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11/15 Everything that Jesus made Luisa to write on paper, Jesus wrote first on the depth of Luisa’s soul


From the Book of Heaven

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From the Writings of The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta,  The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Volume 20 – October 6, 1926

But you must know  that my Will is life, and every time the creatures do not do It, and reject It, it is a Divine Life that they reject and destroy within them.  And do you think that the pain, the continuous martyrdom of my Will is something trivial – in feeling so many acts of life which It wants to make arise in the creatures with so much goodness, being cut off as though by a deadly sword?  In place of this Divine Life which was cut off within them, they make arise the life of passions, of sin, of darkness, of weaknesses.  Not doing my Will is Divine Life that creatures lose.

You must know(Luisa)  that everything I made you(Luisa) write on paper, I Myself wrote first in the depth of your soul; and then I made you(Luisa) put it on paper.  Even more, there are more things written in you(Luisa) than on paper; therefore, when you(Luisa) feel the need to go over again what regards the truths about the Supreme Fiat, take a look at your interior and soon will you see again whatever you(Luisa) want.  To be sure of what I am telling you(Luisa), look right now into your soul, and you(Luisa) will see, in order, everything I have manifested to you(Luisa).” 

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