11/29 Immaculate Conception Novena Begins

Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daught
er of the Divine Will



Luisa wrote this novena as a little example of how to thank and requite God for the Most Holy Virgin (e.g. Dec.18, 1920 Volume 12); of how to thank and requite our Celestial Mother Herself (e.g. June 26, 1926  Volume 19), and of how to put into practice the teachings contained in the chapters about the Immaculate Conception (e.g. Dec.8, 1922  Volume 15).  More than simply reciting it with words, we should follow it with the will, truly uniting ourselves to the acts that Luisa did. (J.L. Acuña)

“Day”, in God, means the time in which one operates and acts… And when it is a Divine Will that operates and acts, then a “day” becomes an eternity, and the acts or works done in that “day” are infinite and inexhaustible goods placed at everyone’s disposal.  The six “days” of Creation are not yet ended, because God continues to operate, in every instant, by preserving all things and maintaining them in existence.  The “day” of the creation of man, in which God says, “Let us make man in our Image and Likeness” and infuses His life-giving breath in him, is certainly not ended, because this act of God is eternal and continuously in act, and from this act we receive life and preservation at this very moment!  The seventh “day”, then, is the eternal day in which God, far from ceasing to operate, actively enjoys and delights in His works, resting in them because they fulfill the purpose for which He made them.  The longed-for seventh day is the Kingdom of His Will reigning on earth as it does in Heaven – the eternal perennial sunny day in which man possesses the Will of God as his own life, and does all that God does together with Him, in perfect Unity and mutual Rest.

With this novena of nine “days”, Luisa is calling us to enter the Divine Will and participate actively – with our acts – in the eternal Day of the Will of God. Every single act of love, of reparation, of thanksgiving that we do in the Divine Will fills Heaven and earth, and all eternity.  Therefore, each “day” of this novena can be an eternity of love and glory that we give to God, and of good that we do for all, if we call His very Will to animate and vivify all of our acts.  But eternity never ends…! In the same, this novena must never end within us!   Indeed Luisa wrote it for us in order to help us to acquire and to exercise, for “ninety times nine days”, the continuous attitude of going around in the Divine Will, to trace all of Its acts and repeat them within us, so as to let Divine Life grow in us, increasing our Likeness to our Creator and Father, and therefore fulfilling the purpose for which we were created!

How infinitely greater and more profound than a simple devotion or pious practice! Thank you Luisa.  Guide us in this eternal Day!

Day One

Let us honor Mary with nine acts of love. Let us do these acts in the Divine Will, so as to be able to place a most refulgent Sun over the august head of our Queen, with all the fullness of grace, of light and all the good which the Divine Will contains.

  • In the first act we will give to Mary all the love of the Father.
  • In the second, the love of the Son.
  • In the third, the love of the Holy Spirit.
  • In the fourth, the very love of Her Heart of Mother.
  • In the fifth, the love of the Angels.
  • In the sixth, the love of the Saints,
  • In the seventh, the love of all present creatures.
  • In the eighth, the love of all the creatures who will come.
  • In the ninth, the love of all of Purgatory.

Ejaculatory prayer:  O Sacrosanct Trinity, send a flow of your love into my heart, that it may be enflamed completely with love, so as to form, with your own love, a most refulgent Sun over the august head of our Queen.

Day Two

In creating the world, God lavished so many beauties as to leave the mark of His beauty everywhere. He did this first, in order to prepare a sweet dwelling for the Humanity of Jesus who was to come upon earth, and also for the Virgin, the purest, holiest and most beautiful creature after Jesus.

Let us enter into the Divine Will; let us make all this love our own – the love which God transfused into Creation:  in the Sun, in the moon, in the stars, in the flowers…, and let us give it to the Virgin, so that She may receive, not a love from nature, but the love of all Three Divine Persons, loving Her within this nature.

Ejaculatory prayer:  My God, infuse in my heart all the love which is spread in Creation, so that, as I go to the Virgin, I may give Her all the love and glory that You placed in the Creation.

Day Three

As soon as She was conceived, Mary offered Her first adorations. All Three Divine Persons concurred in the conception of Mary.  The Father inundated Her with a sea of Wisdom; the Son, with a sea of Sanctity; the Holy Spirit, with a sea of Love.  From the union of these three seas came Mary, the most perfect of all creatures; and, newly conceived, She did Her first act of adoration.

Together with the sweet Mama, let us do a round in the Will of God: let us take all the adorations of all creatures, animate and inanimate, and in the flight of each thought, of each gaze, of each word, of each ray of the Sun, in the twinkling of the stars and in the murmuring of the waters, let us give to the Father a continuous and complete act of adoration.

Ejaculatory prayer:  My Mama, for the sake of that first act of adoration which You did for God, let it be that my mind, my heart, my affections, my desires and all of my being, may, from now on, be but one continuous act of adoration.

Day Four

After the act of adoration, on seeing Herself enriched with all the gifts of the Sacrosanct Trinity which competed with Itself in filling Her with graces – confused, the Virgin prostrated Herself before the Supreme Majesty and offered all of Herself as an act of sacrifice, keeping nothing for Herself – not even one thought, one gaze, one word, one affection or one heartbeat.  Then She looked at the world, and on seeing the ruin of so many souls, She offered all of Herself for the salvation of these souls.

And we – in obsequy, beginning from the morning, let us do a round in the Divine Will together with our Mama, offering all of our thoughts, our gazes, our words, etc. in a spirit of sacrifice and for the salvation of souls.

Ejaculatory prayer:  My Mama, I come to your feet, I throw myself into your arms; and You, pour all of your love into my heart, so as to infuse in me the love of sacrifice of the mind, of the heart, of the will and of all my being.

Day Five

After the act of sacrifice, the Virgin turned Her gaze to the world, and upon seeing the immense number of souls that were lost and all the evil committed, from the first father Adam up to the last creature, having before Her all generations, past, present and future, She did Her first act of reparation – the most complete act, because it embraced all, and each thought, gaze, word, step and affection of all creatures!

And we – together with our Mama, always fused in the Divine Will, we will do our acts of reparation for all creatures, for each gaze, for each word etc.

Ejaculatory prayer:  My Mama, take my heart in your hands, and hold it very tightly, so as to infuse in me the true spirit of reparation.

Day six

Upon seeing the many offenses that are given, the Virgin felt Her Heart catch with sorrow, and from that moment She began Her continuous, uninterrupted prayer for the good of all.

And we – let us unite with our Mama to do what She did together with Her, so as to bind Heaven and earth once again, which sin had disunited.

Ejaculatory prayer:  My Mama, press me to your maternal Heart, and with your heartbeats infuse in me the spirit of true prayer, so as to impetrate from God that His Will reign in all hearts.

Day Seven

From the very first instant of Her conception, the Virgin, the greatest of all Saints, never let one thought, one gaze, one word, one sigh escape Her – She did everything in the Divine Will.

And we – today let us unite our thought to the Divine thought, our gaze, our word, our actions to the Divine; in this way we will form another Sun ray which will shine over the august head of our Queen.

