that if she does not succeed with prayers and tears, she will try making scenes to succeed, both with Jesus and with you.

So listen to this little Piccina, cause her no further sighs, tell her, through grace: “so be it, so be it… we all want the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Fiat“.1


Volume 6 – August 5, 1904
Jesus, Ruler of kings and Lord of lords.

Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for just a little, in the act of ruling and dominating everything, and of reigning with the crown of King on His head and with the scepter of command in His hand.  While I was seeing Him in this position, He told me (though in Latin, but I will say it according to what I understood):  “My daughter, I am the Ruler of kings and the Lord of lords.  To Me alone is this right of justice due, which the creature owes Me; and by not giving it to Me, she denies Me as Creator and Master of everything.”  While saying this, He seemed to take the world in His hand and turn it upside down, so that creatures would submit to His regime and dominion.  At the same time I could also see how the Lord ruled and dominated my soul, with such mastery that I felt all submerged in Him.  From Him came the regime of my mind, of my affections, of my desires; many electric wires passed between me and Him, through which He directed and dominated everything.

The Eucharistic Reign of Jesus
In the Kingdom of the Divine Will


The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Little King Jesus is Born. The Angels point to Him and call the Shepherds to adore Him. Heaven and Earth rejoice, and the Sun of the Eternal Word, following Its Course, dispels the Night of Sin, and gives rise to the Full Day of Grace. The Home of Bethlehem.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

 Now, dear child, listen to Me: in this house of Nazareth, the Kingdom of  the Divine Will was formed in your Mama and in the Humanity of my Son, to make of It a gift for the human family, when it would dispose itself to receive the good of this Kingdom. But even though my Son was King and I was Queen, We were King and Queen without a people. Our  Kingdom, even though  It could enclose all and give life to all, was deserted, because  Redemption was needed first, in  order to prepare and dispose man to come into this Kingdom, so holy. More  so, since It was  possessed by Me and by my Son, who belonged to the human family according  to the human order, as well as to the Divine Family by virtue of the Divine Fiat and of the Incarnate Word, and  therefore creatures received the right to enter into this Kingdom. And  the Divinity conceded this  right, and left the doors open to those who wanted to enter. So, our  hidden life of so many years  served to prepare the Kingdom of the Divine Will for creatures. This is  why I want to let you  know what this Supreme Fiat operated in Me, so that you may forget your will, and as you hold the hand of your Mama, I may lead you into the goods which I have prepared for you with so much love. Tell Me, child of my Heart, will you make Me content, and also your, and my, dear Jesus, who
await you with so much love in this Kingdom so holy, to live together
with Us, and to live only of Divine Will?

Volume  13  – November 19, 1921

The two supports of Jesus during His agony: His inseparable Mama, and Luisa

 This is why I love so much one who lives in my Will: I recognize my portrait in her, my noble features; I feel my own breath, my voice; and if I did not love her I would defraud Myself. I would be like a father without offspring, without the noble cortege of his court, and without the crown of his children. And if I did not have the offspring, the court and the crown, how could I call Myself a King? My Kingdom is formed by those who live in my Will, and from this Kingdom, I choose the Mother, the Queen, the children, the ministers, the army, the people. I am everything for them, and they are all for Me.”…


Volume  15 – December 1, 1922
Jesus did and suffered everything in the Divine Will; What true reigning is.

… when Pilate asked Me whether I was King, and I answered:
‘My Kingdom is not of this world, for if It were of this world, millions of legions of Angels would defend Me’.


 And Pilate, on seeing Me so poor, humiliated, despised, was surprised, and said with greater emphasis: ‘What? You are a King?’ And I, with firmness, answered him and all those who are in his position: ‘I am King, and I have come into the world to teach the truth. And the truth is that it is not positions, nor kingdoms, nor dignities, nor the right of command that make man reign, that ennoble him, that raise him above all. On the contrary, these things are slaveries, miseries, which make him serve vile passions and unjust men, making him also commit many unjust acts which disennoble him, cast him into mud, and draw the hatred of his subordinates upon him. So, riches are slaveries, positions are swords, by which many are killed or wounded.

True reigning is virtue, to be stripped of everything, to sacrifice oneself for all, to submit oneself to all. This is true reigning, which binds all, and makes one loved by all. Therefore, my Kingdom will have no end, while yours is near to perishing.’ And, in my Will, I made these words reach the ear of all those who are in positions of authority, to let them know the great danger they are in, and to
put on guard those who aspire to positions, to dignities, to command.”


Volume  15 -July 5, 1923
Jesus is presented to Pilate by the Jews; What His Kingdom is.

…Pilate asked Me: “Are You king? And where is your kingdom?”, I wanted to give another sublime lesson by saying: “I am King”. And I wanted to say:

“But do you know what my Kingdom is? My Kingdom is my pains, my Blood, my virtues. This is the true Kingdom which I possess, not outside of Me, but within Me. What one possesses on the outside is not a true kingdom, nor a safe dominion, because that which is not inside of man can be taken away, usurped, and he will be forced to leave it. But that which he has inside, no one will be able to take away from him – its dominion will be eternal within him. The characteristics of my Kingdom are my wounds, the thorns, the Cross. I do not act like the other kings who make their peoples live outside of them, unsafe, and eventually, even starving. Not Me – I call my peoples to dwell inside the rooms of my wounds, fortified and sheltered by my pains, their thirst quenched by my Blood, their hunger satisfied by my Flesh. This alone is true reigning; all other reigns are reigns of slavery, of dangers and of death, while in my Reign there is true life.”

