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Feast of Easter



 From the Writings ofThe Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


 The Resurrection is the Confirmation of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.


 From :  The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

 Day Twenty-nine

The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. The Hour of the Triumph. Apparitions of Jesus. The Fugitives cling to the Virgin as the Ark of Salvation and of Forgiveness. Jesus departs for Heaven.


The soul to her Mother Queen:

Admirable Mother, here I come to You again, on your maternal knees, to unite myself with You in the feast and triumph of the Resurrection of our dear Jesus. How beautiful is your appearance today! – all loveliness, all sweetness, all joy. I seem to see You risen together with Jesus. O please! O holy Mama, in so much joy and triumph, do not forget your child! Rather, enclose the seed of the Resurrection of Jesus in my soul, so that, by virtue of It, I may rise again fully in the Divine Will, and live always united with You and with my sweet Jesus.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

Blessed child of my Maternal Heart, great was my joy and my triumph in the Resurrection of my Son; I felt reborn and risen again in Him. All of my sorrows changed into joys and into seas of graces, of light, of love, of forgiveness for creatures, and laid my Maternity over all my children, given to Me by Jesus, with the seal of my sorrows.

Now, listen to Me, dear child. You must know that after the death of my Son I withdrew in the cenacle, together with beloved John and Magdalene. But my Heart was pierced because only John was near Me, and in my sorrow I said: “And the other apostles…where are they?”

But as they heard that Jesus had died, touched by special graces, all moved and weeping, the fugitives drew around Me, one by one, surrounding Me like a crown; and with tears and sighs, they asked for my forgiveness for having so cravenly abandoned their Master, and having run away from Him. I welcomed them maternally in the ark of refuge and salvation of my Heart; I assured them of the forgiveness of my Son, and I encouraged them not to fear. I said to them that their destiny was in my hands, because He had given them all to Me as my children, and I recognized them as such.

Blessed child, you know that I was present at the Resurrection of my Son. But I did not say a word to anyone, waiting for Jesus Himself to manifest Himself as risen, gloriously and triumphantly. The first one to see Him risen was the fortunate Magdalene; then the pious women. All came to Me telling Me that they had seen Jesus risen, and that the sepulcher was empty; and I listened to all, and with an air of triumph I confirmed all in the faith in the Resurrection. By evening, almost all of the apostles had seen Him, and all felt as though triumphant at having been the apostles of Jesus. What change of scene, dear child! – symbol of those who have first let themselves be dominated by the human will, represented by the apostles who run away, abandoning their Master; and their fear and fright is such that they hide, and Peter reaches the point of denying Him. Oh, if they had been dominated by the Divine Will, they would never have run away from their Master, but, courageous and triumphant, would never have departed from His side, and would have felt honored to lay down their lives to defend Him.

Now, dear child, my beloved Son Jesus remained forty days, risen, on earth. Very often He appeared to His apostles and disciples to confirm them in the faith and certainty of His Resurrection; and when He was not with the apostles, He was with His Mama in the cenacle, surrounded by the souls who had come out of Limbo. But as the forty days ended, Jesus instructed the apostles, and leaving His Mama as their guide and Teacher, He promised us the descent of the Holy Spirit. Then, blessing us all, He departed, taking flight for the vault of the heavens, together with that great crowd of people who had come out of Limbo. All those who were there, and they were a great number, saw Him ascend; but as He went up high, a cloud of light removed Him from their sight.

Now, my child, your Mama followed Him into Heaven, and was present at the great feast of the Ascension. More so, since the Celestial Fatherland was not foreign to Me; and then, the feast of my Son, ascended into Heaven, would not have been complete without Me.

Now a little word to you, dearest child. Everything you have heard and admired has been nothing other than the power of the Divine Will operating in Me and in my Son. This is why I so much love to enclose in you the life of the Divine Will – and operating life – because everyone has It, but the majority of them keep It suffocated and in their service. And while It could operate prodigies of sanctity, of grace, and works worthy of Its power, It is forced by the creatures to remain with folded arms, unable to carry out Its power. Therefore, be attentive, and let the Heaven of the Divine Will extend within you and operate, with Its power, whatever It wants and however It wants.

The soul:

Most holy Mama, your beautiful lessons enrapture me, and – oh, how I wish and sigh for the operating life of the Divine Will in my soul! I too want to be inseparable from my Jesus and from You, my Mama. But to be sure of this, You must take on the commitment to keep my will enclosed in your maternal Heart; and even if You should see that it costs me much, You must never give it to me. Only then will I be certain; otherwise, it will always be words, but I will never do facts. Therefore, your child commends herself to You, and hopes for everything from You.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will make three genuflections in the act in which my Son ascended into Heaven, and you will pray Him to make you ascend in the Divine Will.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

My Mama, with your power, triumph in my soul, and make me be reborn in the Will of God.






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From  the Writings of

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will






Three – The Signature of the Holy Trinity

God the Father                      Jesus the Son                             The Holy Spirit

Fiat of Creation                        Fiat of Redemption                          Fiat of Sanctification

Current of LIFE                         Current of WORD & POWER          Current of LOVE

Tree of LIFE                             Tree of KNOWLEDGE of good/evil        Tree of LOVE

Immaculate Conception           Divine Motherhood                           Assumption

Daughter of the Father              Mother of the Son                           Spouse of the Holy Spirit

Water                                        Blood                                              Fire

Power                                       Knowledge                                    Love

Intellect                                     Memory                                         Will

Garden of Eden                       Garden of Agony                         Garden of Mary/Luisa

Mary                                         Jesus                                          Luisa

Green                                       Red                                            White

Know                                       Love                                          Possess

Joy                                         Sorrow                                       Glory

Faith                                       Hope                                         Charity

Old Testament                      New Testament                         Testament of the Kingdom

St. John the Baptist             Jesus/Mary                                 Luisa

Manna                                   Eucharist                                   Food you do not know of