Ejaculatory prayer:  My Mama, I unite myself with You; let all of my being live always in the Divine Will.

Day Eight

In order to fill the void which was produced, before the Divine Majesty, by the lack of thanksgiving for having given us a Mother so great, preserving Her from original sin, we will do nine acts of thanksgiving in the Supreme Volition in the name of all creatures, from Adam up to the last creature which will exist on earth. And then, nine acts of thanksgiving to the Virgin, for having accepted us as Her children, though ungrateful and inconsiderate of such a great favor.

Ejaculatory prayer: My Mama, You who are the fullness of grace, reserve it in my heart, that I may thank God for having preserved You from original sin.

Day Nine

We will honor the first tears that Our Lady shed before the Divinity.

It was then that God, on seeing in Her the littleness crying – She, who is little and great, little and strong, little and bright, on whom everything depends – touched and softened, was moved to let His Son descend upon earth.

And we – today we will do a round in the Divine Will and, for nine times, we will gather all the human tears that have been shed, are shed and will be shed on earth until the end of the world, and we will bring them all onto the lap of our Mama, that She may take them before the Divine Majesty and change them all into tears of conversion and of love.

Ejaculatory prayer:  My Mama, let your tears descend into my heart, that it may be softened, and if it is bad it may be converted, if it is good it may be sanctified.  And then, let them descend into the hearts of creatures, so that all may be converted.

Feast Day

Today, for nine times, let us honor Mary by thanking the Divine Will for having given Her to us as our Queen, as our Mother and as our Intercessor. Then we will recite nine ‘Glory Be’s’ for the nine choirs of Angels, praying them to unite with us in giving to Mary all that ever increasing glory which the Divine Will contains.  And submerging all Angels and all Saints in this Divine Will, we will give Mary all the glory which befits Her, and which is due to Her.

Ejaculatory prayer:  My Mama, Queen of all, reign and take dominion over all, and let all recognize You for who You are.



The Immaculate Conception In the Divine Will


From the Writings of
The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta
The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


 Volume 34 – December 8, 1936

“My child, I want to honor my Celestial Mother.  I want to narrate to you the story of her Immaculate Conception.  Only I Who am the Author can worthily speak of this great, prodigious Act.  Her acts, her words, her steps—before having life in her person—were first conceived in Me, Son of the Living God.  Her love, incarnate in Mine, enclosed everything and everyone and loved as God loves, with the same madness toward Us—and toward all creatures.  Even her prayer was conceived in Mine.

“…“My child, really no one is qualified to speak of the Immaculate Conception of my Divine Mother.  Even Holy Church, up till now, did not reveal but tiny bits of knowledge of her sanctity, of her greatness, and of the gifts with which She was enriched.  Only I, having conceived Her in Me, can narrate the true story of her life, and reveal the marvels that were accomplished in Her by our Divine Fiat.”

Excerpt from Day One – The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

The First Step of the Divine Will in the Immaculate Conception of the Celestial Mama.

…My child, listen to me:  it is my maternal heart that loves you very much, and wants to pour itself out upon you.  Know that I have you here, inscribed in my heart, and that I love you truly, as my child.  But I feel a sorrow, because I do not see you as similar to your Mama.  Do you know what renders us dissimilar?  It is your will, that takes away from you the freshness of grace, the beauty that enamors your Creator, the strength that conquers and bears everything, the love that consumes everything.  In sum, it is not that Will which animates your celestial Mama.

You must know that I knew my human will only to keep it sacrificed in homage to my Creator; my life was all of Divine Will.  From the first instant of my Conception, I was molded, warmed and placed into Its light, which purified my human seed with Its power, in such a way that I was conceived without original sin.  Therefore, if my Conception was spotless, and so glorious as to form the honor of the Divine Family, it was only because the Omnipotent Fiat poured Itself upon my seed, and pure and holy I was conceived.  If the Divine Will had not, more than a tender mother, poured Itself upon my seed in order to prevent the effects of original sin, I would have encountered the sad destiny of the other creatures – that of being conceived with original sin.  Therefore, the primary cause was, wholly, the Divine Will; to It be honor, glory, thanksgiving, for having been conceived without original sin.

Now, child of my heart, listen to your Mama:  banish your human will; content yourself with dying rather than concede one act of life to it.  Your celestial Mama would have been content with dying thousands and thousands of times, rather than do one single act of my will.  Do you not want to imitate me?  Ah, if you will keep it sacrificed in honor of your Creator, the Divine Will will take the first step in your soul, and you will feel molded with a celestial aura, purified and warmed, in such a way as to feel the seeds of your passions being annihilated.  You will feel placed in the first steps of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  Therefore, be attentive; if you are faithful in listening to me, I will guide you, I will lead you by the hand along the interminable ways of the Divine Fiat; I will keep you sheltered under my blue mantel, and you will be my heart, my glory, my victory as well as yours.

Excerpt from Day Two – The Second Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven.

The First Smile of the Most Holy Trinity over Her Immaculate Conception.

listen to me, my beloved child.

As soon as the Divine Fiat poured Itself over my human seed in order to prevent the sad effects of sin, the Divinity smiled, and put Itself in feast in seeing in my seed that human seed, pure and holy, just as it came out of their creative hands in the creation of man.  So the Divine Fiat took the second step in me, by carrying my human seed, purified and sanctified by It, before the Divinity, that It might pour out in torrents upon my littleness in the act of being conceived.  Recognizing in me Its creative work, beautiful and pure, the Divinity smiled with satisfaction, and wanting to celebrate me, the celestial Father poured upon me seas of power; the Son, seas of wisdom; the Holy Spirit, seas of love.  So I was conceived in the never ending light of the Divine Will.  In the midst of these divine seas, which my littleness could not contain, I formed highest waves in order to send them back as homage of love and glory to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

The Divinity was all eyes over me, and not to be won over by me in love, smiling and caressing me, sent me more seas, which so much embellished me that as soon as my little humanity was formed, I acquired the enrapturing virtue of enrapturing my Creator.  And He really let Himself be enraptured; so much so, that between me and God, it was always feast.  We denied nothing to each other.  I never denied Him anything, nor did He.  But do you know who animated me with this enrapturing power?  The Divine Will, reigning in me as life.  This is why the power of the Supreme Being was mine, and this is why we had equal power to enrapture each other.

Now, my child, listen to your Mama:  know that I love you very much, and would like to see your soul filled with my own seas.  These seas of mine are swollen, and want to pour themselves out; but in order to do this, you must empty yourself of your will, so that the Divine Will may take the second step over you, and becoming the principle of life in your soul, It may call the attention of the celestial Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to pour themselves upon you with their overflowing seas.  But in order to do this, they want to entrust to your human will their seas of power, of wisdom and of unspeakable beauty.

Child most dear to me, listen to your Mama; place your hand upon your heart and tell me your secrets:  how many times have you been unhappy, tortured, embittered, because you did your will?  Know that you have cast out a Divine Will, and fell into the abyss of evils.  It wanted to render you pure and holy, happy and beautiful – of an enchanting beauty; and you, by doing your own will, waged war against It, and, in sorrow, you cast It out of Its dear dwelling – your soul.