How many sublime teachings, how many profound mysteries in my words. Each soul should say to herself, in pains and in sufferings, in humiliations and in abandonments by all, and in practicing
true virtues: ‘This is my kingdom, which is not subject to perishing. No one can take it away from me or touch it. On the contrary, my kingdom is eternal and divine, similar to that of my sweet Jesus. My sufferings and pains certify it for me and render my kingdom more fortified and fierce, in such a way that, in the face of my great strength, no one will be able to wage battle against me.’ This is the Kingdom of peace, to which all my children should aspire.”



Volume  8 – April 8, 1908
One who lives in the Divine Will lives in continuous communion with Jesus. The sure sign to know whether a state is Will of God.

I was concerned because I was not able to receive Communion every day; and as good Jesus came, He told me:

“My daughter, I don’t want you to be bothered by anything. It is true that having Communion is a great thing; but how long does the tight union last? A quarter of an hour at the most. But the thing you should cherish the most is the complete defeat of your will in Mine. In fact, for one who lives in my Will, there is union not only for a quarter of an hour – but always, always. My Will is a continuous communion with the soul, so that every hour and every moment is always communion for one who does my Will, not only once a day.”

Volume  9 – March 23, 1910
The Divine Will is superior to the Sacraments; It is greater than Baptism and Communion. Living in It encloses all the goods of Heaven and earth.

As I was in my usual state, and lamenting because of His privations, Jesus flashed by and told me: “My daughter, I recommend that you not get out of my Will. My Will contains such power as to be a new Baptism for the soul – and even more than Baptism itself. In fact, while in the Sacraments there is part of my Grace, in my Will there is fullness of Grace. In the Baptism, the stain of original sin is removed, but passions and weaknesses remain. In my Will, since the soul destroys her own volition, she also destroys passions, weaknesses and all that is human; and she lives from the virtues, fortitude and from all of the Divine qualities.”

In hearing this, I said to myself: ‘In a little while He is going to say that His Will is even greater than the very Sacramental Communion.’ And He added: “Of course, of course; because the Sacramental Communion lasts a few minutes, while my Will is perennial – or better still, eternal, reaching eternity in Heaven. The Sacramental Communion is subject to some obstacles, either illness, or necessity, or because of those who have to administer It; while the Communion of my Will is not subject to any bother. If the soul only wants so, all is done. No one can prevent her from having such a great good which forms the happiness of the earth and of Heaven – neither demons, nor creatures, and not even my Omnipotence. The soul is free. Nobody has any right over her, at this point of my Will. This is why I push It, and I want so much that creatures take It: It is the most important thing for Me; the thing which I cherish the most. All other things do not interest Me as much, not even the holiest ones. And when I achieve that the soul live in my Will, I feel triumphant – because this is the greatest good which can exist in Heaven and on earth.”

Volume  11 – March 15, 1912
The Divine Will is the sanctity of sanctities, and the soul who does It on earth as in Heaven is a queen soul, who gives life to all the good done on earth and in Heaven. These souls are the true Consecrated Hosts of the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt a great desire to do the Most Holy Will of Blessed Jesus; and He came and told me: “My daughter, my Will is the Sanctity of Sanctities. The soul who does my Will according to the perfection that I am teaching you – that is, on earth as It is in Heaven – however small, ignorant and ignored, leaves even other Saints behind in spite of their prodigies, the most clamorous conversions and the miracles. Really, in comparison, the souls who do my Will in the way It is in my third “FIAT” are queen, and it is as if all the others were at their service.

It seems that the souls who live in my Will do nothing, while they actually do everything, because being in my Will these souls act Divinely, in a hidden and surprising way. They are light which illuminates, wind which purifies, fire which burns, miracles which cause miracles. Those who do miracles are channels; but in these souls resides the power. Therefore, they are the foot of the missionary, the tongue of the preachers, the strength of the weak, the patience of the sick, the regime (of the superiors), the obedience of the subjects, the tolerance of the slandered, the firmness in the dangers, the heroism in the heroes, the courage in the martyrs, the sanctity in the saints, and so on with all the rest. Being in my Will, they concur with all the good that can be both in Heaven and on earth.

This is why I can surely say that they are my true Hosts – but living Hosts, not dead ones. The accidents that form the host are not full of life, neither do they influence my Life; but the soul who lives in my Divine Will is full of life and, doing my Will, she influences and concurs with all that I do. This is why these consecrated Hosts of my Will are more dear to Me than the very sacramental Hosts, and if I have reason to exist in the sacramental Hosts, it is to form the sacramental Hosts of my Will.

My daughter, I take such delight in my Will that, in simply hearing talk about It, I feel overjoyed and I call the whole of Heaven to make feast. Imagine what will become of those souls who will do It: I find in them all the joys, so I give all the joys to them. Their life is the life of the Blessed. They care about, desire and yearn for two things only: my Will and Love. They need do very little else, while in fact they do everything. The virtues themselves remain absorbed in my Will and in Love. Therefore, they have nothing to do with them, since my Will contains, possesses and absorbs all; but in a Divine manner – immense and endless. This is the life of the Blessed.”