Daily Bread                          Sacramental Bread                   Bread of His Will

Transfiguration                    Transubstantiation                     Transmutation

Jerusalem                            Rome                                       New Jerusalem

Jews                                    Christians                                 little Children of the Divine Will

Men of Good Will                Saints                                       Sharing in Divinity

Thrones                              Cherubim                                 Seraphim

Principalities                      Powers                                     Dominations

Angels                               Archangels                                Virtues

Other references to 3 in the writings of the Divine Will:

Jesus 33 years old

3 Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity

3 Marriages – Jesus the Mystical Marriage, in Heaven to the Holy Trinity – Marriage of the Cross

Ring 3 with stones Jesus gave to Luisa  – white, red & green stone

Luisa’s vision of 3 babies having one singe body with 3 distinct heads

3 Characteristics of Love – force of benefits, attractions and persuasions

3 ways Jesus uses manifest Himself to the soul – With Power, with News, with Love

3 way sacrifice of Jesus– to glorify the Father, Conversions of Sinners, companions in my pains

3 Signatures of Love – resignation, humility & obedience

3 suns  – One sets in the East, the West and the third in the South

3 powers of the Trinity given to mankind– Memory in the Father, the intellect in the Son, the will in the Holy Spirit

3 different days to come – one far from the other of storms, hail thunder and floods

3 Divine Breaths given to Luisa

3 enemies of man = Love of pleasures, of riches and of honors

Luisa’s vision of 3 children – their beauty and similarity was so striking…of the same birth…golden cords

Jesus  gave off 3 breaths full of Light that took the place of Luisa’s heart

Most Holy Trinity, for while You are one, You are also 3 …speaking a single Voice

Jesus “I was conceived in sorrow, born in sorrow and died in sorrow”

3 nails that they crucified me (Jesus), I nailed down the 3 powers intellect, memory and will

3 wise men

3 gifts – gold = intelligence & knowledge of truth = gold of their will, affections desires preferences of their whole essence, frankincense = adoration love,  myrrh = sacrifice

Jesus conveyed Himself to the Magi in 3 ways – with Love, with Beauty with Power

3 effects – Love for Jesus = Detachment from themselves, Beauty = disregard for earthly things, Power = bravery to risk both blood and life for Me.

Jesus waning to Luisa –  Daughter, Three terrible trials are going to happen.

3 qualities of the Holy Trinity = Might, Wisdom and Charity

3 prerogatives of True Love – Constant Love without limits, strong love and love renewed together for God and Neighbor.

3 stages of the World – natural law, written law and the law of Grace

3 stages of man – adolescence, youth and old age

3 types of true love – untiring suffering, perpetual atonement and preserving love

Luisa’s vision of 3 men in the shape of 3 untamed horses let loose across Europe bringing it bloody terror.

3 wicked domains – the world the devil and the flesh

3 Holy domains – the Spiritual Reign the Divine and the Eternal

3 of the Passion:

3 Times crowned with thorns

3 hours of agony in the garden

3 fold flagellation done with 3 different kinds of whips

3 times striped, condemned to death at night morning and full daylight

3 times fell under the Cross

3 nails to the Cross

3 times My Heart bled – In the garden, the Crucifixion and pierced with a lance

3 hours of agony on the cross

3 places in Italy, there were 3 points, 3 volcanic mouths …. To level the towns

3 steps for Luisa – Transformed interiorly in Him, operating exteriorly with Him and doing so for the benefit of all creatures and God.

3 ways that enable Jesus to be born in one’s heart – to be empty of everything to be filled by Him,

All is and must be done for Him, The 3 loves, heroic, ever-increasing, and love of sacrifice.

3 virtues of true love:  To purify all, to triumph over all and to attain all.

Luisa’s vision of the Baby Jesus in my arms from One Three emerged.

Jesus gave to men six hours of my Passion so that I may die. 3 in the Garden were for help in agony the 3 on the Cross were for help at the last gasping at death.

3 Weapons that Combat Anxiety – :  purity of intention, the right work ­ good in itself ­ of victim and of sacrificing yourself for Me, and having the sole purpose to love Me.

THREE wounds that give Me (Jesus) mortal pain and such bitterness of sorrow as to surpass all the other wounds together.  “[First:]  These are the pains of My loving souls. “The second mortal wound of My Heart is ingratitude.  “The third [wound] is obstinacy.  What mortal wound to My Heart!

“My daughter, the First Fiat was said in Creation without the intervention of any creature.  For completion of the Second Fiat I chose My Mama.  Now for the completion of both I want to say the Third Fiat, which will complete the glory [and] honor of the Fiat of Creation, as well as will be the confirmation and development of the fruits of the Fiat of Redemption.  These THREE Fiats will veil the Sacrosanct Trinity on the earth, and I will have the Fiat Voluntas tua, come in Cielo cosi in terra.  These THREE Fiats will be inseparable; one will be life of the other.  They will be One and Triune, but distinct among themselves.

“These THREE Fiats have the same value and power.

“My daughter, these THREE ‘Fiats’ are the Creating, the Redeeming, [and] the Sanctifying [Fiats].  In creating man I endowed him with THREE powers—intellect, memory, and will.  Moreover, with THREE ‘Fiats’ I will complete the work of the sanctification of man.

“This generation will not end if My Will does not reign on the earth.  My Redeeming Fiat will put Itself in the middle, between the Creating Fiat and the Sanctifying Fiat.  The THREE will mix together and will complete the sanctification of man.  The Third ‘Fiat’ will give such grace to the creature as to make her return as if to her state of origin.  And then, when I have seen man as he came forth from Me, My work will be complete and I will take My perpetual repose in My last ‘Fiat.’  Only life in My Volition will restore man to his state of origin.