Listen, child of my heart, it is a sorrow for your Mama not to see the sun of the Divine Fiat in you, but the darkness of the night of your human will.

But, get up – courage!  If you promise to place your will into my hands, I, your celestial Mama, will take you in my arms.  I will place you upon my knees, and reorder the life of the Divine Will in you; so you too, after so many tears, will make my smile, my feast, and the smile and the feast of the Most Holy Trinity.

Excerpt from Day Five – The Fifth Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven. The Triumph over the Test.

… Child most dear to me, oh!, how I long to confide my secrets to my child, secrets which will give me much glory, and which will glorify that Divine Fiat that was the primary cause of my Immaculate Conception, of my sanctity, sovereignty and maternity.  I owe everything to the Fiat – I know nothing else; all of my sublime qualities for which the holy Church so much honors me, are nothing other than the effects of that Divine Will which dominated me, reigned and lived in me.  This is why I yearn so much that That which produced in me so many qualities and admirable effects as to astonish Heaven and earth, be known.

Now listen to me, dear child:  as soon as the Supreme Being asked for my human will, I understood the great evil that the human will can do in the creature, and how it puts everything in danger, even the most beautiful works of her Creator.  The creature, with her human will, is all vacillations; she is weak, inconstant, disordered.  And this, because God, in creating her, had created her, as though by nature, united with His Divine Will, in such a way that It was to be the strength, the prime motion, the support, the food and the life of the human will.  Therefore, by not giving life to the Divine Will in our own, we reject the goods we received from God in the creation, and the rights we received, by nature, in the act in which we were created.

Oh, how well I understood the grave offense that is given to God, and the evils that pour upon the creature!  I had such great horror and fear of doing my will – and I feared with reason, because Adam too was created innocent by God, yet, by doing his own will, into how many evils did he not plunge himself, and all the generations?

Therefore, I, your Mama, taken by terror, and even more, by love for my Creator, swore never to do my will.  And to be more sure and to better attest my sacrifice to the One Who had given me so many seas of graces and privileges, I took my human will and bound it to the foot of the Divine Throne, in continuous homage of love and sacrifice, promising never to use my will, not even for one instant of my life, but always that of God.

My child, to you my sacrifice of living without my will may not seem great, but I tell you that there is no sacrifice similar to mine – even more, all other sacrifices of the whole history of the world can be called shadows in comparison with mine.  To sacrifice oneself for one day – now yes, now no – is easy; but to sacrifice oneself in every instant, in every act, even in the very good one wants to do, for one’s entire life, without ever giving life to one’s own will, is the sacrifice of sacrifices; it is the greatest proof that can be offered; it is the purest love – filtered through the Divine Will Itself – that can be given to our Creator.  This sacrifice is so great that God cannot ask anything more of the creature, nor can she find how to sacrifice more for her Creator.

Now, my most dear child, as soon as I offered my will to my Creator, I felt triumphant in the test asked of me, and God felt triumphant in my human will.  God was waiting for my test – that is, that a creature would live without will – in order to adjust the balance with mankind, and to assume the attitude of clemency and mercy.

Volume 12 – December 18, 1920

Return of love and thanksgiving for all that God operated in the Celestial Mama.

I was all afflicted without my Jesus when, as I was praying, I felt Him near me, saying:  “Ah, my daughter, things are getting worse.  It will come like whirlwind, to shake everything; it will reign as long as a whirlwind does, and it will end just as a whirlwind ends.  The Italian government lacks the ground under its feet, and it does not know what to aim at.  Justice of God!”

After this, I felt I was outside of myself, and I found myself together with my sweet Jesus, but clinging so tightly to Him, and He to me, that I almost could not see His Divine Person.  I don’t know how, I said:  ‘My Jesus, while I am clinging to You, I want to prove to You my love, my gratitude, and everything which the creature has the duty to do, because You have created our Immaculate Queen Mama – the most beautiful one, the holiest, a portent of Grace, enriching Her with all gifts, and making Her also our Mother.  And I do this in the name of creatures, past, present and future; I want to seize each act of creature – each word, thought, heartbeat and step – and tell You, in each one of them, that I love You, I thank You, I bless You, I adore You, for all that You have done in your Celestial Mama and mine.”  Jesus enjoyed my act – but so much that He said to me:  ‘My daughter, I was anxiously awaiting this act of yours in the name of all generations.  My Justice and my Love felt the need of this return, because great are the graces which descend upon all, for having enriched my Mama so much.  Yet, they never have a word, a ‘thank You’ to say to Me.

Another day I was saying to my lovable Jesus:  ‘Everything is over for me – suffering, visits of Jesus – everything.’  And He, immediately:  “Have you perhaps stopped loving Me, or doing my Will?”  And I:  ‘No, may this never be.’  And He:  “If this is not – nothing is over.”

Volume 15 – December 8, 1922

On the Immaculate Conception of Most Holy Mary.

I write to obey, and I offer everything to my sweet Jesus, uniting myself to the sacrifice of His own obedience, in order to obtain grace and strength to do it as He wants… And now, oh my Jesus, give me your holy hand and the light of your Intelligence, and write with me.

I was thinking of the great portent of the Immaculate Conception of my Queen and Celestial Mama, and in my interior I heard Him say: “My daughter, the Immaculate Conception of my beloved Mama was prodigious and fully marvelous; so much so, that Heaven and earth were astonished, and made feast. The Three Divine Persons competed with each other: the Father made an immense sea of Power overflow; I, the Son, an infinite sea of Wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, an immense sea of eternal Love, which, converging into one, formed one single sea. And in the middle of this sea the Immaculate Conception of this Virgin was formed, chosen among the chosen. Therefore, the Divinity administered the substance of this Conception, and not only was this sea the center of Life of this admirable and unique creature, but it was around Her, not only to defend Her from anything which might shadow Her, but to give Her in every instant new beauties, new graces, power, wisdom, love, privileges, and so on. Therefore, her little nature was conceived in the center of this sea, and was formed and grew under the influence of these divine waves; so much so, that the Divinity did not want to wait as It usually does with other creatures: as soon as this noble and unique creature was formed, It wanted Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her kisses, and to enjoy Her innocent smiles. Therefore, as soon as Her Conception was formed, I gave Her the use of reason, I provided Her with all sciences, I made Her aware of Our joys and Our sorrows with regard to Creation. And even from her maternal womb, She came into Heaven, at the foot of Our Throne, to give Us Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her tender kisses. Throwing Herself into Our arms, She smiled at Us with such delight of gratitude and thanksgiving as to snatch Our smiles. Oh, how beautiful it was to see this innocent and privileged creature, enriched with all of the divine qualities, coming into Our midst, all love, all trust, without fear; because only sin is what puts distance between Creator and creature, breaking love, dissolving trust, and striking fear. So She came into Our midst as Queen, Who, with her love, given by Us, drew Us to her volition, enraptured Us, put Us in feast, and captured yet more love. And We let Her do – enjoying the love that enraptured Us, and constituting Her Queen of Heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth exulted and made feast together with Us, in having their Queen after so many centuries… The sun smiled in its light, and considered itself fortunate in having to serve its Queen by giving Her light. The heavens, the stars, and the whole universe smiled with joy and made feast, because they were to delight their Queen, showing Her the harmony of the spheres and of their beauty. The plants smiled, which were to nourish their Queen; and the earth too, smiled and felt ennobled in having to provide the residence for its Empress and to be trodden by Her steps. Only hell cried and felt itself to be losing strength by the dominion of this Sovereign Lady.