Volume  11 – August 20, 1913
One who lives in the Divine Will must have trust, simplicity and disinterest in giving to all. Her life and her work are ended, because the Divine Will consecrates her and transubstantiates her.

Then He added: “My daughter, it happens to one who does my Will as to a grafted tree: the power of the graft has the virtue of destroying the life of the tree which receives the graft. Therefore, one can no longer see the fruits and the leaves of the first tree, but those of the graft. And if the first tree said to the graft: ‘I want to keep at least a little branch, so that I too will be able to give some fruits, in order to make everybody know that I still exist,’ the graft would say: ‘You have no longer reason to exist after you submitted yourself to receive my graft. Life will be all mine.’

In the same way, the soul who does my Will can say: ‘My life is ended. I will no longer produce my works, my thoughts, my words, but the works, thoughts and words of the One whose Will is my Life.’ Therefore, I say to the one who does my Will: ‘You are my life, my blood, my bones,…’ The true, real, sacramental transformation takes place, not by virtue of the words of the Priest, but by virtue of my Will. As soon as the soul decides to live in my Will, my Will creates Myself within the soul; and as my Will flows in the will, works and steps of the soul, she undergoes as many of my creations. It happens just as to a pyx full of consecrated particles: there are as many Jesuses for as many particles – one for each particle. In the same way, by virtue of my Will, the soul contains Myself in her whole being, as well as in each particle of it. One who does my Will fulfills the true eternal Communion – a Communion with complete fruit.”

Volume  11 – December 17, 1914
How the soul in the Divine Will can make a living Eucharist of her being.

Continuing in my usual state and being very afflicted because of the privations of Jesus, after much suffering He came, making Himself seen in all my poor being. It seemed to me as if I were the garment of Jesus. Then, breaking the silence, He told me: “My daughter, you too can form the hosts and consecrate them mystically. Do you see the garments that cover Me in the Sacrament? They are the accidents of the bread from which the Host is made. The Life which exists in this Host is my Body, my Blood and my Divinity. My supreme Will is the act which contains this Life. This Will develops the Love, the reparation, the immolation and all the rest that I do in the Sacrament. The Sacrament never moves one point from my Volition. There is nothing that comes from Me which is not led by my Volition.

Here is how you too can form the Host. The host is material and totally human; you too have a material body and a human will. This body and will of yours – as long as you keep them pure, upright and far away from any shadow of sin – are the accidents, the veil in order to consecrate Me and make Me live hidden in you. But this is not enough; it would be like the host without consecration – my Life is needed. My Life is composed of Sanctity, Love, Wisdom, Power, etc., but the engine of all is my Will. So, after you prepared the host, you have to make your will die in it; you must cook it well, so that it may not rise again. Then you have to let my Will permeate all your being; and my Will, which contains all my Life, will form the true and perfect consecration. Therefore, there will be no more life for human thought, but only for the thought of my Volition, which will consecrate my Wisdom inside your mind; no more life for what is human – weakness, inconstancy, because my Will will form the consecration of the Divine Life, of fortitude, of firmness, and of all that I am. So, each time you let your will flow into Mine, I will renew the consecration of your desires, and of all that you are and that you can do. I will continue my Life in you as if in a living Host – not a dead one, like the hosts without Me.

But this is not all. In the consecrated Hosts, in the pyxes, in the Tabernacles, everything is dead – mute; not the sensitivity of a heartbeat, not a rush of love which may return my great love. If I didn’t wait for hearts in order to give Myself to them, I would be very unhappy; I would remain defrauded of my Love, and my Sacramental Life would remain without purpose. Though I tolerate this in the Tabernacles, I would not tolerate it in living Hosts. In the Sacrament I want to be fed with my own food: the soul will take possession of my Will, my Love, my prayers, my reparations, my sacrifices; she will give them to Me as if they were her own things, and I will nourish Myself. The soul will unite with Me, pricking up her ears in order to hear what I am doing, and to do it together with Me; so, as she keeps repeating my own acts, she will give Me her food, and I will be happy. Only in these living Hosts will I find the compensation for my loneliness, my starvation and all that I suffer in the Tabernacles.”

Volume  11 – November 13, 1915
In instituting the Most Holy Eucharist, before giving Himself to the creatures, Jesus wanted to receive Himself. In the Divine Will the soul must offer Communion as Jesus did.

After I had received Holy Communion, I thought to myself: ‘How should I offer It in order to please Jesus?’ And He, always kind, told me:

“My daughter, if you want to please Me, offer It like my own Humanity did. Before giving Communion to the others, I gave Communion to Myself, and I wanted to do this in order to give to the Father the complete glory of all the Communions of creatures, and to enclose in Me all the reparations for all the sacrileges, for all the offenses that my Humanity would have received in the Sacrament. Since I enclosed the Divine Will, I enclosed all the reparations from all times; and since I received Myself, I received Myself worthily. And since all the works of the creatures were Divinized by my Humanity, I wanted to seal the communions of the creatures with my Communion. Otherwise, how could the creature receive a God? It was my Humanity that opened this door to the creatures, giving them merit to receive Me.

