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In the Divine Will there are no blind ones and attention is the eye of the soul



Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


June 29, 1934

Attention, eye of the soul.  In the Divine Will there are no blind ones.  The magnet, the mintage of the Divine Image in our acts.  God makes Himself Prisoner of the creature.

The Divine Volition never leaves me alone; it seems to me that It is always looking at me in order to invest my thought, my works, the littlest of my acts, but It wants my attention, It wants that I know that It wants to invest my acts.  And looking at each other in turn, It gives and I receive.  And if I do not pay attention, It reproves me, but with a way so sweet as to feel my heart break, and It tells me:  “Attention is the eye of the soul that makes known the Gift that I want to make her, and disposes the action to receiving My Investment.  I do not want to give My Goods to the blind, I want that you see it and know it.  But do you know why?  By seeing it you appreciate My Gift, and by knowing it you understand it and you love it.  And I make you vividly feel My Light, My Power, My Love, and I feel repeating in your little thought, word, and action, what My Divine Will Itself knows how to do, how It knows how to Love.  Therefore the first thing that I do to one who wants to Live in It is to give the eye in order to look at each other and know each other.  When We are known, everything is done, the Living in My Divine Will is assured with Its Full vigor.”

So my mind was lost in a Sea of Light and of thoughts, and my sweet Jesus, surprising me, told me:  “Ah! My daughter(Luisa), the Living in My Will is the Living of Heaven.  It is to feel in the soul the Life of Light, of Love, the Life of Divine Action, the Life of Prayer, what It does for her—everything is Palpitating Life in her acts.  You must know that one who does the Divine Will and Lives in It, becomes the magnet of the Divine Acts.  Her little motion, thought, and works, are magnetic with a magnet so powerful as to magnetize her Creator in a way that this magnet attracts Him so much, that He cannot withdraw from the creature.  Our Supreme Being feels Its gaze magnetized, and It is always fixed in looking at her.  It feels Its arms magnetized, and It holds her clasped to Its bosom, the magnet of Our Love.  And We pour out so much, that We arrive at feeling that she Loves Us as We Love Ourselves.

“Now, when the creature has formed this magnet for Us, Our Love arrives at the Excesses.  As she forms her acts, even the least, We Imprint Our Divine Mintage and We let them pass as Our Acts, with the Imprint of Our Supreme Image, and We place them in Our Divine Treasuries as Our Coins that the creature has given Us.  And if you(Luisa) knew what it means to be able to say that Our Supreme Being has received Our Coins from the creature, indeed Our Image minted by Us guarantees them, it would burst your heart with Pure Love.

“To give Ourselves to creatures is Power that We have, because possessing everything, to give is nothing other than an Outpouring of Our Love.  But to place the creature in the condition of being able to give to Us, and give Us Our Acts as hers, coins minted with Our Image, is the Love that surpasses everything that, not being able to contain it, in Our emphasis of Love We say:  ‘You(Luisa) have wounded Us.  The magnet of your acts has enraptured Us and has rendered Us sweet Prisoners in your soul.  And We give tit for tat to wound you(Luisa), to enrapture you(Luisa), and to imprison you(Luisa) in Us.  Therefore, My daughter(Luisa), I want you(Luisa) all eyes so that you(Luisa) look at and know well what My Divine Will wants to do in you(Luisa).”



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