But do you know what was the first act of this Celestial Creature when She found Herself before Our Throne for the first time? She recognized that all of the evil for man had been the split between his will and That of his Creator, and She trembled; without a moment’s hesitation She bound her will to the foot of my Throne, without ever wanting to know it; and my Will bound Itself to Her and became the center of Her Life, to the extent that all of the currents, all of the relations, all of the communications were opened between Us and Her, and there was not one secret which We did not entrust to Her. This was precisely the most beautiful, the greatest, the most heroic act She did – to place her will at Our feet – an act which made Us, enraptured, constitute Her Queen of all. Do you see then, what it means to bind oneself to my Will and to not know one’s own?

The second act was to offer Herself for any sacrifice, for love of Us. The third, to render Us the honor, the glory of the whole Creation, which man had taken away from Us by doing his own will. Even from her maternal womb She cried for love of Us, in seeing Us offended, and cried with sorrow over guilty man… Oh, how these innocent tears moved Us, and hastened Redemption, so longed for! This Queen dominated Us, bound Us, and extracted infinite graces from Us. She made Us bend toward mankind; so much so, that We could not resist, nor did We know how to resist Her repeated petitions. But where did so much power come from, and so much influence over the Divinity Itself? Ah, you have understood: it was the power of Our Will acting in Her, which, while dominating Her, rendered Her dominator of God Himself. Moreover, how could We resist so innocent a Creature, possessed by the Power and Sanctity of Our Will? It would be as though resisting Ourselves. We could see our divine qualities in Her; like waves did the reflections of Our Sanctity flow over Her – reflections of divine manners, of Our Love, of Our Power, and so forth; and Our Will, Which was their center, attracted all the reflections of Our divine qualities, and made Itself crown and defense of the Divinity dwelling within Her. If this Immaculate Virgin had not had the Divine Will as center of Life, all the other qualities and privileges with which We so enriched Her would have been, comparatively, an absolute nothing. This is what confirmed and preserved Her many privileges; even more, in every instant It multiplied new ones.

Here, then, is the reason for which We constituted Her Queen of all, because when We operate, We do it with reason, wisdom and justice: She never gave life to her human will, but our Will was always intact in Her. How could We say to another creature, ‘You are Queen of Heaven, of the sun, of the stars, and so on’, if instead of having our Will as dominion, she were dominated by her own human will? All of the elements, Heaven, sun and earth, would have withdrawn from the rule and dominion of this creature. All would have cried out in their mute language: ‘We do not want her! We are superior to her, because we have never withdrawn from your eternal Volition; as You created us, so we are’; so would the Sun have cried out with Its light, the stars with their flickering, the sea with its waves, and so on with all the rest. Instead, as soon as they all felt the dominion of this excelling Virgin, who, almost as their sister, never wanted to know her own will but only That of God, not only did they make feast, but felt honored to have their Queen, and thronged around Her to court Her and pay tribute to Her – the moon, by placing itself as footstool at her feet, the stars as crown, the sun as diadem, the Angels as servants, men as though in waiting… Everyone, everyone honored Her and paid to Her their obsequies. There is no honor and glory that cannot be given to our Will – whether It is acting in Us, Its own residence, or dwelling in the creature.

But do you know the first act of this noble Queen when, coming out of the maternal womb, She opened her eyes to the light of this low world? As She was born, the Angels sang ditties to the Little Celestial Baby, and She remained enraptured; her beautiful soul left her little body, accompanied by throngs of angels, and went around Heaven and earth, gathering all the Love that God had spread through the whole of Creation, and penetrating into Heaven, She came to the foot of our Throne and offered Us the return of the love for all Creation, and pronounced her first ‘Thank You’ in the name of all. Oh, how happy We felt in hearing the ‘Thank You’ of this Little Baby Queen; so We confirmed in Her all the graces, all the gifts, such as to make Her surpass all other creatures together. Then, throwing Herself into our arms, She delighted with Us, swimming in the sea of all contentments, being embellished with new beauty, new light and new love. She pleaded once again for mankind, with tears praying Us to let the Eternal Word descend in order to save Her brothers; but as She was doing this, our Will let Her know that She had to descend to the earth, and soon She left Our contentments and Our joys, and departed, in order to do… what? Our Will. Powerful magnet Our Will was, residing on earth in this newborn Queen! No longer did the earth appear alien to Us; We no longer felt like striking it, making use of our Justice. We had the Power of Our Will, which, in this innocent Baby, held back our arms, smiled at Us from the earth, and turned Justice into graces and sweet smile; to the extent that, unable to resist this sweet enchantment, the Eternal Word accelerated His course. Oh, prodigy of my Divine Will, to You everything is due, through You everything is accomplished, and there is no greater prodigy than my Will dwelling in the creature!”

 Volume 16 – December 8, 1923

The Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin. To be able to conceive the Son of God, She was conceived eternally in the life and in the works, in the sufferings and in the merits of the Incarnate Word.

I was thinking about the Immaculate Conception of my Queen Mama, and after I received Holy Communion, my always adorable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, as though inside a room filled with light. In this light He was showing all He did during the course of His life. One could see, lined up in order, all His merits, His works, His pains, His wounds, His Blood, and all that the Life of a Man God contained, as though in the act of protecting a Soul, very, very dear to Him from the slightest evil that could possibly shadow Her. I was stupefied in seeing so much attention from Jesus, and He said to me: “To my Little Newborn I want to make known the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, conceived without sin.

First you must know that my Divinity is one single Act; all Its acts concentrate into a single One. This is what it means to be God – the greatest portent of Our Divine Essence: not to be subject to succession of acts. And if to the creature it seems that We now do something, and now something else – it is, rather, that We allow her to know what is within that single Act; and since the creature is incapable of knowing it all at once, We allow her to know it little by little. Now, everything that I, Eternal Word, was to do in my assumed Humanity, formed one act with that single Act contained in my Divinity. Therefore, before this noble Creature was conceived, everything that the Eternal Word was to do upon earth already existed; and so, in the act of the conception of this Virgin, all my merits, my pains, my Blood, and all that the Life of a Man God contained, lined up around her Conception. She was conceived in the interminable abysses of my merits, of my Divine Blood, and in the immense sea of my sufferings. By virtue of them, She remained Immaculate, beautiful and pure; since my incalculable merits barred the way to the enemy, he could do no harm to her.