You – my daughter, do it in my Will; unite it to my Humanity. In this way you will enclose everything, and I will find in you the reparations of all, the reward for everything, and my satisfaction. Even more, I will find another Myself in you.”

Volume  11 – September 8, 1916
Whoever Lives in the Divine Will Repeats What Jesus Accomplished in His Will, Even in the Institution of the Most Holy Eucharist When He Himself Had Partaken of It.

This morning, after Communion, I felt my Jesus completely absorb me in a special way within his Will, whereby I was inundated within It. But who can describe what I felt? I don’t have the words to express myself. And Jesus said to me:

“My daughter, for the amount of time the soul spends in my Will, that much Divine Life she can claim to have accomplished on earth. I enjoy it so much when I see the soul enter into my Will, wherein I form her into Divine Life! I greatly enjoy seeing souls who repeat, in my Will, what my Humanity accomplished therein!

When I instituted the Eucharistic Sacrament and administered It to the Apostles, I administered Myself in the Will of the Father. And with that, not only did I make reparation for all, but upon finding in the Divine Will the Immensity and all, embracing Vision of everything and everyone, I embraced everyone and administered to everyone. And whereupon, seeing that many would not haven taken part in this Sacrament and that the Father would be offended for them not wanting to receive life, I thus gave to the Father the satisfaction and the Glory, as if everyone had received Holy Communion, by giving Him, for each soul, the satisfaction and the glory of one Divine Life.

And I bid you, as well, receive Communion in my Will; repeat that which I did; and in this way, you will not be alone in making reparation for all, but will give my self to everyone, just as I intended to give Myself to everyone, thereby giving Me the glory as if everyone had received Communion.

My Heart feels moved to compassion in seeing the creature, unable himself to give Me anything that is worthy of Me, take ‘my things’ and make them his own, thereby imitating what I did. And he gives them to Me in order to please Me. And I, in my pleasure, go about repeating: “Well done, my son! You have done just what I had done!”

Then, He added: “Acts in my Will are the simplest acts, and this is so because simple acts are communicable to all. The Light of the Sun, because it is simple, is Light to every eye; yet, the Sun is one. One sole act, in my Will, diffuses like an extremely simple Light into every heart, into every deed, into everything, yet the act is one.

My own Being, since It is very simple, is one sole Act, but an Act which contains everything. I give life to all, but without force, without fatigue, [just as] I bestow the act of operating upon everyone.

Wherefore, the soul in my Will is simplified and conjointly multiplied with Me within everyone, therefore doing good to everyone. Oh, if everyone understood the immense value of acts performed in my Will, even those deemed insignificant and minimal, no acts would escape!”

Volume  11 – October 2, 1916
Holy Communion, When Received as Jesus Received It, Makes Up for the Lack of Love on the Part of All Creatures

This morning, I received Communion as Jesus had taught me to, that is, while being united with His Humanity, Divinity, and most Holy Will. Then, Jesus showed Himself, and whereupon seeing Him, I kissed Him and squeezed Him to my heart, and He restored to me a kiss and a hug and said to me:

“My daughter, how happy I am that You have come to receive Me united with my Humanity, Divinity, and Will! You renewed the happiness I felt whereupon administering Communion to Myself. And while you kissed Me and hugged Me, having within yourself my entire self, you contained all creatures. Hence, I felt the kiss of all, the embrace of everyone, for this was your will, which was patterned after my Will when I administered Communion to Myself, wherein I made up to the Father for all the love of creatures, despite the many who do not love Him. The Father made up for their love within Me, and I make up for the love of all creatures within you. Thus, having discovered the one who loves Me, who makes reparation, etc., in my Will and in the name of all, for in my Will there is nothing the soul cannot give Me, I am, therefore, more inclined to loving the creatures, despite the fact that they offend Me, and I go about inventing Loving strategies encompassing the most hardened hearts, so as to convert them. Only out of love for these souls, who do everything in my Will, do I feel, as it were, chained up, enraptured; wherefore, I grant them the prodigies of the greatest conversions.”

Volume  11 – December 2, 1916
The Soul That Works in the Divine Will Does to Jesus That Which the Divine Will Does, Therefore Renewing the Fruits of His Life, His Works, and His Pains.

Having received Communion, I was completely uniting myself to Jesus and pouring myself out in his Will, when I said to Him: “I neither know how to do nor say anything; whence, I feel a great need to do what You do and repeat your very own words. In your Will, I discover gifts, and discover, as being in act, those acts which You performed in receiving Yourself in the Sacrament; whence, I make them my own and repeat them for You.”

And therefore, I sought to penetrate into all that Jesus did when receiving Himself in the Sacrament. And as I acted thus, He said to me:

“My daughter, whoever does my Will, and makes certain that whatever he does, he does in my Will, compels Me to do what he does together with him. Wherefore, should he receive Communion in my Will, I thus repeat the acts which I did whilst administering Communion to Myself, therefore renewing the complete fruits of my Sacramental Life; should he pray in my Will, I thus pray with him, therefore renewing the fruits of my prayers; should he suffer, or work, or speak in my Will, I thus suffer, work, and speak together with him, whence renewing the fruits of my pains, works, and words, and so forth with regard to all else.”



