Pope Francis Honors His Mother in Heaven

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photo: Pope Francis Honors His Mother in Heaven

Posted by Taylor Marshall
Pope Francis honors Our Lady of Lujan (a Marian devotion from his motherland of Argentina).
The statue of Our Lady of Luján was crafted in Brazil and sent to Argentina. A settler ordered the statue of Mary in 1630 in order to reinvigorate the Catholic faith in Santiago del Estero.
The cart carrying the new statue stopped at the residence of Don Rosendo Oramas, located in the present town of Zelaya. However, when the caravan wanted to resume the journey, the oxen refused to move.
Puzzled by this, the travelers removed the statue from the cart. The oxen started to move again. This was taken as a sign that the Virgin wished for the statue to remain at this location. The statue was revered there for several decadues until it was enshrined at Lujan.

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