It is fair that the one who was to conceive the Son of a God, had to first be conceived in the works of this God, to be able to have the virtue of conceiving that Word, who was to come to redeem humankind. Therefore, first She was conceived in Me, and then I was conceived in Her. There was nothing left but to make it known to the creatures at the appropriate time, although in the Divinity it was already done. Therefore, the one who most gathered the fruits of Redemption – or rather, who received Its complete fruit – was this excelling Creature. Having been conceived in It, She loved, esteemed and kept as her own, everything that the Son of God did upon earth. Oh, the beauty of this tender little one! She was a prodigy of Grace, a portent of Our Divinity. She grew up as Our own Daughter; She was Our decorum, Our joy, Our honor and Our glory.”

While Jesus was saying this, I was thinking in my mind: ‘It is true that the Queen Mama was conceived in the interminable merits of my Jesus, but her blood, her body, were conceived in the womb of St. Anne, who was not exempt from original sin. So, how can it be that She inherited nothing of the many evils which we all have inherited from the sin of our first father Adam?’

And Jesus: “My daughter, you have not yet understood that all the evil is in the will. It was the will that crushed man – that is, his nature; not nature that crushed the will of man. Nature remained in its place, just as it was created by Me; nothing changed. It was his will that changed, and put itself against nothing less than a Divine Will. This rebellious will crushed his nature, debilitating it, contaminating it, and rendering it slave to most vile passions. It happened as to a container full of fragrances or precious objects: if it is emptied and then filled with rottenness or vile things, does the container perhaps change? The content has changed, but the container is always the same; at the most, it becomes more or less estimable, depending on what it contains. Such was man.

Now, to be conceived in the womb of a creature of the human race did no harm to my Mama, because her soul was immune to every sin. There was no division between her will and the Will of her God. The divine currents found no obstacle or opposition in pouring out into Her; in every instant She was under the pouring rain of new graces. So, with this will and this soul, all holy, all pure, all beautiful, the container of Her body which She received from her mother, remained fragrant, restored, ordered, divinized, in such a way as to be exempt from all the natural troubles by which human nature is invaded. Ah, yes! She was the One who received the seed of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven; and this ennobled Her and restored Her to her origin, as man was created by Us, before he sinned. Even more, it made Her surpass it. It embellished Her even more, through the continuous flows of that FIAT, which has the singular virtue of reproducing images fully similar to the One Who created them. And by virtue of the Divine Will acting in Her, one can say that what God is by nature, She is by Grace. Our Will can do anything and can reach everywhere, when the soul gives Us the freedom to act, and does not interrupt Our work with her own will.”

Volume 16 – February 22, 1924

God enjoyed the pure joys of Creation until man sinned; then, when the Most Holy Virgin came to the light, and when the Word came upon earth. He will enjoy them finally when the creatures will live in the Divine Will. For this reason He chose Luisa as the beginning and model, depositing in her this new Celestial and Divine Law.

I was thinking about what is written above, and I said to myself: “Is it possible that the Blessed Lord, after so many centuries, has not enjoyed the pure joys of Creation, and that He was waiting for the living in the Divine Will in order to receive these joys, this glory, and the purpose for which everything was created?’

Now, while I was thinking of these and other things, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, and through a light He sent to my intellect, He told me: “My daughter, I did enjoy the pure joys of Creation – my innocent amusements with the creatures, but at intervals, not continuously. And when things are not stable and continuous, they increase sorrow even more, make one fidget more to enjoy them again, and one would make any sacrifice to render them permanent.

First, I enjoyed the pure joys of Creation when, after I had created everything, I created man – until he sinned. There was highest accord, common joys, innocent amusements, between him and Us. Our arms were always opened to embrace him, to give him new joys and new graces; and in giving, We amused Ourselves so much as to make a continuous feast for Us and for him.

For Us, to give is to rejoice – it is happiness, it is amusement. As soon as he sinned and broke his will from Ours, everything ended, because the fullness of Our Will was no longer in him, and therefore the current which enables giving and continuing the life of mutual happiness, was missing. More so, since Our Will was missing in him, and therefore he lacked the capacity and the safeguard to keep Our gifts.

Second, We enjoyed the pure joys of Creation when, after many centuries, the Immaculate Virgin came to the light of day. Because She had been preserved from even a shadow of sin, and possessed all the fullness of Our Will, since there had been not a shadow of fracture between Her and Us, between Our Will and hers – Our joys, Our innocent amusements, were returned to Us. She brought to Us all the feasts of Creation on her lap, and We gave Her so much and enjoyed so much in giving as to enrich Her every instant with new graces, new contentments, new beauty; so much so, that She could not contain more. But the Creature Empress did not last long on earth; She came into Heaven, and We could not find another creature in the low world to perpetuate Our amusements and bring Us the joys of Creation.

Third, We enjoyed the joys of Creation when I, Eternal Word, descended from Heaven and took on my Humanity. Ah, by possessing the fullness of my Will, my beloved Mama had opened currents between Heaven and earth, putting everyone in feast – Heaven and earth. And being in feast, for love of a creature so holy, the Divinity made Me be conceived in her virginal womb, giving Her Divine Fecundity, so as to let Me fulfill the great work of Redemption.

If there had not been this excelling Virgin, who had primacy in my Will, and lived a perfect life in my Volition – since She lived in It as if She did not have her own will, therefore putting in circulation the joys of Creation and Our feasts – the Eternal Word would never have come upon earth to fulfill the Redemption of mankind.

See then, how the greatest thing, the most important, the most pleasing, that which attracts God the most, is to live in my Will. And one who lives in It, wins over God, and makes God give out gifts so great as to astonish Heaven and earth – gifts, which for centuries and centuries could not be obtained.

Oh, how my Humanity – while being on earth and containing the very Life of the Supreme Volition, which was, still more, inseparable from Me – brought to the Divinity, in a complete way, all the joys, the Glory, the exchange of love of the whole Creation. And the Divinity was so delighted that It gave Me primacy over all, and the right to judge all peoples. Oh, what good the creatures obtained, in knowing that their own Brother, who had loved them so much and had suffered so much to save them, was to become their Judge! In seeing the whole purpose of Creation enclosed in Me, the Divinity, as though stripping Itself of everything, conceded Me all rights over all creatures.

But my Humanity passed into Heaven, and no one remained on earth to perpetuate the living in the Divine Volition – one who, rising above everyone and everything, in Our Will, would bring Us pure joys, allowing Us to continue Our innocent amusements with a terrestrial creature. Therefore, Our joys were interrupted, Our amusements broken on the face of the earth.”

On hearing this, I said: ‘My Jesus, how can it be as You say? It is true that our Mama went to Heaven, as also your Humanity did; but did You not bring the joys with You, so as to be able to continue your innocent amusements in Heaven with your Celestial Father?’

And Jesus: “The joys of Heaven are Ours and no one can take them away or diminish them – but those that come from earth, We are in the act of acquiring them, and the amusement is formed in the very act of the new gains. The victory or the loss produce for Us the joys of the gain or the sorrow of the defeat.