Volume  11 Volume  11 – February 24, 1917
The Most Holy Eucharist Contains the Entire Life, Prayers, Pains, Works, and Love of Jesus. If the Soul Does That Which Jesus Did When Receiving Himself, Then Jesus’ Glory and Complete Fruits Are Renewed.

Having received Communion, I kept my sweet Jesus pressed tightly to my heart and said: “My Life, I desire so much to do what You did when receiving Yourself in the Sacrament, so that You might discover in me your own sentiments, your own prayers, and your own reparations.”

And my ever loving Jesus said to me: “My daughter, in this short circumference of the Host, I enclose everything; and for this reason, I wanted to receive Myself, in order to offer up complete acts which would glorify the Father worthily. Whence, through my offering of complete fruits of my Sacramental Life for creatures, I allowed the creature to receive a God, lest the Eucharist be incomplete, either with respect to the Father’s glory or for the creature’s good. Wherefore, in every Host are discovered my prayers, my thanksgivings, and all else that was needed in order to glorify the Father and supply for that which the creature ought to have given Me. Whence, even if there are no creatures [to receive Me], I still continue my work in every Host, [and feel] as if I were receiving Myself again in each soul.

Therefore, the soul must transform herself into Me and become one likeness with Me, thus making my Life her own, my prayers her own, my groanings of Love her own, my pains her own, my fiery heartbeats her own, which I would like to burn, but cannot, since I find no one willing to let herself be consumed by my flames.

And in this Host, I once again am born, live, and die; I am consumed, yet I find no one willing to consume herself for Me. Whereas, if the soul repeats what I had done, she thus makes Me feel the repetition of that which I had done, as if I had received Myself once again; and wherein, I would then discover complete glory, Divine pleasures, outlets of Love to match my Love, and I accord to the soul the grace of consuming herself with my own consummation.”

Volume  12 – July 4, 1917
The pains that one suffers and the good that one does are bonds of union with Jesus. One who does the Divine Will lives, with Jesus, His Eucharistic Life in the Tabernacles.

…Another day I was thinking to myself about the good that other souls receive by being in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament, while I, poor one, was deprived of It. And blessed Jesus told me:

“My daughter, one who does my Will is with Me in the Tabernacle, and shares in my pains, in the coldness, in the irreverences, and in all that the very souls who are in my Sacramental Presence do. One who does my Will must excel in everything; and the place of honor is always reserved for her. Therefore, who receives more good: one who is before Me, or one who is with Me? I do not tolerate even one step of distance, or division of pains or of joys between Me and one who does my Will. I may keep her on the cross – but always with Me.

This is why I want you always in my Will: to give you the first place inside my Sacramental Heart. I want to feel your heart palpitating in Mine, with my own love and pain. I want to feel your will in Mine, which, multiplying itself in everyone, may give Me the reparations of all, and the love of all in one single act. And I want to feel my Volition in yours, which, making your poor humanity my own, may raise it before the Majesty of the Father as my continuous victim.”

Volume  12 – October 20, 1917
How the soul can make of herself a Host for Jesus.

Having received my Jesus, I was thinking about how I could give back love for love. It was impossible for me to be able to shrink and become smaller, like Jesus does in the Host for love of me. This is not in my power, as it is in the power of Jesus. And my beloved Jesus told my:

“My daughter, if you cannot contract all of yourself within the brief circle of a Host for love of Me, you can very well contract all yourself within my Will, to be able to make of yourself the Host in my Will. For every act you will do in my Will, you will make a Host for Me; and I will feed Myself from you, as you do from Me. What forms the Host? My own Life in it. And what is my Will? Isn’t It my whole Life? Therefore, you too can become Host for love of Me: the more acts you will do in my Will, the more Hosts you will form to give back to Me love for love.”

Volume  12 – October 23, 1917
The first act which Jesus did as He received Himself in instituting the Eucharist.

This morning, after I received blessed Jesus, I was saying to Him: ‘My life, Jesus, tell me: what was the first act that You did when You received Yourself sacramentally?’ And Jesus:

“My daughter, the first act I did was to multiply my Life into many Lives, for as many creatures as can exist in the world, so that everyone might have one Life of Mine only for herself; a Life which continuously prays, thanks, satisfies, loves only for her. In the same way, I multiplied my pains for each soul, as if I were suffering only for her, and not for others. In that supreme moment of receiving Myself, I gave Myself to all, to suffer my Passion in every heart, to be able to conquer their hearts through pains and love. In giving all my divinity, I took dominion over all. But – alas, my Love remains disappointed by many; and I anxiously await loving hearts which, receiving Me, may multiply themselves in everyone, desiring and wanting all that I want, so that I may at least take from them what the others do not give Me, and receive the contentment of having them as conformed to my desire and to my Will. Therefore, my daughter, when you receive Me, do the same I did, and I will receive the joy that at least the two of us want the same thing.”

Volume  12 – March 27, 1918
In the Divine Will the soul lives with Jesus His whole Eucharistic Life.

