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10/25 The soul who operates in the Divine Will gives for all and receives for all



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  Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

 Volume 12 

April 2, 1921

The soul who operates in the Divine Will gives for all and receives for all. 

I feel my poor mind as though stunned, and I lack the words to put on paper what I feel. If my Jesus wants me to write, He will deign to say in words what He infuses in Me by means of light. I just remember that, in coming, He said to me: “My daughter(Luisa), in one who prays, loves, repairs, kisses Me, adores Me in my Will, I feel as if all were praying Me, loving Me, etc. In fact, since my Will envelops everything and everyone in my Volition, the soul gives Me the kiss, the love, the adoration of all; and in looking at everyone in her, I give her as many kisses, as much love, as I should be giving to all.

In my Will the soul is not content if she does not see Me fully loved by all, if she does not see Me kissed, adored and prayed by all. In my Will things cannot be left half-done, but must be complete. And I cannot give small things to the soul who acts in my Volition; but rather, immense things, which can be sufficient for all. I behave with the soul who acts in my Volition like a person who wanted to have a work done by ten people. Now, only one of these ten people offers himself to do the work; all the others refuse. Is it not fair that he give to that one everything which he should give to all ten? Otherwise, where would be the difference between one who acts in my Will and one who acts in his own will?”


June 28, 1921

The souls who live in the Divine Will do whatever God does. True reigning is not to be excluded from anything created by God

I was pouring all of myself into the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter(Luisa), the souls who live in my Will are the reflection of everyone and of everything. Since they are reflected in everything, as a consequence they receive the reflection of all. And since my Will is life of everything, in my Will they run to give life to everything. So, even inanimate things and plants receive their reflections, while they receive the reflection of all Creation; they harmonize with all things created by Me; in my Will they give to all; they are friends and sisters with all, and receive love and glory from all. My Will renders them inseparable from Me and therefore whatever I do, they do as well. My Will does not know how to do things dissimilar from Me. The Kingdom of my Will means ‘to reign’, therefore all of them are queens; but true reigning is not to be excluded from anything created by Me.”

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