Now let’s come to us, my daughter. When I came upon earth, man was so glutted with evil and so full of human will that the living in my Will could find no place. So, in my Redemption, first I beseeched the grace of resignation to my Will for him, because in the state in which he was, he was incapable of receiving the greatest gift – the living in my Will. Then I beseeched for him the greatest grace, as crown and fulfillment of all graces – the living in my Will, so that Our pure joys of Creation and Our innocent amusements would begin their course again on the face of the earth. See, about twenty centuries have passed since the true and pure joys of Creation were interrupted, because We have not found sufficient capacity, total stripping of the human will, to be able to entrust the property of Our Will.

Now, in order to do this, We had to choose a creature who would be most close to and familiar with the human generations. Had I placed my Mama as the example, they would have felt very distant from Her, and would have said: ‘How could She not live in the Divine Will, since She was exempt from any stain, even from origin?’ Therefore, they would have shrugged their shoulders, and would not have given it a thought. And if I had placed my Humanity as example, they would have been even more scared, and would have said: ‘He was God and Man, and since the Divine Will was His own Life, there is no wonder that He lived in the Supreme Will.’

Therefore, so that this living in my Will could have life in my Church, I had to go down the stairs, descend further, and choose a creature from Her midst. Providing her with sufficient graces, and making my way within her soul, I had to empty her of everything, making her understand the great evil of the human will, so that she would abhor it so much as to choose death rather than do her own will. Then, giving her my Divine Will as gift, assuming the attitude of a Master, I made her understand all the beauty, the power, the effects, the value, and the way to live in my Eternal Will. I established in her the law of my Will, so that she could live in It. I acted as in a second Redemption, in which I established the Gospel, the Sacraments, and the teachings as primary life, in order to be able to continue Redemption. Had I not left any foundation, to what could the creatures cling? What to do? Just so did I for the living in my Will… How many teachings did I not give you? How many times did I not lead you by the hand in eternal flights in my Will; and you, flying over the whole Creation, brought the pure joys of Creation to the feet of the Divinity, and We amused Ourselves with you?

Now, having chosen a creature who apparently has no great disparity from others, they will take courage. Finding the teachings, the way, and knowing the great good contained in the living in my Will, they will make It their own. In this way the pure joys of Creation and Our innocent amusements will no longer be broken on the face of the earth. Though there should be but one for each generation to live in Our Will, it will always be a feast for Us; and during feasts there is always a greater display, and one is more generous in giving. Oh, how many goods will they obtain on earth, while their Creator plays on its surface!

Therefore, my dear daughter, be attentive to my teachings, because it is about letting Me establish a law – not terrestrial, but celestial; not a law of mere sanctity, but a divine law – a law which will no longer allow distinction between terrestrial and celestial citizens; a law of love, a law which will destroy everything that can prevent even a shadow on the union between the creature and her Creator, and will put all His goods in common, removing from her all weaknesses and miseries of original sin. The law of my Will will put so much strength in the soul that it will serve as sweet enchantment, in such a way as to put to sleep the evils of nature and substitute them with the sweet enchantment of the divine goods.

Remember how many times you saw Me write in the depth of your soul. It was the new law of the living in my Will; and first I delighted in writing it, in order to expand your capacity, and then I took the attitude of a Master in order to explain it to you… How many times have you not seen Me taciturn and pensive in the depth of your soul? It was the great crafting of my Will that I was forming in you. And seeing Me not speak, you lamented that I no longer loved you… Ah, it was exactly then that, pouring out upon you, my Will enlarged your capacity, confirmed you in It, and I loved you the most. Therefore, do not want to investigate anything of what I do, but rest, sure, always in my Will.”

Volume 17 – December 8, 1924

On the Immaculate Conception: how the greatest prodigy was the continuous outpouring of the Divine Will upon Her.

I was thinking about and reflecting on the Immaculate Conception of my Sovereign Queen Mama. The qualities, the beauties and the prodigies of Her Immaculate Conception were pouring into my mind – a prodigy that surpasses all other prodigies made by God in all of creation. Now, while I was thinking of this, I said to myself: ‘Great is the prodigy of the Immaculate Conception, but my Celestial Mama had no trial during her Conception: everything was favorable to Her, both on the part of God and on the part of Her nature, created by God, so happy, so holy, so privileged. So, what was Her heroism and Her trial? If the Angel was not exempted from the test – nor was Adam in Eden – was the queen of all alone to be exempted and not to deserve the most beautiful halo that the trial would place on Her august head of Queen and Mother of the Son of God?’

While I was thinking about this, my adorable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, no one can be acceptable to Me without the test. Had there been no test, I would have had a mother slave, not free; and slavery does not enter Our relations or Our works, nor can it share in Our free love. My Mama had Her first trial from the very first moment of Her conception. As soon as She did Her first act of reason, She knew Her human will on one side, and the Divine Will on the other, and She was left free to adhere to any of those two wills. And without losing one instant, knowing all the intensity of the sacrifice She was making, She gave Us Her will, without wanting to know it ever again; and We gave Her Ours as gift. And in this exchange of donation of wills on both sides, poured all the qualities, the beauties, the prodigies, the immense seas of grace of the Immaculate Conception of the most privileged of all creatures.

It is always the will that I am used to testing. All sacrifices, even death, which were not directed to Me from the human will, would nauseate Me, and would attract not even a glance of Mine.

But do you want to know what was the greatest prodigy worked by Us in this creature so holy, and the greatest heroism of this creature so beautiful, that no one – no one will ever be able to equal? She began Her life with Our Will, and with Our Will She continued it and fulfilled it. So, one can say that She fulfilled it from the moment She started it, and that She started it there where She fulfilled it; and Our greatest prodigy was that in each one of Her thoughts, words, breaths, heartbeats, movements and steps, Our Will poured upon Her, and She offered Us the heroism of a divine and eternal thought, word, breath, heartbeat, operating in Her. This raised Her so high that what We were by nature, She was by grace. All of Her other qualities, Her privileges, Her very Immaculate Conception, would have been nothing compared to this great prodigy. Even more, this is what confirmed Her and made Her stable and strong during all of Her life. My continuous Will, pouring upon Her, made Her share in the Divine Nature; and Her continuous receiving It, rendered Her strong in love, strong in sorrow – different from everyone. In this Will of Ours operating in Her, She drew the Word upon earth, and the seed of the Divine Fecundity in order to conceive a Man and God without human intervention. And Our Will made Her worthy to be the Mother of Her own Creator.

This is why I keep insisting on the topic of my Will – because my Will maintains the soul beautiful, just as she came out of Our hands, and raises her as the original copy of her Creator. As many great works and sacrifices as one may do, if my Will is not in them, I refuse them, I do not recognize them – it is not food for Me. And the most beautiful works, without my Will, become food for the human will, for self-esteem, and for the greed of the creature.”