I stayed in prison THREE hours.  In so doing, I wanted to restore the THREE epochs of the world: the law of nature, the written law, and the law of Grace.  I wanted to free everyone, reunite everyone, and give them the freedom that belongs to my sons.  By staying THREE hours, I wanted to restore the THREE stages of man: childhood, youth, and old age.

Luisa’s 3 affirmations:

            I was saying my usual prayers when my ever-loving Jesus, surprising me from behind, called out my name and said: “Luisa, daughter of my Will, do you want to live always in my Will?”

I replied: “Yes, oh Jesus.”

He said: “But do you truly want to live in my Will?”

I replied: “Truly, my love.  Besides, I would neither recognize nor adapt to any other will.”

And again Jesus said: “But…do you mean it certainly?”

Then, feeling confused and almost fearful, I added: “Jesus my life, you frighten me with these questions.  Explain Yourself better.  I say it with certainty, but always aided by You and with the strength of your Will, which envelops me so that I could not but live in your Will.”

He gave a sigh of relief and continued:

“How happy your THREE affirmations make Me!  Fear not, they are but reaffirmations and confirmations to seal in you the triple seal of the Volition of the THREE Divine Persons.

Jesus in the Garden:

Suffering was I crying out? Ah, no!  You are deceiving yourself if you think that. I loved suffering to the point of folly; I loved death in order to give Life to my children.

That was the cry of all the human family together echoing in my Humanity.  I, crying out together with them, repeated THREE times: ‘If it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me!’ I cried out in the name of all humanity in so far as all humanity was a part of Me, and I felt oppressed and crushed.

Now I come to you.  After calling my Celestial Mother I called you so that all human acts would have THREE seals: the first seal given by Me, the second seal given by my Mother, and the third seal given by an ordinary creature.

3 Types of Bread:

“Our Will, seeing the great value in acting as one in THREE distinct Persons, also wants to act as one in THREE distinct persons on earth:  the Mother, the Son, and the Bride.  From these THREE persons other seas of happiness will flow, bringing immense good to all wayfarers.”

, I beseech You for THREE kinds of daily bread.  The first is the bread of your Will; .  Father, without this Bread of your Will, I will never be able to receive all the fruits of my Sacramental Life, which is the second kind of bread I ask You for every day.  “After that I asked for the third bread, which is material bread.

THREE times has the Divinity decided to work ‘ad extra’:  the first was in the Creation, and this was without the intervention of any creature, since none had come yet forth to the light of day; the second was Redemption, which involved the intervention of a woman, my Heavenly Mother, who was the holiest and most beautiful of all, and the channel and the instrument I used to accomplish the work of the Redemption; the third is the fulfillment of my Will, that It may be done on earth as It is in Heaven, so that the creature live and work with the Holiness and the Power of our Will,

“From then on I formed the epic of the Fiat Voluntas Tua upon the earth; and by saying it for [a] THREE times, in the first I impetrated, and in the second I made It descend, and in the third I formed It reigning and dominating.  And as I said ‘Non mea voluntas, sed tua fiat,’ I intended to empty creatures of their will, and fill them with the Divine.

3 in the creation of man

…in creating man, formed diverse ways of communication between the Creator and the creature, ways that form the THREE powers of the soul:  Intelligence, the means to understand my Will; memory, means to always remember It; and the will.  The middle of the first two ways formed the third way to fly in the Will of its Creator.  The intelligence and the memory were the help, the defense and the strength of the way of the will, because they could not deviate either to the right or to the left.

“The mission of my Volition will reflect the most Holy Trinity upon the earth.  And as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, inseparable yet distinct among themselves, who form all the beatitude of Heaven, so also on earth there will be THREE persons who for their mission will be distinct and inseparable among themselves:  The Virgin with her Maternity, which reflects the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses his Power to fulfill the mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of the human race; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating Itself from the Father and Holy Spirit, manifesting my Celestial Wisdom, adding the bond to make Me inseparable from my Mother; and you for the mission of my Will.  In you the Holy Spirit will make his Love overflow, manifesting to you the secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, to make happy those who will want to know how much good this Supreme Will contains and who want to love It and have It reign in them.  They will offer their souls to let It inhabit their own hearts and form its Life in them.  And the bond of inseparability among you, the Mother and the Eternal Word will remain.

The 3 missions:

“These THREE missions are distinct and inseparable.  With extraordinary suffering the first two have prepared the grace, the light, the work and everything for the third mission—the mission of my Will—to fuse both in It so as to find Its repose, because my Will alone is celestial repose.

And glory to Mary; and THREE times Holy, She who has let this Supreme Will operate!’

The course of my thirty-THREE years was not sufficient, nor were the creatures prepared, disposed, to foresee a food so delicate that I gave to all Heaven;

THREE Divine Persons; It placed in him THREE motions which were to murmur continuously, to unite with that continuous motion and murmuring of love of their Creator.  And these are:  the motion of the beating of the heart which never ceases, the circulation of the blood which always flows without ever ceasing, the breathing of the breath which never stops.  This, in the body; in the soul there are THREE more motions which murmur continuously:  the intellect, the memory and the will.

But in order to manifest to the peoples the coming of Myself, Word of the Father, upon earth, I wanted and used royal authorities, learned and erudite men, so that, by their authority, they might diffuse the knowledges of the incarnate God and, eventually, also impose themselves to the peoples.  In spite of this, the star was seen by everyone, yet only THREE of them move, pay attention and follow it.

Then I will have THREE Kingdoms – one in the Celestial Fatherland, another in the Creation, and the third among the creatures – and each one will be the echo of the other, each one the reflection of the other.

.  For your Jesus there will no longer be difference between staying in the Celestial Fatherland, and descending to be in the midst of creatures in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth.  Then, Our work of Creation will sing victory and full triumph, and We will have THREE Kingdoms in one – symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, because all of Our works carry the mark of the One who created them.”

The THREE Appeals

1)   The Divine Appeal

With His Father and the Holy Spirit, the Divine King appeals to His children on earth to come now and enter into the Kingdom of His Will.