I was lamenting with Jesus for I couldn’t even listen to Holy Mass; and Jesus told me:

“My daughter, am I not the One who forms the Sacrifice? Now, as I transform Myself in each Sacrifice, the soul who lives with Me and in my Will remains sacrificed together with Me – not in one Mass, but in all the Masses. And as she lives in my Volition, she remains consecrated with Me in all the Hosts.

Never leave my Will, and I will let you reach any place you want. Even more, there will be such an electricity of communication between you and Me, that you will not do one act without Me, and I will not do any act without you. Therefore, when you lack something, enter into my Will, and you will find, all ready, whatever you want: as many Masses as you want, as many Communions, as much love as you want. Nothing is missing in my Will. And not only this – but you will find things in a divine and infinite way.”

Volume  12 – June 20, 1918
Jesus does the office of Priest with those who do His Will & live in It.

Continuing in my usual state, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen around me, full of attentions. He seemed to be watching me in everything. As He was doing this, a rope came out from His Heart, coming toward my heart, and if I was attentive, the rope remained fixed in my heart; and Jesus moved this rope, amusing Himself. Then, my beloved Jesus told me:

“My daughter, I am all attention for souls. If they reciprocate Me, paying as much attention to Me, the ropes of my Love remain fixed in their heart, while I multiply my attentions and amuse Myself; otherwise, the ropes remain loose, and my Love rejected and saddened.”

Then He added: “My Love does not find obstruction in the one who does my Will and lives in It. I love her and have for her so much predilection that I Myself take care of all that is needed for her: help, direction, unforeseen aid and unexpected graces. Even more, I am jealous if others do something – I want to do everything by Myself for her. I reach so much jealousy of love that, if I give to Priests the authority to consecrate Me in the Sacramental Hosts so that I may be given to souls, I reserve to Myself the privilege to consecrate these souls, as they keep repeating their acts in my Will, as they resign themselves, and as they make the human will leave, in order to let the Divine Will enter. What the Priest does with the Host, I do with them – and not only once: every time she repeats her acts in my Will, she calls Me as a powerful magnet, and I consecrate her like a privileged Host, repeating to her the words of the Consecration.

I do this with justice, because the soul who does my Will sacrifices herself more than those souls who receive Communion, but do not do my Will. Those empty themselves to take on Me; they give Me full dominion and, if needed, they are ready to suffer any pain in order to do my Will. So, I can’t wait – my Love cannot contain Itself from communicating Me to them until when it might be convenient to the Priest to give them the Sacramental Host. Therefore, I do everything by Myself. Oh, how many times I communicate Myself before the Priest feels comfortable to communicate them himself! If this were not the case, my Love would remain hampered and bound in the Sacraments. No, no, I am free. I have the Sacraments inside my Heart – I am the Owner, and I can exercise them whenever I want.”

While He was saying this, He seemed to be wandering everywhere, to see if there were souls who did His Will, in order to consecrate them. How beautiful it was to see the adorable Jesus going round as if in a hurry, doing the office of Priest, and to hear Him repeat the words of the Consecration over those souls who do His Will and live in It. Oh, blessed are those souls who, doing His Will, receive the Consecration of Jesus!

Volume  12 – February 6, 1919
How the soul can form many consecrated Hosts to give Communion to Jesus.

I was fusing all myself in my sweet Jesus, doing as much as I could in order to enter the Divine Volition, to find the chain of my eternal love, of reparations and of my continuous cry for souls through which my always adorable Jesus longed for me from eternity. I wanted to join my little love in time together with that Love with which Jesus longed for me eternally, to be able to give Him infinite love, infinite reparation, taking the place of everything – just as Jesus had taught me. As I was doing this, my sweet Jesus came in a hurry and told me:

“My daughter, I am very hungry.” And He seemed to be taking many tiny little white balls from inside my mouth, eating them. Then, as if He wanted to satisfy His hunger completely, He entered into my heart, grabbing many crumbs, big and little, with both hands, and then eating them hurriedly.

Afterwards, as if He was full, He leaned on my bed and told me: “My daughter, as the soul continues to enclose my Volition and to love Me, she also encloses Me in my Volition; and, loving Me, she forms around Me the accidents in which to imprison Me, forming a Host for Me. So, if she suffers, if she repairs, etc., and encloses my Volition, she forms many Hosts to Communicate Me, and to feed Me in a divine manner, worthy of Me. As soon as I see these Hosts being formed within the soul, I go and grab them in order to feed Myself, to satisfy my insatiable hunger – that the creature render Me love for love. Therefore, you can say to Me: ‘You have Communicated me – I too have Communicated You.”

And I: ‘Jesus, my Hosts are your own things, while Yours are still yours; so I always remain below You.’ And Jesus: “For one who really loves Me, I cannot consider this, nor do I want to. Further, in my Hosts I give you Jesus, and in yours you give all Jesus as well. Do you want to see it?” And I: ‘Yes.’

He stretched His hand into my heart, took a tiny little white ball, broke it, and another Jesus came out from within it. And He: “Did you see it? How happy I am when the creature arrives at being able to communicate Myself! Therefore, make Me many Hosts, and I will come to feed Myself in you. You will renew for Me the contentment, the glory and the love of when I communicated Myself in instituting my Sacramental presence.”