Volume 19 – March 14, 1926

One who lives in the Divine Will must be the voice of all created things.  In order to fulfill this office, the soul must be newly born in the Divine Will.  Enormous difference between one who is newly born already in time, like the Celestial Mama, and one who is born again in the Divine Will at the moment of passing into Eternity.

I continue to dissolve myself in the Holy Divine Will.  I would like to embrace everything and everyone, to be able to bring everything to my God, as my own things, received from Him as a gift, in order to give Him, for each created thing, a little love word, a “Thank You”, an “I bless You”, an “I adore You”… And my always adorable Jesus came out from within my interior, and with His Omnipotent “FIAT”, He called the whole Creation in order to place It on my lap, to give It to me as a gift; and with tenderness, all loving, He told me:  “My daughter, all is yours.  For one who must live in my Will, everything which came out from my Will, and which my Will preserves and possesses, must be fully hers by right.

Now, it was my Omnipotent “FIAT” that extended the Heavens and studded them with stars; my “FIAT” called the light to life and created the sun, as well as all the other created things; and my “FIAT” remained behind the Creation, as triumphant, dominating and preserving life.  Now, one who has won the Divine Will, has won the whole Creation, and even God Himself.  Therefore, by right of justice, she must possess all that my Will possesses.  More so, since the Creation is mute for Its Creator; and I made It mute because the one to whom I was to give It – who was to live in my Will, would, she herself, have speech in all created things, so that all things made by Me might be speaking – not mute.  So, you will be the echo of heaven; and echoing from one point to another, you will make your word heard, which, resounding through the whole celestial atmosphere, will say:  ‘I love, I glorify, I adore, I thank the One who created us…’  Oh, how beautiful will be the voice of the Newborn of my Will – of the Little Daughter of my Will, in all things!  It will render the whole Creation speaking; It will be more beautiful than if I had given the use of the word to Creation.

I love you so much that I want to hear your voice in the sun – loving, adoring, glorifying.  I want to hear it in the celestial spheres, in the murmuring of the sea, in the darting of the fish, in the bird that sings and warbles, in the lamb that bleats, the turtledove that moans… I want to hear you everywhere.  I would not be content if my Will did not have Its prime place in all created things; if I did not hear the voice of my little Newborn, which, rendering the whole Creation speaking, gives Me love for love, and glory and adoration for each thing created by Me.  Therefore, my daughter, be attentive; I have given you much, and much do I want.  Your mission is great:  it is the Life of my Will that must be carried out in you, which embraces everything and possesses everything.”

Then, after this, I was thinking to myself:  ‘How can I do all that blessed Jesus tells me – finding myself in all created things; having one act for everything that the Supreme Volition does, as if It were to be my echo, and I Its echo – if I am just newly born in the Divine Will?  I should at least grow a little bit, to be able to diffuse myself a little – as best I can, in all created things, as my beloved Jesus wants…’

Now, while I was thinking of this, He came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter, do not be surprised if I tell you that you are the Newborn of my Will.  You must know that my Immaculate Mama Herself is the Newborn of my Will because, between what the Creator is and what the creature can be and take from God, She can be called the little Newborn.  And because She was the Newborn of my Will, She was formed in the likeness of Her Creator, and could be Queen of all Creation; and as Queen, She dominated everything and let Her echo of the Divine Will flow thoroughly.  Not only the Celestial Mama, but all the Saints, the Angels and the Blessed, can be called newly born in the Eternal Will, because as soon as the soul leaves her mortal body, she is reborn in my Will; and if she is not reborn in It, not only can she not enter the Celestial Fatherland, but she cannot even be saved, because no one enters the eternal Glory, if she is not a birth delivered by my Will.

However, I must tell you of the great difference which exists between one who is the Newborn of the Supreme Will in time, and those who are reborn at the thresholds of Eternity.

One example is my Queen Mama, who was the Newborn of the Divine Will in time, and because She was newly born, She had the power to make Her Creator descend upon earth; and while He was still immense, She made Him become little within Her maternal womb, to clothe Him with Her own nature and to offer Him as the Savior of human generations.  By being newly born, She formed seas of graces, of light, of sanctity, of science, in which to contain the One who had created Her.  By the power of the Life of the Supreme Will which She possessed, She was able to do everything and to impetrate everything.  God Himself could not refuse what this Celestial Creature was asking for, because it was His own Will that was asking, to which He could not, and should not, deny anything.

So, one who is newly born in time, in my Will, while being in exile, forms seas of grace; and upon leaving the earth, she brings with herself all the seas of the goods which the Divine Will possesses, and therefore she brings God Himself with herself.  To bring from the exile that Will – that God who reigns in the Heavens, is a portent.  You yourself cannot comprehend clearly the great goods – the prodigies of one who is newly born in my Will in time.  Therefore, of all that I tell you, you can do everything; more so, since my Will Itself will do it, as though identified with your little being.  On the other hand, for one who is reborn in my Will upon leaving the earth, it is the Divine Will that makes her find Its immense seas, to make the soul be reborn in It; she does not bring her God with herself – it is God that makes Himself found by her… What a difference between the two!  Therefore, greater grace I could not give you, by making of you the Newborn of my Will; and if you love Me, let my Will alone grow.”

Volume 20 – December 10, 1926

How the Divine Will is a continuous act which never ceases.  How the Virgin let Herself be dominated by this act, and formed Its Life within Herself.  How in the Feasts of the Virgin, in Heaven, they celebrate the Divine Will.

My poor mind was swimming in the unending sea of the Eternal Volition, and my adorable Jesus showed how the greatest prodigy is that His Most Holy Will, while being so immense, would restrict Itself within the creature, though remaining immense, in order to dominate her and form Its life in her.  The creature who remained submerged under a continuous act of this Divine Will was the miracle of miracles, and the prodigy never before seen.  And lovable Jesus, all goodness, told me:  “Dearest daughter of my Will, you must know that only my Volition possesses a continuous act which never ceases.  This act is full of life, and therefore it gives life to all, it preserves all, and it maintains balance within itself and in all things.  It alone can boast about possessing this continuous act of always giving life, of loving always – always, without ceasing for one instant.  My Humanity Itself, if It possesses this continuous act, it is because in It flowed this continuous act of the Supreme Fiat.  How long did the life of my Humanity last upon earth?  It was extremely short.  As soon as I accomplished that which was necessary for the Redemption, I departed for my Celestial Fatherland, though my acts stayed.  But these stayed because they were animated by the continuous act of my Will.  On the other hand, my Will never leaves; It is always at Its place, preexisting, without ever interrupting Its act of life over everything that came out from It.  Oh! if my Will departed from earth and from all created things, all things would lose their life and would resolve into nothing.  Because my Will created all things from nothing, if It withdrew, they would all lose their existence.