3)   Luisa’s Appeal

And in the first place, I appeal to the HIGHEST HIERARCH, to the ROMAN PONTIFF, to HIS HOLINESS, to the representative of the Holy Church, and therefore the representative of the KINGDOM OF THE DIVINE WILL. At his holy feet, this little, tiny child places this Kingdom, so that he dominate It and make It known, and with his paternal and authoritative voice, call his sons to live in this Kingdom so holy.

May the Sun of the SUPREME “FIAT” invest him and form the first Sun of the Divine Volition in Its Representative on earth; and forming Its primary Life in Him who is the Head of all, It will spread Its interminable rays in all the world; and eclipsing all with Its Light, It will form one flock and one Shepherd

The second appeal I make to all PRIESTS. Prostrate at the feet of each one, I pray, I implore them to interest themselves in knowing the Divine Will. Take your first movement, your first act from It; rather, enclose yourselves in the “FIAT,” and you will feel how sweet and dear Its Life is. Draw from It all your workings; you will feel a Divine strength in you, a voice that always speaks, that will say admirable things to you that you have never heard. You will feel a light that will eclipse all your evils, and eclipsing the peoples, will give you the dominion over them.   How many labors you do without fruit, because the Life of the Divine Will is lacking. You have broken a bread for the peoples without the leaven of the “FIAT”; and they therefore, in eating it, have found it hard, almost indigestible; and not feeling the Life in themselves, they do not submit to your teachings. Therefore, you eat this bread of the Divine “FIAT!” Thus you will have sufficient bread to give to the peoples. Thus you will form with all, one single Life and one single Will.

The third appeal I make to all, to the entire world, for you are all my brothers and sisters and my children. Do you know why I am calling all?  Because I want to give to all the Life of the Divine Will. This is more than air that we can all breathe. It is as Sun from which we can all receive the good of the light; It is as palpitation of the heart that wants to beat in all. And, as a little baby, I want, I yearn for you to take the Life of the “FIAT”…Oh, if you knew how many goods you would receive; you would consume your life to make It reign in all of you! This little, tiny one wants to tell you another secret that Jesus has confided to her; and I tell you it so that you give me your will, and in exchange you will receive that of God which will make you happy in soul and in body.


Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!


Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!


Come Holy Spirit, Come Supreme Will,

down to reign in Your Kingdom on earth

and in our hearts!

“Adorable Trinity, hurry, delay

     no more;

we pray You, we press You, that  Your Will descend upon earth, make Itself known and Reign on it as It does     in Heaven!”  



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Six Biblical Reasons Mary Is The “New Eve”

The Serpent Under the Right Foot of Mother Mary

6 Biblical Reasons Mary Is the “New Eve”

by HHAmbrose on May 31, 2012•


Listers, Mother Mary is the New Eve. Through St. Paul, Holy Scripture tells us that Christ is the New Adam, and where all died in Adam, all may be made alive in Christ. The comparison between Adam and Christ revealed a parallel in salvation history between the story of humanity’s first parents and the story of humanity’s salvation. Within this parallel, the Virgin Mary plays a role that rightfully entitles her the New Eve.


An SPL Introduction: The Necessity of a New Adam & New Eve

The New Adam and the New Eve are not poetic titles given to express a certain biblical view. They are necessary roles in salvation history that speak to the recreation of mankind and offering of salvation to all men.

Why did the sin of the First Parents affect humanity?
Many often ask why the seemingly simple sin of eating of a tree has condemned humanity to suffering in a fallen world. The truth is that humanity is one body, and Adam is the head of that body – and as the head goes, the body must follow. In being one body, all humans share the same human nature, and that human nature has been suffering a privation ushered in by the First Parents. Sin is nothing more than a privation of the good: it is a corruption, a lacking, a malformation of God’s good creation – and since the First Parents’ betrayal, humanity has had to deal with this privation in all human nature, this Original Sin.

What is recapitulation?
Here we arrive at St. Anselm’s Dilema: humanity is responsible to repay and satisfy the debt of sin, however, only God, as the Creator, has the power to pay the debt. In this light, the Incarnation of God as fully man and fully God was the perfect answer: Christ as a man was a valid sacrifice for the sin debt owed, and Christ as God granted him the perfection, power, and authority to do so. Still, the Incarnation of God did not immediately solve everything. What humanity needed was a “new head” or a recapitulation. Humanity needed to be brought out from under the original sin of Adam and placed under a new head with a new body. Here we see the “body of Christ” and Christ as the “New Adam.” Christ’s death offers forgiveness to humanity, satisfies the debt owed, allows humanity to become “new creatures,” baptism removes the stain/guilt of Original Sin, and the Church becomes the Body of Christ.

A simple comparison of Adam and Christ is incomplete. What is needed is a holistic comparison between the original creation and the recreation: Adam to Christ, Eve to Mary, Fall to Salvation, and Tree to Cross. The following list explores the role of Eve in the Fall to the role of Mother Mary – the New Eve – in the Salvation of the World.

The Creation of Eve – Michelangelo, The Sistine Chapel

1. An Intimate Relationship

Eve From Adam

New Adam from New Eve

In the story of Creation, Eve is pulled from the flesh of Adam.1

“So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh; and the rib which the LORD God had taken from man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.”

In the story of the Recreation, the New Adam comes from the New Eve.2

“And while they were there, the time came for her to be delivered. And she gave birth to her first-born son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths, and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.”

Why is the order reversed?
The most logical answer is that it follows the natural progenitorial method of human reproduction. However, it is also noted that in the Jewish tradition women were often mistrusted due to the belief that Eve had sinned first and had tempted Adam to sin as well. Allowing Mary to come first and be the virgin vessel of God’s Incarnation removes that traditional mistrust. The Early Church thinker Tertullian (c. 160) comments on how Eve – a female – sinned and brought about the Fall; thus, there is a certain justice in God’s providence allowing someone of the same sex – Mary – usher in the salvation of humanity. In how own words:

Into a virgin’s soul, in like manner, must be introduced that Word of God which was to raise the fabric of life; so that what had been reduced to ruin by this sex might be the selfsame sex be recovered to salvation.