Volume  12 – February 27, 1919                                                           For Jesus the acts done in His Will are air, light, Tabernacles and Hosts, in which Jesus feels free and makes the soul free.

Continuing in my usual state, as Jesus comes, He almost always calls me into His Will to repair or substitute the acts of the creatures in a divine manner. Now, in coming, He told me:

“My daughter, what a stink emanates from the earth! I can find no place for Myself; and because of that stink, I am forced to run away from the earth. However, you can give Me some sweet-smelling air, suitable for Me. Do you know how? By doing what you do in my Will. As you do your acts, you will form for Me a divine air; and I will come to breathe it, finding a place for Me on earth. And since my Will circulates everywhere, in the same way, I will feel everywhere the air which you will form for Me, blowing away the bad air which the earth sends Me.”

After a little while, He came back and added: “My daughter, how much darkness! It is such that the earth seems to be covered with a black mantle, to the extent that the creatures can no longer see. Either they have remained blind, or they have no light to be able to see. Not only do I want divine air for Me, but also light. Therefore, may your acts be continuous in my Will, so that you may not only form air for your Jesus, but also light. You will be my reflector, the reflection of my Love and of my very Light. Even more, I tell you that as you do your acts in my Volition, not only will you raise Tabernacles, but as you keep forming your thoughts, desires, words, reparations and acts of love, many Hosts will be unleashed from you, because they are consecrated by my Will.

Oh, what a free outpouring my Love will have! I will have free field in everything – no more obstruction. I will have as many Tabernacles as I want. The Hosts will be innumerable; we will take communion in every instant, and I too will shout: ‘Freedom! Freedom! Come all into my Will, and you will enjoy true freedom!’ Outside of my Will, how many obstructions does the soul not find! But in my Will she is free. I leave her free to love Me as she wants; even more, I tell her: ‘Lay down your human remains – take what is divine.’ I am not mean and jealous with my goods; I want you to take everything. Love Me immensely – take, take all my Love; make my Power your own; make my Beauty your own. The more you take, the happier your Jesus will be. The earth forms few Tabernacles for Me; the Hosts are almost numbered. And then, the sacrileges, the irreverences that they do to Me – oh, how offended and hampered my Love is! But in my Will – no obstruction; not a shadow of offense. The creature gives Me love, divine reparations and complete correspondence; together with Me, she substitutes for all the evils of the human family. Be attentive, and do not move from the point at which I call you and want you.”


Volume  12 – December 26, 1919
The Divine Will is Sacrament, and surpasses all the Sacraments together. It is intangible and fully effective in Itself.

I was thinking to myself: ‘How can it be that doing the Will of God surpasses even the Sacraments?’ And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:

“My daughter, why Sacraments are called Sacraments? Because they are sacred – they have the value and the power to confer Grace and Sanctity. However, these Sacraments operate according to the dispositions of the creatures; so much so, that sometimes they remain even fruitless, unable to confer the good which they contain. Now, my Will is Sacred and Holy, and It contains altogether the virtue of all the Sacraments. Not only this. It doesn’t have to work to dispose the soul to receive the goods which my Will contains. In fact, as soon as the soul has disposed herself to do my Will, she already disposed herself by herself, and my Will, finding everything prepared and disposed, even at the cost of any sacrifice, communicates Itself to the soul without delay, pouring the goods It contains, and forming the heroes – the martyrs of the Divine Volition, the most unheard-of portents… Moreover, what do the Sacraments do if not unite the soul with God? And what doing my Will is? Isn’t It perhaps to unite the will of the creature with her Creator? It is to dissolve oneself in the Eternal Volition – the nothingness ascending to the All, and the All descending into the nothingness. It is the most noble, the purest, the most beautiful, the most heroic act which creature can do.

Ah, yes, I confirm it to you, I repeat it: my Will is Sacrament, and It surpasses all the Sacraments together – but in a more admirable way; without mediation from anyone; with nothing material. The Sacrament of my Will is formed between my Will and the will of the soul; the two wills are tied together and form the Sacrament. My Will is Life, and the soul already disposed to receive Life is holy, and receives Sanctity; she is strong, and receives fortitude; and so forth with all the rest.

On the other hand, how much my other Sacraments have to work to dispose the souls – if they manage at all! How many times these channels which I left to my Church remain beaten up, despised, oppressed. Some even use them to praise themselves, turning them against Me to offend Me… Ah, if you knew the enormous sacrileges committed in the Sacrament of Confession, and the horrendous abuses of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, you would cry with Me for the great pain! Ah, yes, only the Sacrament of my Will can sing glory an victory. It is full in Its effects, and untouchable by creature’s offense. In fact, in order to enter my Will, the creature must lay down her will, her passions; only then does my Will lower to her, investing her, identifying her with Itself, making portents out of her.

Therefore, when I speak about my Will united to that of the creature I become festive; I never stop; my joy is full, and no bitterness enters between Me and the soul. But for the other Sacraments, my Heart swims in the pain. Man turned them into sources of bitterness, while I gave them as sources of graces.”

Volume  12 – January 1, 1920                                                              The Divine Will surrounds and perfectly encloses one who lives in It, forming a garment of light for her which is made of her own acts. Each of these acts encloses Jesus, Who is multiplied as many times – even more than in the Sacramental Hosts.