Now, do you want to know who is the One who let Herself be dominated by this continuous act of my Supreme Will, and by never giving life to Her own, received this continuous act of life of Divine Will, in such a way as to form within Herself a Life fully Divine and in the likeness of Her Creator?  It was the Celestial and Sovereign Queen.  From the very first instant of Her Immaculate Conception, She received this act of life of Divine Will, to then receive it continuously during all of Her life.  This was the greatest prodigy, the miracle never before seen:  the Life of the Divine Will in the Empress of Heaven.  In fact, one single act of life of this Fiat can release heavens, suns, seas, stars, and everything It wants; so, all the human acts placed before one act alone of life of this Will of Mine, are like many drops of water which dissolve in the ocean, like tiny little flames before the sun, like atoms in the great space of the universe.  Imagine, you yourself, what the height of the Immaculate Queen possesses, with this life of continuous act of Divine Will formed in Her.  This was the true miracle, the prodigy never before seen – that the littleness of the Celestial Sovereign enclosed within Herself a Divine Life, a Will, immense and eternal, which possesses all possible imaginable goods.

Therefore, in all the Feasts with which the Church honors my Mama, all Heaven celebrates, glorifies, praises and thanks the Supreme Will, because they see Its life in Her – the primary cause by which She obtained the longed for Redeemer; and therefore, because this Fiat had life, which dominated and reigned in Her, they find themselves in possession of the Celestial Jerusalem.  It was exactly the Divine Will that formed Its life in this Excelling Creature, who opened Heaven, which had been closed by the human will.  Therefore, with justice, while they celebrate the Queen, they celebrate the Supreme Fiat which made Her Queen, reigned in Her, formed Its life, and is the primary cause of their eternal happiness.

So, a creature who lets my Will dominate and gives It free field in order to form Its life in her, is the greatest of prodigies.  She can move Heaven and earth, and even God Himself, as if she did nothing; while she does everything, and she alone can win the most important things, destroy all obstacles, and face everything, because a Divine Will reigns in her.  And just as all the Power of the Fiat dwelling in the creature was needed in order to impetrate Redemption, and my Humanity, which possessed that Power, was needed in order to form It, in the same way, in order to impetrate the coming of the Kingdom of my Fiat, another creature is needed, who would let It dwell within her, and give It free field in order to form Its life, so that my Will Itself, through her, may accomplish the only and most important prodigy – Its coming in order to reign on earth as It does in Heaven.  And because this is the greatest thing, which will place divine balance in the human family, I do great things in you.  I centralize in you everything which it is necessary and decorous to know about my Kingdom:  the great good It wants to give, the happiness of those who will live in It, Its long story, Its long sorrow – and of many centuries, because while It wants to come to reign in the midst of creatures to make them happy, they do not open the doors to It, they do not long for It, they do not invite It; and while It is in their midst, they do not know It.  Only a Divine Will could bear with patience so invincible, being in their midst, giving them life, and being not even known.

My Will is great, interminable and infinite, and wherever It reigns, It wants to do things worthy of Its greatness, of Its Sanctity and of the Power It contains.  Therefore, be attentive, my daughter – this is not about any thing, or about forming one sanctity, but it is about forming a Kingdom for my adorable and Divine Will.”

Volume 21 – April 8, 1927

How all the figures and symbols of the Old Testament symbolize the Children of the Divine Will.  How Adam fell from a high point to the bottom.

I was following the acts that the Divine Will did in all creation, and I was also searching for the acts It did in the first father Adam, as well as all those It did in all the saints of the Old Testament, especially those in which the Supreme Volition made Its power, Its strength, and Its vivifying virtue stand out.  And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, the greatest figures of the Old Testament, while being images concealing the future Messiah, enclosed also the gifts and the images symbolizing all the gifts that the Children of the Supreme Fiat would possess.  When he was created, Adam was the true and perfect image of the Children of my Kingdom.  Abraham was the symbol of the privileges and the heroism of the Children of my Will.  Calling Abraham to a promised land in which milk and honey would flow; making him the owner of that land, a land so fecund as to be enviable and yearned for by all the other nations – everything was a symbol of what I would do for the Children of my Will.  Jacob was another symbol of Them, because from him the twelve tribes of Israel were to descend, and from their midst the future Redeemer was to arise, who was to bind once again the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to my children.  Joseph was the symbol of the dominion which the Children of my Will would have; and just as he did not let many peoples die of starvation, as well as his ungrateful brothers, so will the Children of my Divine Fiat have dominion and be the ones who will not let perish the peoples which will ask for the bread of my Will from them.  Moses was the image of the power; Samson, the symbol of the strength of the Children of my Will.  David symbolized the reigning of Them; all the prophets symbolized the graces, the communications and the intimacies with God which, more than within themselves, would dwell in the Children of my Divine Fiat.

See, all these were nothing but symbols – images of Them; what will happen when the lives of these symbols will arise?  After all of these, came the Celestial Lady, the Sovereign Empress, the Immaculate, the Spotless – my Mother.  She was not a symbol or an image, but a reality – the true life, the first privileged daughter of my Will; and in the Queen of Heaven, I looked at the generations of the Children of my Kingdom.  She was the first unmatchable creature, who possessed, as whole, the life of the Supreme Volition, and therefore She deserved to conceive the Eternal Word, and to mature within Her maternal heart the generation of the Children of the Eternal Fiat.  Then came my own Life, in which the Kingdom that these fortunate Children were to possess, was established.

Volume 23 – October 10, 1927

How the Divine Will is multiple in Its acts, though It is one.  How It remains conceived in one who lives in It.  How the earth is not exile for one who lives in the Divine Will, but it is exile for one who does not do the Will of God.

My poor mind continues to follow the acts of Jesus, done for love of us; and going back to His conception, I offered all my acts done in His Divine Volition, together with all my being, for the honor of His conception.  In the meantime, a light came out of me which went to place itself in the womb of the Immaculate Queen in the act in which She conceived; and my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, my Divine Will is multiple in Its acts, but It disperses none of them.  The unity It possesses and Its incessant act maintain the unity in Its acts as if they were one alone, while they are innumerable, and It preserves in Its acts the act of doing it incessantly, always – always, without ever ceasing doing it, to preserve it always new, fresh, beautiful, and ready to give it to whomever might want it.  But while It gives it, It does not detach it from my Will, because my Will is light, and light has the virtue of giving itself, of diffusing, of expanding; one can take of it as much as one wants, but it does not separate – it is indivisible by the virtue and the nature which the light possesses.  See, the sun also possesses this virtue.  Suppose you had your room closed with shutters:  there is no light in it; but if you open the doors, the light fills your room.  Has it perhaps detached from the sun?  No, no, but it has extended and expanded without detaching a single drop from its source.  However, even though the light did not separate, you have possessed the good of the light as if it were your own.  My Divine Will is more than sun; It gives Itself to all, but It disperses not one comma of Its acts.

Now, my Fiat keeps my conception always in act, and you have seen how the light of Its acts done in you extended even into the womb of the Celestial Sovereign Lady, to have your Highest Good, Jesus, conceived upon it.  It is the unity of Its acts that, centralizing them all at one point, forms its portents and my very life; and so I remain conceived in the acts of my Divine Volition, in those of my Divine Mama, and in your acts done in It.  Even more, I tell you that I was conceived

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