Moreover, Mother Mary did not simply undue the sin of Eve. In a full understanding of her biblical roles in salvation history – the New Eve, the New Ark of the Covenant, and the Queen of the Eternal Davidic Kingdom – Mary is seen as the highest created being. She was the pure and perfect vessel for Christ’s Incarnation, i.e., the Theotokos, the Mother of God. No other created human being will ever have such an elevated role.3

Why the difference in relations?
Another notable difference beside the progenitorial order is the difference in relation between Adam and Eve and Christ and Mary. A quick answer would be that Adam and Eve’s romantic/sexual relationship had nothing to do with the Fall. Most all Early Church commentators hold that sexual relations occurred after the Fall, and the biblical tradition – at least as far as bearing children – supports this claim; thus, the need for a recapitulation focuses the roles played in the overall context of the Fall and Recreation.

“The Annunciation” by Henry Ossawa Tanner, an early African American Artist, 1898

2. Recipients of Supernatural Messengers

A Virgin Listens to the Serpent

A Virgin Listen to the Angel

Leading up to the Fall of Mankind, Eve listens to the sordid words of the serpent.4

“But the serpent said to the woman, ‘You will not die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.’ So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate.”

Paving the way for the Recreation and Salvation of Mankind, the New Eve is visited by the Angel Gabriel.5

“In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. And the angel came to her and said, “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you!” But she was greatly troubled at the saying, and considered in her mind what sort of greetings this might be. And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.”

Mary Untied the Knot of Eve’s Disobedience:
The Early Church Father and Bishop of Lyon, France, Irenaeus (d. 202) wrote the following famous phrase:

The knot of Eve’s disobedience was loosed by the obedience of Mary. The knot of which the virgin Eve tied by her unbelief, the Virgin Mary opened by her belief.

The Virgin Mary is the Advocate of the Virgin Eve:
It was Bishop Irenaeus who more fully developed St. Paul’s concept of recapitulation. He goes on to say:

If the former [Eve] disobeyed God, the latter [Mary] was persuaded to obey God, so that the Virgin Mary became the advocate of the virgin Eve. And thus, as the human race fell into bondage to death by means of a virgin, so it is rescued by a virgin.

An Edifice of Death, An Edifice of Believing:
Further exploring the Early Church, the western thinker of North Africa, Tertullian (c. 160) states:

For it was while Eve was yet a virgin that the ensnaring word had crept into her ear which was to build the edifice of death. Into a virgin’s soul, in like manner, must be introduced that Word of God which was to raise the fabric of life; so that what had been reduced to ruin by this sex might be the selfsame sex be recovered to salvation. As Eve believed the serpent, so Mary believed the angel. The delinquency which the one occasioned by believing, the other effaced by believing.

Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you!” – Gabriel, the Archangel

3. Bearers of Universal Change

Eve Gives Birth to Sin & Death

New Eve Gives Birth to Grace & Salvation

Eve listens the words of the serpent and sins against God: sin and death enter the world. It should be noted here that Eve’s sin did not immediately cause the Fall, but rather she was able to find Adam – who had presumably not been standing there the entire time – and offer him the fruit as well.

Mother Mary, the New Eve, literally gives birth to the Incarnate God, Jesus Christ, who is the grace and salvation of humanity. Again, the point of interest here is that Christ’s Incarnation did not immediately resolve the problem of a fallen humanity. Humanity was under the sinful head of Adam, and a recapitulation was needed to usher in grace and the New Creation.

The Words of a Serpent & of an Angel:
In AD 135, the Early Church Father Justin Martyr said the following in a diloague with a rabbi in Ephesus.6

For Eve, who was a virgin and undefiled, having conceived the world of the serpent, brought forth disobedience and death. But the Virgin Mary received faith and joy when the angel Gabriel announced the good tidings to her that the Spirit of the Lord would come upon her, and the power of the Highest would overshadow her: wherefore also the Holy Thing begotten of her is the Son of God.

Expulsion from the Garden. Milton’s Paradise Lost

4. Together They Change Creation

Eve & Adam Together Cause the Fall

New Eve and New Adam Together Cause Salvation

Creation does not fall until both Adam and Eve have taken of the fruit. Here, under the shadow of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Creation falls.7

“Then the eyes of both were opened, and they know that they were naked.”

The Recreation of the world, the recapitulation of mankind, also did not happen immediately, but rather happened when the New Eve, the New Adam, and the Tree – the Cross – were together. Though all the disciples eventually abandoned Christ, the New Eve did not. She remained at his side as he offered forgiveness and satisfaction for humanity. Christ, being the New Adam, became the head of a new humanity of a redeemed and recreated world.

Was Mary necessary?
Still, Mary’s partnership in salvation goes beyond simply remaining by Christ’s side. As shown by Anselm’s dilema, the Savior of Mankind needed to be fully human and fully divine. Christ being born of a woman was a necessary step in his Incarnation and validity in being the Savior; thus, Mary, as the New Eve, as the Theotokos, the Mother of God, the Mater Dei, was the necessary perfect and pure vessel of Christ’s Incarnation. Just as the Ark of the Covenant was where God came down in the Old Testament to speak to his people, so too was Mother Mary the Ark of the New Convenant where God came down to his people.

The Pieta in St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

5. Universal Maternity

Eve Becomes the “Mother of All the Living”

New Eve Becomes the “Mother of All Who Live in Christ”

Before the Fall, Adam simply referred to Eve as Woman. However, after the Fall, Adam names his wife Eve, because she is the “mother of all living.”8

It follows that if Mary is the New Eve, then she would be the “Mother of All Who Live in Christ,” or the “Mother of All Who Truly Live.” There are however several biblical traits to support this logical assumption. The first is that like Adam, Christ does not refer to Mary as “Mary” or even “Mother,” but refers to her as “Woman.”9 The most important circumstance in which this title “Woman” was used was when Christ was on the Cross.