Continuing in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus seemed to come out from my interior; and as I looked at Him, I saw Him all wet with tears – even His garments, His Most Holy hands were beaded with tears… What torment! I was shaken, and Jesus told me: “My daughter, how wrecked will the world be! The chastisements will flow more painfully than before, to the extent that I do nothing but cry over its sad lot!”

Then He added: “My daughter, my Will is wheel, and whoever enters into It remains entrapped within, to the extent of not being able to find a way out; and everything she does remains fixed on the eternal point, and pours into the wheel of Eternity. But do you know what are the garments of the soul who lives in my Will? They are not of gold, but of most pure Light. This garment of Light will serve as mirror to show all of Heaven how many acts she has done in my Will – because, in every act she has done in my Will, she enclosed Me completely. This garment will be adorned with many mirrors, and in each mirror will all of Myself appear. Therefore, from whatever side they will look at her – from behind, from the front, from the right, from the left – they will see Me, multiplied for as many acts as she did in my Volition. I could not give her a more beautiful garment: it will be the exclusive distinction of the souls who live in my Will.”

I remained a little confused in hearing this, and He added: “How is it – do you doubt? Doesn’t the same happen in the Sacramental Hosts? If there are one thousand Hosts, I am there one thousand times, and I communicate my whole self to a thousand; if there are one hundred Hosts, there are one hundred Jesuses, and I can give Myself only to a hundred. In the same way, the soul encloses Me within each act done in my Will, and I remain sealed inside the will of the soul. Therefore, these acts done in my Will are eternal Communions, the species not subject to being consumed as in the Sacramental Hosts. As those species are consumed, my Sacramental Life ends; on the other hand, in the Hosts of my Will there is no flour, or any other matter – the food, the substance of these Hosts of my Will, is my eternal Will Itself, united with the will of the soul, which is eternal like Me; and therefore these two wills are not subject to being consumed. So, what is the wonder, if my entire Person will be seen as multiplied for as many acts as she has done in my Will? More so, since I remained sealed in her and she, as many times, in Me. Therefore, the soul too will remain multiplied in Me for as many acts as she has done in my Will. These are the prodigies of my Will – and this is enough to cast any doubt away from you.”

Volume  12 – May 28, 1920
The acts done in the Divine Will acquire an eternal dimension, and have primacy over all. The soul finds herself consecrated with Jesus in all the hosts of all times, in order to give Him life for life.

I was offering myself in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass together with Jesus, so that I too might receive His same consecration. Moving in my interior, He told me:

“My daughter, enter into my Will, so that you may find yourself in all of the hosts, not only of the present, but of the future; in this way you will receive, together with Me, as many consecrations as I receive. I place one Life of Mine in each Host, and I want another one in exchange. But how many do not give it to Me! Others receive Me; I give Myself to them, but they do not give themselves to Me, and my Love remains suffering, hampered, suffocated, unrequited. Therefore, come into my Will to receive all the consecrations which I receive, so I will find your life, in exchange, within every Host – not only for as long as you remain on earth, but also when you are in Heaven. In fact, since you have been consecrated in advance while being in my Will on earth, just as I will receive consecrations until the end, you too will receive them, and I will find the exchange of your life unto the last day.”…

Volume 13 – October 29, 1921

Meaning and effects of the three hours of imprisonment of Jesus. 


“But the prison and the darkness have yet another meaning: the long sojourn of my imprisonment in Tabernacles and the solitude in which I am left, often with no one to speak to or to give a glance of love.  Other times, in the Sacred HOST I feel the touch of unworthy tongues, the stench of festering and corrupt hands.  There is no one who touches Me with pure hands and perfumes Me with his love.  How many times HUMAN ingratitude leaves Me in the dark without even the meager light of a lamp!  Thus my imprisonment continues, and it will continue still longer.  Since we are both prisoners—you, a prisoner in your bed, all alone for the sake of my Love; Myself, a prisoner for you—[I want] to bind all creatures with my Love, using the chains that keep Me bound.  We will keep each other company, there fore, and you will help Me lay out the chains that will be used to bind all hearts to my Love.”

Volume 13 – November 26, 1921
The centralization of the purpose of Creation, of Redemption and of Glorification.  The Divine Will as life of the creature surpasses the miracle of the Eucharist.


…”I have been watching over each one of your ACTS, and immediately I made my Volition flow, as to a place of honor.  I Myself knew how many graces were necessary, having to work the greatest miracle that exists in the world, which is that of living continuously in my Volition: the soul must assimilate everything of God in its act, so as to give it back again intact, just as the soul assimilated it, and then to assimilate it again.  Thus, it even surpasses the miracle of the EUCHARIST: the accidents [of bread and wine] possess neither reason nor will nor desires that could put themselves in opposition to my Sacramental Life.  The HOST does nothing itself; the work is all my own: if I want it, then I do it.  Instead, to bring about the miracle of living in my Volition, I must bend a HUMAN will and reason, a desire, and a love that is purely free: how many things are necessary?  And so, there are many souls who go to communion and who take part in the miracle of the EUCHARIST; but, because they would have to sacrifice themselves more in order to bring about the miracle of my Will having life within them, there are very few who are so disposed.”


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