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10/9 What causes Jesus to double His Love for us

What Causes Jesus To Double His Love For Us

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”

VOL. 26 – 4/16/29

After this, I continued to feel oppressed because of the privations of Jesus, and I was thinking to myself:  “How His Love for me has died down, compared to the Love He had for me before; it seems to me that only the shadows of the Love of Jesus are left to me.”

But while I was thinking about this, He moved in my interior, and told me:  “My daughter, each act done in My Divine Will doubles My Love toward you.  Therefore, after so many acts that you have done in It, I can say that My Love has grown so much, that I have to expand your capacity so as to allow you to receive My growing Love that arises in Me in each act you do in My Divine Will.  Therefore, My Love is more intense, and increased a hundredfold compared to that of before.  So, you can be sure that My Love will never be lacking to you—never.”


VOL. 36 – June 20, 1938

You must know that, at each word I have you write on My Fiat, I Double My Love for you and towards those who will read them, to make them remain embalmed by My Love.  Therefore, as you write, you give Me the space to Love you more; I see the Great Good these Writings will do for you.  I feel each one of My Words and the Palpitating Lives of the creatures who will know the Goodness of My Word, forming within themselves the Life of My Will.  So, the interest is all Mine, and you, leave everything to Me.  You have to know that these Writings came out of the center of the Great Sun of My Will, whose rays are Full of the Truths coming from this center, and embrace all times, all centuries, all generations.  This great wheel of Light fills Heaven and earth, and, through Light, It knocks at every heart; praying, begging them to receive the Palpitating Life of My Fiat, that Our Paternal Goodness condescended and deigned to dictate from within Its Center with the most unusual, charming, affable, sweet modes, and with such a Great Love, as to seem almost incredible—to Astound the very Angels.



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