When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold you son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.

It is extremely important to observe that when Christ refers to his relationship with Mary he says “Woman,” which invokes Adam’s pre-Fall title for Eve, but when he refers to the disciple’s relationship with Mary he uses the title “Mother.” Tradition tells us that St. John took Mother Mary into his home in Ephesus and cared for her until the Assumption. Christ called the disciples “brothers,” he told them that God was their “Father,” and he gave Mary to them as their “Mother.” Though popular, it is absurd to believe that Christ gave us a Father, gave himself as the Son or our Brother, and completely left out any maternal figure.10

Mary is often depicted with the Serpent under her right foot.


Enmity Between Eve & the Serpent

Enmity between the New Eve and Satan

After the Fall, the first messianic promise is given to humanity:11

“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”

The latter part of the verse is certainly referring to the penultimate bruising of Christ upon the cross, and then the ultimate bruising of Satan and his roaming spirits by the Harrowing of Hell and the Resurrection. As the New Eve, Mary gains enmity between her and the serpent even more so than Eve, because she is the very vessel by which the victorious “seed” becomes Incarnate. While the enmity between Mary and Satan is certainly not an outrageous claim, it should be noted that Scripture is much clearer about the enmity between her “seed” and Satan. However in St. John’s book of Revelation12, a certain pericope grasps speaks to this special:

The Woman Bears a Son:

Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple; and there were flashes of lightning, voices, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.

And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; she was with child and she cried out in her pangs of birth, in anguish for delivery. And another portent appeared in heaven; behold, a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems upon his heads. His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, that he might devour her child when she brought it forth; she brought forth a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to his throne, and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which to be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days.

Traditionally the “ark of the covenant” and the “woman” are considered the same portent. During Christ’s time on the earth, the Ark of the Covenant was not in the Temple; in fact, it had been missing for a few hundred years. As aforementioned, Mary was seen as the New Ark of the Covenant, because like the old ark, she was the vessel wherein heaven and earth met. The “woman” is obviously Mary, as she gives birth to the “male child” that is hostile to the “red dragon,” and that child “is to rule all nations with a rod of iron” – which is a allusion to King David who ruled with a “rod of iron.” At the end of this passage, the woman, Mary, is safeguarded from the dragon by God.13

Enmity Between the Woman and the Dragon:
The next passage describes a war in heaven between the Archangel Michael and the Dragon.14 The passage invokes the notion of Satan being thrown from heaven. However, it is the following passage that returns to the aforesaid woman:

And when the dragon saw that he had been thrown down to the earth, he pursued the woman who had borne the male child. But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle that she might fly from the serpent into the wilderness, to the place where she is to be nourished for a time, and times, and half a time. The serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, to sweep her away with the flood. But the earth came to the help of the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river which the dragon had poured from his mouth. Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus. And he stood on the sand of the sea.

After failing to conquer her son, the dragon then turns to the woman, Mary. The specifics of the hostility between Mary and Satan have always been a point of intrigue for biblical scholars, but it is clear the woman is protected by God. Foiled by God’s protection of Mary, the dragon then turns to her “offspring,” i.e., Christians.

Mother to All Christians: Why Mary Is Important to All Believers in Christ

Every single unique grace and role given to Mother Mary is anchored in Jesus Christ. All her honor and due veneration rests on understanding Jesus Christ as the Savior of Mankind. Due to this connection, the Marian doctrines of the Church help articulate the truths of Christ, e.g., the Theotokos or Mater Dei shows Christ to be God and Man, the New Eve shows Christ to be the New Adam, the New Ark of the Covenant proclaims Christ’s divinity, the Queen of Heaven title calls to mind Christ as the Son of David and his eternal Davidic throne, and much more. As the scholar and popular author Scott Hahn has intimates, Mary, like all good mothers, continually points to her Son.

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  14. The War of the Child and the Dragon: Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought,but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world — he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, “Now the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God. And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. Rejoice then, O heaven and you that dwell therein! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”

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Titles of Our Lady on GLORIES OF MARY

Titles of Our Lady on GLORIES OF MARY


A preeminent and altogether singular member of the Church

Above all the angels, immaculate, pure, at the right of the King thou shalt sit evermore. .

Adorned with all the gifts of the Holy Ghost.

After her Son, exalted by divine grace above all the angels and men.

After the completion of her earthly life, Mary was assumed body and soul into the glory of heaven.

All chaste and serene..

All of the glory of the King’s daughter is within, in golden borders, clothed round about with varieties.

Already in the first moment of her conception, filled with such an abundance of graces as to surpass the graces of all the saints.

Among the saints, she is the most holy.

Beautiful as the sun.

Beautiful surpassingly.

Beloved daughter.

Beloved of God.

Beloved spouse of the Spirit of God.

Blessed among women..

Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

Blessed art thou who believed.

Blessed Mary ever a virgin.

Blessed from generation to generation.

Blessed one.

Blessed root of glory.

Bride of heaven.

Bride of the blessed Trinity.

Bride of the Holy Ghost.

Bride of the Spirit with his sevenfold gifts.

Bright as the sun.

Brightest glory of the human race.

Called blessed by all generations.

Celestial glories round thee blaze.

Charity without measure.

Cherished spouse of the Holy Ghost.

Chief support of the primitive Church.

Chosen from the ages.

Chosen spouse of the Holy Spirit.

Coadjutrix in the work of human redemption.

Compared with thee, the Powers are weakness.

Conflagration of love.

Constancy without parallel..


Daughter of God the Father.

Daughter of King David.

Daughter of the Eternal Father.

Delight of the Holy Trinity.

Descendant of kings, patriarchs and prophets.

Desired of all nations.

Divine prodigy.

Elect and predestined from all eternity.

Endowed with all perfections and the whole range of infused virtues.

Ever glorious and blessed Mary.

Every manner of honor, of grace, of merit and of glory is found in Mary.

Exalted above all the choirs of angels and orders of saints.

Exalted above all things save only God himself.

Exalted by divine grace above all angels and men.

Exalted by God above all the choirs of angels.

Exalted in heaven above every living creature.

Expected by the patriarchs.

Fair daughter.

Fair spouse of Jehovah, whose Son is thy child.

Fairest amongst all the daughters of Jerusalem.

Fairest among women.

Fairest thou where all are fair.

Faithful handmaid.

Faithful to grace in the highest degree.

Favorite daughter of the Father.

First of all God’s creatures in heaven.

Flower of God’s choosing, that shall never fade.

Forth-bringer of God.

Full of grace.

Full of the Holy Ghost.

Gentlest of the gentle..

Glorious and perpetual virgin Mary.

Glorious mother of God.

Glory of angels.

Glory of God.

Glory of our race.

Glory of the Christian people.

Glory of the priesthood.

Glory of the works of the Almighty.

God’s garden of delights.

God has chosen and pre-elected her, and has made her to dwell in his tabernacle.

God’s masterpiece.

Great lady at the right hand of her Divine Son. reigning through all the ages of eternity. .

Great princess.

Greatest and most sublime of all creatures.

Greatest work of the Divine Majesty.

Hail Mary full of grace.

Handmaid of the Lord.

Heavenly Phoenix..

Heavenly princess.

Heir of a royal line which goes back to Joachim, to Solomon, to David, to Jesse, to Abraham, to Adam.

Herald of Jesus.

Higher than the angels.

His companion for all eternity, possessing such a likeness to Him, that none greater can be possible between a God-man and a creature.

Holy, holy, holy Mary.

Honor, glory and firmament of our Church.

Honored with the glory of maternity.

Humble because she was all for God.

In Mary all created perfections, but in a most excellent manner and degree.

In thy conception, 0 virgin Mary, thou wast immaculate.

Incomparably greater than all other creatures.

Jesus is omnipotent of himself; Mary is all powerful through her Son.

Joseph’s spouse.

Joy of paradise.

Joy of the blest.

Joy of the universal Church.

Light of the faithful.

Lily of spotless whiteness.

Loveliest whom in heaven they see.

More beautiful than the sun.

More fair than morn’s refulgent rays that flame in eastern majesty.

More glorious than the Cherubim.

More glorious than the supernal spirits.

More honorable than the Seraphim.

Most glorious virgin Mary.

Most perfect woman.

Most pure and holy of all creatures.

Mother and spouse of God.

Mother of the Eternal Son.

Mother of the only begotten Son of the Eternal Father.

New Eve.

Noble daughter, most beloved of our common Lord.

0 wonder, who, after all wonders, art still the most wonderful.

Omnipotent in prayer.

Omnipotent through grace.

Paradise of delights..

Paradise of God.

Partaker of perpetual benediction..

Patroness of graces.

Peerless and singular creature.

Perfect beatitude.

Powerful vanquisher of all heresies.

Prepared for himself by the Most High..

Preserved from the inherited guilt of original sin.

Purest, holiest, fairest of creatures.

Purest humanity.

Ravisher of hearts.


Rose of all roses.

Sagacious woman.

Saint of saints.

Seat of all divine graces.

Seat of wisdom.

Servant of the Spirit.

She by herself is more like to her Son than all the saints together.

She obtains a splendor and eminence surpassing the excellence of all created things. .

Singular and chosen creature..

So lowly in thine own eyes, but so great in the eyes of the Lord.

Sovereign of angels..

Splendor of all heaven.

Spouse and temple of the Holy Ghost.

Spouse of the Blessed Trinity.

Spouse of the Canticle of Canticles. .

Spouse of the divine Spirit..

Spouse of the Holy Ghost.

Spouse of the Most High..

Supereffulgent star.

Sweeter than honey.

The all-holy one.

The chosen one, who is to be acceptable above all creatures..

The crown and joy of all of the saints.

The daughters of Sion beheld her and declared her most blessed and queens have praised her. .

The desired of nations. .

The exaltation of humanity.

The fairest of all creatures.

The fruit of benediction.

The glories of Mary for the sake of her Son.

The glory of Jerusalem.

The glory of paradise.

The great honor of our people.

The greatest of women and none can compare.

The Holy One who will be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.

The honor of our race.

The honor of the martyrs.

The honor of us all.

The immaculate virgin mother of God, after completing her earthly course, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.

The joy of Israel.

The joy of our country.

The most illustrious glory and ornament, and most firm guardian of the Holy Church. .

The one blessed beyond all others.

The one without the slightest stain.

The praise of the prophets and apostles.

The sacred Spirit’s fruitful spouse.

The Spirit’s chosen spouse.

The true and only spouse of the Holy Spirit.

The victor in all the battles of God..

The virgin Mary is taken up to the heavenly chamber, in which the King of Kings sits upon his starry throne.

There is an infinite difference between God’s servants and His mother.

Thou art blessed and venerable.

Thou hast begotten life and glory for all generations of men.

Thou has far excelled every other work of God.

Thou hast found grace with the Lord. .

Thou lookest down on the lofty seats of the Thrones.

Thou wast far purer than any other creature.

Through grace perfectly free from every stain of sin.

Thy rank taketh precedence before the rank of the Principalities.

Treasure of goodness.

Unsurpassed in sanctity.

Veiled glory in this lampless universe.

Victor over the serpent.

Victress in all God’s battles.

Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church.

Whom all generations shall call blessed.

Without equal among things created.

Woman clothed with the sun.

Woman on whose head is a crown of twelve stars, that is a crown of all the saints.

Wonder of wonders.

Wonderful woman.

Worthy throne for the Divinity.

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How Jesus on the cross still cries out to every heart “I Thirst”



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will



 April 20, 1938

 How Jesus on the Cross still cries to every heart “I thirst.”  How the True Resurrection consists in Rising in the Divine Will.  How nothing is denied to one who Lives in It.

My flight in the Divine Will continues and I feel the need to make all that It has done my own, placing  there my little love, my loving kisses, my deep adoration, and my ‘thank you’ for everything It did—everything It suffered, for me and for all.  As I reached the point at which my dear Jesus was Crucified and lifted on the Cross in Atrocious Agonies and Unspeakable Pains, with heartbreaking Tenderness and Compassion He told me: “My good daughter(Luisa)! The Pain that most transfixed Me on the Cross was My ardent Thirst.  I felt I was burning alive since all the vital humors had gone out through My Wounds, which were burning and wanted to quench, like many mouths, Their terrible Thirst.  I just couldn’t contain Myself anymore, so I shouted: ‘I Thirst!’  This, ‘I Thirst,’ remained and is always in the act of saying: ‘I Thirst!’  I never stop saying it.  With My open Wounds, with My burnt Lips, I am always repeating: ‘I am burning—I Thirst! Please, Give Me a little drop of your love to soothe My ardent Thirst.’

“In everything the creature does I keep repeating with My Mouth, opened and burned: ‘Let Me drink. I’m burning of Thirst.’  My dislocated and Wounded Humanity had only one cry: ‘I Thirst!’   Therefore, as the creature walks, I shout to her steps with My dry mouth, ‘Give Me your steps—done for love of Me, to quench My Thirst.’  If she works, I ask for her works—made only for love of Me, to cool My burning Thirst; if she speaks, I ask for her words; if she thinks, I ask for her thoughts—as many little drops to refresh My ardent Thirst.  It wasn’t just My mouth that was burning, but all My Most Holy Humanity felt the urgent need of a refreshing bath for the ardent Fire of Love that burned within Me; and since it was for the creatures that I was burning in Excruciating Pains, only creatures, with their love, could quench My ardent Thirst and give to My Humanity a refreshing bath.  Now, I left this cry: ‘I Thirst!’ inside My Will and I made the commitment to make the creatures hear it over and over again—to move them to compassion for My burning Thirst; to give them My Bath of Love and receive theirs—though being just little drops—to quench My devouring Thirst.  But who is listening to Me?  Who has compassion for Me?  Only the one who Lives in My Will.  All the others play deaf and even increase My Thirst with their ingratitude—making Me restless and with no hope of refreshment.

 “And not only My ‘I Thirst,’ but all that I did and said in My Will, is always in the act of saying to My Sorrowful Mother: ‘Mother, here are Your children.’  I place Her at their side as help and Guide, to be loved by her children; every instant She feels Her own Son close to all the children.  O! how much She Loves them giving them Her Maternity, to make Myself Loved as She Loves Me.  Not only this, but by offering Her Maternity She offers Perfection also among creatures, so that they Love each other with Maternal Love, which is a constant, sacrificing, unselfish Love.  But who receives all this Good?  Only the one who Lives in Our Fiat feels the Maternity of the Queen.  She feeds Her children with Her Maternal Heart, to let them suck and receive the Maternity of Her Love, Her Sweetness, and all the riches of Her Maternal Heart.

 “My daughter(Luisa), one who wants to find Me—who wants to receive all Our Goods and My very Mother, must enter Our Will and remain there.  Our Will is not only Our Life, but It forms around Us—with Its Immensity—Our House, in which It keeps all Our Acts, Words and Being, always in Action.  Our Things never get out of Our Will; one who wants It can only Live together with It, and then she possesses everything—nothing is denied.  If We give Our Things to one who is not Living in Our Will, she will neither appreciate them, nor love them; she won’t feel the right to make them her own, and when things are not possessed, love does not arise—it dies.”

After this, I continued my round in all that Our Lord did on earth and I stopped in the Act of Resurrection.  What Triumph, what Glory.  Heaven poured Itself on earth to be spectator of such a great Glory.  My beloved Jesus said: “My daughter(Luisa), in My Resurrection, the right was given to creatures to Rise Again in Me to New Life.  It was the Confirmation, the Seal of My whole Life, My Works and My Words.  If I came on earth it was to give to each and every one My Resurrection, as their own—to give them Life and make them Rise Again in My own Resurrection.  But do you(Luisa) want to know where is the Real Resurrection of the creature?  Not in the end of her days, but while she is still living on earth.  One who Lives in My Will Rises Again to Light and says: ‘My night is over.’  She Rises Again in the Love of her Creator, so that there is no more cold or snow for her, but the smile of the Heavenly Spring; she Rises Again to Sanctity, that puts in rushed flight all weaknesses, miseries and passions; she Rises Again to all that is Heaven, and if she looks at the earth, Heaven and sun, she does it to find the Works of her Creator—to take the opportunity to narrate to Him His Glory and His long Love Story.

“Therefore, one who Lives in My Will can say, as the Angel said to the holy women on the way to the Sepulcher, ‘He is risen.  He is not here any more.’   One who Lives in My Will can also say, ‘My will is not with me any longer—it is Risen Again in the Fiat.’  And if the circumstances of life, opportunities and sufferings surround the creature, as if they were looking for her will, she can answer: ‘My will is Risen Again; it is not in my power anymore.  I possess, in exchange, the Divine Will, and I want to cover with Its Light all things around me—circumstances and sufferings, to make them like many Divine Conquests.’  The soul who Lives in Our Will finds Life in the Acts of her Jesus, and as always, in this Life, she finds Our Operating, Conquering, Triumphant Will.  She gives us so much Glory that Heaven cannot contain it.  Therefore, Live always in Our Will—never leave it, if you(Luisa) want to be Our Triumph and Our Glory.”


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